Ed I. Randall

In the year 1878 Mr. Randall came to Wisconsin to look after a brother who was sick there and who was engaged in the boot and shoe business. When he came his brother took a notion he would be better in Dakota and Ed finally bought him out. While there he got acquainted with his future wife, Miss Johnson. The Johnsons wanted to come to Kansas so Randall let them have the money and the family all came and took land. Randall the next year came on and built a house on the land his wife had taken and his wife went to live on the claim, her young brother Oscar agreeing to stay with her for $10 a month. He was not very particular whether he was there all the time or not and one night he thought to frighten her and went about midnight and knocked on the door but when asked who he was he said nothing. The next moment a bullet from a colt's revolver whizzed thro' the door and passed his head only a few inches and he told pretty quick who he was.

Mr. Randall bought out the man Fisher, whose ad appears in the first issue of the HERALD, and has been making shoes here ever since, and has no doubt mended more soles than any man in the county. Mr. Randall was married in September of that year intending to board himself and wife with Capt. Allen but after a few weeks Mrs. Randall wanted to do her own cooking but he had no money to buy a stove and he had no idea that Mr. Colt the hardware man would trust him, so he bought the stove on trial and thought he would fight out with Colt later on but surprised to have work come in and he paid for the $40 stove in four weeks. In those times the cowboy had money and a patch on a boot brought fifty cents and straightening up a pair of boot heels cost $2.50. In summing it all up Randall said, "I guess I'm not worth much more than I was thirty years ago but I have had a very good time." The picture is as he looked twenty-five years ago.

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