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The Protection Post, May 16, 1918.


The Protection Post, May 16, 1918.


(By Lawton Stanley)

On Tuesday of this week, the following four were sent from Comanche county to Jefferson Barracks, near St. Louis, Mo., on call of our local board.

Otto Bain.
Fred F. Selsor.
Alonzo Vincent.
Leonard A. Zeitler

As stated in these columns last week Russel Washburn will be sent to Manhattan this week there to received special training for service in the army.

Jacob Leeper and O.E. Callaway, who volunteered for service as mechanics, will be sent to Washington, D.C. on May 20th.

The next call for men from Comanche county will take twelve. These are a part of the 233,000 called and are to be sent on May 25th or soon thereafter. The men who will go in this increment and their order numbers are as follows:

2__     Sameul Fred Millard.
2__     David F. Holliman.
2_8     Harry T. Billings
_52     Noah C. Bauer.
__0     Alva Parkinson.
__1     Lloyd H. Booth.
2_6     Luther Billings.
294     George H. Hart
325     Henry C. Lasater
391     John R. Griffin
407     Jack Johnson. (Preach)

These twelve men last named will be sent to Camp Funston.

Below is the list of men who will go from Clark county during the five day period beginning May 25th. Also their order number and addresses are given

211     Robert Earl Bell, Englewood, Kansas.
224     Lysle Crane, Clinton, Ind.
229     Everett Alfred Hogue, Eldorado, Kansas.
231     Virgil Crane, Clinton, Ind.
238     Ruby Burrell McGee, Hutchinson, Kansas.
241     Frank Oscar Havlik, St. Louis, Mo.
254     Roy James Hastings, Ashland, Kansas.
272     Isaac Gideon Stevens, Ashland, Kansas
235     Samuel Schoot, Minneola, Kansas.
289     Charles Walter Blair, Liberal, Kansas.
298     John Henry Bell, Lee Valley, Tenn.
319     Hugh Thomas Robinson, Ashland, Kansas.
332     Ralph Raymond Hoisington, Independence, Kansas.
338     Chester Roland Clay, Ashland, Kansas.
380     Bert John Hanson, Plankington, S.D.
394     Corbett Potter, Home, Mo.
403     Samuel Francis Gish, Minneola, Kansas.
405     John Calvin Hale, Acres, Kansas.
419     John Floyd Funk, Ashland, Kansas.
424     Herman Kunkel, Lindon, Kansas.
427     Tony Neff, Sitka, Kansas.
434     Elmer Hubbard, LaJunta, Colorado.
445     J.T. Hunter, Ashland, Kansas.
457     Stirling Hoard, Everton, Ark.

Below are the names, order, number and addresses of the alternatives.

475     Howard Sparks Harvey, Manhattan, Kansas.
478     Clarence Warren Cro_mor, Minneola, Kansas.
482     Vernel Cylde Mitchell, Ashland, Kansas.
491     William Roy White, Ashland, Kansas.
525     Elmer Burr Irvin, Coldwater, Kansas.
535     Arthur Maurice Sherman, Englewood, Kansas.

John Amos Nickum of Ashland, Kansas, will entrian for Manhattan, the 16th where he will be given two months training along mechanical lines and then be sent either to the front or behind the lines to do repair work.

The above lists and information was sent by the Local Board for the County of Clark, State of Kansas, at Ashland, Kansas.

Thanks to Shirley Brier for scanning & sending the above news article!

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