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World War I, Comanche County, Kansas

The Protection Post, March 27, 1919 .


The following is a list of the boys who have gone from Protection and its surrounding territory to fight for their flag and country. The list includes those men whose post office addresses were Protection, as well as a number of men who made Protection their home either just previous to their entry into the service, or who have made this city their home since they have returned. Also the list includes the names of the two Protection young women who went into the Red Cross Hospital Service.

The following list of Protection Boys who are now or have been in the Service of the United States Army and Navy:
** Died in Action
* Died in Training

Adams, James T.
Anderson, Floyd
Ashcroft, John W., Jr.
** Burghardt, Edward L.
Brock, Jesse C.
Barker, Frank J.
Buchter, Albert
Brock, Geo. W.
Briggs, John Paul
Bachman, Ray
Bachman, Merit
Baxter, Earl M.
Brooks, Orville
Bauer, Cletus, J.
Bauer, Noah C.
Bramwell, Leo
Bare, Elma
Bare, Clarence
* Cantrell, Archie L.
Chase, Thomas l.
Chappee, Evan J.
Chapee, Roy H.
Crum, Vernie
Callaway, Olin E.
Clayborn, Harry
Clayborn, Jim
Cosby, Foy R.
Cox, Lieut. Jacob H.
Caudill, Clyde F.
Chambers, Adrian B.
Dauma, John W.
Davis, Jesse G.
Deck, George D.
Deliver, George
Dale, Karl S.
Edwards, Homer
* Edwards, Ira M.
English, Clarence
Everetts, Lonnie P.
Fox, Sam
Fox, Guy
Fuller, Robert R.
Ford, "Curley'
Guyette, Lewis E.
Goff, Ira B.
Glover, Joe
Grabill, Oliver
Gray, Lile H.
Gangloff, Alva
Gaines, Tommie
Griffith, George
Hopkins, Joseph J.
Hunter, Jack
Hazen, Ralph F.
Hiatt, Geo. W.
Holtman, Carl O.
Hornbacker, Harry H.
Hopkins, Charles S.
Huddleston, Wm.
Hazen, Howard
Hugg, Christian
* Hind, Harold
Headlee, Homer
Harden, Paul
Hinman, Z. L.
Hinman, Vere
Jellison, Chas.
Johnston, Collier W.
Johnston, Vernice A.
Johnson, Benjamin
Jordan, Sgt. Maj. Henry
Kralicek, Grover C. (First man to go from Comanche County)
Kimes, Jacob I.
Kucera, Joe
Leeper, Jacob W.
Linton, Thomas E.
Lockwood, Alvin W.
Leiter, Rufus
Lund, Norman D.
Lund, Carrol L.
Leiter, LeRoy M.
Moore, John
* Moore, Arlo
Moore, Alfred F.
Miller, John W.
Middleton, Luther
Mann, Ray
Manning, Lieut. W. S.
* Morris, George S.
Neff, Sterling A.
Nyberg, Lieut. M. O.
Pebble, Jerome
Peacock, Lawrence
Parkinson, Alva
Peterson, James
Palmer, Walter A.
Pebbles, Ralph
Puterbaugh, Troy
Reed, Gray
Riley, Fredrick O.
Reed, Homer
Ramey, Lieut. W. G.
Simmons, Charlie B.
Sloop, Herman W.
Sherman, Charles G.
Smith, Wm. Fredrick
Sherman, Robert K.
Steen, Fred
Shaw, Andrew
Snyder, Raub R.
Sibbit, Charles R.
Sibbit, Clifford T.
Scovell, Ray
Selzer, Fred F.
Stevenson, Glenn
Stauffer, Ross
Scoville, Paul
Scoville, Earl
Scoville, Virgil
Shockey, Ira
Smith, Lewis R.
Stauffer, Carl
Troyer, Ralph
Taves, Jacob C.
Thompson, Fred L.
Turner, Archie
* Taves, David
** Taves, Frank
Troyer, Manley M.
Turner, Allie
Vincent, Harry
Vincent, Alonzo
Weede, Lieut. James A.
Winn, John O.
Winn, Caleb B.
Walker, Orville C.
Wuchter, Paul E.
White, William
Wells, W. W.
White, Herman C.
Wright, Lucian
Zimmerman, Harry
Zane, Ralph
Zane, Roscoe
Zane, Kenneth

Nurses in the Red Cross Hospital Service:
Leiter, Stella
Spears, Flossie

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