Beaver Valley Booster Paper


The New Editor And His Bow to the Public
Taken from the first issue of the Beaver Valley Booster Newspaper
August 17, 1910

With this, the first issue of the Beaver Valley Booster, we need no introduction in this thriving town of ours in the Beaver Valley or the surrounding country in general.  We have grown up here and have been among you for 27 years, and what we have done or made morally, financially or other wise, has and can be seen in our daily walks in life.  My first attempt in business here was in the hotel and livery business, being at that time postmaster, worked at my trade as a harness maker for two years, branched out in the general merchandise business, fed a few cattle and hogs, and am now running the people of this community one of the best guaranteed banks in the state.  My ambition has branched out at this writing to become editor and owner of the “Booster,” and will say like the other business mentioned above, this paper will be an absolute success if everybody will boost a little as “tall trees from acorns grow.”  We do not go into this business expecting to get rich at it very soon but we feel you need a paper in the community.  We have made few if any failures from a business stand point while here; the word failure is not on our list.  This or any other town or community is exactly what the people make it, so it will be with this paper.  We are going to endeavor to run a clean, moral, up-to-date paper and instead of telling all the bad and mean things going on in this….life, will try to say good things.  We thoroughly realize and understand the conditions of the country at this time, our crops is short, probably could have been worse, but we have to remain here and we will have plenty of time to keep in touch with the news in general.  This is a good country to live in and this is a also a good community to stay in and we would like to see everybody become a subscriber of this paper and let us advertise you business by placing your ad in these columns.  We also make a specialty of all kinds of job printing, notices, sale bills and such like.   Don’t knock, but boost the paper, if some things appear you don’t exactly like, tell the editor, the articles you don like, tell your friends, and in this way we will make it all right.  Our ambition is to see this town grow; we have the age all right.  What we want to do is boost a little, work together and we can surely accomplish this; all it takes in unity, nerve, perseverance; make this the best town you ever lived in, tell it to stranger, stick for your town or get out.  You can readily see from a business standpoint that it takes nerve to start a paper in times like this.  All I want is your help and in two years we will wonder how it all happened.  In my opinion we need a Business-Men’s Club to get together, work together, and stick together.  Some noted person has said about the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, “if we don’t all hang together we will hang separately.”  Someone has said that co-operation and non competition is the life of trade.  Think this over.  We have no friends to favor or enemies to punish.   This paper will not be a lash in hands to punish or drive, but will endeavor to set forth happenings of moral elevating and political nature which ideas belong to the public and I also claim the constitutional rights granted to all freedom of speech, without which no government could stand.  Love for home, town and community has inspired this move and their interest above all others will be the dominating spirit of this paper.  I own this paper, am the editor and manager, controlled by no one, in fact as I would say, “I am IT.”  This paper, like all others in small towns and like all men do take a political stand.   What would you think of a man who had no politics, when all that is good in the progress and achievement of this great county is from a political party and source? 

We have two good elevators as any town on this line and competent reliable and capable men at the head of these institutions.  We also have a very heavy stock of good lumber and prices are as cheap, if not cheaper than other towns.  We have a good hotel and livery business; we should all encourage and help the proprietor, R.T. Nichols, and we can surely make this business grow, as this business is very essential to have with us.  Our telephone central needs no boosting, as it is always right and the right person at the board.  Instead of buying your hats and millinery goods elsewhere, see if your home milliner can’t supply your wants.  Cut out Montgomery, Ward & Co., and Sears, Roebuck & Co., as they never build up the community along any lines.  Get your haircut and shave with your barber, and throw that old razor away.  We have a first class barber most traveling men try and make this town to get their barber work done.  I have heard them say he is all right and I have seen several pay 25 cents for a shave showing they appreciate the service rendered. 

Our new accommodating and general storekeeper, W.E. Birmingham, has come among us from the “show me state.”  We have lost a good citizen and business man in our old friend, Chris Miller and we hope to see the new one do well and prosper; we need two stores, or even three when business will justify.  We are somewhat impressed with Mr. Birmingham’s ability to run a good store.  We do know he is in full sympathy to see this paper a success; he has the right spirit, and will always succeed.  Now comes the town Hall owned exclusively by the I. O. O. F. and M. W. A. Lodges, our heart has always been centered on that plant to see it successful.  The M. W. A. Lodge has paid their full one half interest in the plant and the I. O. O. F. Lodge has paid one half of their one half interest.  We ought to turn out and hold more meetings and help this good work along.  The M. W. A. has paid up members carrying insurance to the amount of $125,000.  Think what this amounts to for the protection of families in this neighborhood.  The I. O. O. F. Lodge has about 50 members in good standing, and a well-governed and good essential lodge to have and keep with us.  This is an old-lodge and needs to boost. 

We would like to see the M. W. A. Band re-organized.  It can easily be done: take hold, boys, with a vengeance.  The Booster will help you and so will the community.  We have as good material here as they have anywhere to have a good band.  Get out and organize.

Will also say, right here, that we have the material for a good Base Ball nine.  Our boys have been keeping up the teams all over the county.  Why let the boys go running to other towns when we could organize the best ball team here that can be gotten together in this county anywhere.  Get busy and organize a ball team.  We will all help you, we are proud of the number of good ball players in this community.

The Cole Creamery station also does a good business under the management of Mrs. Lareau.  These parties are ready at any and all time to receive your cream, and give you good test and pay the best price for the cream.

We have one of the best physicians in the state.  Dr. D. H. Simons.  We are mighty fortunate to have such an able doctor with us.  He attends to his practice strictly; the weather is never too bad or the light too dark when he is called, that he will not go and say, he gets there too, his calls cover a very large territory in all directions.  He also keeps a full line of the best drugs on the market at prices that are reasonable.  Telephone calls answered promptly at any time, day or night.

A good Sunday school is an essential gathering to have in any community and we have one of that kind, good attendance, good teachers and good officers in charge.  Why no send the little ones to Sabbath school?  Think it over.  This is one of the good things that should not be overlooked.  We need your help along this line also.  Bring your children and come.  Yu are missing some of the best sermons that have ever been preached in Cedar Bluffs during my stay here.  Come out and hear Rev. Stephen, you will feel better, your wife will like you better, and we will all be glad to see you at church. We will make a prediction right here, that you take the Sunday school and church out of any community and it will be a dead place to live. 

Our Blacksmith has been here a long time and had you ever noticed he is also very attentive to his business.  Tom Dresher is always near when you want work done in his line, and he does it in a workman-like manner, his charges being reasonable.

The Ladies have one of the best lodges in this part of the state.  The Royal Neighbors of America.  They have the paid up members and about  represented in life insurance.  We have seen them initiate a candidate several times, and they have a royal good time at their meetings.  Ladies why don’t you join this lodge and help the members to keep up one of the best gatherings this town and community affords.  They will be glad to have your assistance.  The officers are all ladies of high standing and will gladly welcome you to their midst.

Harry Kennedy has represented the Springfield, Phoenix, and Shawnee fire insurance companies for the last 12 years.  It would surprise you to know the amount of fire, ? and windstorm insurance the ? are carrying in this line.  And if you need in the way of insurance come in and see him.  He also represents Northwestern Life Insurance, one of the best life insurance companies on earth. He also carries a full line of legal blanks, such as deeds, mortgages etc. and has attended to the duties as Notary Public for 12 years.  Come in when you want some notary work done. 

T. J. Kennedy carries about a $10,000 stock of General Merchandise.  He has been in this business about seven years and his business is successful.  You will find Joe most any time behind the counter attending to the duties of the store. He was raised in this county; he doesn’t need any bouquets thrown at him.  We always find him to be Johnnie on the spot.

We also have a full line of General Hardware, Farm Implements, Buggies etc., under the management of H. Richardson.  He has lived in this county 26 years.  What he has done or made is well known to all.  They all say Shorty is a good Indian. 

Our efficient Postmaster and his wife are also old settlers and need no introduction.  They attend strictly to the duties of the office, and as a side line run a good, clean Butcher Shop and all kinds of confectionary in connection.  In mid winter he usually finds time to store away enough ice to keep the town cool during the hot days of summer.

In connection with the P.O. we also have two good mail routes carried by Guy M. Simmons, and J. H. Relph.  These routes have nearly doubled in patronage since we have had them, and we believe that Uncle Sam took a step in the right direction when they put mail routes into execution.

We have a good dentist with us, Guy M. Simons.  I have lived in hopes we would raise better crops in that the people could better afford to have some gold teeth and some of their old ones plugged up.  Stay with it, Guy, all will come right when we get a rainy season.  Citizens, patronize your dentist.

Our R. R. agent, O. A. Eison, was a little shaver when I first saw him, but he outweighs me now by considerable.  If I remember right L.J. Peek and my myself recommended him to the officials at McCook to secure him his first position in telegraphy at this place under one I. A. Rushton.  Arthur has made good, not only at his business, but other things as well.

We also have AutoLivery run by E. O. Carter.  A very good business proposition and especially to the traveling public.  We are centrally located between McCook and Oberlin, two county seat towns, making this a good point for this line of business.

If any business has been overlooked in the first issue of this paper, we will try and remember you later.  We are not so bad off with as many business places represented.  If we will all put our shoulders to the wheel and push a little we will grow all right, all right, and as I said before Cedar Bluffs will be a better place to live in. 

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