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INTRODUCTION: To Newspaper Indices of Lyon County Newspapers

by Robert A. and Lois L. Hodge

Microfilmed back files of the Lyon County newspapers found in the Emporia Public Library and the William Allen White Library of Emporia State University, and Kansas State Historical Society were used interchangeably for the purpose of preparing this index. It was later determined these collections may have been prepared from different negatives, as a result some entries may not be found on one or the other of the individual collections.

The images were SCANNED {NOTE: with eyes not a scanner}.  Entries found with an "s" indicate they appear in a "special reel" located at the William Allen White Library of Emporia State University--not in the "normal" run of the EMPORIA GAZETTE.

The microfilmed back files were found to be incomplete, particularly in the earlier periods; some photography resulted in such poor imaging that accurate reading was nearly impossible, thus the record is known to be 'incomplete'.  Likewise, some errors exist because of converting the initial hand-written notes to the typed computer database, but most of these will be easily reconcilable by the researcher.

You will find the following information in these indices, NAME, DESCRIPTION, PAGE/COLUMN, DATE, and NEWSPAPER. NOTE: Many times the item details listed are about all that is listed in the newspaper, but not always. A suggestion when requesting copies obits and court cases would be of the most genealogical value.

NOTE:  Not all Lyon County Newspapers indexed by Mr. & Mrs. Hodge are included, as they are continuing to index.  The items indexed were items they considered to be of genealogical use. We have a few posted on our site below, but we will be loading them to RootsWeb data base instead of add anymore here. You can search all the newspaper indices available on Rootsweb here:


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A - Adair

Adam - Agrelius

Agricultural - Aled


Allender - Ames

Amick - Anderson Ju

Anderson L - Andrews Bl

Andrews C. - Arcadian Garden

Archer - Arno

Arnold - Atkins

Atkinson - Averill

Avery - Azrelues

B's check Rootsweb above C - Callen Calley - Campbell Campber- Carmen Carmichael - Carsey Carson - Carter
Carland - Cazine Ceckes - Chambers Cambery - Chapman Chappelle - Childeron Childers - Christiancy Christiansen - Church
Churchel - Clark, Duane Clark, E - Clark, Mr. Clark, N - Clay Clayburn - Cline Clingan - Coburn Cochenut - Cole
Colebank - Collins Collingsworth - Conaway Concell - Conner Connery - Cook Cooke - Cooper Cooperthwait - Corwin
Cory - Courtwright Couser - Cowperwait Cowry - Cragin Craig - Cravens Crawford - Cribbs Crichfield - Croslin
Cross - Crow Crowden - Culter Culver - Cunning Cunningham - Cupps Curant - Cyrnell See RootsWeb search above

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