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World War I, Comanche County, Kansas

The Protection Post, February 17, 1918.

Boys in the New Draft List

The Physical examination of registrants of Class I has been completed by the local board for Comanche county and the men now know just where they stand. In only three cases did registrants appeal from the decision of the Local Board. In two of them the board was sustained and the men held for general military service, and in the other case the registrant was held for special military service. The examination papers of those examined at other places in most cases have not been received and they are still pending before the District Board a few cases of claims for exemption on industrial grounds. Some of these, probably, will be held for military service.

Of those reported last week as delinquent, two have been taken from the list. the questionnaires of George B. Hendershot and Clarence R. Griffiths have since been received.

Below is a list of those in class I, with their classification as to liability for military service. The numbers are their order number, or order in which the men will be called into service.

Passed as Physically Fit and Held for Military Service:
__ Joseph E. Hopkins
68 Lawrence E. Sanders
111 Frederick Murray
134 Edward Burghardt
143 Alfred T. Elvin
148 Harry Vincent
157 Bert R. Zimmerman
174 Otto C. Bain
190 Chas. S. Hopkins
194 Fred L. Thompson
197 Jacob C. Taves
199 Alonzo Vincent
200 Walter W. Ferrin
214 Jacob W. Leeper
228 Fred Millard
234 Butley Hadley
244 David F. Holliman
248 Harry T. Billings
249 Walter S. Siler
252 Noah C. Bauer
261 Clyde F. Caudill
296 Luther E. Billings
311 Thomas E. Moore
343 Owen Warburton
366 Sterling A. Neff
367 Wm. H. Metzker
369 Guy Fox
381 Olen E. Callaway
386 Wm. H. Kennedy
407 Jack Johnson
408 Claude Richardson
413 Sam Fox
440 Charles M. Hughes
441 Benjamin E. Wolf
445 Alvin T. Lockwood
449 Wix Heft
461 Walter T. Thompson
466 Carl O. Holtman
468 Frank B. Hall
482 Harry Zimmerman
506 Claude Thompson
513 Walter Thomas
521 Merit Bachman
537 Paul E. Wuchter
539 Will L. Page
542 Albert Butcher
563 Lewis C. Hawes
589 Asa F. Hoofer

Examined Elsewhere:
153 George W. Gilmore
158 Harold D. Powell
187 Orville C. Walker
208 Ralph Troyer
294 George H. Hart
333 Josua L. Swain
375 Tom Hadley
391 John R. Griffin
420 Alfred F. Moore
446 Orville Grabill
465 C. Coyl Jackson
489 Orla S. Holmes
577 John C. Harris

Held for Special Service:
83 John W. Wallace
198 Clarence L. Shearer
Charles Vilgamore
Jacob Hunter
Roy Usselman
Russell Washburn
William R. Brew
Ralph A. Kervish
William H. Carter
Jettie C. Neal
Clarence J. Emerson
Robert L. Keese

Physically Disqualified:
Lee Drake
William B. King
Charles B. Simmons
Millard J. Smith
Orville T. Larimer
Arthur Doerflinger
Emmert Fisher
William F. Richardson
Noah T. Miller

Were Not Examined:
270 Alvin F. Parkinson
325 Harry C. Lasater
520 John P. N. Riggs
John W. Toeves

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