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Jewell County Directories
1880 Kansas State Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk & Company, Detroit

Note that Mankato was called "Jewell Centre" in 1880; (c h)=(courthouse)

Burr Oak.

Lies on White Rock creek, a water power stream in Burr Oak township, Jewell Co., 10 miles northwest of Jewell Centre (c h). The C. B. U. P. R. R. has recently been constructed through here, giving it direct railroad facilities. Concordia is 50 miles distant, Hastings, Neb., 45, and Topeka, 155. At present there is no church building, but societies of the Methodist, Baptist and Dunkards are here. School, district. Shipments, hogs, cattle, wheat and corn. A grist mill is much needed. Population, 400. Stages to Red Cloud, Neb., Beloit and Scandia. Mail, daily. James McCormick, postmaster.

Adair Levi, livery.
Beerman George, blacksmith.
Burk John, painter.
Burr Oak Reveille, Taylor & How publishers.
Canfield & Sparlock, general store.
Canfield & Vanderwater, livery.
Carpenter Mrs I B, milliner.
Carpenter T B, general store.
Chicago Lumber Co, E J Basil mngr.
Cronk J B, saloon and billiards.
Decker S D, lawyer.
Dobins & Bates, carpenters and builders.
Durand & Head, general store.
Elliott & Tinglay, billiards.
Faidly J E, propr Burr Oak House.
Gilbert F & Bro, general store.
Godfrey & Blake, real estate.
Gorom S G, saw-mill.
Halenbeck J T, grocer and restaurant.
Halenbeck & Purkett, meat market.
Hawley J E, physician.
Hodson I F, loan and insurance agt.
Hodson & Head, general store.
Hovey Alvin, photographer
Ives Rev A (Dunkard).
Johnson B H, physician and druggist.
Lamb H, jeweler
McCormick James, Books, Stationery and Cigars, and Justice of the Peace.
McKenney A J, physician.
McLain J K, farm impts.
Michigan Lumber Co, C L Fowl mngr.
Northwestern Furniture Co.
Patte Re A C (Methodist).
Powell B S, shoemaker.
Quigley Bros & Borton, hardware and farm impts.
Ross W J, physician.
Royer B F, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Saunders J K, grocer.
Sears A, grocery and restaurant.
Williams Mrs A, milliner and dressmaker.
Williams & Cook, carpenters and builders.

ARASTELLA In Jewell county, near the boundary line of Mitchell, 23 miles via postal route of Jewell Centre, the county seat, and about 13 from Beloit, on the C. B. U. P. R. R. Mail, weekly.

ATHENS Near Limstone creek, in Athens township, southwestern part of Jewell Co., 16 miles from Jewell Center (c h), 11 miles from Cawker City, the nearest bank location, 8 miles from Glen Elder, and 11 from Jewell City, the three later places being shipping stations on the C. B. U. P. R. R. Stage to Cawker City and Jewell City; fares 75 each. Mail, daily. Morris Gray, postmaster.

AURORA Formed as a settlement in October, 1871, in the southeastern part of Jewell Co., 18 miles southeast of Jewell Center (c h), and 8 north of Beloit, its present shipping point. A branch of the C. B. U. P. R. R. is fast nearing completion, after which Jewell, about 6 miles north, will be the nearest shipping point. The population consists of a few families only, who ship wheat and corn. Stages to Beloit-- the location of the nearest bank, also to Jewell, fare $1.25, and to Jewell Centre, fare $1.90. Mail, daily. A. G. Storr, postmaster.

Burnham Alfred, carpenter.
Collins W Y, mason.
Guard E, justice of the peace.
Gum F M, mason.
Johnson ------, carpenter and farmer.
Storrs A G, carpenter.

BISHOP Settlement formed in 1869, on White Rock river, in the northeastern part of Jewell Co, 13 miles from Jewell Centre (c h). Edgar, Neb., on the S. J. & W. C. R. R., is its nearest shipping point. The principal exports are wheat, barley and hogs. Stage to Edgar, Neb., and intermediate points. Daily mail. C. S. Lyons, postmaster.

CERRO GORDO Sparsely settled place in Grant township, eastern central part of Jewell Co., 14 miles from Jewell Center (c h) and 9 from Scandia, its shipping point, on the C. B. U. P. R. R. Stages run to these places daily. Fares $2 and $1.50. Population of township, 600. Mail, daily. John S. Turner, postmaster.

Greenman F A, wagonmaker.
Palmer James H, justice of the peace.
Shelten J L, blacksmith.
Turner John S, farmer and postmaster.

DELTA Settled in 1871, is located on Marsh creek, in the eastern part of Jewell Co., 9 miles from Jewell Center (c h), and 14 from Scandia, the nearest shipping point. Exports, grain and stock. Mail, tri-weekly. E. L. Pierce, postmaster.

Hood A, physician.

ESBON Seven miles due west of Jewell Center (c h), Jewell Co., is a small settlement formed in 1873, and having a population of 50. Limestone township, in which it lies, has about 500 inhabitants. Mail, daily. M. B. Appleman, postmaster.

HARRISON In the township of the same name, on White Rock creek, northern shipping point, and 16 due north of Jewell Center (c h). Two Methodist Episcopal societies are here, German and English. School, district. Shipments, grain of all kinds. Population, 140. Stage to Holmwood, weekly, with mail. Charles Semke, postmaster. Adams J F, photographer.
Cashel John, carpenter and builder.
Heart G W, stonemason.
Holmes H, carpenter and builder.
Kenney Rev D S (Methodist Episcopal).
Semke Charles, blacksmith.
Semke Henry, painter.
Semke William, wagonmaker.
Smith H H, Principal of School.

HOLMWOOD On White Rock creek, in Holmwood township, northern central part of Jewell Co., 7 miles north of Jewell Center (c h) and 25 west of Scandia, its shipping point on the C. B. U. P. R. R. It has a Baptist church, a free school, and ships grain and live stock. Water power is available on the creek here. Bank facilities at the county seat. Daily stage from Scandia, with mail. John A. Gates, postmaster.

Crosby John W, blacksmith.
Farnham M H, general store.
Gates John A, justice of the peace.
Hammett Andrew, blacksmith.
Hanka Frank, mill owner.
Hunter Wm T, constable.
Korb David, constable.

IBATON About 200 persons receive mail at this office, which is a farming settlement in Esbon township, western central part of Jewell Co., 12 miles from Jewell Center (c h), 19 from Cawker City on the C. B. U. P. R. R. It has a Catholic church buiding of stone, and societies of Methodist and United Brethren. Public schools are in the township. Mail, daily. M. Regan, postmaster.

Regan M, grocer.
Rozell Rev M F (Methodist).
McMillen Rev James (United Brethren).

IONIA Dates as a settlement from 1875, and is located on Limestock creek, in Ionia township, southern part of Jewell Co., 9 miles from Jewell Center (c h), 12 from Glen Elder, the nearest station, and 14 from Cawker City, it shipping point on the C. B. U. P. R. R. It has a public school, 50 inhabitants, and Methodist, Dunkard and Universalist societies. Stages to Jewell and Smith Center, tri-weekly. Mail, tri-weekly. Herman Colson, postmaster.

Baxter A M, blacksmith.
Colson Herman, general store and boot and shoemaker.
Cooper H H, constable.
George H L, nurseryman.
Hoffhines S, justice of the peace.
Huddleston John, blacksmith.
McDaniel L, physician.
Riemenschneider Adam, hotel.
Stanley Edward, marble works.
Wheeler E M, dry goods.

JEWELL Commonly called Jewell City, was first settled in 1870, and is located on the Jewell Center branch of the C. B. U. P. R. R., in the southeastern part of Jewell Co., some 30 miles northwest of the junction at Jamestown with the main line of the above road. The city contains 4 churches, Methodist, Catholic, Christian and Evangelical. A district and primary school, a weekly newspaper (Rep), and a first-class hotel, the Whitney House. Principal shipments, live stock, grain and peanuts. It has a daily line of stages to Scandia, 25 miles, also to Cawker City, 22 miles. Express, U. S. Mail, daily. S. R. Worick, postmaster.

Berry Aquilla W, saddles and harness.
Bloom D H & Co, harnessmaker.
Brown Wm W, lawyer and real estate.
Brown H C & Co, pub Jewell County Republican.
Brown & Hill (Misses) dressmakers.
Bruner Rev E A (Evangelical).
Bunch & Son, blacksmiths.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Christ George S, physician.
Connell G W & Co, general store.
Crandall George B, drugs.
Fuller Amos, blacksmith.
Gastineau B E, drugs.
Henninger J S, gunsmith.
Hill Robert W, general store.
Huges O W, physician.
James George, shoemaker.
King Moran, livery.
Kramer Rev A W (Evangelical).
Lawrence Rev J W (Methodist Episcopal).
Lawrence Mrs L A, milliner.
Lynch Morgan A, saloon.
Marks Abram L, general store.
Matter David, bakery.
Michigan Lumber Co.
Miller Thomas A, wagonmaker.
Morgan George, meat market.
Palmer and Knappenberger, lawyers and land agts.
Postlethwaite John C, attorney-at-law, real estate, loan and ins. agt.
Powell Leonard B, physician.
Robertson John D, general store.
Smith & Kramer, hardware.
Stone H F, furniture.
Wagner S R, hotel.
Whitney Mortimer W, propr. Whitney House.
Wilson Rev J A, (Christian).
Worick Samuel R, postmaster, stationery, blanks and notary public.

JEWELL CENTRE With an estimated population of 400, is situated on the Jewell branch of the C. B. U. P. R. R., in the geographical center of Jewell Co., of which it is the seat of justice. It contains one church, Presbyterian, a public school, two newspapers, and a good hotel, the Commercial. The principal shipments are live stock and grain. Distance to Concordia, the junction with the main line of the above road, 40 miles; to Atchison, 194; and to Kansas City, 248 miles. Stages daily to Edgar, Neb., 52 miles, fare $3; also to Scandia, 22 miles, fare 1.50. The surrounding country is rolling prairie, and, as yet, not much cultivated; land can be had from $2 upwards. Express, U. S. Mail, daily. D. J. Vance, postmaster.

Alexander P, clerk district court.
Allen Wm M, county clerk.
Angevine Clinton, lawyer.
Baughman F A, furniture.
Bishog & Co, real estate agts.
Bowles Samuel O, Propr Commercial Hotel.
Butts L M & Bro, general store.
Carter George A, carpenter.
Case George H, editor Jewell County Monitor.
Case, Vance & Co, bankers.
Caswell George, shoemaker.
Chapman W & Co, general store.
Commercial House, S C Bowles Propr.
Covert D, meat market.
Crew Walter, physician.
Curtis Norman, general store.
Cuthbert F, loan agt.
Dalton John J, drugs.
Donohue Isaac, harnessmaker.
Doty Bros & Co, hardware.
Evans Bros & Co, general store.
Garrison Wm, bakery.
Gerber Frederick A, fancy goods and notions.
Gould & Gilson, wagcnmakers.
Greenland Mrs C E, milliner.
Henley Reuben S, county attorney.
Herron & Case, lawyers.
Hill Benjamin, saloon.
Hill Henry R, eneral store.
Hodson Ira F, loan agt.
Hodson M W, general store.
Horne & Harrison, law and land oflice.
John Wm O, Centre House.
Kansas Lumber Co.
Kenney D S, supt public instruction.
Ketcham Joseph M, general store.
Knight, Gould & Turner, livery.
Kyle Ira C, photographer and justice of the peace.
Larson L, shoemaker.
Lindgrove N, wagonmaker.
McClung W C, county treasurer.
McDonald & Dicken, hotel.
McRoberts J W jr, probate judge.
Manifold Wm, jeweler.
Martin A P, saddler.
Metz S J, photographer.
Monaghan Wm, painter.
Naylor Rev A R (Presbyterian).
Pettigrew A J, nursery.
Raynolds Lewis D, pub Jewell County Review.
Redrow & Steadman, livery.
Richardson Doct, blacksmith.
Rogers Joseph, meat market.
Saunders L A, physician.
Saunders & McRoberts, real estate agts.
Shives J Q A, sheriff.
Slagle B W, physician.
Stone Manoah, register of deeds.
Stone & McRoberts, real estate agts.
Thompson J & Co, propr Jewell County Monitor.
Tilberry John, blacksmith.
Vance D J, bookseller and postmaster.
Warren Mrs C L, milliner.
Washburn T S, painter.
Woodward Rev G W (Methodist).

JOHNSONVILLE Roadsite postoffice on Marsh creek, Vicksburgh township, southeastern part of Jewell Co., 18 miles from Jewell Center (c h), 12 from Jamestown and an equal distance from Scottsville, the two latter places being its shipping points on the C. B. U. P. R. R. Shipment, grain and live stock. Stages to Scandia and Cawker City, daily. A. Alsdurf, postmaster.

LITTLE OAK Is situated in the southwestern corner of Jewell Co., 8 miles north of Cawker City, from which it receives a daily mail.

MAYVIEW Formed in 1871 and located in Brown's Creek township, on a stream of that name, in the southern central part of Jewell Co., 13 miles from Jewell Center (c h). Glen Elder, the shipping point for its products of live stock and grain, is 10 miles south, on the C. B. U. P. R. R., and Beloit, the locations of the nearest bank, is 15 miles distant. The church society here is Methodist Episcopal, and the school, district. Corn, wheat, hogs and cattle are marketed. Population, 25. Mail, daily. W. N. Woodward, postmaster and general store.

NORTH BRANCH Quaker settlement in Walnut township, northwestern part of Jewell Co., 20 miles from Jewell Center (c h), and 15 from Red Cloud, Neb., the nearest shipping point. It has a Friends church and a district school. Stages pass through here between Red Cloud and Beloit, daily; fares $1.40 and $3.15. Mail, daily. D. H. Dillon, postmaster.

Blair Joseph, justice of the peace.
Davis A A, farmer.
Dillon D H, dry goods, groceries, etc.
Dillon Luke, nurseryman.
Emery F W, blacksmith.
Huntington John, cooper.
Moriarty John, blacksmith.

ODESSA A recently established postoffice in Ionia township, southwestern part of Jewell Co., 18 miles from Jewell Centre (c h), and 17 miles north of Cawker City, the nearest shipping point for its products of live stock and grain. A Methodist Episcopal church and a district school are sustained. Stages to Cawker City and Red Cloud, Neb., daily, with mail. J. W. Thatcher, postmaster and farmer.

Abbott Amos, stonemason.
Abbott Henry, boot and shoemaker.
Beacon W L, carpenter.
Flood M, carpenter.
McGuertin M, stonemason.
Martin J F, carpenter.
Merrill V L, carpenter.
Jenkins J, wagonmaker.
Pixley James, plasterer.
Roub P S, blacksmith.
Thatcher J W, stage, stable and farmer.

OMIO A population of 90, in Grant township, eastern part of Jewell Co., 16 miles east of Jewell Centre (c h), and 14 from Scandia, the shipping point and nearest location. Wheat, hogs and dairy products are shipped. A Methodist Episcopal church and a district school are sustained. Stage to Jewell Centre and Scandia. Mail, daily. George A. Boal, postmaster.

Althouse J M, notary public and loan agt.
Bish S, livery and feed stable.
Boal George A, books, stationery and drugs.
Brady S H, harnessmaker.
Dingley J, carpenter and builder.
Dunston S, notary public.
Dow A L, druggist.
Dow B F, general store.
Duggar D A, blacksmith.
Dunston S, general store.
Emanuel F M, blacksmith.
Gill N, hotel propr.
Hoosier & Taylor, grocers.
Karn L, butcher.
Lee W D, wagonmaker.
Marsh A B, veterinary surgeon.
Mertz Josiah, boot and shoemaker.
Minkler & Allen, blacksmith.
Moise J W, physician.
Patterson R G, live stock dealer.
Patterson & Dug, general store.
Potter Ethel M, milliner.
Taylor Wm, physician.
Trainer K A, physician.
Wade & Althouse, farm implements.
Webber Asa P, ed Omio Journal.

RUBENS On White Rock river, an excellent water power stream, in Richland township, Jewell Co., 26 miles via postal route northwest of Scandia, its shipping station on the C. B. U. P. R. R., and 13 mile northeast of Jewell Centre (c h), the location of the nearest bank. A district school is here, also Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist societies. Hogs, cattle and wheat are marketed. Population of township, about 500. Mail, daily. R. T. Kinkade, postmaster.

Bowls/Bowles T, constable.
Brunner W H, dry goods and groceries.
Coleman W, hardware.
Green A, blacksmith.
Kinkade R T, general store.
Nunnelly W E, milliner.
Nunnelly W B, blacksmith.
Reitzel F, druggist.
Rice O S, dry goods and groceries.
Taylor E T, general store.
Wild W, justice of the peace.

SALEM Located in 1873 on White Rock creek, in White Mound township, northwestern part of Jewell Co., 20 miles from Jewell Centre (c h), and 16 miles from Red Cloud, Neb., at present the nearest shipping point. It is expected that the C. B. U. P. R. R. will pass through here shortly. Religious meetings are held in the district schoolhouse. Grain, hogs and cattle are shipped. Population, 200. Stages to Red Cloud and Cawker City, daily, with mail; fares $1.50 and $3.00. L. C. Mick, postmaster.

Baron J T, wagonmaker.
Beeler John A, collector and notary public.
Brown Mrs T, milliner.
Browning H L, saw and grist mill.
Butcher Wm, livery, feed and sale stable.
Calvert Wm R, well auger.
Campbell W J, general store.
Coleman Adam, hotel.
Ewing James, carpenter and joiner.
Garber S & Co, general store.
Gates A H, lawyer.
Glenn T B, physician.
Haight & Sons, blacksmiths.
Shipley Thomas, physician.
Small Wm, blacksmith.
Smith M W, justice of the peace.
Tucker E J, physician.
Ward C G, physician.
Ward & Tasker, hardware and agricultural implts.

STEUBEN On White Rock creek, in Holmwood township, northern central part of Jewell Co., 28 miles from Scandia, the shipping point, and 16 from Jewell Centre (c h), the location of the nearest bank. It has 100 inhabitant, a Baptist church, and a district school. Mail, daily. Wm. T. Hunter, postmaster.

Diamond H P, live stock dealer.
Hunter W T, general store, hardware, etc.
Parker C E, live stock dealer.
Womer John, blacksmith and wagonmaker.

UPLAND Sparsely settled place in Highland township, northwestern corner of Jewell Co., 25 miles from Jewell Centre (c h), and 40 due norht of Cawker City on the C. B. U. P. R. R., from which a daily mail stage passes through here.

VICKSBURGH Founded in 1870, on Buffalo creek, in the southeastern part of Jewell Co., 23 miles from Jewell Centre (c h). The C. B. U. P. R. R. has just been completed through here. Population, 150. Shipments, wheat, hogs and cattle. Stages to Jewell City and Scottville, daily. Mail, daily. M. Betzner, postmaster, grocer and druggist.

WEST HOPE A discontinued postoffice in Jewell Co. Scottsville is the nearest office.

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