Decatur County Orphan Photos

Orphan Photos and Memorabilia Exchange

Who among us doesn't have a few mystery or unidentified photos stashed away in a closet, shoebox, or old scrapbook somewhere? And how many of us have cringed to find some family's treasured photos, or other heirlooms for sale in an antiques stores, flea markets, or on eBay!? 

If you have orphan photos or memorabilia with a possible Decatur County link that you would like to get reunited with family members, please scan the picture and attach it to an email to me with Orphan Photo in the subject line.  If there is any information on the back or front of the picture please include that too because it just might be a clue for the family member.

I will post the photos or other heirlooms along with the submitters name and email.  If you find your family here contact the person who has the item to make arrangements for an exchange.  Just remember you are the one that needs to pay for the expenses of shipping and handling.  

Be sure to check back often. You just might find your family smiling back at you.

Orphan Photos

Unknown Lady! Can you help?
This is owned by Bonney Welker. Submitted by Luanne Henthorn


Clarence Wesley Pool dated 17 May 1912 Norcatur Kansas
son of Jessie and Lilly/Lolly Pool
Submitted by Luanne Henthorn


Vera Daugherty 12 yrs 4 mo. 29 days Height 4 ft 11 in.
Daughter of Jay and Ora (?) Daugherty
Submitted by Luanne Henthorn


Ethel Peterson
submitted by Diana Hart


Irene Powell
Submitted by Diana Hart


Margaret Powell
Taken behind Star School
Submitted by Diana Hart

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