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Geary County Marriages
Davis Co. 1886 Marriage Licenses
Brides' Index

From handwritten records -- names may be misspelled. An asterisk (*) after a date indicates day license was issued -- date and place of marriage not given.

Allen, Amy Davis Co. 18 Wilson, George C. Davis Co. 22 07/28/86 Universalist Church  
Armstrong, Elizabeth Davis Co. 26 Kline, Edward Davis Co. 25 04/26/86 Home of Bob Wilson  
Barton, Fannie Davis Co. 18 McDonald, C. L. Davis Co. 22 03/18/86 Junction City  
Bauerfeld, Laura Riley Co. 19 Inderstrodt, John Fort Riley 35 05/13/86 Junction City  
Beavers, C. E. Davis Co. 18 Bumbaugh, Samuel Ogden, Riley Co. 24 12/11/86 Junction City  
Betz, Iva L. Dickinson Co. 19 Earle, Edwin J. Davis Co. 24 06/03/86 Dickinson Co. in Rinehart Twp.
Blades, Hattie Davis Co. 23 Emick, Ulysses S. Clay Co. 21 03/11/86 Junction City  
Branick / Brannick, Mary E. Davis Co. 36 Shay, Michael Davis Co. 38 12/23/86 Junction City  
Britton, Nettie Davis Co. 18 Bame, Joseph Davis Co. 35 09/29/86 Junction City  
Brooks, Mary C. Davis Co. 17 Cowan, Julius Riley Co. 25 09/01/86 Junction City  
Brooks, Mary C. Davis Co. 23 Henry, Frank Davis Co. 26 10/04/86 St. Xavier's  
Bruster, Mrs. F. H. Davis Co. 36 McAlister, W. R. Clay Co. 35 11/04/86 Junction City  
Carleton, Flora A. Davis Co. 18 Jones, E. G. Davis Co. 21 12/09/86 Office of T. A. Quinn, JP  
Carmany, Lydia Ellen Davis Co. 20 Greene, James W. Davis Co. 27 08/10/86 Junction City  
Carter, Mary A. Riley Co. 21 Johnson, Frank Davis Co. 25 04/01/86 Junction City  
Christen, Margaret Davis Co. 21 Ritter, Frederick Davis Co. 23 09/18/86 Junction City  
Condit, Lizzie Davis Co. 27 Mills, George R. Davis Co. 27 09/27/86 Junction City  
Cornelius, Minnie B. Davis Co. 18 Dumbrick, Alex Davis Co. 22 11/24/86 Junction City  
Coryell, Clara E. Shawnee Co. 25 O'Connor, Daniel J. Fort Riley 29 07/27/86 Junction City  
Cox, Lizzie R. Davis Co. 26 Kregar, J. R. Davis Co. 30 06/02/86 near Manhattan  
Crane, Clara Leonardville 20 Seley, F. S. Milford 25 10/17/86 near Bala  
Crittenden, Lillie A. Dickinson Co. 18 Curts, Frank C. Dickinson Co. 24 11/28/86 Dickinson Co. at Abilene
Culver, Carrie Davis Co. 18 Fish, W. P. Davis Co. 32 09/22/86 Junction City  
Davis, Bertha Davis Co. 17 Locke, Quincy Davis Co. 19 07/15/86 Junction City groom an orphan/stated bride's parents in Indiana give consent
Davis, Sarah A. Junction City 22 Mueller, John H. Beloit, WI 29 12/23/86 Junction City  
Delker, Mary Anne Davis Co. 22 Latzke, William E. Davis Co. 24 01/14/86 bride's residence  
Durland, Germina Davis Co. 23 Sawtell, Charles E. Davis Co. 23 09/01/86 Junction City  
Eades, Lureneth Junction City 17 Pritchard, Noah T. Junction City 25 04/13/86 Junction City Mother's consent given
Fansel, Emelia Junction City 27 Banse, John Junction City 49 11/16/86 Junction City  
Flanagan, Bridget Davis Co. 26 Reidy, James Davis Co. 38 02/10/86 St. Xavier's  
Freeman, Agnes Davis Co. 18 Soderberg, John Davis Co. 22 08/18/86 Junction City  
Gass, Belle Russell 20 Hall, Ira E. Clifton 26 04/02/86 Junction City  
Gfeller, Mary M. Dickinson Co. 20 Plumer, John W. Davis Co. 25 10/03/86 Dickinson Co. at Fragrant Hill Twp.
Griffin, Lizzie M. Milford 16 Haney, W. M. Milford 22 12/15/86 residence of bride consent given by bride's father, A. Griffin
Harris, Minnie G. Davis Co. 18 Hass, E. H. Lyon Co. 21 05/15/86 Junction City  
Hart, Mary Junction City 30 Russell, O. S. Alida 50 10/26/86 Junction City  
Henry, Emma Davis Co. 17 Black, John F. Davis Co. 24 10/24/86 St. Xavier's bride's brother, Frank Henry, stated that parents give consent
Hilderbrand, Emma Davis Co. 20 Adams, William H. Davis Co. 22 04/28/86 Dickinson Co. at J.P.'s office
Hilderbrand, Kate M. Davis Co. 18 Cooper, Robert E. L. Davis Co. 22 03/10/86 Junction City  
Hurley, Honora Davis Co. 17 Clancy, Patrick Fort Riley 24 10/06/86 St. Xavier's consent given by mother
Hurley, Mary Davis Co. 22 Mahoney, Jeremiah Fort Riley 32 07/19/86 St. Xavier's  
Jacobson, Anna Davis Co. 31 Jacobson, Rasmus Davis Co. 27 07/21/86 Junction City  
Johnson, Ada K. Pottawatomie Co. 19 Powell, A. L. Pottawatomie Co. 27 08/12/86 Junction City  
Jung, Mary Junction City 19 Kopp, Joseph Junction City 39 11/21/86 St. Xavier's  
Kathoffer, Annie Cook Co. IL 18 Brown, Russel E. Fort Riley 22 06/23/86 Junction City  
Kebsel, Anna Morris Co. 23 Kniebel, Charles Morris Co. 44 07/16/86 Morris Co. at Rolling Prairie
King, Martha Davis Co. 17 Bomer, Frank Davis Co. 28 12/16/86 A. M. Church  
Lantz, Sophia Davis Co. 25 Hoyt, R. O. Davis Co. 30 03/24/86 Junction City  
Lawrence, Elizabeth A. Davis Co. 24 Gross, George M. Davis Co. 27 02/10/86 Junction City  
Lemke, Fredericka Davis Co. 23 Sieber, Benedict Davis Co. 40 02/12/86*    
Lichtenhan, Mary Davis Co. 24 Beeler, Henry Davis Co. 24 10/21/86 Smoky Hill Twp.  
Love, Jennie Grime Co. Texas 20 Kerr, H. F. Davis Co. 30 01/11/96 Milford  
Malcolm, Emma Davis Co. 16 Pollard, Addison E. Johnson Co., Ia. 24 04/05/86 bride's residence Father's consent given
Mann, Mrs. Augusta C. Davis Co. 50 Schmidt, Conrad Davis Co. 54 05/18/86 Junction City  
Martin, Alice C. Davis Co. 18 Taylor, William W. Davis Co. 23 02/28/86 Milford Twp.  
Mary Taylor New Mexico 20 Rains, Cornelis Davis Co. 26 01/20/86 Junction City  
Maske / Moske, Leuzia Davis Co. 22 Neyer, Anton Davis Co. 41 05/31/86 St. Xavier's  
Mayden, Martha Elizabeth Davis Co. 20 Bock, Henry Davis Co. 27 11/25/86 Milford  
McGrady/McGrudy, Katie Ellsworth Co. 22 Bartow, F. M. Davis Co. 29 03/24/86 Junction City  
Miller, Anna V. Davis Co. 20 Carmany, W. Irving Davis Co. 26 10/05/86 Junction City  
Morris, Lizzie Davis Co. 18 Templeton, William Davis Co. 24 11/11/86 Junction City  
Mosher, Mrs. Rose Davis Co. 31 Jecklin, Christ Davis Co. 32 01/21/86 Junction City  
Neal, Julia Davis Co. 27 Neff, M. A. Davis Co. 27 06/10/86 Junction City  
Nobles, Edwina Clay Co. 45 Salter, Malachi Clay Co. 50 10/09/86 Junction City  
Noyes, Cora R. Barton Co., Mo. 22 Greene, Frank Columbia, NJ 33 03/30/86 Junction City  
O'Neill, Jane Davis Co. 25 Harne, William A. Davis Co. 27 07/31/86 Junction City  
Olson, Carrie Davis Co. 21 Mitchell, John A. Davis Co. 31 05/11/86 Lower Clark's Creek  
Peal, Lizzie C. Davis Co. 18 Coan, Fred A. Fort Riley 24 07/19/86 Humboldt Creek  
Plumer, Phebe Davis Co. 19 Schreiber, Gideon Dickinson Co. 23 02/04/86 Alida  
Pretzer, Huldah Emilie Davis Co. 21 Buchanan, Austin Morris Co. 23 03/01/86 Junction City  
Pumphrey, Eliza Clay Co. 22 Walter / Walker, J. B. Davis Co. 23 08/02/86 Junction City his signature appears to be “Walker”
Reynolds, Addie A. Junction City 22 Spangler, W. U. Davis Co. 33 12/22/86 Junction City  
Reynolds, Ella Davis Co. 21 Bard, Adam E. Davis Co. 24 02/22/86 Junction City  
Reynolds, Emma Davis Co. 18 Arnold, Edward W. Laramie Co., Wy. 22 01/03/86 Junction City  
Richardson, Millie L. B. Milford 15 Heintz, Henry Alida 22 11/24/86 Junction City consent given by Thomas K. Richardson
Richardson, Mrs. Ellen Junction City 42 Layton, David Junction City 38 12/19/86 Junction City  
Richardson, Sarah E. Davis Co. 21 Heintz, Ernst Davis Co. 24 05/20/86 Junction City  
Riley, Olive L. Riley Co. 18 Lundgren, John Riley Co. 27 08/23/86 Junction City  
Roediger, Margaretha Davis Co. 24 Johnk, John H. Furnas Co., NE 30 07/27/86 Alida  
Rogers, Mrs. Hannah F. Davis Co. 37 Littlepage, William E. Davis Co. 38 04/25/86 Junction City  
Rudolph, Mary B. Milford 17 Sylvester, Henry Milford 23 12/29/86 Milford consent given by father, Jacob Rudolph
Saler, Mary E. Riley Co. 19 Neff, William J. Fort Riley 21 9/14/86*    
Sampson, Ada Dickinson Co. 22 Fenton, S. W. Davis Co. 25 06/27/86 Dickinson Co. at residence of bride's parents
Schaug, Mary Ann Davis Co. 18 Taylor, John C. Davis Co. 24 11/06/86 Junction City  
Schultz, Barty Dickinson Co. 19 Biegert, John Davis Co. 24 09/07/86 Dickinson Co. at residence of Mr. Fiedler
Secord, Marion A. Cook Co. IL 23 Ward, Louis C. Pottawatomie Co. 27 12/09/86 Junction City  
Seley, Eva M. Davis Co. 22 Taylor, John C. Davis Co. 21 08/06/86 Milford in J.P.'s office
Sisk, Alice Ella Riley Co. 18 Barber, Frank D. Davis Co. 25 07/15/86 Junction City  
Smith, Lizzie Davis Co. 22 Walton, George H. Davis Co. 20 12/15/86 Junction City consent given by groom's mother, Louise Walton
Spand, Emma Topeka 18 Page, Robert Johnson Co., Ia. 23 12/19/86 Junction City  
Staley/Stanley, M. E. Davis Co. 20 Chrisjohn, Benj. G. Davis Co. 23 03/08/86 Junction City  
Staton, Frances Riley Co. 21 Milholland, James Riley Co. 22 10/02/86 Junction City  
Steves, Elizabeth Davis Co. 19 Rider, William Fort Riley 30 11/03/86 St. Xavier's  
Stinson, May Davis Co. 18 Snyder, John H. Davis Co. 21 05/20/86 Junction City  
Stout, Laura V. Davis Co. 20 Sutherland, J. S. Davis Co. 26 11/25/86 Junction City  
Toogood, Dortha Dickinson Co. 26 Weise, John H. Dickinson Co. 24 09/22/86 Junction City  
Wadell. Louia/Lena Davis Co. 18 Stanley, Charley Davis Co. 27 04/28/86 Junction City  
Whales, Annie Davis Co. 17 Kelley, Edward Davis Co. 25 01/05/86*   Father's consent given
Wilson, Minnie Davis Co. 20 Smith, George C. Davis Co. 25 05/05/86 Universalist Church  
Wolter, L. J. H. Davis Co. 24 Grasberger, J. P. Davis Co. 50 04/22/86 Alida  

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