Thirty Year Supplement1

Thirty-Year Supplement 
to the
Oberlin Herald

Thursday, June 17, 1909

This is a wonderful source of information for history of Oberlin and Decatur County in 1879.  We want to thank Luanne Henthorn for scanning in the pictures and typing in the information.  Her time and effort are GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Containing Some Historical Accounts of Events, Biographical Sketches and Portraits of men and women Who Were Active in Oberlin and Decatur County Thirty Years Ago (1879).


When the Herald was twenty years old it was under the present management and at that time we had hoped to get out an extra edition, but circumstances were of such a nature that the idea was finally abandoned.  Then again when the twenty-year anniversary rolled around we thought we ought to have an extra edition but again the project failed.

About three months ago we began to talk to persons in Oberlin about this supplement and received so much encouragement we decided to make the attempt.  Then the drought set in and all spring we have had one of the most discouraging times the management has ever experienced and many persons who had promised to have photos for this edition failed to have pictures taken.  However a goodly number have taken an active interest in the matter and to such we wish to cordially extend our thanks.  While this supplement is not as complete and extensive as were at first contemplated it is the best we are able to get out under the circumstances and is offered with apology.

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