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The Wilmore News, October 18, 1917.

A Letter from Lawrence York

Friday evening. Just arrived.

We are to have our barracks inspected tomorrow morning at eight o'clock. We have to sweep and scrub in the morning. There are 250 in this barrack they are about 100 feet long and 60 feet wide. We are on the top floor they are all two stories high. Half of the lower part is used for bunk and the other half for mess--mess is eating. Grub is served cafeteria style. We are getting all we can to eat. We wash our own plate, knife, fork and spoon. The barracks are not partitioned off as we were told before we came.

There are lots of new boys coming in all the time. We ask them where they are from and where they are going and we tell them to be careful and not let the shower bath burn them. Believe me the bath is sure cold but the Lieut. stands by and hollers "Get Under There" and we have to move. That one was enough for a while.

They tell us to get organized and play ball and we think we will.

There are sure some home sick boys here. Saw one fellow yesterday that brought his dog. We ask him if he was going to enlist him. He said, yes. But they won't let him keep the dog here.

This is a pretty valley down here and I am not turned around either.

Scottie is my partner and he is sure a good one. We have a good time. We are going down to the store tonight and get some shaving soap and some writing paper. It is about five blocks and they all go together by barracks.

Have not seen Frank Cromley yet. May go down tomorrow noon, that is about the only time we can get off and find him there. They don't want us to go far for fear we get lost. We did got lost last night but we ask some other boys that had been here longer and we got back all right. When the whistle blows we have to go.

After supper Earl Rohr and my self have been down to the store. Got a looking glass and some shaving soap. It sure is some place. Not very big but such a crowd there at night. We get off tomorrow afternoon. Don't know what we'll do.

We all like it pretty well. The captains are not very strict if you do right they will do their part. We train 45 minutes and rest 15 minutes. We go down every night and get the Eagle so are always anxious to see it. Scottie says he thinks he will subscribe for The Wilmore News. Thannie Weddle and Bruce McLaughlin have been to see us and they are looking fine. We found Vernon Pepperd in Co. 16. He was surprised to see us. Saw Buford Davis too.

Later: Just been examined it isn't hard of one passes down there they surely will up here. We are sending our clothes home this evening. Have had one vaccination several of the boys fainted I pulled through all right it never fazed me yet. Its pretty cool here these mornings they talk of moving us. Hope we go south if we do.

The Wilmore News, July 26, 1917.

Lawrence York is number one on the draft list in this county. If he is selected he will make a "number one soldier, too."

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