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The Little Opry With A Big Heart

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Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas.

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Wilmore Opry News

Dan & Linda Winter, Founders of the Wilmore Opry.
Email: wilmoreopry@webtv.net

For Tickets, or to Entertain on the Wilmore Opry,
call Vanita Blundell
Stage Manager, Program Director and Sometimes Writer of the Wilmore Opry News.
Phone: 620-582-2542.     Email: jvblundell@carrollsweb.com
Author of the "Country Gal" column in The Western Star.

Or call Daryl Schiff, Chairman of the Wilmore Opry at Medicine Lodge,
at 620-886-3293.

Thanks to Vanita Blundell, the Wilmore Opry News is now also available as a blog at

Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell

Yes, it is that time again. On Saturday, October 4th, 2008, we will have our Wilmore Opry Fall Variety Show at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge, Kansas. There will be an array of music. There should be something there for everyone. We have some wonderful guests to entertain you. The ‘legendary’ Jack Ewing will replace Vanita Blundell this time as your emcee. Jack is multi-talented, not only is he a wonderful emcee, and he has a fantastic singing voice.

We have three new faces that will appear on the Opry this time. Julie Wendell is coming all the way from Beloit, Kansas to show you what she can do. John Clark of Medicine Lodge will bring his talents. We are happy to have little Emily Rugg. I have been told this youngster will certainly be a delight to every one. We always welcome new musicians and we are on the lookout for more.

We are excited to have the return of Casey Fetters of the Newkirk, Oklahoma area and Verlan Elliott of the Pratt, Kansas area to the Opry. We have not gotten to hear them since the Wilmore Opry moved from Wilmore. Casey brought the house down there and she will do the same in Medicine Lodge. Verlan Elliott will be on hand to add his own flavor of singing. He is a busy man and we were lucky to get on his calendar.

We have caught up with the very busy Jennifer Johnson of Wichita- she has her own style of music and you will not want her to stop.

Last but certainly not least, Daryl Schiff and Gene Winter will be there to sing. It seems that whatever they sing it becomes a favorite.

Do not forget that the Heritage Center members will provide you with a hunger stopping-thirst quenching concessions. We appreciate their efforts, support and their vittles.

We hope that you mark your calendar for Saturday, October 4, 2008 - Showtime is at 6:00 p.m. - the doors will open at 5:00 p.m. Admission is at the door of $10.00 for adults--children ages 10 and under is free. We look forward to seeing you there. For more information: call 620-294-5263.

The Gyp Hill Premiere, May 27, 2008.

We are delighted to present another Wilmore Opry Gospel Show on Saturday, June 7, 2008, starting at 6:00 p.m. The doors open at 5:00 p.m. This might very well be our very best shows. There will be wonderful singing to uplift your spirits. We will get your toes to tapping and your hands to clapping.

Along with Daryl Schiff and Gene Winters we have a remarkable cast such as Eddie Freeman of Pratt, Garry Houston of Nashville Kansas, Leslie Wedel, the Morford Sisters, from the Medicine Lodge area, Mike Dooley and his Daughters, from the Wichita area, Rick Schiff is bringing a fellow performer from the Winfield area, and Wendy Monroe from Greensburg.

We have others that will be there also. The performers are some of the best and you will not want the show to stop. This is a performance you will not want to miss. So come on down to Medicine Lodge and remember that we have soft comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere. Come hungry and thirsty, we will fill your stomach with tasty morsels and we will rejuvenate your soul with good gospel music. -- by Vanita Blundell

The Wilmore Opry Gospel Show, August 4, 2007, at the Heritage Center, near Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas.
The Wilmore Opry Gospel Show will be held at the Heritage Center, near Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas
on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 6:00 p.m.

$5.00 Admission at the door, Children under 12 admitted free
Information: 620-294-5263 or 620-582-2542

1 October 2006

Daryl Schiff and his family performed at the Wilmore Opry!

Daryl Schiff, Chairman of the Wilmore Opry, during his 01 Oct 2006 Wilmore Opry performance with his daughter, Martina (Schiff) McBride, and son, Marty Schiff, at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

Photo courtesy of Rick Sabral.
Daryl Schiff, Chairman of the Wilmore Opry, during his 01 Oct 2006 Wilmore Opry performance
with his daughter, Martina (Schiff) McBride, and son, Marty Schiff,
at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
Photo courtesy of Rick Sabral.

Left to right: Rick Schiff, Martina (Schiff) McBride, Marty Schiff and Daryl Schiff on the evening they performed as a band at the 01 Oct 2006 Wilmore Opry at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

Photo courtesy of Rick Sabral.
Rick Schiff, Martina (Schiff) McBride, , Marty Schiff and Daryl Schiff
on the evening they performed as a band at the 01 Oct 2006 Wilmore Opry
at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
Rick is a cousin of Daryl, Martina and Marty Schiff.
Photo courtesy of Rick Sabral.

1 October 2006

by Dan and Linda Winter

The Barber County Heritage Center is the new home of the Wilmore Opry, as most folks know by now.

What they may or may not know is the outstanding shows that are coming in the future.

The Opry has always been about a lot of fun and some of the best talent of entertainment in the country.

Speaking of great talent, the last two shows of the Wilmore Opry was certainly "The" Place to be on Saturday the 23rd and the 30th of September.

Some of the best stacked entertainment was there at these shows.

Wished we could have been there to hear Daryl Schiff and Gene Winter in the 23rd show. We have not been able to hear Daryl and Gene for quite a while play and sing together. We always loved their music in the early Opry days. They have been busy with their own bands lately.

Speaking of awesome we know Jennifer Johnson, Helena Trask and Haley Jamison move the crowd with their God given voices.

Young Chase Foster always just blows the crowd away with his outrageous fiddle playing. Chase also plays on and off with Ray Benson's 'Asleep at the Wheel' and The Charlie Daniels' Band.

We all love to hear Daryl Schiff with his rich country voice, but this time was different. Daryl Schiff, the Wilmore Opry's chairman, sang and played with 2 of his earlier band members.

That's right!! Marty Schiff, Daryl and Jeanne's multi- talented son, who plays in Martina's band.

The awesome highlight of the evening was Martina 'Schiff' McBride. Martina is a multiple female entertainer of the year winner, including many other awards.

Also, Rick Schiff joined the family with his fun and talent on his keyboard. Rick has played on the Wilmore Opry many times. He also plays in Heather Shelley's Band.

Folks knew of Martina coming to the Wilmore Opry from word of mouth in Barber County and surrounding counties. We couldn't advertise in the paper or radio of Martina entertaining at the Wilmore Opry during Peace Treaty.

As you know, a flood of folks from Wichita and other points would have got the tickets the first hour and our local folks would have missed out on the show.

We are so grateful to Martina, her brother Marty and her husband John for making time in their busy, busy schedules, to give us home folks a lot of fun and entertainment.

If you check Martina's web site, you will find out, this is what she is all about Helping folks and entertaining. Just like her Papa.

I talked to Daryl Schiff on the phone Sunday following the show. We talked to a few other folks that were at the Opry, they all had about the same thing to say, just like Daryl. They said the show was a blow out awesome show.

We're glad they all enjoyed theirself. The only regrets that we have, of course, we wish we could have been there.

We miss our friends and, as you know, we love the Opry.

We would have loved to list all the entertainers on both shows as we only mentioned a few. Vanita give the names of performers on the last news.

We had so much to write about this time it would be impossible to do. We really and truly appreciate all of our entertainers.

We will keep you updated from time to time in the newspapers and on the internet about the Opry and entertainers.

The Wilmore Opry give half of the proceeds to the Heritage Center to help them finish their grounds and Martina's Museum. The rest of the proceeds goes to the Wilmore Opry Hurting Fund.

Scheduled Performers
for the Wilmore Opry Peace Treaty Shows
at the Heritage Center

The doors open for each show at 4:30 p.m.; the shows will start at 5:30 p.m.

Sept. 23, 2006
Chelsea Beck
Steve Dargel
Lona Ellis
Jennifer Johnson
The Lil’ Cloggers
Wendy Monroe
"Minnie Pearl"
Reese Brothers
Daryl Schiff
The Simpsons

Sept. 30, 2006
Steve Dargel
Chase Foster
Helena and Haley (Duet)
Haley Jameson
"Minnie Pearl"
Stevie McGee
Wendy Monroe
Reese Brothers
Daryl Schiff
Rick Schiff
Micah Thom
Helena Trask
Sarah Trillo
Peyton Whitfield

The Wilmore Opry Peace Treaty Shows will be at the Heritage Center in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. The Heritage Center is on Highway 160 east of Medicine Lodge- it is across the highway from the Peace Treaty entrance and at the Isabel turn off.

(This list of performers is subject to change.)

August 14, 2006

Our Gospel show that we had on August 5th was a show that should not have been missed by anyone who loves good gospel music. Our wonderful sound man Jeff said he thought this was the best yet. The show went a little longer than I thought it would. But who would you cut?

There was something there for everyone. We had a trio of women The Joyful Singers’ that just made you feel glad that you are alive - a quartet ‘ The Disciples Jubilee’ that you did not want them to quit. There was a duet made up of two sisters that did your heart good to hear. We also had a trio of sisters as well. The Simpson Family came and blessed us with their violins. Lona Ellis and her husband, Zack, sang an old hymn- Out of the Ivory Palaces- Gib Clark sang with his sisters Audean and Aurdean along with guitarist David Simmons. It is just fantastic to see families sing and play together. We had soloists that were marvelous like Wendy Monroe, Daryl Schiff, Lona Ellis, Stevie McGee, Donna Shelite, Eddie Freeman, Diana Morford, Becky Morford, Sarah Trillo and Jeremiah Jantz.

Stevie McGee brought the well-known Barry Ward with her to sing and accompany her with ‘I’ll Fly Away’. Stevie’s dad, Tony also played the guitar along with Barry.

The ‘Wind Chimes’ of Larned were there in full form. They certainly enjoy what they do.

New to the Opry was Jeremiah Jantz. He was someone who we will certainly want to get back on the stage again.

Steve Dargel was there with his witty poetry. Steve has a good voice and demeanor for cowboy poetry.

Myrna Bumgarner was there is lighten our hearts with a few words of ‘Minnie Pearl’ wisdom.

We were happy that Rick Schiff had cleared his calendar to be with us. He plays the keyboard like there is no tomorrow.

The house was nearly full and the audience is an important part of the Opry. We like to meet as many of the listeners and get their input. I love to watch people enjoy what we have worked so hard to put together.

The Heritage Center provided the concessions. They do a great job of feeding us.

I think that we were all blessed and left with a light heart and a lively step.

The Wilmore Opry Gospel Show:  

August 5, 2006, at 6:00 p.m.

The Heritage Center, Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

The Wilmore Opry Gospel Show: August 5, 2006, at 6:00 p.m.
The Heritage Center, Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
Admission: $5.00 suggested donation at the door.

Scheduled performers:

Gib Clark
Disciples Jubilee
Lona Ellis
Eddie Freeman
Sarah Trillo
Jeremiah Jantz
Joyful Singers
Stevie McGee
Wendy Monroe
Becky, Diana & Danielle Morford
"Minnie Pearl"
Daryl & Rick Schiff
Donna Shelite
David Simmons

June 20, 2006

Youth Revue

Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell

The Wilmore Opry will be at the Heritage Center in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. The Heritage Center is on Highway 160 east of Medicine Lodge- it is across the highway from the Peace Treaty entrance and at the Isabel turn off. We are delighted to be at the Heritage Center and hope you will enjoy the new building and the wonderful large SOFT seats. No more hard folding chairs for you to sit on.

The Opry is gearing up for our show on July 8th at 6:00 p.m. It will be a Youth Revue, those who are senior in high school or below. The show is a benefit for the Heritage Museum in Medicine Lodge and the Wilmore Opry Hurting fund. The Heritage Museum is trying to get what they need to finish up with the Museum. The Wilmore Opry has established a fund to help those who are in need. We have helped many in the past and with your help we can serve many others.

The show is shaping up nicely with Greensburg’s Sarah Unruh -- everyone loves to hear her sing.

From the Pratt area we will have Peyton Whitfield. Peyton has won the honor of performing for the Miss Kansas Pageant in her age division. We are very proud of her accomplishments.

We will also have from Hays, Brandon Smith. He has performed on the Opry before at Greensburg and at the Christmas Opry that we had in Medicine Lodge. He brought the house down with his awesome voice.

Micah Thom from Dexter, Kansas will be on hand to sing. She has added something a little extra to her act. If you are curious to know, what Micah has in store for your entertainment you will have to come and see for yourself. She is going to have a friend join her on stage, which I have been told is a real crowd pleaser.

Chase Foster of Winfield, Kansas will be showing off his talents playing his fiddle. He has played for the Opry one time before. He played the all time favorite Orange Blossom Special with a group from Winfield. He has performed in the Country Stampede in San Antonio, Texas. You will certainly want to hear him.

Sarah Trillo of Winfield, Kansas will be here for your enjoyment. She has sung with the same group, Generations, that Chase Foster played with. She is a real sweetheart and you will want to hear her.

From the Medicine Lodge area we will have Danielle Morford. We are excited to have her. This will be the first time she has performed for the Wilmore Opry.

Aly Sutherlin will be here as well. She performed when we had the Opry at the Twilight Theater in Greensburg, Kansas. She did an Elvis impersonation along with a wardrobe change with each song that she sang. She has sung in Oklahoma; Kansas; Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and Texas. We are pleased that she has made time in her busy schedule to perform for us.

There will be concessions there so you can get your heart and stomach filled at the same time. Tickets are $10.00 adult -$5.00 children ages 5-12. Tickets may be purchased at the Sunflower Consignment Shop 312 South Main Street in Pratt, Ks. Or you may call Jean and Daryl Schiff 620-886-3608 -- Vanita Blundell 620-582-2542 or you may email jvblundell@carrollsweb.com

23 May 2006

The excitement of the Wilmore Opry Shows is spreading the closer we get to July 8th. Be sure to get your tickets from Daryl or Jeanne Schiff or Vanita Blundell, while they are available. The shows that are planned will be awesome in the new Heritage Center.

The Michael Martin Murphy Show will be June 10th (it isn't a Wilmore Opry production). The Wilmore Opry Variety Youth Show will be July 8th. The Opry Gospel Show will be in August; there will be two Opry Variety Shows during the world famous Peace Treaty in September; the Heritage Dinner Theater will be in November and the Opry's annual fun Christmas Show will take place in December.

These shows will not only be fun, but they will make the house Rock!

By the way the Wilmore Opry folks are happy and real proud of all the music in southern Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. This year Billings, Oklahoma, started an Opry. Dexter, Kansas, (near Winfield) started an Opry. Protection, Kansas started a music and a dinner theatre called Center Stage and Wilmore calls their music show Wilmore Saturday Nite Live.

We are sure proud the music scene has spread. Now there should be room for all to enjoy the music and visit each others shows. We are certainly happy the new shows are variety shows like the Wilmore Opry. That type of show gives a bunch of fun with great talent, local and at a distance.

By the way a big deal has started at Winfield besides blue grass. This is a world wide attraction, but what we are talking about is a Country Music Showdown that started last year. It is an annual show like the Country Stampede at Manhattan, Kansas, that lasts 3 days. The Country Showdown has a big lineup of well known Nashville Country Stars young and older, also some local attractions. This year and the up coming years should be the best in our neck of the woods for having fun in music.

Linda and I will regrettably miss all the fun and our friends here, because I have taken a job this year and part of next year, out of state, to help with the doctor bills for Linda's health. Oh! Linda said to tell all she feels she will be good as new next year at this time, when you see her again. Remember to take time to have a little fun.

I love the song of 'The Carpenter' by Randy Travis, Jessie Coulter and Waylon Jennings. Listen to all the words, they tell what I feel strong about the Opry and what is in our hearts. A few words from the song: "Treat your neighbor as your brother, treat your brother like a friend, Is the nails and the hammer as you build your final ladder, in the manner of the Carpenter of old?"

Life seems to be the greatest when we share with others.

God Bless you all and with the grace of God we will see you next year.

Happy Trails!

Your friends, Dan and Linda Winter

16 March 2006

The Opry news in this writing may be the last news Linda and I will be writing for the year 2006, because of all that we have going on with Linda's health and therapy. We want to let everyone know of some changes in the Opry.

Vanita Blundell, the Opry's emcee, is now a new board member. She will keep you updated with the Wilmore Opry news. Vanita will also keep you abreast on entertainers, tickets and shows.

Speaking of shows, Daryl and Jeanne Schiff and Vanita, are lining up some super shows for this summer and fall. Starting with an all youth Opry show in July, a Gospel show in August and also Wilmore Opry shows both weeks of the Peace Treaty in the Heritage Center the middle of September. They are also working on a November show and a Christmas show in December. They have told us of some of the entertainers they are lining up, there will not only be a bunch of fun in the shows, but there will be some awesome entertainment. It will be a bigger variety then ever. The Gospel show will be a free will donation at the door, all the others will be 10.00 a show to help with show expenses and help the hurting.

Remember, the entertainers and helpers of the Opry give of their time so more hurting folks can be helped.

The Opry will also be helping to promote the youth in their music. Linda and I have had a flood of e-mails, phone calls and letters asking when the Opry will start up again, so we were real happy when Daryl, Jeanne and Vanita said they would line up the shows and keep it rolling. Jeanne Schiff is a new board member also. We are real proud to welcome her and Vanita on the board. Daryl, Jeanne and Vanita have been at the Wilmore Opry since almost conception over 3 years ago. They certainly know what the Wilmore Opry stands for and how to create a fun filled evening while helping others.

Both Comanche and Barber counties will be the main recipients from the proceeds for the hurting. The Wilmore Opry will work with the Ministerial Alliance and the Health Departments in both counties to help the hurting along with helping the youth in music.

By the way, while I was sitting and resting in the shade the other day, after going for a walk with Linda and doing some chores, I was thinking of all the fun and folks that has been at the Opry in the last 3 years and the many youth the Wilmore Opry has helped to enjoy their music. It has boosted their confidence and gave them a lot of passion and fun in their music.

It is really exciting to think of all the more that can be accomplished for others, by moving the Wilmore Opry's home to Barber County. Last year I realized we didn't have a town to handle tour buses or a lot of cars. The facilities, including the restrooms, were too small to handle a large crowd.

We also needed restaurants or at least one that could accommodate a lot of folks. I kind of drug my feet about moving the Opry. This was probably because I enjoyed the little stage, but as I was sitting there pondering I thought of the 8 towns that had invited the Wilmore Opry to their town. We were honored. One town was near to nothing for the rent and another was free to the Opry.

We thought and prayed about all the towns. The Opry board along with Linda and I chose the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge. First it is a fun, fun stage like the one in Wilmore only bigger to handle bands and group singers. It also has dressing rooms, large restrooms and can handle twice the audience as Wilmore with a lot of walk around room including space between chair aisles. It also has cushy, cushy chairs. Also there is a snack bar. There is restaurants, motels and the Center can accommodate tour buses with ample parking for everyone. We are proud the Barber County folks invited the Wilmore Opry to their county.

As I think about it, it seems kind of fitting for the twin counties to be working together. It really is an on-going history. The Comanche Pool would start from Medicine Lodge and go to Comanche County. You can check out the story of the pool in the Comanche County History book or on the internet history.

The Wilmore Opry started in Wilmore and now has made its new home in Barber County. Up the road 8 miles in Sharon, Kansas there is a nice little restaurant called Rick's Place where you can go after the show to visit and eat a bite, plus there are many little restaurants in Medicine Lodge.

Well, Linda and I have thought and prayed about the Opry's future. The Opry started out to give some fun in music and comedy family style, while helping others and visiting with your friends and neighbors. The Wilmore Opry is going into its fourth year and has a history of having full to packed houses. We believe not only the talent, but the joy in the spirit that you feel at the shows has been the main staple of the Opry. With the help of our Heavenly Father, the Wilmore Opry will continue to give life and fun to a lot of folks, not only in Comanche and Barber Counties, but many, many surrounding areas.

Everyone who was at the 2005 Christmas Show at the Heritage Center with the Wilmore Opry must have certainly felt the fun that evening. It was another great night with a full house and plenty of walk around room.

Wilmore will always be planted in our minds as the start of the Opry. That is why we are keeping the name, Wilmore Opry. How could I ever forget the awesomeness of the dream and what it means? So it is time to make way so more folks can enjoy the Opry. I believe the excitement and spirit of the Opry will just get stronger, because the awesomeness of that dream was about friends, family and neighbors enjoying an evening of music and fun. Linda and I would like to thank all of the many readers of the Wilmore Opry News who have written and called with their appreciation.

Vanita will keep all updated with the Opry News and shows. She is quite a gal!

'Watch for the Wilmore Opry curtain ad next week for more information on show times!'

By the way, Linda is doing better. She has her good and not so good days. Say a prayer for her. We certainly miss the Opry! Our time to return home to Kansas will be the first part of May, God willing. Hope you have a blessed spring.

Happy Trails everyone.

20 January 2006

Linda Winter in front of the Wilmore Opry backdrop at the October 2nd, 2004, Wilmore Opry.

At left: Linda Winter in front of the Wilmore Opry backdrop at the October 2nd, 2004, Wilmore Opry.

This Opry news will be about Linda Winter and upcoming Opry shows. Most folks know Linda is the co-founder and board member of the Wilmore Opry. They know she also loves singing the blues. For the last 3 years Linda has taken care of the majority of music at the sound table for those who needed background music. Well, the holidays have come and gone leaving Linda and I with a change of lifestyle for a while.

Some folks know by now Linda had some health problems between Christmas and New Years, that left her left leg and foot partially paralyzed. It is a compressed disc in her back that has affected the use of the muscles in her left leg. This was complicated with very high blood pressures that she was unaware of. Linda is very thankful that she is here in Arizona at her sister's and Mom's, while she is doing therapy on her leg and foot. She is learning to walk all over again. The doctor has her pressures coming down, At first the doctor's thought it was a stroke, but all tests have removed that possibility and it seems to be only the disc and the nerve in her back that is the problem. The doctor said it will just take time and lots of therapy to return to normal.

Linda and I are thankful for the prayers, cards and flowers. She is also thankful she can tell everyone she will be doing fine in the future. At this point, we have talked with Daryl and Jeanne Schiff and Vanita Blundell. We all feel it is best to cancel the Opry shows until further notice. It takes all 5 of us to produce the shows. The Opry is always important to us, but right now we don't have any extra time while Linda is healing. We felt that all of you folks that didn't know about Linda's health, should all know. We ask a prayer from all of you.

If you want to drop a line to say hi, our address in Phoenix is :

1502 E. Grovers, Phoenix, Az. 85022.

We're hoping by spring or summer that life will return to normal. We are really thankful for the concerns and prayers from our friends and Opry family. Some of our friends and family have spoken to us since this happened and told us maybe we spent too many hours doing the Opry. Well, Linda and I were sitting in the court yard after one of her short walks with me. We were thinking about the words on the license plate of our little camper. It reads 'Ol Days'. That got us to thinking about our lives over the years since we were married. We remembered how the first year of our marriage we saw a lot of folks hurting and felt like doing something about it. So we started our journey. Thru the main stream of our lives God blessed me with a fine job with automotive diagnostics and management. We had ample money to give folks in need. We then remembered over the years we had given away about a dozen good to fine automobiles, to those who were in need of one. We even give away a little home to some folks to help brighten their life.

So, if you hear someone say Dan and Linda should have not spent so many hours in the Opry, don't feel sad. For you see the Wilmore Opry was not something new to us, we just thought it was. This has been in our hearts to help others all of our married lives. We are thankful that we have been able to help so many in the Opry with the help of all of those that come including entertainers. We realized that life isn't much fun for Linda and I if we can't help brighten someone's day because without the grace of God none of our days are very bright. God's grace has certainly been with us when this happened to Linda. For we are here at her sister's in the sun where she can learn to walk and do her therapy.

All of you folks that need information for the upcoming shows contact Daryl or Jeanne Schiff at 620-886-3608 or Vanita Blundell at 620-582-2542.

We sure do miss our friends back home and we certainly will miss the Opry shows.

God Bless all and Happy Trails.

22 & 29 December 2005

Linda and I are in Phoenix, Arizona, enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

We sure hope all of the Opry family from entertainers to the audience have a blessed Christmas and a great New Year! Look for some regular Opry News and information in January and February.

14 December 2005

Well! here we are at the end of another fun year at the Wilmore Opry. This is the 3rd year running for the shows. We all have had great fun, super talent with full to packed houses.

The Wilmore Opry started out in 2003. The first two shows were half full houses with snow and ice all around that we had to clear away. A good number of folks turned out anyway to see what was going on.

When I awoke 3 years ago next month, on the 16th of January from a dream, I saw and believed deep in my heart the Opry shows would be a lot of fun, good talent and the houses would be packed.

Probably, the best we feel about the Wilmore Opry, is all the folks in the audience that come to the show, that has become friends. We have certainly been blessed with a huge amount of entertainers that has become friends also.

The Opry Gang, which includes helpers and entertainers has certainly given a great spirit to the Wilmore Opry. There is always no competition on show night. Everyone is always treated the same. What a fun place to be. Each year the Wilmore Opry becomes even stronger in friendship.

Well, we will be heading out to spend Christmas and part of the winter with Linda's mom, Vivian Ruth and Linda's sister, Sue Gaddis in Phoenix, Az. We are looking forward to visiting with Jerry Ferrin, the Opry's webmaster and his family, in Tucson. We will also be visiting Dan's sister, Evelyn Ayers and his niece Denise Ayers, in Tucson, Az.

The Wilmore Opry shows will start again in April. There will be a theatre production at the Heritage Center at Medicine Lodge in March 2006.

There will always be fun and family friendship first with great talent, but the Opry will be doing more for helping the hurting and helping the youth in music in 2006. We will be implementing new ways to make 'helping the hurting' more effective.

It is also a great feeling to start helping the youth in music, since that is what the Opry is all about. Music!

If you need information about the Wilmore Opry, call Daryl or Jeanne Schiff at 620-886-3608 or Vanita at 620-582-2542. If you need to get in touch with Linda and I personally call Dan's cell 316-617-7682.

We will see everyone in the spring with a song in our heart and some exciting, awesome, awesome shows.

Happy Trails from Dan and Linda Winter.

7 December 2005

Christmas at the Heritage Center and the Wilmore Opry last Saturday night started out with a stir of excitement of entertainers coming in for sound checks. This is always great fun and super talent at the Opry. This evening was a cut above most show nights. We were having a special Christmas show with beautiful Christmas lighting. Jack, Tim and Sharon Wortman decorated the Christmas trees and outside lighting. WOW!

As show time got closer, the house filled up. The big tour bus arrived with 50 on board, including Linda's cousin Glenda McNew. We saw and greeted friends from Ulysses, Liberal, Copeland, Hugoton, Mullinville, Mead, Fowler, Ashland, Protection, Coldwater, Bucklin, Greensburg, Haviland, Pratt, St. John, Kingman, Harper, Cullinson, Anthony, Kiowa, Buttermilk, Medicine Lodge, Larned, Wichita, Hutchinson and Sun City, including the Weather Man from Channel 6 in Dodge City, Tim Burke, and his wife Dee.

Jeanne Carson brought us the 'Red Hat Ladies' from Pratt, among others. Vanita usually kicks off the show by introducing Daryl Schiff, who is the Opry's Chairman. Daryl had a bit of laryngitis, or something with his throat. So Daryl couldn't sing, but he and Jeanne were right there to help us celebrate the holiday Christmas show. This past year has certainly been a pleasure working with Daryl and Jeanne and we're looking forward to working together in 2006. Rick Schiff kicked off the evening with his magic on the keyboards. By the way, Rick and the Country Fever Band along with Heather Shelley, got to play at a private gathering where President Bush senior was attending, last Thursday. What Fun!

The entertainers evening of dress were from evening gowns, Santa skirt and blouse, also cowboy hats to suits. Entertainers from 10 years old to 50 plus years, showed what awesome talent and fun they had to share with the audience. The amazement of Melissa Ramski's 'Ava Maria' to little Micah Thom, she always gives the Opry a great song and fun like she did with 'Oh Christmas Tree'. Melinda Ramski was very stunning with her black evening gown and her stage presence as she sang 'My Favorite Things'. All the ladies that entertained were certainly stunning with their different array of dress, including Jeanne Schiff. Speaking of stunning when Wendy Monroe sang the song 'Redeemer', it simply made us feel like life itself was one of the greatest blessings that God has to offer. As Wendy sang the song 'Redeemer ' (I know my Redeemer lives) it not only brought you in awe, but made the hair stand up on your arms. What a gift!! Brandon Smith was absolutely amazing with his 'Go tell it on the mountain'. The way Sarah Unruh sang 'Mary did you know' brought joy and tears to our heart at the same time. Sarah made us feel as if she wrote the song. What a feeling!

Peyton Whitfield is another outstanding Opry entertainer, that performs from time to time on the Opry shows. As we set there watching and listening to her sing 'Grown up Christmas', we thought how neat to watch the youth. They are not only growing into young ladies and young men, while singing on the Opry, but watching them grow with talent,control and fun, makes our lives a real blessing.

Minnie Pearl was a little under the weather for the show, but she will be back at the Opry the first week in April 2006, after winter break. We all love Steve Dargel's cowboy 'fun' poetry. He is a natural. Stevie McGee is also another stunning entertainer. We watched and listened to her sing 'Oh Holy Night'. Amazing! Stevie's father, Tony, accompanied her on the acoustic guitar. Vanita always gives the Opry a beautiful song like 'White Christmas' with Rick Schiff accompanying her on the keyboard. We certainly enjoy all that 'Vanita' does for the Opry. Her friendly and kind spirit with laughter and fun!

Dan and I sang the song 'Silver Bells' with Rick Schiff on the keyboards. What fun for the holidays. I got to watch Dan get a surprise on stage when Vanita called him up for a technical problem, which turned out to be Melissa placing a flashing Santa cap on Dan and singing 'Santa Baby' to him and having a lot of fun with it.

It sure was a lot of fun watching the surprise look on his face! Steve Germes, was dressed to the tee with top hat and tails as he told the story of Christmas to the children on stage. The children were in awe as they listened.

Then Santa came bounding on stage and gave the kids a surprise as they set around the storyteller. This was a night of awesome blessings, fun, laughter and amazing talent.

Lois Wortman played the part of the 'just off center cleaning lady'. She sure surprised Vanita asking her "I thought the show was over? I have to clean up this place!" Then 'security' played by Jack Wortman, escorted Lois off stage only to have her return again! What fun!! The entertainers, crew and audience ended the show with everyone singing Silent Night and all gave a hearty Merry Christmas and to all a good night.

Don't forget to count your blessings.

We are certainly blessed in this land we call America!

30 November 2005

The Wilmore Opry Christmas Show at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge.

December 3rd, 2005, at 6:00 p.m.

CLICK HERE for more information about the show.

Background photo by Dave Rose.  

Graphic art by Jerry Ferrin.
The Wilmore Opry Christmas Show at the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge
December 3rd, 2005, at 6:00 p.m.
Call 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293 to reserve your tickets.

'Coming home for the holidays' to an exciting night of Christmas fun, will be the feeling you experience this weekend. The Wilmore Opry and the Heritage Center is having it's Christmas Show, this Saturday night at 6 p.m. near Medicine Lodge December 3rd.

The 18 entertainers have a great variety of songs and performances. It will give you the feeling the 2 hour show has ended much too soon, in your soft cushy chairs.

The lighting will be fun, and of course Santa is always jolly, the talent super, the laughter good and the family feel of friendship great! Sheryl White will be helping at the music and sound table and Brandt Lytle on spotlight control. This will be an evening you will remember all thru the Christmas season, along with the performers and children.

Daryl Schiff, Micah Thom, Brandon Smith, Melissa Ramski, Sarah Unruh, Wendy Monroe, Vanita Blundell, Rick Schiff, Melinda Ramski, Lois Wortman, Stevie McGee, Linda Mendenhall, Peyton Whitfield, Steve Dargel, Minnie Pearl, Linda Winter, Dan Winter, and don't forget Steve Germes and the kids, will be on stage for a little Christmas fun and storytelling. Children 10 and under get in free when accompanied by an adult. We are really excited about this show!

If you haven't got your tickets at $10.00 each, call for info at 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293. This show's proceeds will go to help with lighting for the shows in 2006.

Happy Trails and Merry Christmas!

23 November 2005

Last Saturday night at the Twilight Theatre in Greensburg was a rip-roarin' time with a lot of the Opry family and others watching the Heather Shelley and Country Fever Band Concert. It was a great lighting show. Heather and the band were a lot of fun and certainly gave us some exciting family entertainment!

December 3rd in the Heritage Center near Medicine Lodge, Kansas, at 6 p.m., will be your last chance to see the Wilmore Opry this year. The next show will be the first Saturday in April 2006, when the new exciting Opry season starts.

We will be taking a break in January and February to visit Linda's mom and sister in Phoenix, Arizona, also Dan's sister in Tucson and our webmaster Jerry Ferrin and his family in Tucson, Arizona.

This December 3rd Christmas Show will be a beautiful setting in lights, variety, music and songs. The 16 entertainers will certainly give you the feel you have 'Come Home for Christmas'. Don't forget Santa will be at the show. Young folks 10 and under get in Free when accompanied by an adult. The children will gather around on stage for a special Christmas story.

Be sure and get your tickets while they last at only $10.00 each. Bring your friends and family to share this special holiday evening to remember.

Happy Trails and God Bless!

16 November 2005

This past month has been wild and crazy for Linda and I here at the Opry. We have been running to put out flyers for the up and coming shows. We have been going to radio stations to cut promos and set up interviews. We really love what we do for the Opry and the joy and fun it gives all the folks. What a nice time in life to give all of our time to giving fun to folks and to help some of those who are hurting.

The Wilmore Opry will have a lot more to offer folks that are hurting in the twin counties of Comanche and Barber, also in Kiowa County. In 2006 The Wilmore Opry will be twice the strength and fun because of the help from our friends.

Hey folks, did you see the Christmas lighting outside the Heritage Center east of Medicine Lodge? "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" Wait until you have a peek inside December 3rd!

The Wilmore Opry has a name of not only helping folks, it also has a reputation of having fun, treating everyone the same with no competition. It also has great talent and gives the audience and entertainers a lot of family fun.

Speaking of great talent, 2006 will be the most awesome time for the Wilmore Opry. The things that are planned and just around the corner will amaze you. From our home shows to our road shows.

Linda Winter & Daryl Schiff perform at the Wilmore Opry Gospel Show, 5 November 2005.

Photo by David Rose.
Linda Winter & Daryl Schiff performing at the Wilmore Opry Gospel Show, 5 November 2005.
Photo by David Rose.

After the Gospel show in Coldwater, Kansas, November 5th, some of the Opry gang met at "Dave's Pizza Oven" in Coldwater for a fun pre-birthday celebration for Daryl Schiff. Everybody seemed to be having a lot of fun and laughter with songs and eating fruit pizza. What a great evening with the Opry at the Christian Church and the "after show" celebration!

Some of the Opry folks had a lot of fun when they gave a surprise birthday party for Daryl Schiff, November 7th at "Rick's Place" in Sharon, Kansas.

Linda and Brandt Lytle along with Dr. Chandini Sharma were there in black and wearing cowboy hats along with a lot of the guests. They presented Daryl Schiff with a calendar of man of the year and did a fun little skit. Then they presented Jeanne Schiff with a international storytelling award. Doc Sharma and Linda Lytle ask Jeanne to tell a story about the "great goose". It was a fun place to be for a family party! Rick Sabral had rotating pictures on a big screen TV that showed past music scenes from Daryl's life. There was no better way to celebrate the birthday of the Chairman of the Wilmore Opry, with a lot of fun and hoopla family style!


Featured Performer at The Wilmore Opry, 02 Oct 2004!

CLICK HERE to visit her web site.

At left: Heather Shelley, photo courtesy of Phillip Shelley.

By the way, don't forget your tickets to the Twilight Theatre in Greensburg for an hour and a half of great music and fun, with Heather Shelley and the Country Fever Band, featuring the wild keyboard of Rick Schiff. The show is on November 19th, 2005, at 7 p.m.

Don't forget the men and women who are still giving their lives for the freedom of their country. Pray for the soldiers and for peace.

Happy Trails!

09 November 2005

The Joyful Singers at the Wilmore Opry Gospel Show, 5 November 2005.

Photo by David Rose.
The Joyful Singers at the Wilmore Opry Gospel Show, 5 November 2005.
Left to right: Judy Montei, Dean Holland and Loretta Looney.
Photo by David Rose.

Wilmore Opry's Gospel show in the Christian Church last Saturday night at Coldwater, Kansas, was really a great evening in song, fun and worship. It was a variety of inspirational gospel songs, poems and Hawaiian dance.

The entertainers lineup for Saturday night was Vanita Blundell, Daryl Schiff and Linda Winter, Dan Winter, Sarah Unruh, Sue Talbot, Gib Clark,Dean Holland and Kay Walker, The Joyful singers with Judy Montei, Dean Holland and Loretta Looney, Mike Cooley, Mike Blatchley, Linda Mendenhall, Joseph Routledge, Zack and Lona Ellis.

Linda and I thought the church held around 200 in seating, so we tried to stop the seating at that point. Well, Jim and Vanita took a seating count last Thursday and found it would hold around 300. We started reserving more seating and wound up with almost a house full. We apologize if some didn't get to come.

The night at Coldwater with the Wilmore Opry in the Christian Church, turned out to be a wonderful place to be. We stood there in the back of the church looking at the picture of Christ in the west window up above as we watched and listened to the heart felt entertainment.

The Wilmore Opry sign was hanging just below the window with all of the joyful noise going on, unto the Lord. What a great feeling to know he is alive and well in our hearts and here in this great land of ours.

Don't forget to get your Heather Shelley and Country Fever Band tickets! Also, including new band member Rick Schiff on key boards, this exciting show is in the Twilight Theatre at Greensburg, Kansas, November 19th.

Also, the Wilmore Opry and Heritage Christmas Show is planned at the larger Heritage Center between Medicine Lodge and Sharon, Kansas, December 3rd, 2005. Call 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293. These will be great benefit shows at only $10.00 a seat.

We sure are thankful for Coldwater and Protection, for their 'great' support to help fill the church. What a great night of gospel fun and music we did have.

We are really thankful for Jim Blundell and his daughter Jennifer who helped to give us a nice evening of sound. Also, Brandt Lytle gave us some good lighting on the spotlight. The volunteers who give of their time is the reason the Opry is able to have a little fun while helping others.

Happy trails until we meet again.

02 November 2005

The Wilmore Opry Gospel Variety Show.

Image based on a photo by David Rose.
The Wilmore Opry Gospel Variety Show, November 5th, 2005.

Last week Linda and I were able to go on a mini vacation. We visited our daughter Danette, in Dallas, and Linda's brother Danny and his wife, Linda Ruth, in Carrollton, Texas. With todays marvels in electronics, we were able to take care of the Wilmore Opry's business on the road and while away. The cell phones and internet e-mail let us take care of tickets and entertainers.

What fun, to get away and still take care of business for the Opry. Some phone calls and e-mail we received while we were in Texas, came from nearby Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Georgia and, of course, Kansas. There were folks wanting tickets also to entertain and information about the Wilmore Opry.

TOM SPICER with his KalimBass.

'Delta swamp rhythms spiced with tropical island harmonies'.

CLICK HERE to visit his web site, KalimBass.com.

At left: Tom Spicer with his trademarked Kalimbass. Visit his site, Kalimbass.com, to hear a selection of his "Delta swamp rhythms spiced with tropical island harmonies”.

While we were in Texas we went to the Central Market in Dallas to pick up a few grocery items. The market has tables on a large covered patio as you enter the store with live entertainment and a deli with tasty food. Well, we just had to stop and set a spell! We set there listening to a great bass guitarist, Tom Spicer, who fitted his acoustic bass guitar with a special kalimba attachment that created a awesome sound, along with his sidekick drummer, Martin McCall. They played music something like country rock jazz. We set there listening to their great different sounds and thought, what talent! They certainly would fit in with the Opry Variety Show for a little more fun.

We left there longing to get back to Kansas for the shows on Nov. 5th, Nov. 19th and Dec. 3rd. Don't forget your tickets!

These 3 shows will really be something, starting with the gospel show this Saturday in Coldwater Ks.

If you need more information call 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293.

By the way, as we drove home thinking of the fun we had with the family in Texas, we also realized trips are taken to make you love home even more. It was good to be back in the Land of Oz. Happy Trails!

26 October 2005

The "Grand Ole' Opry Live" last Saturday night was awesome! Martina was in the spotlight the entire televised hour long show. She sang songs from her new "Timeless" country album.

Some of us Wilmore Opry folks, including Martina's parents Daryl and Jeanne Schiff, had front row seats for the performance at 'Rick's Place', watching the Opry on a large plasma television screen. As we set there watching and listening to Martina we were enjoying the evening dining with friends and family. We thought how blessed to live here in the middle of the good ole USA where a lot of musical talent comes from.

As we watched the show we saw excerpts of the Schiffter's Band, when Martina and Marty played and sang with their Dad, Daryl Schiff. The Schiffter's, of course, was a family band, with Jeanne Schiff on the sound board. It was nice sitting there watching one of the greatest names in country music, speaking of the influences in her raising that had left an impact on her life.

After the show was over, we then watched her dad, Daryl, and Gene Winter, my brother, take center stage at Rick's Place and entertain. What a night of fun and entertainment!

Remember your ticket reservation for the Nov. 5th gospel show in Coldwater.

Also, tickets are now available for the awesome Heather Shelley and Country Fever Band show in the Twilight Theatre in Greensburg. For tickets, call 316-617-7682. Most folks know who Rick Schiff is, as he has performed many times on the Wilmore Opry with his run away keyboards! Rick is part of the Country Fever Band now. If you haven't heard Rick and Heather doing 'Great Balls of Fire' you have missed something!

Happy Trails until we meet again!

19 October 2005

Daryl Schiff performs at 'The Wilmore Opry at the Twilight Theatre Show', 15 October 2005.

Greensburg, Kiowa County, Kansas.

Photo by David Rose.
Daryl Schiff performs at "The Wilmore Opry at the Twilight Theatre Show", 15 October 2005.
Photo by David Rose.

The Wilmore Opry at the Twilight Theatre wound up to be 'the place to be' last Saturday night with the young to the older entertainers. The yodeling, singing, pickin, comedy and fiddlin' gave many the feeling it was a grand evening under the harvest moon. Those of you folks that couldn't make the show missed a fun, fun night of outstanding entertainers.

The entertainment was exciting! The performers kept changing costumes and put a lot of passion in their songs and fun in their performances. We are certainly proud of all the fun and great entertainment, the Opry family have come to enjoy.

We are really looking forward to the 'Wilmore Opry Gospel Variety Show' at the Christian Church in Coldwater, Ks. November 5th at 6 pm. The Christian Church is Vanita Blundell's home church. Vanita is the Wilmore Opry's emcee as most folks know. Vanita will be the evening's emcee for the Opry's gospel show. The Opry has a lot of gospel fun and entertainment planned. Free seat reservations and free will donations at the door. Tickets available call 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293.

Daryl and Jeanne Schiff and Dan and Linda Winter will have a great lighting surprise waiting for everyone at the Wilmore Opry and Heritage Center Christmas Variety Show at Medicine Lodge. There is a bunch of fun and great talent being planned for this show December 3rd at 6pm. Tickets available at 10.00 each. Call 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293.

The shows the Wilmore Opry is doing this fall will be helping Comanche County, Kiowa and Barber counties. Half of the proceeds from the Wilmore Opry shows in Kiowa and Barber counties will go to the Wilmore Opry's Fund.


Featured Performer at The Wilmore Opry, 02 Oct 2004!

CLICK HERE to visit her web site.

At left: Heather Shelley, photo courtesy of Phillip Shelley.

Tickets are also available now for Heather Shelley's Concert with the Country Fever Band, in The Twilight Theatre at Greensburg, Kansas, on November 19th, 2005, at 7 p.m. Heather Shelley is a Nashville recording artist, named 'Best new act in Country Music 2005'. Heather has also entertained on the Wilmore Opry stage. Heather and the Country Fever Band will simply blow you away at $10.00 a seat. For more information, call 620-294-5626 or 316-617-7682.

The family fun and excitement the Opry has planned in the months to come will have you looking forward to each new show. Happy Trails until we meet again.

12 October 2005

This Saturday night at the Greensburg Twilight Theatre, the Wilmore Opry will be having one of the most spectacular, fun and talented shows you have seen!

Vanita Blundell at the Wilmore Opry, 7 May 2005.

Photo by David Rose.

At right: Vanita Blundell at the Wilmore Opry, 7 May 2005.

Photo by David Rose.

The Wilmore Opry's Emcee, Vanita Blundell, will give us a night of fun, country entertainment.

The show's line up Saturday night will include featured 12 year guitar playing entertainer Chelsea Beck. Chelsea is 2005 Patsy Montana International "Yodeling" Champion.

'Fiddlin Jake', 13 year old from Missouri, who is "Hank Thompson's fiddlin buddy", will be there to give us some great old country tunes.

Our Special Guest is 12 year old Aly Sutherlin, guitar player and singer. This gal has performed a lot of her songs at oprys in Oklahoma.

Daryl Schiff, Wilmore Opry Chairman, will be kicking the show of with his rich country sounds.

Melissa Ramski, 14 year old, Country Colgate Showdown Contestant from Ulysses, Ks. will be doing some Patsy Cline and others.

Brandon Smith 13 year old from Hays, Ks. will grab your attention with songs from the movie "Titanic".

Ernie Masden from Wilson, Ks. will be there to give you a short cowboy poem.

Traci Dawn from Topeka, will certainly grab the crowds attention. Cinda Dienst from Pratt, Ks. who has been on the Wilmore Opry in the past, will bring a lot of fun and energy on stage.

Alexa Blake 11 years old from Pratt, Ks. will be there to give us some fun and dramatic "Judy Garland" songs.

Charles Bain from Kansas City, former Comanche County resident will give us some great country songs.

Steve Dargel from Greensburg, will give us some of his fun cowboy poetry.

Wendy Monroe from Greensburg is always one of the crowd's favorites.

The Opry crowd always is waiting for a visit from Minnie Pearl on show night.

Vanita Blundell will be there not only to emcee, but give us one of her great gospel songs.

What a show this will be!

Don't forget the hamburger feed at 5pm!

Show starts at 6 p.m.

For more information, call: 620-294-5626 or 620-886-3293.

5 October 2005

The Opry road shows for this fall have kept Daryl and Jeanne Schiff, Vanita Blundell along with Linda and me busy getting the sound equipment, lighting, flyers, posters, entertainers and tickets all in place.

We did manage to take a little time out to spend with friends on the opening week end at Rick's Place over in Sharon, listening to Daryl Schiff and four other entertainers through the evening. We certainly had a classy cut above in dining, yet it still felt a little country to make this a nice evening: great place inside, great music, friendly staff, great food!

Friends from Coldwater, Medicine Lodge, Pratt, Sharon and Winfield came out. This was an evening we will enjoy all week.

We told you last week of the outstanding Wilmore Opry shows coming this fall in our tri-counties.

Well! We have something to tell you about another show that is coming to the historical Twilight Theatre in Greensburg, besides the amazing variety Wilmore Opry show that is set in the Theatre at Greensburg on Saturday Oct. 15th at 6 pm.

Also, remember there is a hamburger feed at 5 pm. Get your tickets while they are still available, call: 620-294-5626.

The headliner for the Nov. 19th show is a member of the Wilmore Opry and past performer of the Wilmore Opry / Twilight Theatre at Greensburg. You won't want to miss either show in October and November at the Twilight Theatre. These will be two of the best shows you have seen anywhere, with some awesome entertainers and a lot of fun. There will also be a 'Schiff' family entertainer in each show.

We will have more details next week about the 2 Twilight Theatre Shows. Watch for the Theatre Curtain Ads in your local newspapers.

By the way, here is the thought for the day. We all try not to turn our back to a foe, but the one thing a foe might have in common with our friends, is our prayers. This week don't just say a prayer for your friends. Say one for your enemies also and see what happens to your week. Ours has been blessed among friends.

Happy Trails!

28 September 2005

Many folks may know by now the Wilmore Opry is on the road this fall. There will be no shows in Wilmore this autumn season. There will be a winter break in January and February 2006.

What most folks don't know are the awesome shows that are planned in Greensburg, Coldwater and Medicine Lodge.

The Wilmore Opry at the Twilight Theatre in Greensburg, Ks. Oct. 15th at 6 p.m., will simply blow you away with amazing new entertainment! There will also be a Hamburger Feed at 5 p.m. at the Theatre by donation only. Get your tickets at $8.00 per seat, before they are all gone, at Hunter's Rexall Drug in Greensburg, Stalcup Accounting in Coldwater or Schiffs Cabinet and Music Store in Medicine Lodge. Or call 620-294-5626 or 316-617-7682 to request tickets.

Half of the proceeds go to the Wilmore Opry Hurting Fund and half will go to the Twilight Theatre to benefit their efforts to restore the theatre.

The Wilmore Opry at the Christian Church in Coldwater, Ks. Nov. 5th at 6 p.m. will simply lift you to a higher place in life, with some outstanding variety of gospel music, songs, and a touch of comedy. Call to reserve tickets. Donations will be accepted at the door.

The last show of the season in 2005 will be at the Heritage Center in Medicine Lodge December 3rd at 6 pm. The Wilmore Opry will have an exciting Christmas show of variety holiday music, songs and comedy. Tickets are $10.00 each.

This is a fund raiser for a new lighting system for the Wilmore Opry and the Heritage Center. You will leave this show knowing that 2005 has been one of the best musical, fun years at the Wilmore Opry, with more to come in 2006. You will certainly feel you were blessed with the fun and joy of Christmas!

Tickets will be available Oct. 17th.

Happy Trails!

21 September 2005

The Free Staters are joined on stage by the other evening's performers for the Wilmore Opry
Above:The Free Staters are joined on stage by other opry performers
for the "Happy Trails" finale at the Wilmore Opry Dinner Theatre September 17, 2005.
Photo by Rick Sabral.

The Wilmore Opry Dinner Theatre, last Saturday night, was a historical moment that will be remembered by many.

Tiger Hall was transformed thru time to yesteryear.

You only had to look in the hall or in the audience or on stage to see some folks in original costuming and instruments to make you feel as if you had stepped back in time. The show moved from 2005 back to the mid 1800's in just an hour and a half. What fun!! Many folks said they had the best time. The comments from the audience were: "Great dinner, Great atmosphere with a great mix of fun and music. What a night!

Jeff Riener of Wichita, our new sound man, gave us some great sounds.

Linda Lytle and Chandini Sharma (Dr. Fun) were 2 of the big stars of the evening. They were the Opry's head waitresses. Complete with black pants, white blouse's and black bow ties. Chandini gave us an added bonus with her imitation of Charlie Chaplin, complete with derby hat and mustache! Can she ever walk the walk! You had to look twice to make sure it wasn't Charlie Chaplin! What fun!

Linda and Chandini were a big, big help last Saturday night. We had a few volunteers that had to cancel and Linda and Doc Sharma pitched right in and made the dinner a wonderful success.

Also helping in the kitchen were Jim and Jeff Blundell, Minnie Pearl, Sheryl White, Diane Unruh, Theresa Riener and of course "Vanita".

Vanita Blundell not only gave the audience a great dinner, but she kicked the show off with her country fun!

Sarah Unruh was the first in the line up with songs in the 2000's. Sarah always gives us an outstanding performance in songs. Sarah also helped us serve the dinner.

Dan Winter took us for a ride with one of his train songs.

Daryl Schiff is someone the audience always waits to hear. His rich country voice and great guitar pickin took you back to a nice place in time.

Minnie Pearl (our own Myrna Bumgarner) gave the audience a bunch of fun with her usual down home family humor. The audience has come to expect her in every show.

Alexa Blake took us back in time with a dramatic performance of Judy Garland in song. Jack Ewing from Pratt, played the part of Clark Gable in one of her songs.. Alexa blew the crowd away!

Linda Winter and Blues Man dedicated a song to Daryl and Jeanne Schiff in honor of their 40th anniversary.

Vanita Blundell and Linda Winter did a duet of an old song called "Button up your Overcoat". They always have a lot of fun and comedy with their songs!

Last, but certainly not least, were the awesome Free Staters! They took us all the way to the mid 1800's with so many old, fun songs. "Old Dan Tucker" and "Old King Crow" were real crowd pleasers. We were even able to see one of them play the bones and the spoons.

There was so much laughter and fun in the audience it left you with the feeling that you had traveled back thru time to a much simpler time. What a night to remember!

Talking about a night to remember. Don't forget your tickets to the Greensburg Twilight Theatre Oct. 15th. while they are still available. Look for the Wilmore Opry ad in the current issues of our local newspapers for more information on the exciting show that is planned.

"Happy Trails" until we meet again!

14 September 2005

The fall line up for the Wilmore Opry has had a little adjustment. The Opry will be on the road for the fall shows.

The Dinner Theatre will be at Wilmore, Kansas this Saturday night, Sept. 17th at 6:00 p.m. with The Free Staters and more.

We won't be having a show in Wilmore October 1st. We will have a Benefit Show at the Twilight Theatre in Greensburg. Be sure and get your tickets. They are $8:00 each and available now.

Our November 5th Gospel Show is being planned for Coldwater, Ks. We will give you further information next week.

Our December 3rd Opry Christmas Benefit Show will be at the Heritage Center in Medicine Lodge, Ks. at 7 pm. Tickets $10:00.

We decided to share the Opry with our county and surrounding counties to finish out the season of 2005.

The Wilmore Opry will take a winter break in January and February 2006. The Opry really has great Fun planned starting March 2006. An exciting line up of a variety of super entertainers.

For more information call 316-617-7682 or 620-886-3293. We hope everyone has a great week and enjoys their neighbor! Happy Trails!!

7 September 2005

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

The Opry still has a few tickets left for the Wilmore Opry Dinner Theatre. The dinner won't be the only great thing on the evening of Sept. 17th at 6 pm.

The well sought after The Free Staters with their authentic costuming and instruments of 1800's and early 1900's music, along with 4 other outstanding entertainers to take you in a travel back thru time. Music from the year 2005 to the late 1800's. 'Music you might have heard on the front porch of an early Kansas home'.

The dinner will be prepared by Vanita Blundell and helpers. Most of us know we are in for a real treat. This will be a once in a Lifetime event. Come prepared to have a lot of fun and enjoy great food!

Help promote our communities.

A few tickets are still available. Call 316-617-7682 or 620-886-3293

31 August 2005

Today as we write the Opry news, we think of all the joy this little town music production has given us and hundreds even thousands now among other folks, that come to the Opry.

These thoughts sure lift your spirits when your day seems a little grey.

We have had calls from friends and neighbors offering help in any way they can. We are certainly thankful for all of our good friends.

Life is always easier to handle, even in the bad times, when your focus is still from the heart. 'Prayers are an amazing thing!

By the way, talking about feeling better, Saturday night at 6 pm. Sept. 3rd.. all the folks that got their tickets to the Opry will have a fun packed evening.

The talent will amaze you. The laughter and joy you feel at the show, will have you walking away knowing you have not only been entertained, but you have been among friends.

There is a quote I once heard someone say, "Put on a smile, a little joy in the heart and come to the Opry".

24 August 2005

"The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend." - Aristotle

"He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare," - Ralph Waldo Emerson

17 August 2005

The month of August has really caught us busy trying to down size into a much smaller 'little' home. Many thoughts run thru our minds as we make this different change, of living.

A few things come to mind, as we think about Lake Coldwater. We certainly will enjoy the sunrise and sunset even more. We can be right there to walk everyday. That is a real plus, healthwise. I may even get a chance to fish a little.

The big, big plus in the move will be the extra time it will give us to do the things we love the most in life. We will be able to enjoy the Opry even more because of the hours involved with entertainers, ticket reservations and coordination of the Opry. There is hardly any time left to take care of our yard and house repairs. We should be enjoying the Lake about the time the Opry's big fall line-up of shows start.

We will kick the season off with an awesome show Sept 3rd at Wilmore with special guest John Fitzwater that started the Country Fever Band a few years ago. Appearing with John will be his sisters Sue and Nona.

Michael Gracy.
CLICK HERE to visit his web site.

At right: Michael Gracy. He is a member of The Christian Country Music Association (CCMA), BMI Publishing, The Academy of Western Artists (AMA ) and The C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society ( Cock-eyed Old West Band Of Yahoos).

Our featured entertainer will be Michael Gracy, CCMA award winning country and gospel singer and songwriter, with a few other great performers in the line up.

Rick Schiff of Heather Shelley's Country Fever Band will be there with a couple of friends, to give us some of his super style of keyboard music.

The Wilmore Opry is planning their show to be part of the celebration of the 'Come on Home Coldwater' festivities.

Get your ticket reservations before they are gone, call 316-617-7682 or 620-886-3293.

The next show after Sept.3rd, will be the Wilmore Opry's Dinner Theatre at Wilmore on Saturday, Sept. 17th at 6:00 pm with the well known The Free Staters.

A great, great fun show Oct. 2nd in Wilmore, Ks. Super talent, including The Been There's'. There will be another awesome show in Greensburg on Oct. 15th at 6:00pm at the Twilight Theatre with the Wilmore Opry.

Two more outstanding shows are lined up for 2005. The Wilmore Opry will have a gospel show on Nov. 5th. in Wilmore. The Heritage Center in Medicine Lodge along with the Wilmore Opry will also have a special Christmas Show on Dec. 3rd. Mark these dates on your calendar. They will be the last shows of the season for 2005.

The first show in 2006 will be the first Saturday in March at Wilmore, Ks.

Get your tickets early and get ready for a lot of fun! Have a great week, give someone a helping hand.

10 August 2005

Due to a computer glitch, the Wilmore Opry News from 01 Jan to 10 Aug 2005 has been lost and is no longer available on this site. Check the hard copies or microfilmed copies of The Western Star and The Protection Press for opry news from this time frame. Sorry.

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