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Jewell County Maps
1884 and 1921 Plat Maps

When you reach each image, be sure to left-click on it to enlarge. These maps, especially the 1921 group, are very large and may take time to load.

1884 Plat Maps1921 Plat maps
County Map, West County Map
County Map, East Allen Twp.
Allen Twp. Athens Twp.
Athens Twp. Brown's Creek Twp.
Brown's Creek Twp. Buffalo Twp.
Buffalo Twp. Burr Oak Twp.
Burr Oak Twp. Calvin Twp.
Calvin & Buffalo Twp. Center Twp.
Center Twp. Erving Twp.
Erving Twp. Esbon Twp.
Ezbon (Esbon) Twp. Grant Twp.
Grant Twp. Harrison Twp.
Harrison Twp. Highland Twp.
Highland Twp. Holmwood Twp.
Holmwood Twp. Ionia Twp.
Ionia Twp. Jackson Twp.
Jackson Twp. Limestone Twp.
Limestone Twp. Montana Twp.
Montana Twp. Odessa Twp.
Odessa Twp. Prairie Twp.
Prairie Twp. Richland Twp.
Richland Twp. Sinclair Twp.
Sinclair Twp. Vicksburg Twp.
Vicksburg Twp. Walnut Twp.
Walnut Twp. Washington Twp.
Washington Twp. White Mound Twp.
White Mound Twp.

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