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The Western Star, February 14, 1947.

The Drive Is On For A Veterans Memorial Building

A very important meeting was held on Monday evening of the week in which the Joint Committee of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and The American Legion definitely decided to launch the drive for a Veterans Memorial Community Building in Coldwater. The estimated cost of this building is $150,000. The success of this drive will depend upon you. If people realize the need of such a building and are willing to contribute liberally it will be a success because it can be done. It is by far the most worthy cause to which you can contribute.

For the past several years people of this community have contributed to Red Cross, War Fund, U. S. O., Infantile Paralysis, relief of destitute people in China, Russia, Japan and war stricken areas. All of these are worthy causes and should and did receive your consideration. But what are we doing for ourselves In this community are over seven hundred veterans of two world wars: men and women who left their homes, their businesses, their civilian life to fight for their country. They have served in fox holes, trenches, mud and muck. They have served in the South Sea Islands, in Europe, Asia, Iceland, Egypt, India, Italy and France, in fact, every corner of this world. They have spent years on a ship or hour after hour in the air. They have faced bombs and cannon fire. In fact, they have endured every hardship that a human being can endure and survive, and some of them didn't come back.

These men do not feel like the public owes them anything but they still want to contribute some thing to the public. What? A Memorial Community Building that will not be used by any particular group or class but that will be a benefit to every person in the trade territory of Coldwater, and that means 60 miles.

The architect's plans call for a building 178 feet in length by 110 feet in width. The arena floor will be 70 feet by 110 feet. The basket ball court will be 50 by 90 feet. For basket ball games the building will seat 1000 people and the arena floor will seat 1250 people. The seating arrangements for basket ball games calls for the bleachers to start about four feet above the arena floor and will have five tiers of seats with opera chairs. The building will contain a ladies lounge and a rest room for the use of women when they come to town to spend the day or an afternoon. In the basement will be recreation rooms, meeting rooms, rooms for the use of ladies clubs; in fact, the building will be designed to meet over community need. The best of traveling orchestras will be secured; such productions as Nelson Eddy and the Hour of Charm and other worth-while programs will visit Coldwater. The best basketball teams in the United States will give exhibitions on the court; regional high school basket ball tournaments as well as city team tournaments will become a permanent fixture. College basket ball teams will be here; college bands; conventions and union church meetings; in fact, this building is being planned for the benefit and use of every citizen of our country and trade territory. It is something in which you want a part. Don't say it can't be done but put your influence behind it and say, "It will be done!"

There will be three methods of subscriptions - those who give wheat acreage, those who give livestock and those who give cash. There are 530 wheat farms in Comanche county. If an average of 10 acres of wheat was given from one half of these farms it would amount to 2600 acres of wheat. If this crop averaged 15 bushels per acre it would amount to 39,000 bushels of wheat. If this wheat sold for $1.50 (it is now $2.00 per bushel) this would amount to $58,000.00 and if a farmer pledged 10 acres of land for a three year period, more than enough money would be raised to finance the building. Stockmen have said they would without an active campaign. Do you know one man has given a landlord's share in 100 acres of wheat? Do you know another man gave a $1000.00 cash pledge on Monday of this week and said he would give more if necessary? That other pledges of cash and growing wheat have been received? THIS PROJECT IS GOING OVER. Get on the band wagon and never let it be said that you did something to block the best community project this county has ever had. The committee believes there are 100 men in this county who will give $1000.00. How much can you comfortably give without hurting you? You will be asked to give. Have in mind what you can do. Let's pull together and three years from now be proud of what each of us did in a small way to make this community richer in community betterment. It's a fine deal, be a part of it. HORACE H. RICH.

The Western Star, March 7, 1947.

All May Help in A Fitting Memorial

Proposed Memorial Building
Will Fill Great Need in County

During the past year the Country Gentleman have been conducting a contest to determine what is the most fitting memorial in the various communities of the nation.

The response was almost unanimously in favor of such a building as is proposed to be built at Coldwater - a building which will provide for the recreational and social needs of the various groups of the citizens of the county; one which will continue to stand throughout the years as a Living Memorial to the men and women who served during the war and helped preserve the nation and the integrity of its homes.

This is a project in which all may help, as unselfishly as did those who bore arms. A special appeal is printed on page 2 of the Star this week by the sponsoring groups - the Veteran of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. Read it carefully, then do your part in bringing about the realization of the proposed building which will be located on lots directly east of the court house, the land having been donated by the Board of County Commissioners.

The Western Star, May 16, 1947.

Non-Resident Land Owner Gives Wheat

Contributions to the Veteran's Memorial Building Fund
are not confined solely to residents of Comanche county.

E. L. Bowman of Carrollton, Ill., owns 240 acres of land southwest of Coldwater which is farmed by Albert Cox and W. B. Jellison. The land is all in cultivation and is farmed exclusively to wheat. Mr. Bowman sent in a wheat pledge wherein he agreed to give to the Building Fund his landlord's interest in ten acres of wheat for the years 1947, 1948 and 1949. He writes as follows: "Will be glad to give my one third of 10 acres of wheat for 1947, 1948 and 1949 on the Memorial Building. It will be a fine addition for Coldwater and Comanche county. We have now such a drive here for a hospital."

As this fund steadily grows it becomes more apparent that the people of this county and those who have interests in our county have not forgotten the boys who served in the armed forces. Your contribution is not simply a contribution to building a building. It is a contribution to a LIVING WAR MEMORIAL. Why wait until some soldier calls upon you? Why not look up a veteran and tell him you would like to make a cash pledge or a wheat pledge?


The Western Star, July 4, 1947.

Non-resident Gives Toward Memorial

Mrs. Leon C. Spaulding of Sebago, Maine, Donates $150

Last April Mrs. Leon C. Spaulding of East Sabago, Maine, visited Comanche county. Mrs. Spaulding is the owner of two unimproved quarters of land southeast of Coldwater. While visiting in Coldwater for a couple of days she became acquainted with the Veterans Memorial Building program and stated that she thought it was a very worthy cause, and that she would like to do her part in promoting such a project. She stated that when she returned to her home she intended to mail a contribution.

This week the Committee received her check for $150 with her best wishes for the success of this drive. The liberally (sic) and charitable spirit of non-resident property owners in Comanche county is certainly commendable and is greatly appreciated by the Committee.

Comanche county is now harvesting the largest wheat crop in its history. A local elevator manager in Coldwater estimated that Comanche county would produce approximately 4,500,000 bushels of wheat. This wheat will sell for possibly an average of $2.00 per bushel, which would make an income from wheat alone in 1947 of $9,000,000.

If one cent from every $1.00 of income from wheat was contributed to the Veterans Memorial Fund, it would mean that we would receive $90,000 this year. This is income from wheat alone and does not include the income from the sale of livestock, farm machinery, or income derived from stores, salaries, professional fees and general business within our county. A concentrated drive will be started this fall to raise the $150,000 estimated for the Memorial Building. The goal can and will be reached. What part are you doing to make it a reality?

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