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World War I, Comanche County, Kansas

The Western Star, Janurary 25, 1918.

Physical Examination to Begin Soon, 84 in Class I So Far.

The local board reported yesterday morning that up to that time 84 registrants composed the list in class I. There are yet several names to be classified by the district board.

Notices were sent yesterday to the following persons in class I to appear on January 30 for their physical examinations:

John W. Wallace, Walton, Kans.
Lee Drake, Protection.
Lawrence E. Sanders, Coldwater.
Joseph J. Hopkins, Protection.
Charles Vulgamore, Coldwater.
Fredrick Murphy, Coldwater.
William B. King, Ponca City, Okla.
Jack Hunter, Protection.
Edward L. Burghardt, Protection.
George W. Gilmore, Protection.
Alfred T. Elvin, Coldwater.
Wm. Henry Kennedy, Wilmore.
John R. Griffin, Wilmore.
Harry Vincent, Protection.
Bert R. Zimmerman, Coldwater.
Chas. B. Simmons, Protection.
Harold D. Powell, Howard, Kans.
Otto C. Bain, Coldwater.
Emmert Fisher, Coldwater.
Orville C. Walker, Protection.
Jacob C. Taves, Protection.
Clarence E. Shearer, Ponca City, Okla.
Russell H. Washburn, Wilmore.
Charles S. Hopkins, Protection.
Fred L. Thompson, Protection.
Alonzo Vincent, Protection.
Walter W. Ferrin, Wilmore.
Ralph Troyer, Kansas City, Mo.
Arthur Doerflinger, Wilmore.
Jacob W. Leeper, Protection.
Butler Hadley, Coldwater.
David F. Holliman, Wilmore.
Harry F. Billings, Augusta, Kans.
Oliver T. Larimer, Wilmore.
Noah C. Bauer, Protection.
Clyde F. Caudill, Protection.
Alva F. Parkinson, Lamar, Colo.
George H. Hart, Augusta, Kans.
Luther E. Billings, Ft. Scott, Kans.
Thos. E. Moore, Coldwater.
Harry C. Lasater, Joplin, Mo.
Josua L. Swain, Wellston, Okla.
Owen Warburton, Protection.
Millard J. Smith, Protection.
Sterling A. Neff, Protection.
Wm. H. Metzker, Coldwater.
Guy Fox, Willard, Mo.
Roy Usselman, Coldwater.
Tom Hadley, Coldwater.
Olen E. Callaway, Okarche, Okla.

Today notices were mailed to the following persons, also in class I, to appear for physical examination on January 31:

Harry Zimmerman, Protection.
Jettie C. Neal, Vandalia, Mo.
Carl O. Holtman, Protection.
Chillis C. Jackson, Coldwater.
Walter T. Thompson, Coldwater.
Alvin W. Lockwood, Protection.
Wix Heft, Coldwater.
Oliver Grabill, White Cloud, Mich.
William H. Carter, Wilmore.
Chas. M. Hughes, Hamilton, Kans.
Benjamin E. Wolf, Mayo.
Noah T. Miller, Protection.
Alfred T. Moore, Protection.
Sam Fox, Protection.
Claude Richardson, Coldwater.
Jack Johnson, Liberal, Kans.
Claude W. Thompson, Coldwater.
William R. Brew, Kling, Kans.
Robt. R. Keesee, Coldwater.
John W. Tooves, Protection.
Orlo S. Holmes, Lawrence, Kans.
Merit Bachman, Protection.
John P. N. Riggs, Protection.
Walter Thomas, Wilmore.
Will L. Page, Hardtner.
Paul E. Wuchter, Protection.
Albert Buchter, Protection.
John C. Harris, E. St. Louis, Mo.
Asa M. Hoofer, Coldwater.
William F. Richardson, Coldwater.
Lewis C. Haws, Coldwater.
Ralph A. Kewish, Protection.

"In early 1917, the United States declared war on Germany. In the first months of the American participation in World War I, enthusiasm was strong but volunteer enlistment into the army was modest. Consequently, a draft was instituted to bring in the needed number of men. On three designated registration days in 1917 and 1918, approximately 24-million civilian men born between 1872 and 1900 provided information for draft registration cards. More than 80% of these civilians received exemptions or deferrals, and they were thus never called for military service."
-- World War I Draft Registrations at RootsWeb.

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