Kansas History and Heritage Project-Johnson County Directories

Johnson County Schools
Professional Directory of Administrators and Educators
In Accredited Kansas High Schools, 1912

Berry, O. N. ; Superintendent, Spring Hill (Mathematics, Agriculture, Physics).

Crosswhite, W. T. ; Teacher, Gardner (English, Latin, Physical Geography, History).

Fromm, Karl, M. Acct. 1911 (H. B. C.) ; Teacher, Olathe (Commercial).

Harsell, Leta E., Pd.B. 1910 (Warrensburg Normal School) ; Teacher, Spring Hill (History, Algebra, Psychology, Domestic Science and Art).

Jaggard, Annie, A.B. 1910 (Baker) ; Teacher, Spring Hill (Latin, English).

Kiefer, U. U., A.B. 1909 (Univ. of Kan.) ; Teacher, Olathe (Botany, Physics).

Lowe, D. L. ; Teacher, Olathe (Manual Training, Algebra).

Payton, Edward C, A.B. 1908 (Coll. of Emporia) ; Superintendent, Gardner (Algebra).

Steeper, H. T., A.B. 1909 (Univ. of Kan.) ; Professor, Olathe (History, Econom.).

Ware, C. M. ; Superintendent, Olathe (Psychology).

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