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World War I, Comanche County, Kansas

The Western Star, August 17, 1917.

Comanche County's Quota Almost Filled

The Western Star August 17, 1917 As indicated in the last issue of the STAR, the local Exemption Board examined 76 more men on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week, or as many of that number as appeared, making a total of 154 men summoned. When that was done the Board found that the number accepted and which would be certified to the District Board was still 5 short of the county's quota, hence a third order for 75 men (consecutive numbers from 154 to 229 inclusive) was sent out. These 75 men were summoned for examination yesterday. The result of the Board's work in regard to this list could not be secured at the time of going to press on Thursday. The complete report will be given next week.

Of the men examined on the 2d call, 17 were discharged because of some physical disability. They were:
John W. Wallace, 519
Howard Miller, 588
Paul Hooley, 576
Eli C. Williams, 221
Emmet Bennett, 5
Wm. W. Riner, 292
Ollie H. Ward, 470
Chas. Vulgamore, 191
Floyd H. Hillman, 305
Reuben Tinkler, 323
William B. King, 438
Ferman E. Sayers, 565
George E. Kennedy, 501
Gurney T. Hadley, 86
Lewis E. Holland, 113
Chesney Stewart, 133
Joseph A. Weeks, 303
Bert F. Zimmerman, 146

The following named persons were considered by the local Board to be entitled to the exemption claimed:
Arthur H. Scrock, 392
Chas. E. Joines, 122
Jas. F. Holloway, 222
Morris C. Bard, 321
Fred L. Baxter, 368
Harry T. White, 130
Jess Crawford, 168
Benjamin F. Rambolt, 424
Edgar L. Franklin, 175
David L. Laker, 212
Perry A. May, 49
Lorren R. Lytle, 8
Charles Schweitzer, 585
George T. Brown, 441
Jacob B. Groves, 23
Frank Fred Schneck Jr., 492
Chas. M. Stein, 349
Roy O. Johnson, 102
Ivan J. Hillis, 183
Robert M. Whitney, 71
Edward L. Burghardt, 555
Ralph B. Todd, 506
Chas. E. Carrington, 421
Jose Gallardo, 396
Talbert C. Miller, 265
Lewis C. Miller, 563

The following 11 persons were found to be physically fit, and as no exemption was claimed by either, their names were duly certified as subject to call to service:
William F. Dunlap, 199
Jas. T. Adams, 297
Harry Clayborn, 312
Lois R. Scott, 477
Ralph F. Hazen, 300
Frederick O. Riley, 278
Owen U. Hinman, 524
Lewis Guyett, 336
Gray Reed, 435
Carl Wingert, 156
Harold D. Powell, 229

Of the 75 persons in the second call, 5 were held and certified, having passed the physical examination and the claim of each for exemption having been rejected by the local Board:
Jake Kindsvater, 25
Homer Edwards, 504
Neal Simonds, 357
Jesse G. Davis, 331
Harry Vincent, 284

The 22 persons who had previously been accepted and certified by the local Board are:
Lawrence York
Frank V. Harter
Scott Farmer
Nathaniel Weddle
Ernest C. Wood
James W. Septer
Charles Jellison
James Fergnson
Bruce McLaughlin
Jesse C. Brock
Vernon W. Pepperd
Isom R. Edwards
George W. Hiatt
John C. Rohr
Leo S. Ward
Charles A. Scholle
Ernest W. Miller
Thomas E. Linton
Albert W. Seaman
Osa B. Goff
Emmett Bennett

Out of the first 154 men summoned to appear before the local board, the following 33 had either already enlisted or for some other reason have not yet been examined:
George Warren Brock, 275
Clarence E. Byars, 107
Ray Mann, 420
Frank G. Cromley, 75
Rufus Leiter, 332
George A. Johnson, 549
Alphonso Vera, 391
Jose Lopez, 390
Gilbert W. Sell, 437
Nat Campbell, 458
Roman Gavisia, 388
Roman Yrega, 406
John H. Canfield, 90
Abigael Acosta, 383
Ira M. Edwards, 820
George R. Brown, 121
Frederick Murphy, 532
Foy R. Cosby, 557
Frank P. Adams, 539
Jack Hunter, 562
Oscar C. Walker, 450
Wm. E. Nicholson, 267
Herman W. Sloop, 567
Alfred T. Elvin, 169
Chas. G. Sherman, 436
Arthur D. Gamon, 257
Leonard A. Zeitler, 155
Fred B. Harbaugh, 185
Fred L. Cosby, 285
George W. Gillmore, 560
Wm. B. Patterson, 211
Rosoa Saluador, 385
Geo. S. Morris, 241

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