Kansas History and Heritage Project-1889 Business Directory, Mankata, Jewell Co.

1889 Mankato Business Directory

From the "Southwestern Business Directory," McKenney Publishing Co., Denver, Colorado.

Jewell County.

A H Anderson & Co., general merchandise.
J L Allen, Jakes Meat Market.
A Bailey, register of deeds.
Bank of Mankato, J P Fair owner.
F E Bates, Mankato Laundry, Main.
A J Baughman & Co, general merchandise.
Board of Trade of Mankato, S C Bowles president, J J Dalton secretary, John J LaMar treasurer.
C Brown, groceries and queensware.
W T Brown, wagon maker and blacksmith.
H Brownig, county clerk
E A Burns, meat market.
L M Butt, general merchandise.
Chicago Lumber Co, D S Cassell manager, lumber, fence wire and coal.
Hotel Commercial, S C Bowles proprietor.
M P Creese, photographer.
J B DILL, proprietor Mankato Hotel.
PROFESSOR J DUNTON, editor Kansas Labor Clarion.
O H Durant, county superintendent.
H Evans, general merchandise.
First National Bank, Geo H Case president. Geo L Bishop vice-president, S G Keys cashier, John A Montgomery assistant cashier.
D C Forbes, tailor.
S H German, groceries and confectionery.
L J GOULD, books and stationery and postmaster.
G C HALL, meat market, Main.
M S Hall, jeweler.
R Hanna & Sons, hardware and implements.
Hanna & Smith, groceries and queensware and express office.
L S Horne, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, and gentsí furnishing goods.
Mrs A P Hulings, millinery store.
L Hulse & Co, general merchandise.
The Jewell County National Bank, John J Lamar president, D C Smutz cashier, Virgis W Keene vice-president.
KANSAS LABOR CLARION, union labor paper, Professor J Dunton editor and proprietor.
A Kaup, wagon maker.
W M Kerr & Co, druggists.
J M Ketchum, general merchandise.
Ketchum & Wood, branch store and lumber yard at Kensington.
J E Keys, City Dining Hall.
Ira C Kyle, probate judge.
Horace La Bar, furniture dealer.
Mankato Hardware Co, Frank Doty mgr.
Mankato Hotel, J B Dill proprietor, terms $1.00 per day.
Jas McDaniel, livery and feed stable.
F M McGinnis, newspaper and job printer.
J H Mechem, county attorney.
J J Murray, harness and saddlery.
S Porter, county treasurer.
John Rea, attorney-at-law.
E A Ross, clerk district court.
Saunders & Smith, druggists.
David Sidley, dry goods and shoes.
State Exchange Bank, Wm Hamson president, H S Brookins vice-president.
J G Warren, barber shop and bath rooms.
S M Weed, Jewell County Review, news, steam printing office, stereotyping and electrotyping.
J H Woollen, county sheriff

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