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Thanks to Nancy Smith for contributing scans of this yearbook for this site!

Wilmore School Attendence Center, 1969

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Above: Wilmore Attendance Center, Coldwater High School, Coldwater, Kansas, 1969.

Above: Faculty. Promotes Spirit. This was Mr. John Bouquot's eighth year as Principal of WGS. His outstanding work through the years has played a major roll (sic) in the success of school and students. Besides being principal, Mr. Bouquot is the Stuco advisor, coaches all sports and directs the play. The faculty attended numerous workshops and summer schools to be able to help the students in every way possible. Thanks to the well-trained teachers and industrious students this has truly been a wonderful year in the history of WGS.


John M. Bouquot, B.S.; Principal; Math 5-8, P.E.; Stuco Advisor; Coach.
Sally McCue, Music 1-8.
Henrietta Rhodes, B.S.; Seventh and Eighth Grades, Librarian.
Florence Vieux, B.S.; Fifth and Sixth Grades.
Hazel Fitzwater, B.S.; Third and Fourth Grades.
Lida B. Miller, B.A.; First and Second Grades.
SCHOOL PERSONNEL: (Back row) Custodian Earl Hubbard; Bus drivers: Dwight Unruh, Wade Zeigler, Zearl Ziegler. (Second Row) Lila Trummel, Billie Smith, Ernestine Ziegler. (First row) Cooks: Virgie Martens, Polly Bond. Secretary: Jo Ann York.


BASKETBALL TEAMS: (Back row) Chris Lawless, Mike Uhl, Bruce Wedel. (Fourth Row) Dan Ferrin, Kent Trummel, Wendell Unruh, Ricky Booth. (Third row) Clint Lawless, Mike Louthan, David Hubbard, Chuck Metzger. (Second Row) Patty Nielson, Becky Martens, Ann York. (First row) Luann Trummel, Bobbi Hackney, Janelle Trummel. Not pictured: Julie Helm, Walter Lenertz, Meade Ferrin.

CHEERLEADERS: (Back row) Ann York, Patty Nielson. (Front row) Janelle Trummel, Becky Martens.

Students enjoy music with Mrs. McCue.

Mrs. Miller helps first and second graders with their assignments. (Nancy Smith noted: "The students are, left to right: Left to Right: Gerry Lenertz, Richard Smith, Jim Hardy, Corey Lawless, Karen Dillinger, Kelly Trummel, Mrs. Lida Miller, Philip Unruh."


BAND: (Back row) Mike Louthan, Dan Ferrin, David Hubbard, Chris Lawless. (Front row) Clint Lawless, Kathy Louthan, Bobbi Hackney, Ann York, Janelle Trummel, Luann Trummel, Becky Martens, Patty Nielson, Kent Trummel. Not pictured: Walter Lenertz, Meade Ferrin.

GRADE 8: Loren Ferrin, Julie Helm, Becky Martens, Mike Uhl, Linda Unruh, Wendell Unruh, Bruce Wedel, Angela Yost.
GRADE 7: Ricky Booth, Bobbi Hackney, David Hubbard, Chris Lawless, Chuck Metzger, Patty Nielson, Roger Unruh. Not pictured: Linda Liles, Cindy Liles, Wayne Liles.
GRADE 6: Dan Ferrin, Walter Lenertz, Janelle Trummel, Kent Trummel, Ann York.
GRADE 5: Meade Ferrin, Clint Lawless, Kathy Louthan, Luann Trummel, Jenee Unruh.

Above:School Enlightens Minds: The students of Wilmore Grade School strived to make this an outstanding, prosperous year. From textbooks to tournaments, these students had a rewarding, fun-filled year. This was the first year for Student Council which proved to be worth while. Stuco had many money-making projects to get it on its feet. The band had a very good year, filling the halls of WGS with pleasing music. Truly it was a remarkable year as the students of WGS look back upon it. The school life of WGS will always have a place in the minds and hearts of the students that went to school there.


GRADE 4: Kendrea Lawless, Betty Lenertz, Lloyd Odell, Scooter Uhl, Randy Unruh, Sondra Wedel, Vanita White.
GRADE 3: Dean Dillenger, Lane Hackney, Susan Hubbard, Steven Janson, Cheryl Louthan, Mike Martens, Chris Nielsen, Loren Odell, Mark Trummel. Not pictured: Tammy Hardy.
GRADE 2: Ronnie Booth, Gerry Lenertz, Richard Smith, Kelly Trummel, Anthony Unruh, Phillip Unruh.
GRADE 1: Karen Dillenger, Corey Lawless. Not pictured: Jimmy Hardy.

Taking care of Stuco business are members -- (Back row) Mark Trummel, Kent Trummel, Mike Uhl, Bobbi Hackney. (Front row) Becky Martens, Angela Yost, Patty Nielson. Not pictured: Anthony Unruh.

Thanks to Nancy Smith for scanning and contributing the above year book images to this web site!

Note: there are typographical errors in the original book; spellings of names have been corrected in the captions beneath the image of each yearbook page.

For more information about John M. Bouquot, see: Dismissed teachers listed by state agency, The Oklahoman, 14 January 2001.

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