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Sumner County Surnames List

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Welcome to the Sumner County Kansas Surname page.
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Surname Prior Location Sumner Co. Location Time Period Researcher
CALLAWAY Illinois Milton ~ Louise Miles
CARNES Starke Co. IN. Creek Twp. 1877 - 1920 Bill Baugh
CARROTHERS Ohio Sumner Co. 1884-1960
CARSON ~ Oxford area ~ Patty Flemming
CARSON ~ Oxford 1890's Lyn Childress
CARY   bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) Illinois Sumner County ~
CLARK  bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) ~ Jackson Twp. abt. 1880 Wayne Lance
CLARK  bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) ~ Conway Springs late 1800's Bernice
CLESTER - John Mercer ILL Peck area Late 1800's - early 1900's
CLEVENGER Indiana South Haven Late 1800's - early 1900's Brightblue22
COMBS  bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) ~ Sumner Co. 1800's Harriette Jensen
CONFAR bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) ~ near Belle Plaine 1870's Carole Confar
CORDER ~ ~ ~
CORNELL White Co. IN Springdale Twp. 1876 - 1920 Bill Baugh
CORNELIUS bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) ~ near Milan late 1800's -
mid 1900's
Marlene Stillahn
COX Macon Co. ILL. Belle Plaine area 1870's Nancy J Willis
CRABB Barron Co. KY Milan Late 1800's Sherry Kline
CREEKMORE bldmsm.gif (287 bytes) ~ Mayfield Late 1800's- Early 1900's Anna Bowman
CUMMINS Indiana Clearwater 1877 -


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