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Jewell County Family Reunions

I'm including these articles because they contain a lot of family information. If you have any such clippings, I would like to include them on this page.


One of the oldest families of Jewell county held their annual family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beam in Oberlin, Kans., Sunday, Sept. 1, 1963. The Francis Beam family moved to Jewell county in 1875 and settled near the present townsite of Esbon. There are 21 direct descendants of the Beam family now living in Jewell county. These descendants embrace four generations: John Beam of the first generation; Harold Beam and Mrs. Rodney McCammon of the second generation; Harold Beam, Jr., Betty Beam Fogo, Barbara McCammon Thomas, Ronnie and Paul McCammon of the third generation; and the fourth generation includes the eight children of Mr. and Mrs. James Fogo, the four children of Mir. and Mrs. Harold Beam, Jr., and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas. Those attending the 1963 Reunion in Oberlin are: Mr. and Mrs. John Beam, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beam and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney McCammon and Paul of Jewell county; Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Beam and Marilyn of Washington, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Milliken and Jon of Americus, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Glover of Emporia, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. John Glover of Severy, Kans.; Mrs. Elsie Eels of Concordia; Mrs. Cecil Shacklebon of Omaha, Nebr.; Mrs. Estle Robinson of McCook, Nebr.; Frank Bennett of Jennings, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Don Ashley of Selden, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Cochran and Phyllis, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gunther and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Phyll Cramer and family, Mrs. Mable Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beam, all of Oberlin.


The home of Mr. & Mrs. Thaine Clegg was the scene of a Clegg family reunion last Sunday. The bounteous dinner was held on the patio of the Clegg home and enjoyed by the following: Mrs. C. T. Clegg, Mike Clegg, Winona, Wisconsin; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reed and Neil of Burr Oak; Cecilia Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Frosty Clegg, Befloit; Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Clegg and family, Fremont, Nebr.; Mr. & Mrs. Bob Clegg, Denver, Colorado; Mike Simmons, Selby, California; Mr. and Mrs. Arden Clegg and family; Keith Clegg; and the hosts and J. C. and Dena. This is the first time in 8 years that the seven sons of Mrs. Clegg have been together. 8-29-1963


The Doxon family reunion was held Sunday, August ll, 1963 in the V. F. W. Hall in Phillipsburg, Kansas. 48 relatives enjoyed a pot luck dinner, followed by visiting and taking pictures. Present to enjoy the day were Mr. and Mrs. Olen Doxon and daughter, Quinter, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doxon and sera, Charles, San Diego, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Doxon and Mrs. Dean Doxon's father, Mr. Dietz, of WaKeeney, Kansas. Mr. Henry Doxon and children, Gove, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doxon, Formoso, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Lyall Doxon, Formoso, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Doxon. Great Bend, Ks.; Mrs. Eloise (Doxon) Allred and 2 daughters, Enid, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Simmons and son, James, Ogallah, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons, Mankato, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. John Doxon and daughter, Jo Ellen, Omaha, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Peterson and 3 children of Hays. Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hunt and 2 daughters, Phillipsburg. Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Leere, Superior, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Leece and Ricky and Mrs. Katherine Warren of Lovewell. The thirtieth annual Fogo family reunion was held in toe American Legion Hall in Mankato Sept. 1, 1963 in observance of the arrival in Jewell County of David and Frances Fogo and their nine children in 1884. Of the nine children, two remain. They are James E. Fogo, Sr. of Burr Oak, who was unable to attend because of illness in the home and H. D. Fogo Sr. of Mankato, who attended the reunion, gave some interesting early history of the family.


Relatives who attended: H. D. Fogo Sr., Mr. and Mrs. James M. Decker and Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Newell Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Deane Fogo and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tyrell and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rafferty of Mankato; Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Lewis and Mrs. Annette Garman of Burr Oak; Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fogo and Chug, Mrs. Lilian Fogo and Mr. and Mrs. Don Fogo of Esbon; and Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Jeffery and family of Northbranch. Guests who attended were Mrs. Doyle Jeffers of Esbon and Mrs. Golda Broyles of Mankato.


The Johanek family reunion was held at the Esbon Catholic Church basement, Sunday, Aug. 4, 1963 There were 66 in attendance. Those attending from Esbon were: Jake Johanek and sons, Willie and Melvin, Mr. and Mrs. Merley Kindler, Bill Johanek, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Elden Johanek and family, Mrs. Martin Johanek and Ivan, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Beam and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hajny, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hajny, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Dietz and son, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Frost and family, Mrs. Aubrey Gass and daughters. Those from out-of-town were: Mrs. Christy Lewis of Mankato; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shook and daughter of Manhattan; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jackson of Goodland; Mr. and Mrs. Darrell McGinnis of Maryville, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. James Terrill of Pierce, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Townsdin of Fremont, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Al Fief and family of Glasco, Kans.; Mr and Mrs. Norman Charbonneau and family of Concordia; and Mr and Mrs. Jim Gouldie and sons of Osbome.


A Mallory family reunion was held Sunday, Nov. 3, 1963 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rowland. There were 39 relatives attending: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Mallory and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mallory and family of Topeka, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Anderson and family of Republic, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sandell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Sandell and family, Mrs. Clara Sandell and Barbara Tedrow of Scandia, Mr. and Mrs. Don Rizek and Debbie of Munden, Mrs. Avis Mallory of Concordia, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Soder, Mr. and Mrs. Don Rowland, Brita Jean and Jennifer Young, of Formoso.


The 13th Annual Jewell County Powell Reunion was held June 7, 1964 at the V.F.W. Hall in Mankato. Although only 28 were present, including five of the brothers, a very enjoyable time was had. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Gene Powell at Englewood, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Brady Ferguson and Ruth Ann of Abilene, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Ira Powell of Burr Oak; and the following from Mankato, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Powell, Jim, Patsy, Allen and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Bass Hancock, Jerry and Rodney, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Owen and Jimmy, Mike Dillon and Donnie Frye.


Mrs. Frank W. Boyd spent Sunday attending a Smies family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smies and family, northeast of Lovewell. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. John Smies and Linda, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kitterman, Bill, Sally and Richard, Manhattan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smies and Susan, Mrs. E. H. Smies, and the hosts and their children, Marcia, Charles and Betty Jo. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Boyd, Jr. and Mrs. Frank W. Boyd took supper at the home of Mrs. E. H. Smies in Courtland that evening 11-14-1963


Sunday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Warren of Courtland and Mr and Mrs. Chat Warren of Lovewell drove to Washington, Kans., to attend the Switzer family reunion held there each year in August. Among the ones gathered there were the Wayne Switzer, Orville Switzer and Charles Everett families of Concordia; Mr. and Mrs. Norval Switzer of Iowa; Mr. and Mrs Marvin Hendricks and children and Mrs. Lulu Hendricks of Alma, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Switzer of Formoso; Mrs. and Mrs. Bob Switzer and son of Mankato; Mr. and Mrs. Myron Intermill and family of Webber; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Beckner of Holmesville, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bartlett of Clay Center, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Switzer and children of Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Switzer (who recently moved) to Maize, Kansas. 8-8-1963

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