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World War I, Comanche County, Kansas

The Protection Post, August 2, 1917.


The following named persons are hereby notified that, pursuant to the Act of Congress approved May 18, 1917, they are called for military service of the United States by this Local Board.

The Serial Number and the order number of each of such persons is shown below. They will report at the office of this Local Board at the COURT HOUSE in COLDWATER, for physical examination on the 3rd, 4th and 6th days of August, 1917, at 8:00 o'clock a.m.

Any claim for exemption or discharge must be made on forms which may be procured, or the form of which may be copied at the office of the Local Board, and must be filed at the office of this Local Board on or before the seventh day after the date of posting of this notice.

Your attention is called to the penalities for violation or evasion of the Selective Service Law approved May 18, 1917, and of the Rules and Regulations which may be consulted at this office.

The following twenty five must appear on Friday, August 3.

Order #         Serial #        Name and Address on Card                      
1 258 York Lawrence, Wilmore
2 458 Campbell, Nat, Sun City
3 337 Wallace, Fred W., Protection
4 275 Brock, Geo. W., Protection
5 509 Carthrae, Ernest, Coldwater
6 564 Hopkins, Joseph J., Protection
7 536 Farmer, Wm. H. Scott, Coldwater
8 548 Darnell, Oral O., Coldwater
9 126 Wood, Ernest C., Coldwater
10 107 Byars, Clarence E., Coldwater
11 373 Nichols, Clarence F., Protection
12 486 Brewer, Charles R., Edison, Tennessee
13 507 Jenkins, Fred J., Coldwater
14 309 Jellison, Chas., Protection
15 437 Sell, Gilbert W., Wilmore
16 43 Unruh, Leo, Coldwater
17 420 Mann, Ray, Protection
18 514 Lenertz, Fred J., Deerhead
19 433 Drake, Lee, Protection
20 10 Scholle, Frank P., Protection
21 487 Haldeman, Chas. G., Wilmore
22 140 McLaughlin, Bruce L., Coldwater
23 432 Drake, Clayton B., Protection
24 18 Dunn, Robt., Coldwater
25 182 Korf, Lloyd W., Coldwater

The following twenty five must appear on Saturday, August 4

Order #         Serial #        Name and Address on Card                      
26 513 Pepperd, Vernon V., Wilmore
27 46 Boshell, Harry V., Coldwater
28 223 Johnston, Walter R., Coldwater
29 117 Eaton, Arthur G., Coldwater
30 390 Lopez, Jose, Protection
31 280 Poeler, Earl O., Protection
32 379 Ridenour, Fred E., St. John
33 542 Dornan, Elster M., Coldwater
34 194 Schmidt, Geo., Protection
35 552 Hiatt, Geo W., Protection
36 298 Lawrence, Elmer G., Protection
37 343 Mayatt, Riley B., Protection
38 15 Herd, Geo. R., Coldwater
39 452 Roark, James, Wilmore
40 355 Jellison, Wyatt B., Protection
41 530 Ward, Leo S., Hazelton
42 218 Deewall, Hiram P., Coldwater
43 550 Beitler, Paul R., Coldwater
44 547 Troyer, Manley M., Protection
45 31 Miller, Ernest W., Coldwater
46 525 Jackson, Daniel N., Mayo
47 183 Hills, Ivan J., Coldwater
48 56 Harter, Frank V., Coldwater
49 5 Bennett, Emmett, Coldwater
50 350 Potter, Elmer L., Protection

The following twenty six must appear on Monday, August 6.

Order #         Serial #        Name and Address on Card                      
51 54 Oller, Albert C., Coldwater
52 440 Weddle, Nathaniel, Wilmore
53 269 Septer, James W., Sun City
54 335 Reed, Charles F., Protection
55 493 Ferguson, James, Wilmore
56 341 Morris, George S., Protection
57 391 Vera, Alphonso, Mexico
58 353 Zimmerman, Noah, Protection
59 360 Mockry, Hugo T., Protection
60 571 Brock, Jesse C., Protection
61 488 Edwards, Isow R., Coldwater
62 72 Rohr, John C., Coldwater
63 356 Fish, John W., Protection
64 112 Marshall, T. Clifford, Coldwater
65 128 Sanders, Lawrence E., Coldwater
66 11 Scholle, Charley A., Coldwater
67 363 Fletcher, Earl, Protection
68 6 Patterson, Melvin E., Coldwater
69 327 Dauma, John W., Protection
70 93 Wilkerson, Ollie M., Coldwater
71 345 Linton, Thos. E., Protection
72 103 Seaman A. W., Coldwater
73 556 Goff, Osa B., Protection
74 154 Parcel, Melvin O., Coldwater
75 51 Morris, Jasper L., Coldwater
76 30 Waller, Henry T., Coldwater

(Signed) W. P. Sanders, Chairman George Hearldson, Clerk Date of Posting of notice: 30th of July, 1917. Examing Physician, Dr. T. H. Crawford Assistant Physician, Dr. Wade Doster


Reports for examination Saturday August 4.:

Order #         Serial #        Name and Address on Card                      
1 258 Howard Hazen
6 536 Roscoe Zane

Reports for examination Tuesday, August 7.

Order #         Serial #        Name and Address on Card                      
55 353 Herbert J. McDonald

These are to report at the Court House at Ashland, Kansas

Board: Chas. Watts, Chairman
G. C. Ely, Clerk
Examining Physician, Dr. Taylor
This is the Official List from the War Department at Washington.

"In early 1917, the United States declared war on Germany. In the first months of the American participation in World War I, enthusiasm was strong but volunteer enlistment into the army was modest. Consequently, a draft was instituted to bring in the needed number of men. On three designated registration days in 1917 and 1918, approximately 24-million civilian men born between 1872 and 1900 provided information for draft registration cards. More than 80% of these civilians received exemptions or deferrals, and they were thus never called for military service."
-- World War I Draft Registrations at RootsWeb.

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