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INTRODUCTION: To "Index, Emporia Gazette Death Notices

1990 - 1999"

by Robert A. and Lois L. Hodge - 2000

Microfilmed backfiles of the EMPORIA (Kansas) GAZETTE newspaper found in the Emporia Public Library and the William Allen White Library of Emporia State University covering the period 1990 through 1999 were used interchangeably for the purpose of preparing this index. It was later determined these collections may have been prepared from different negatives, as a result some entries may not be found on one or the other of the individual collections.

The images were SCANNED {NOTE: with eyes not a scanner}, starting with 1989, for reports of deaths and funerals. Until the mid-1920's these reports were typically found collectively under a designated heading and no page/column numbers were recorded. When, in the mid-1920's the designated heading was not used, page numbers were, at first, recorded and then replaced with a page / column reference proceeding the issue date. Entries found with an "s" indicate they appear in a "special reel" located at the William Allen White Library of Emporia State University--not in the "normal" run of the EMPORIA GAZETTE.

The microfilmed backfiles were found to be incomplete, particularly in the earlier periods; some photography resulted in such poor imaging that accurate reading was nearly impossible, thus the record is known to be 'incomplete'. Likewise, some errors exist because of converting the initial hand-written notes to the typed computer data base, but most of these will be easily reconcilable by the researcher.

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