Cyrus and Luella Capps

Cyrus and Luella Capps

Information submitted by Luanne Henthorn

Cyrus L. Capps (1875 MO - 1964 KS) and Luella A. "Lola" Vernon Capps ( 1872 OH - 1947 KS) possibly their wedding day picture which was 1898.
"When Cyrus was about four years old, his sisters, Emma and Hettie had been left alone while their father went into town. During the day, they had heard about Indians being in the area and without their father, they took the scare seriously and hid out in the pasture. Deciding that they could make it to their closest relative but knowing they couldn't carry Cyrus, they found a scoop shovel and had him get on it as they dragged it 5 miles across the prairie to their Uncle George Craig, in the dark. Of course, there were never any Indians."
Luella Vernon Capps is the daughter of David and Mary Haddow Vernon. David was William Vernon's brother. William was my great grandfather on my father's side.
(When my grandfather, Luther L. Capps' mother Agnes, died, his father had trouble caring for his three children. So Cyrus and Luella adopted Luther and raised him.)


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