Dickinson Co., KS AHGP-Thingvalla


Thingvalla, flagship of the Danish "Thingvalla Line"

The Thingvalla began her career as a passenger-cargo vessel on the exotic East Asian trade route, and was purchased by the Danish "Thingvalla Line", making her maiden voyage on October 25, 1879 from Copenhagen to New York. She bacame the flagship of the line, in service from 1879 until 1898 when she became part of the "Scandanavian America Line", after the demise of the Danish company. Her long record was marred by the 1888 collision with her sister ship Geiser at sea, in which 105 lives from the sunken Geiser were lost, and the Thingvalla fearfully damaged. She did, however, manage to make it back to port for repairs, backing up most of the way. After being sold to private owners in 1900, she was scrapped in 1903.

Thingvalla, showing damage caused by the tragic collision with the Geiser