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Birth and Death Items From the "Industry Herald" 1886-1887

Birth And Death Items From the "Industry Herald" 1886-1887

The main street of the little town of Industry straddled the Dickinson/Clay counties line. The Industry Herald was only published for a limited time, but during its short life it reported the doings of southern Clay and northern Dickinson counties. I've extracted a few notices and obits below.


Dec. 28, 1886:

Death: Intelligence has reached us as we go to press of the death of Mrs. Annie Ellis, wife of J. D. Ellis of the firm Pinkerton and Co. of Clay Center. She was born in Kenton Co., Kentucky, where she lived until about ten years old, when her father, Elder Weekly, and family moved to Decatur, Illinois.

She was married to J. D. Ellis on the 15th day of October, 1867. They moved to Clay County Kansas in October 1877 where she has lived ever since. She was an exemplary Christian and leaves her husband and three children, one too small to remember a mother to mourn.

January 13, 1887:

Died: On Monday 10th inst., at 2 p.m., George P., infant son of M. R. Green, age 3 months and 8 days. The death was rather sudden, as he was only sick one or two days. He was buried in Athelstane Cemetery on Tuesday. The family have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their affliction. The funeral sermon will be preached in this place on Sunday the 22, inst., by Rev. Mr. Clendening.

A Sad Accident: One of the saddest accidents of which we have heard in a long time, happened on Tuesday of this week in the northwestern portion of Dickinson County resulting in the death of Mr. John P. Swinburne, one of the most respected farmers in the county. It seems that he and a neighbor were hunting, and Mr. Swinburne in attempting to remove his gun from the wagon, caught the hammers and the gun was discharged the contents entering his left breast, which caused almost instant death. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his untimely death.

Obituary: Died Jan. 7, 1887, Ernest, infant son of George W. and Carrie Flatter of this place, age one month and twenty-seven days. He had caught a deep cold and had been fretful for several days but had apparently got better, so much that he was considered out of danger. On Thursday night the family retired as usual and slept until morning when the mother awoke to find a little lifeless body on her arm. The little body was still warm, though passed resuscitating. The funeral service was preached in the church at this place on Sunday at 2 p.m. by the Rev. Mr. Clendening from the 19th Psalm and 4th verse after which the body was taken to Greenridge Cemetery and laid to rest in the silent city of the dead. The bereaved parents have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

January 20, 1887

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Algire, January 13th, a fine big (10 lb.) baby boy.

Died--On January 20, at 5 o'clock a.m., Eva Leonia, infant daughter of Lyman and Annie Rees, age one year, ten months and eight days.

January 27, 1887

Died-- On January 25, 1887, Mrs. Nancy Brown of Athelstane Twp. We have been unable to learn any of the particulars, further than that she was quite an aged widow lady and was sick but a short time.

Died-- On January 23, infant son of Jabez Green, age about six weeks.

Died-- On January 26, 1887, Freddie, infant son of Frank and Mary Munroe, of this place, age about six months The funeral sermon was preached at the church of this place today at 2 o'clock p.m. by the Rev. Mr. Leonardson, of Clay Center, after which the babe was buried in Greenridge Cemetery. His little twin brother is also dangerously sick and is not expected to live.

February 3, 1887:

Died-- On Saturday, January 29th, Margaret Leona, infant daughter of J. R. and Mary J. Townsend, age two months, 21 days. She was sick but a few days with pneumonia. "Sweetly sleeps the little babe, the darling precious one. The day of life brought to a close, almost 'ere morn begun. The little lips that ne'er knew guile, the little heart so pure, The little soul that knew not sin, now rests with God secure"

From New Chillicothe Twp.: We are sorry to mention the death of Mother Hardy, also that of William Thomas' child.

Mr. Charles Batham is the joyful father of a bouncing boy. He is at present a ten pounder, with a good prospect of developing into a first-class sand pounder.

February 10, 1887

Died-- At the residence of Courtlandt P. Butler in Sherman Twp., Dickinson County, on Thursday 3rd inst., at 7 o'clock p.m., of consumption and rheumatism of the heart, Oscar F. Cowing, age 41 years. The deceased was born in Lisbon, N.H.,, Oct.11, 1846 and moved to Illinois in 1848, and from there to Iowa in 1856. He enlisted in Co. K, 11th Iowa Infantry, in the fall of 1864, and was in active service until the close of the war. He came to Kansas in the spring of 1872 and took a homestead in Gill Twp., Clay County, and has been a resident of Clay ever since. At the time of his death he was a member of Post No. 88, G.A.R., Clay Center, Kansas. He leaves no family of his own, but many friends to mourn his life.

February 24, 1887

Died-- In Cheever Twp., Dickinson County, Saturday evening February 19th, Mr. Christian Keckler, age 83 years; son, John Keckler. The remains were interred in the Dunkard Cemetery in Buckeye Twp., on Tuesday.

March 10, 1887

Died-- A his residence in Gill Twp., Clay County, on Wednesday night 9th inst., Mr. Philip Ray. We have been unable to learn the particulars.

March 17, 1887

Died-- At her home near New Chillicothe, Dickinson County Kansas, on the 27th day of February, Mrs. Mary Batham, nee Meacham, in the 75th year of her age. Mrs. Batham was born in Hartleburg in Worchestershire, England in 1812 and was married to James Batham, Solicitor of Kidderminster, England in the year 1830. She leaves an aged husband, 78 years, who has been her companion and counsel for 57 years, thirteen children and 50 grandchildren, as well as a host of friends and relatives to mourn her loss. When she left England 15 years ago, she had been a consistent member of the Congregational Church at Kidderminster for more than 30 years, and never ceased to hold her Christian faith up to the date of her death. Her funeral was preached at the Greenridge schoolhouse on Tues., March 1st, by Rev. Mr. Hardy, after which she was buried in Greenridge Cemetery.

April 14, 1887

From Republican Twp.: Death last week claimed the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Dodson. They have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

May 5, 1887

From Oak Hill: William Fyfe died of heart disease on Friday evening. The funeral service was conducted on Sunday by Rev. J. D. Bering.

June 23, 1888

The funeral sermon of Mrs. Philip (Isabelle) Ray, who died some two months ago, will be preached at this place on Sunday, July 3rd, one week from next Sunday. Everyone is invited, and everyone should attend, as she was one of the oldest residents of this neighborhood, was beloved by all who knew her, leaves a host of friends and this is the last mark of respect you can pay to her memory. Come out, everybody.

June 30, 1887

Died-- On Thursday, June 23, Willie, infant son of Charles W. and Catherine Peters of Sherman Twp. He died on his birthday, the day he was one year old. Cholera infantum was the disease and swift was its work, little Willie lasting about two weeks after taking sick. Mr. and Mrs. Peters have the sympathy of the entire community in this their hardest trial.

July 21, 1887

Born-- On Monday night of this week, to David Scott and wife, a fine ten pound baby boy. David says he is a thoroughbred Democrat, inherits it from way back. Mother and son are doing well, and it is thought that with extreme care David will pull through all right.

Died-- Last Tuesday the 19th inst., George Washington Eisele age nine years, four months and twenty-seven day. He had rheumatism for several months and it finally settled in his heart, which caused his death. The funeral cortege assembled at the house of his father yesterday afternoon at 2:00, and followed little George in mourning column copy at Athelstane Cemetery, where he was laid to rest.

From Oak Hill--There seems to be considerable sickness prevalent in this vicinity. A son and daughter of William Davis, age respectively 14 and 12 years old, died of diphtheria quite suddenly.

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