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List of Veterans From Comanche County, Kansas


The list of veterans on this page has been compiled based on the veterans listed on the Heritage Park Memorial and includes men and women whose names aren't listed on the memorial because those names weren't available to the monument committee when the memorial was made.

News articles found and transcribed by Shirley Brier for this website over several years and hundreds of hours of work are the source of many of the "new" names listed.

The list of names which are engraved on the monument tablets were assembled over a period of time with numerous appeals to the public for submissions of names for inclusion on the tablets, and the end result reflects the dedicated efforts and hard work of many people, most of all the monument committee.

The Heritage Park Memorial is the latest and the best of all the local monuments to servicemen and women in Comanche County, Kansas, a community which is second to none in recognizing and honoring its veterans.

This webpage is intended to be part of the long and proud tradition of honoring veterans in Comanche County, and is published, with respect and appreciation, for all the fine and patriotic people who live there now and who have ever lived there.

Jerry Ferrin
Photographer's Mate 3rd Class, USNR, 1974 - 1980.

Key to the following listing for WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars and Peace Time:

  • Bold type with an asterick beside the person's name: died in service, listed on the monument.
    Example: Burnett, Howard Reason *

  • Bold Italic type with an asterick beside the person's name: died in service, not listed on the monument.
    Example: Vonachen, Ben *

  • Regular type: Service person is listed on the monument.
    Example: Bain, Otto C.

  • Regular hyperlinked type: Service person listed on the monument; hyperlink is to an article about their service.
    Example: York, Lawrence Sr.

  • Italic hyperlinked type: Service person isn't listed on the monument; hyperlink is to an article which documents that person's service.
    Example: Ferrin, Fred

Also see: Military Records: Civil War - Kansas State Historical Society

Civil War:

Of course, no Civil War veterans were from Comanche County before they served in the war, as the county had not been created yet, but there were quite a number who lived in the county after the war. For details on these men, please see: Civil War Veterans.

Bagsley, J.J.

Barnes, Mansel

Beal, W.H.

Belcher, C.M.

Bickford, Charles Daniel

Bradley, E.D.

Burditt, John Forest

Burt, Charles Warren

Cameron, Rod

Campbell, John M.

Carney, Richard

Cole, David

Connaughton, Owen

Cook, Jesse

Crites, Eli

Denney, D.B.

Dixon, E.M.

Duvall, J.P.

Edmonds, David Frankford

Emery, Conrad

Fisher, W.E.

Fretz, Henry

Fulton, John G.

Greenwood, M.B.

Halliday, John S.

Hand, Jacob

Hardy, E.H.

Harmon, A.J.

Hase, Daniel

Herron, George W.

Hobart, W.P. (or G.W. Holbert)

Howell, Francis Marion

Hullett, John

Humphries, _____

Jarnagin, J.A.

Johnson, George G.

Jordan, John, Sr.

Kimple, W.H.

Knecht, Stephen

Livingston, Adam S.

Lindsey, W.G.

Mahaffey, J.L.

Manard, G.W.

McBride, Robert D.

McDonold, Andy Cameron

McLaughlin, William H.

McWilliams, J.W.

McWilliams, W.A.

Meeker, James

Mitchell, William

Moore, John

Pepperd, Christopher Carson "Cap"

Phillips, Jefferson

Rader, John

Ray, J.D.

Roberts, David F.

Schlosser, Thomas

Shimer, Jesse

Shroyer, J.W.

Sickler, William H.

Smith, Stephen S.

Snare, Oliver Hazard Perry

Stanfield, J.W.

Stitt, Sam

Stuckey, John F.

Taylor, John

Tinkler, Edward Porter

Toland, G.C.

Veatch, Basil Meeks

Watson, F.M.

Willard, Elias

Wilmore, Thomas Jackson

Also see: Military Records: Spanish-American War & Philippine Insurrection - Kansas State Historical Society

Spanish - American War:

The following list of Spanish-American War Veterans from Comanche County, Kansas, is almost certainly incomplete. For sources of information for the following list, see: Spanish-American War

Blackard, V.K.

Hemphill, Leonard

Johnson, George J.

McGaully, Robert Emmet

Mitchell, William

Myers, Will

Payne, Mack

Peek, George (or George Peck)

Willard, Frank   (Probably John F. Willard)

Also see:

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, Comanche County, Kansas - List of the 1,321 men who registered in Comanche County for the draft.

Military Records: World War I - Kansas State Historical Society

World War I:

Adams, James T.

Albright, Joseph Ray

Anderson, Floyd

Ashcraft, John W. Jr.

Bachman, Merit

Bachman, Ray

Bain, Otto C.

Bare, Clarence

Bare, Elma

Barker, Frank J.

Barnhart, John F.

Bauer, Cletus J.

Bauer, Noah C.

Baxter, Earl

Bedding, Roy

Bell, Thomas

Blackman, Ezra

Blair, Tracy S. *

Bradshaw, Ray

Bramwell, Leo   Another source.

Booth, Floyd Hiram

Briggs, John Paul

Brock, George

Brock, Jesse C.   Another source

Brooks, Orville

Buchter, Albert

Bullock, George D.   (Probably Dewey Bullock)

Burghardt, Edward L. *

Burt, Charles W.

Butcher, Ward H.

Callaway, Olin E.

Canfield, John H.

Canfield, Harry   (Possibly the same person as John H. Canfield)

Canfield, Ray

Cantrell, Archie L. *   (Another source.)   (Another source.)

Case, Wallace G.

Caudill, Clyde   (Another source.)

Chambers, Adrian B.

Chappee, Evan J.

Chappee, Roy H.

Chase, Thomas L. Jr.

Clayborn, Harry

Clayborn, Jim

Cline, Houston

Coate, Gilbert L.

Cooper, Robert Asa

Cox, Jason H.   (Another source: listed as Jacob H. Cox)

Cosby, Foy R.

Crawford, John R. *

Crum, Vernie

Dale, Karl S.

Dauma, John W.

Davis, Jesse G.

Deck, George D.

Deliver, George

Demuth, Clarence E.

Edwards, Homer

Edwards, Ira M. *

English, Clarence

Everetts, Lonnie P.

Farmer, Scott

Ferguson, Donald

Ferrin, Fred

Ferrin, Walter W.

Fisher, Arthur

Fisher, Barney M.

Ford, "Curley"

Fox, Guy

Fox, Sam

Fralicek, Grover "Happy"

Fridley, Albert L.

Fuller, Robert R.

Gaines, Tommy   (Another source.)

Giesbrecht, Henry

Gangloff, Al   (Another source: Alva Gangloff)

Gates, Roy

Glover, Joe

Goeller, Dale George

Goff, Ira B. *   (Another source.)   (Another source.)

Gould, Sammie

Grabill, Oliver

Gray, Glenn

Gray, Lyle   (Another source.)

Griffith, George   (Another source.)

Grover, Lewis D.

Guyette, Lewis E.

Hadley, Butler

Hadley, Thomas

Hagen, Harry

Harden, Paul R.

Harvey, George Glenn

Hazen, Howard

Hazen, Ralph   (Another source.)

Headlee, Homer

Hearldson, Beryl

Hecht, Ernest C.

Herd, James Lowell

Hiatt, George W.

Hilt, John Richard

Hind, Harold * (John Harold Hind)   (Another source.)

Hind, John H. (same person as Harold Hind)

Hinman, Vere

Hinman, Z.L.

Hoffman, Bryan

Holland, Lewis E.

Hollenback, Lottie *

Holmes, Elza

Holtman, Carl O.

Hoofer, Asa Francis

Hopkins, Charles S.

Hopkins, Joseph J.

Hornbecker, Harry   (Another source: Harry H. Hornbacker)

Huddleston, William

Hugg, Christian   (Another source.)

Hunt, Basil

Hunter, Jack

Janson, Claude Arthur

Jellison, Charley D.

Johnson, Benjamin A.

Johnson, Earl Andrew

Johnston, Collier W.

Johnston, George P.   Another source.

Johnston, Vernice A.

Jordan, Henry   (Another source.)

Keltner, Claud

Kennedy, William Henry   (Another source)

Kessee, Foster J.

Kimes, Jacob I.

King, Nera D.

Kirk, Alvin C.

Kopke, Herbert H.

Kralicek, Grover   ("1st man to go from Comanche County.")

Kucera, Joe   (Another source.)

Leeper, Jacob

Legan, Ovid T.

Leiter, LeRoy M.

Leiter, Rufus   (Another source.)   (Another source.)

Leiter, Stella Evelyn

Lininger, Ralph

Linton, Thomas E.

Little, William

Lockwood, Alvin W.

Lockwood, Bill

Lund, Carrol L.

Lund, Norman D.

Mann, Ray   (Another Source)

Manning, W.S.

Masten, Lewis Everett

McCabe, Virgil

McCay, Oliver

McGahan, Joseph I.

McKinney, William B.

Metzker, George

Metzker, Harrison *

Metzker, Henry

Middleton, Luther

Miller, Ernest

Miller, John W.

Mooney, Linden

Morris, George S. *   Obituary

Moore, Alfred F.

Moore, John   (Another source.)

Moore, Arlo *   Another source.

Neff, Sterling A.

Newton, Emery E.

Nicholson, Harry E.

Nickelson, Charles

Nyberg, M.O.

O'Bryant, Archie

O'Bryant, Charles

Palmer, Walter   (Another Source)

Parkinson, Alva

Peacock, L. A. "Jack"

Pebbles, Jerome   (Another Source: Jerome Pebble)

Pebbles, Ralph   (Another Source)

Pepperd, Vernon W.

Peterson, James   (Another Source)

Petrie, C. C.

Poer, Owen M.

Powell, Harold D.

Purcell, Lee

Puterbaugh, Troy   (Another Source)

Ramey, W.G. (Dr.)   (Another Source: Lt. W.G. Ramey)

Randall, Guy H.

Raner, Bryan

Raner, James

Reed, Gray

Reed, Homer

Rich, Horace H. "Hod"

Richardson, Claude Amos

Richardson, Lynn

Riggs, Albert R.

Ritter, Hubert L.

Rogers, Frank

Sawley, George "Shorty"

Schenk, Carl

Schenk, Fredrick John

Scovill, Earl   (Another Source: Earl Scoville)

Scovill, Paul   (Another Source: Paul Scoville)

Scovill, Virgil   (Another Source: Virgil Scoville)

Schrock, Guy A.*

Seaman, Albert W.

Septer, James W.

Shaw, Andrew F.

Shearer, Glen H.

Sherman, Charles G.

Sherman, Robert Kos

Shockey, Ira   (Another Source)

Sibbit, Charles R.

Sibbitt, Clifford T.

Simmons, Charles   (Another Source: Charley B. Simmons)

Sloop, Herman W.

Sloop, Herbert

Smith, Lewis R.

Smith, Oscar

Smith, Stephen Fay

Smith, William O.

Snyder, Raub R.

Sooter, Ray Evan

Spears, Flossie

Steen, Fred   (Another Source)

Stevenson, Fred

Stevenson, Glen

Stauffer, Carl

Stauffer, Ross

Strain, Duke

Swarner, Ray

Taves, David

Taves, Frank *   Died in Action   Another source.

Taves, Jacob

Taylor, William J. B.

Thomas, Ruel Victor

Thompson, Claude Watson

Thompson, Fred L.

Thompson, George V.

Thompson, Rowland

Thompson, Walter T.

Tier, Ralph

Timmons, Leonard T.

Troyer, Ralph

Turner, Allie   (Another Source)

Turner, Archie

Vincent, Alonzo   (Another Source)

Vincent, Harry

Von Schriltz, Guy W.

Walker, Orville C.

Wares, Eugene M. *

Washburn, Russell H.

Waugh, Walter G.

Webb, Frank

Weddle, Nathaniel

Wells, W.W.

Weede, James A.   (Another Source: Lt. James A. Weede)

Whelpley, Clarence

Whitaker, William O. (Dr.)

White, Herman C.

White, William

Williams, Will Wilbert

Winn, Caleb E.

Winn, John O.

Wolf, Benjamin E.

Wood, Ernest C. "Ert"   (Obituary)

Woodward, Frank

Wright, John H.   Obituary

Wright, Lee

Wright, Lucian

Wuchter, Paul E.

York, Lawrence Sr.

Young, Ora F.

Zane, Kenneth M.

Zane, Ralph C.

Zane, Roscoe  Obituary

Zielke, Cornelius P.

Zimmerman, Harry

Also see: World War II Kansas Veterans Index - Kansas State Historical Society

World War II:

Allison, Floyd S.

Anderson, Ralph K.

Anderson, William C.

Arnold, Calvin C.

Ashcraft, Ernest E.

Ashcraft, Ivan

Atteberry, George H.

Austin, Jack

Avery, William H. Jr.

Baessler, Keith J.

Bailey, Claude I.

Bain, John O.

Baker, Alfred

Bandy, Granville R.

Bandy, Henry

Bard, Richard Glen

Bardot, Clarence F.

Bare, Chester

Barker, Clyde R.

Barlow, John Parker

Barnes, Jack Richard

Barnes, Ted

Barnhart, Ralph D. Sr.

Barron, Truett *

Bauer, Harley Jr.

Bauer, James Albert

Bean, DeLose O.

Bedinger, John Junior

Beebe, Hiram A.

Beeley, Ross Portland

Beitler, Dean

Beitler, Phillip V.

Bell, George LeRoy

Betzer, Donald Frank *

Bibb, Clyde C.

Bibb, Victor C.

Bickford, Charles W.

Billings, James La Rue

Bilyeu, Oral W.

Bird, Bennie

Bird, Harold Richard

Bird, Paul Wayne

Bird, Thomas J.

Blackard, Lester Eugene

Bliss, Donald M.

Bliss, Jack C.

Bliss, James Howard

Bliss, Kenneth

Bliss, Loren D.

Blount, Clifford D.

Blue, Billy Junior

Bogue, Coulson

Boisseau, Roy R.

Boles, Daniel N.

Boles, Hobart Paul

Boles, Robert J.

Boles, Walter E. Jr.

Booth, Donald

Booth, Fred S.

Booth, John Robert

Booth, Robert Jr. *

Boshell, Lewis Lamont

Boshell, Russell

Botts, Ruth

Bowlby, Lee

Bowman, Merle F.

Braley, Joseph Marshall

Brass, Robert W.

Bratcher, Byron M.

Bratcher, Donald W.

Bratcher, O. Laverne

Brite, Daniel W.

Brown, Alfred F.

Brown, Charles R.

Brown, Fred W.

Brown, Jesse A.

Brown, Theodore A.

Brown, Victor A.

Bruton, Jess

Buchter, Gene

Burch, Junis

Burghardt, Herbert

Burghardt, Howard M.

Burghardt, Oscar W. Jr.

Burghardt, Paul E.

Burghardt, Robert L.

Burnett, Howard Reason *

Burnett, Robert Roy

Burnette, William Burke

Burt, Charles W. Jr.

Burt, John C.

Burton, Howard LaVerne

Butcher, Freda L.

Butcher, Norman Ward

Butler, Donald

Butts, Betty

Butts, Raymond C. Jr.

Caley, Charles Jerrold

Callaway, Ellis F.

Callaway, Orlando P.

Callaway, R. Wayne

Canfield, John H. Jr.

Canfield, Marion L. *

Carlisle, Glen Edro

Carlisle, Leland M.

Carter, Glenn O.

Carter, Gurdon William

Carter, Richard H.

Carter, Richard W.

Carter, William

Carthrae, Stewart G.

Carthrae, Victor Garr

Case, Clifford E.

Casteel, Johnnie L. *

Cavanaugh, Patrick Joseph

Cessna, Glenn R.

Chambers, William I.

Chamness, Jessie E.

Chance, Eugene B.

Chance, Leo R.

Chappee, Joseph C.

Charles, Adrian R.

Cherry, Richard Burrell

Cherry, Wallace E.

Chilcote, J. D.

Clark, Jesse J. R.

Clark, Robert E.

Cline, Raymond E.

Cole, James Lloyd

Coles, Doyle C.

Coles, Harold J. Jack

Colter, Eugene Elven

Covert, Gerald V.

Cox, Albert B.

Cozad, Billy M.

Crawford, Cassie M.

Critzer, Lyle H.

Crowe, Earl J.

Crowley, Richard N.

Cubbage, Okey F.

Cullins, L. Tracy Jr.

Cullins, Ronald L.

Cummings, Charles C.

Cummings, Lyle Leslie

Cummings, Virgil L.

Daily, Frank E. Jr.

Dale, Chester Eugene

Dale, Donald Burgess

Dale, Richard Earl

Dale, Sterle Ernest

Dale, Verda Mae

Darnell, Donald B.

Darnell, Henry Gates

Darnell, Orval O.

Darnell, Victor L.

Davis, Harry Jick

Davis, Joseph L.

Deewall, John E.

Deewall, Orville

Dellinger, Maxine

Dellinger, Myrl Everett

Denney, Clyde

Densmore, Lynn

Deyoe, Fred M.

Deyoe, Joseph Ross

Deyoe, Richard Isaac

Diemart, Glen H.

Dome, Richard

Doran, Benjamin F.

Dorsey, Gene

Downing, Donald

Downing, Edgar W.

Downing, Robert Lee

Drake, Gerald Lee

Duer, Russell A.

Duncan, Carroll W.

Duncan, Clifford L.

Dykes, Betty

Dykes, Fern Irene

Dykes, Marjorie

Dykes, Warren H.

Eaton, David Nuell

Eckert, Alvin J.

Edmonston, Jesse M.

Edmonston, Orley Paul

Einsel, Ralph D.

Ellis, Jack

Ellis, Phylander W. "Phy"

Ellison, Grover C. Jr.

Ellison, Hubert Dean

Emerson, Calvin Junior

Emerson, Donald Ray

Emerson, Harold Richard

Emfinger, Garlin E.

England, Charles Arthur

England, Vera Grace

Ennis, Herman Luther

Ennis, Lloyd Bruce

Eubank, Howard Bradie

Ewy, Gene

Ewy, Ray

Fausett, Harold

Fausett, Wade

Ferguson, Bennett W.

Ferrin, Delmer L. "Buck"

Finney, Earl W.

Finney, James Leslie

Finney, Robert F.

Finney, William Henry *

Fleming, Eugene H.

Flynn, Naomi F.

Foster, Elmer Fred

Frazier, Carlyle E.

Frazier, Charles Samuel

Freeman, Amos Howard

Freeman, Everette L.

Freeman, Meridith Miles

Freshour, Beryle

Friend, Bernard Nobel

Friend, Cecil

Frost, Burley Stanley

Garten, Billie H.

German, Arthur C.

Gilbert, Wynford George

Gilchrist, Robert Edwin

Giles, Clyde T.

Giles, Louis Francis

Giles, William Ray

Gilliam, Urse Newberry

Gimpel, Lester S.

Glawson, Robert E.

Goodale, Jude E.

Goos, Charley M.

Grace, Jack L.

Graue, Emmett Linn Jr.

Graue, John W.

Gray, Arlie R.

Greever, Donald Victor

Griffith, Frank E.

Griffith, Ralph Andrew

Griffith, William M. *

Grover, Eugene S.

Guizlo, Dick

Guizlo, Jack

Guizlo, James Joseph

Guizlo, John

Guseman, Denzel T.

Guseman, James L.

Guss, Oliver Gerald

Guyer, John R.

Hackney, Darrol

Hackney, George

Hackney, Harold

Hackney, Lloyd H.

Hackney, Phillip Hollis

Hadley, Bob N.

Hadley, Leonard D.

Hadley, Norman L.

Hale, Garvin W.

Hale, James Columbus

Hall, Ernest Paul

Hammond, Carl Manford

Haney, Gerald Lee

Hanson, John R.

Harbaugh, B. Monroe

Harden, Clarence J. Jr.

Harden, Lloyd

Harden, Robert

Harmon, Billy Ward

Harp, Robert Dean

Harris, Ernest L.

Harris, Kirk L.

Harrow, Eual Roscoe Jr.

Hatfield, Charles J.

Hazen, Bobby Joe

Hazen, Jesse Ray

Hazen, Kenneth R.

Hecht, Alvin Herman Jr.

Hecht, Bob Weldon

Hecht, Clyde B.

Hecht, Eldon O.

Hecht, Gail L.

Hecht, Gorman

Hecht, John D.

Hecht, Lee *

Hecht, Roy Arthur

Hecht, Scotte J.

Heide, Powell H.

Helm, Lawrence

Helman, Robert W.

Henderson, Jack

Henderson, Kenneth "Bud"

Henry, Virgil Charles

Herd, Clifford Eugene

Herd, G. Ronald

Herd, George H.

Herd, Harold Shields

Herd, Hern J.

Herd, Howard

Herd, James W.

Herd, John Billy

Herd, Lawrence DeWayne

Herd, Lemuel Franklin

Herd, Myron Dale

Herman, Roy A.

Herndon, Jack

Herrington, James D.

Hill, Lewis A.

Hoffman, Richard Walter

Hoffman, Virgil E.

Holcomb, Donald Gilbert

Holcomb, Theodore Lewis

Holland, Aubrey *

Hopkins, Dean

Hopkins, Lewis G.

Hopkins, Merle L.

Horner, Charles M. Jr.

Horner, Delmar M.

Horner, Myrle Adelbert

Hough, Harry W. Bill

Hough, Robert L. *

Howland, Harry Jr.

Hubbard, William Earl

Huck, Delmar Dean

Huck, George Monroe

Huck, Vaughn

Huckelbridge, Harold A.

Hughes, Alfred L.

Hughes, Cloyd N.

Hughes, Haden H. Jr.

Hughes, Harlan

Hullet, E. L. Bunch

Hullett, Lee

Humphrey, Norman

Jackson, Neill T.

Jakubowski, Menceslaus

Jarnagin, Norman Dean

Jellison, Elvira Vicky

Jellison, Tommy G.

Jenkins, Elmer E.

Jenkins, John D. *

Jenkins, Melvele F.

Jenkins, William

Johnson, George H.

Johnson, Loyd L.

Johnson, Marvel D.

Johnson, Richard Lee

Keesee, Carl Edward

Keesee, Ivan Richard *

Keesee, Melvin Robb

Kennedy, Harold R.

Kimple, Donald D.

King, Fred J.

King, Herbert Floyd

King, Howard R. *

King, Leonard Lincoln

Kirby, Gaylord Wayne

Kittell, John Byron

Knabe, Oliver Elbert

Knabe, Robert J.

Knierihm, Jimmy

Kopke, Charles H.

Korff, Charles H.

Kropf, Merle Henry

Kropf, Paul V.

Kuster, Louis Wiley

Lamkin, Chester

Lamkin, Ernest A.

Large, Richard Duane

Larimer, Raleigh L.

Larkins, Marion A. Jr.

Larkins, Melvin Harold

Lauffer, Charles E.

Lawrence, Charles E.

Lear, Claude C.

Ledford, Cecil E.

Leeper, Charles

Leeper, Chester Jacob

Leeper, David P.

Leeper, Lawrence Edward

Lees, Robert Thomas

Lehman, Roger D.

Lemkey, Harry Joe

Lenertz, Charles E. Jr.

Lenertz, Leo P.

Lenertz, Phillip Robert

Lewis, Edgar Mason Jr.

Lewis, John W.

Lindsay, Cecil Carl

Lindsey, Felix J.

Lindt, Lewis Laton

Little, Harry Earl

Loepp, Henry

Loffland, Ralph E.

Long, Pierson

Looney, Joseph Hubert

Lott, Gerald Duane

Lytle, Wilbur R.

Mahan, Thomas C. Jr.

Malone, Floyd W.

Malone, Jay E.

Malone, Lloyd B.

Mark, Glenn J.

Mark, Robert W.

Mark, Walter J.

Marshall, Edmund Albert

Martin, Lyle D.

Martin, William M.

Martin, Woodrow W.

Matthew, William L.

McCabe, Virgil James

McCay, James M.

McCorkle, Richard C.

McCorkle, Robert Arthur

McIntyre, Martin S.

McIntyre, Millard W.

McIntyre, Victor C.

McIntyre, Virgil S.

McKinney, Lewis A.

McLaughlin, Ray Milburn

McMillen, Joseph Allen

McMillen, Martin B. *

McMillen, Merle B.   USAAF pilot, shot down over Okinawa, died of war injuries in 1952.

McPhail, Marvin

McPhail, Weldon Brice

McVey, Leonard E.

Meadows, Eugene W.

Meadows, Kenneth Alfred

Melrose, Hugh H. *

Metzger, August A. Jr.

Metzger, Benjamin C.

Metzger, Frank H.

Metzker, Leighton *

Miller, DeLoss Byron

Mills, Albert

Mills, Clyde

Mills, Leslie R.

Mills, Raymond Howard

Mitchell, William Jr.

Moore, Donald Duane

Moore, J. B.

Morlan, Maurice G.

Morlan, Richard L.

Morton, Grant Wallace

Morton, John R. Jr.

Morton, Orla H.

Morton, Warrene

Mosher, Nelson L.

Murphey, Paul Wayne

Murray, Esther Marie

Murray, William O.

Myers, Glenn

Myers, Harvey L.

Myers, Judson

Nehrt, Arnold W. Red

Newton, Cecil

Nicholas, Donald L.

Nicholas, Henry D. Bill

Nicholson, Harry J.

Nickelson, Fred

Nickelson, Orville

Nielsen, Wayne D.

Nimmo, Bertram T.

Norton, Norman F.

Norton, Robert B.

Nutter, Clyde H.

Odell, Marvin D. Sr.

Oller, Clarence L. *

Orms, Johnnie Thomas

Osborne, Jesse

Osborne, Richard

Overocker, D. Jay Jr.

Parcel, Clair K.

Park, Melvin Verl *

Park, Ray L.

Parker, Frances N.

Parks, James R.

Parks, Rex D.

Parks, Richard J.

Parks, Vella E.

Parks, Wilbur F. "Buck"

Parsons, William N.

Patterson, Leo R.

Patterson, Merlyn C.

Pendergraft, George W.

Pennington, Park C.

Pepperd, Don Luther

Pepperd, Maurice

Pepperd, Roger William

Pepperd, William J.

Petty, Warren L. *

Pfeiffer, Kenneth A.

Pieratt, Charles Cole

Poer, Owen Tom

Poltera, Robert Lutzie

Price, Vernon

Prilliman, Ted L.

Probst, William

Proctor, William

Pugh, Grover

Pugh, Otis

Purcell, Roy Edward

Purkey, Lyle Edward

Rader, Eugene LaVern

Rader, Howard LeRoy

Rafler, Herbert A.

Rainbolt, Ben J.

Rainbolt, Edwin F.

Ramey, Charles

Ramey, William

Redfield, Carl N.

Redfield, George H.

Replogle, Max Cummings

Replogle, Wayne

Earl Hubert Rhodes

Richardson, Kenneth

Richardson, Royce Clark

Riner, G. T.

Robbins, R. Ernest

Robbins, Ralph

Robbins, Victor G.

Robbins, Virgil L.

Robbins, Virginia

Robbins, William

Roberts, Robby

Roberts, Van Henry

Robinson, Carl J.

Rogers, Harold Louis

Rose, Floyd

Rowland, Claude L.

Rowland, Victor E.

Rubendall, Harold C.

Rummerfield, Cecil V.

Rummerfield, Clarence M.

Rummerfield, Glenn

Sailor, Ida Helen

Sailor, Raymond Lee

Sandberg, Howard F.

Sanders, Charley V.

Sanders, Daniel J.

Sanders, Glenn Roger

Sanders, Grover Edward

Sanders, Leon

Sanders, Nelson Wendel

Sanders, Ralph C.

Sanders, Raymond

Sanders, Robert Richard

Sanders, Walter W.

Sangster, Robert W.

Sattler, Jack

Sattler, John Donald

Sawyer, Eldon

Schaubel, Hugo

Schenk, Carl H. "Woody"

Schenk, Clarence Fred

Schesser, Dale Quentin

Scholle, J. P.

Schrock, Duane Virgil

Schrock, John Daniel

Schultz, Eldon A.

Schultz, Elmer

Schultz, William G.

Schulz, Herman S.

Scott, Albert Earl

Scott, Alfred

Seidel, Alfred G. "Buss" *

Seidel, Glen

Seyfrit, Arthur Edward

Seyfrit, Herbert *

Shelton, Floyd W.

Sherman, Claude R.

Shoemaker, Dean B.

Shrauner, Jack

Shrauner, Robert Carter

Shultz, John Raymond

Sickler, Gerald F.

Sigars, Richard T.

Simpson, Lew

Sims, Calvert E.

Sims, Eric A. *

Six, Earl Smith

Six, Marie

Smalley, Carl B.

Smith, Calvin F.

Smith, Clarence C.

Smith, Edwin B.

Smith, Elwin E. *

Smith, Eugene D.

Smith, Forest Edward

Smith, Forrest L.

Smith, John K.

Smith, Marlin T.

Smith, R. Darrell

Smith, Rodney

Smith, Seybert L.

Smith, Theodore J.

Smith, Verne E.

Smith, Warren Dale

Smith, Wylie R.

Smutz, Dale Leroy

Smutz, Leonard Don

Snyder, Carl Logan

Snyder, Clifford E.

Sooter, Earl L. Jr.

Sooter, George V. L.

Sooter, Jack Evan

Sooter, Ralph D. *

Spence, Joe

Squire, Glenn Richard

Squire, Ray C.

Stanfield, Warren E.

Stark, Harry Paige

Stark, Victor

Stewart, Clare H.

Stinson, Warren

Strodtman, Neil

Sunderland, Ralph H.

Sundgren, George L. C.

Swisher, Martin L.

Tarr, Oliver Frank

Taylor, Gordon Lyle

Taylor, Merlin Cummins

Tedder, Lowell Bertram

Teeter, Walter Herman

Terhune, Robert Allan

Teter, George Orvin

Teter, Gerald D.

Thielen, Mark

Thompson, Hobart H. *

Thompson, James

Thompson, James D.

Thornhill, Leslie R.

Thornhill, Wayne

Thrall, Argie Lee

Thrall, Leo C. *

Timmer, Guy

Timmons, Charles E.

Tinker, Dwight L.

Tobias, Howard R.

Tobias, Robert Hugh

Todd, Norman P.

Toothaker, Thomas C.

Travnicek, Ludie Joseph

Trummel, Ernest A. *

Trummel, Rolland

Tryson, Joe

Tucker, Robert E.

Vance, Jack D.

VanDorn, Loney L.

VanDorn, Wilbur C.

Veatch, Harold Ray

Vogt, Boyd King

Vonachen, Ben *

Waddell, Raymond Earl

Wait, John Jr.

Walker, Joy Jefferson

Wall, Albert H.

Wall, Harry Baker

Wallace, John N.

Wallace, Robert E.

Waller, Dale

Waller, Edward W.

Waller, Lloyd D.

Ward, Albert Paul

Ward, Merton B.

Watters, Aljoe C.

Webb, John J. Jr.

Webb, Morris S.

Webber, Elmer Robert

Webber, Ray Louis

Wedel, Denver

Wedel, Orville

Weede, James A. Jr.

Whelpley, Robert Edgar

White, Donald G. *

White, Harlen Ralph

White, Jack C.

White, Joe Pat

White, Robert Charles

White, Urven V.

White, Vernie A.

Wilkerson, Frederick T.

Willard, Barbara

Willard, Thomas Ludwig

Willard, Victor E.

Williams, J. Glenn

Williams, James R.

Williams, Joseph G.

Williams, Roscoe

Williams, Stanley E.

Williams, Wayne

Wills, Estel D.

Wilson, Cecil Rhodes

Wilson, Robert

Wimmer, Lawrence E.

Wimmer, Loren F.

Winn, Curtis

Winn, Floyd Ray

Winn, Jerry

Withrow, Jennie Mae

Withrow, William R.

Wolf, George A.

Wolf, James B.

Womacks, Mack C.

Wood, Clifton H.

Wood, Gene H.

Wood, Richard S.

Wood, Robert E.

Woods, Dwight W.

Woods, Joe E.

Wright, Donald E. *

Wright, Donald P.

Wright, Leslie H.

Wymer, Lynn W.

York, Lawrence W. "Red"

Young, Bill G.

Young, Edward Stanton

Young, James Jr.

Young, John C.

Young, Ora Francis Jr.

Young, S. Emory

Young, William B.

Zane, Harvey W.

Zane, Jonathan W.

Zane, Russell R.

Zane, Squire *

Zeigler, Wade D.

Zimmerman, Ervin

Zvolanek, Harry

Also see: Military Records: Korean Conflict - Kansas State Historical Society


Alder, Althea A.

Alder, L. L. Jr. "Jargie" *

Allen, Jack Duane

Allen, Jerry Leroy

Avey, Don E.

Bailer, Kent

Bain, Donald K.

Blackard, Lester Eugene

Blake, Henry Jr.

Bliss, Kenneth

Brown, Lavern S.

Brown, Vossie Lee

Burghardt, Wilbur Dean

Burkhall, Wayne *

Burnett, Robert Roy *

Burns, James W.

Burt, Charles W.

Burt, James Kimble

Dale, William Louis

Darnell, Henry Gates

Deck, Delmar Duane

Denney, Arthur L. Sr.

Deyoe, Bill L.

Deyoe, Hubert

Dorsey, John D.

Duncan, Robert

Edmonston, Donald Dean

Edmonston, Raymond Lee

Elliot, Ivan

Fleming, Floyd Leon

Frazier, Frederick Hugh

Frost, Donald William

Gates, Victor Eugene

Gillet, Clarence A.

Gorman, M. Dewayne

Guizlo, Paul Dean

Harkleroad, Glenn Allen

Harness, Russell C.

Haun, Cleamon Gale

Hecht, Dale L.

Herd, Eldon Arnett

Herd, Jack Duane

Herd, James Robert

Herd, Jerry M.

Herd, Lemuel Franklin

Herd, Myron Dale

Herd Pyle, Bonnie

Hilt, John Richard Jr.

Hoffman, Doyle James

Hoofer, Ralph L.

Hoofer, William Marion

Hopkins, Donald Dean

Hubbard, Ronald

Huck, Donald *

Jackson, Richard Roy

Jellison, Leslie *

Kindsvater, Alvin Jay

King, Richard K.

Klepinger, Kay Raymond

Kopke, Earl E.

Krueger, Stephen L. Jr.

Lindsay, Jimmy Bill

Lohrding, Curtis E.

Lousch, Ronald Jack

Maris, Marvin Rae

McIlveen, William H.

McKinney, John F.

McLaughlin, H. Melvin

McMillin, Donald

McNeeley, John M.

McVey, Raymond Lee

Miller, Darrol W.

Monroe, Calvin Earl

Moore, Rex A.

Morlan, Billy Derald

Morlan, Donald

Morlan, Maurice G.

Nicholas, Charles D.

Nicholas, Mansel E.

Nicholas, Richard

Nicholas, Ronald

Nokes, Russell Lee

Northern, Gary Lyman

Peacock, Garth

Pearson, Merle *

Pepperd, Clyde Dwight

Purcell, Ray Elmer

Riggs, Walter Chester

Riner, Theodore

Rogers, Everett Roland

Rowland, Claude L.

Rush, Virgil

Sanders, Billy Jack

Sanders, Grover Edward

Schenk, Fred John

Schmidt, Calvin Paul

Scholle, Frank C.

Scholle, James

Schultz, Elmer

Schultz, John Elmer

Schultz, Robert

Schultz, Wilmer F.

Shelton, Elbert L.

Sherman, Norman D.

Shrauner, Ralph Duane

Sims, William C.

Smith, Royce Lee

Smith, Seybert L.

Smith, Wylie R.

Smutz, Leonard Don *

Sooter, J. D.

Sooter, Jack E.

Spence, Joe

Thompson, Edson Elmer

Thompson, Melvin

Thompson, Victor J.

Thompson, Wayne Lyle *

Thoren, Harry

Thornsberry, Bethel

Todd, Ralph Gordon

Trummel, Gary Dean

Trummel, Weldon E.

Vogt, Boyd King

Wait, Merle

Wallace, Delbert

Ward, Clyde L.

Ward, Ralph George

Ward, Richard

Webb, Vernon

Welty, Edward

Whelpley, Donald Edward

White, Jack Lee

White, James Alfred

White, Robert Charles

Whitzel, Robert W.

Willard, Thomas Ludwig

Williams, Norman Dean

Wood, Forrest

Wood, Howard W.

Young, Bennie U.

Young, Bill G.

Young, Jack

Zane, Ben L.

Zane, Robert C.

Zielke, Bennie W.

Zielke, Charles

Zielke, LeRoy

Zimmerman, Earl W.

Also see: Military Records: Vietnam Conflict - Kansas State Historical Society


Alexander, Jerry

Allen, John Lynn

Allen, Ronald Jene

Bain, Charles Philip

Bain, Donald K.

Baker, Travis

Barnes, Donald Wayne

Beeley, Richard L.

Beeley, Ronald L.

Bird, Gary D.

Blake, Billy W.

Bliss, Carroll Wayne

Blount, Richard T.

Boley, Gary

Booth, Donald Gregg

Bowman, Richard

Bowman, Ronald Merle

Brass, Charles Howard

Brass, Steven Robert

Brown, Don Warren

Brown, Michael Paul

Bruckner, Charles

Bruton, John

Bryant, Donald Charles

Burghardt, Elmer LeRoy

Burton, Jim

Byram, Dennis Allen

Clayton, James

Cline, Gary Keith

Colter, Jacob W.

Colter, Kenneth I.

Cook, Bob

Coonfield, Alan W.

Crowe, Ronald E.

Daily, Nicholas Scott

Darroch, Danny W.

Delaney, J. B.

Eaton, Gary Blane

Edmonston, Harold Myron

Emerson, Raymond

Ernst, Eric Andrew

Fitzwater, John

Fleming, James E.

Freund, Omar Ray

Grover, Lewis D. Jr.

Hanson, Claude Lee

Hazen, Merle Gene

Hecht, Darrell E.

Herd, Warren A.

Hill, Dennis D.

Jackson, Richard Roy

Jones, Henry

Keesee, Jerry Wayne

Kirby, John Charles

Kline, Merlyn Dean

Lindsay, Gary W.

Love, Gerald Oral

Lowe, Rickey Vern

Maki, Roger L.

Marley, Stanley K.

McCarl, Michael Kenneth

McCay, James Arthur

McIlveen, William H.

McIntyre, Max L.

McKinney, John F.

McVicker, Eugene

Milligan, Bill

Moore, Bruce W.

Morton, Marvin R.

Mullen, Robert Lynn

Nicholas, Jerry Walter

Nicholas, Mansel E.

Nicholas, Richard

Nickel, Doug

Northern, Rick L.

Overocker, Stanley W.

Peterson, Francis C.

Peterson, L. Charles

Petty, Warren Lee

Pierce, David Michael

Pounds, James R.

Prue, Robert Edmund

Purcell, Ray Elmer

Reed, Leitha Gayle

Renfro, Richard Charles

Reynolds, Jay Don

Ricker, Billy Wayne

Ricker, Gary

Ring, Ralph

Ring, Roy

St. Clair, Leigh Wayne

Scholle, Ivan G.

Shrauner Maki, Carol

Smith, Dallas E.

Smith, Frank E. Steve

Smith, Garry

Smith, Ronald Lee

Smith, Roy Lee

Smith, Royce Lee

Snyder, Jack Eldon

Snyder, Russell Lee

Sooter, Jack Evan

Southards, Randy L.

Spreier, Nolan

Sunderland, Joe

Teter, Jerry W.

Timmer, Kenneth Lee

VanDorn, Roger Leon

VanDorn, Wilbur Larry

Vogt, Boyd King

Waller, Larry D.

Weatherford, Richard

Wells, Edward Patrick

White, Brent E.

White, Bruce A.

White, Marlan Jon

White, Robert Charles

White, Virgil Arden

Wright, Harold Earl

Wymer, Allyn Lee

Zane, Robert C.

Zongker, Randall Keith

Gulf War:

Allen, Wayland T.

Allender, Kelly

Blount, Richard T.

Braley, Mark

Cook, George Henry

Duer, Leslie F.

Hokanson, Todd

Keesee, John Douglas

Kirby, John Charles

Newton, Merle

Offutt, Mark Anthony

Oller, Samuel Ernest

Ring, Greg

Ring, Roy Jr.

Rogers, Edwin Eugene

Sanders, Michael A.

Sheffield, Susan Willard

Tucker, Robert M.

White, Brent E.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Marsh, Chad *

Peace Time:

Allen, Joe D.

Bain, Richard Eugene

Barnhart, Ralph Jr.

Beeley, Boyd L.

Bilyeu, Darrel E.

Blake, Ivan Roy

Bratcher, Felton M.

Brown, Leon F.

Brown, Melvin

Brown, Robert

Bruckner, Daniel L.

Burghardt, Marvin L.

Burkhall, Danny Lee

Burnett, Donald Rex

Cagle, Wayne Clark

Cary, Max

Chambers, Bobbie A.

Cherry, Robert M.

Chilcote, Kenneth

Clark, Donald Dean

Clark, Raymond Edward

Cline, Jack L.

Cline, Richard D.

Cook, George H.

Cook, Milo Sr.

Couchman, Charles C.

Cox, Raymond F.

Craker, Timothy Stephen

Crouse, Charles Edwin

Currier, Robert Eugene

Dale, Frank Douglas

Deck, Merrill R.

Denney, Larry W.

Diemart, Donald R.

Dowling, Frankie Lee

Dunbar, Dewayne Lee

Durbin, Kenneth L.

Edmonston, Joel Ray

Eskridge, Raymond L.

Ferrin, Dan E.

Fleming, Frank Raymond

Fleming, James A.

Fleming, Scott A.

Flowers, Jackie Doyle

Frazier, Don Sharron

Fry, Lester P. Jr.

Glenn, James N.

Hancock, Roland B.

Harvey, Jesse Wayne

Harvey, Merle Francis

Haug, Lyle

Hazen, Virgil

Heft, Jerry Lee

Herd, Jerry R.

Herd, John T.

Herd, Larry Gene

Hilt, Charles Ivan

Hoffman, Bob Lee

Hoffman, Duane L.

Hoffman, Roger Roy

Holler, Arlyn

Hopkins, Leland Lewis

Hough, David Arthur

Hough, Thomas Alan

Jefferis, Don Ollis

Jellison, Ben

Jellison, Donald D.

Jellison, Howard

Jellison, Wallace G.

Jenkins, Kevin

Jenkins, Robert F.

Killgore, Eddie Laverne

Kittell, Donald Gilbert

Lawless, Chris Alan

Lawrence Minch, Phyllis

Lehl, Michael Charles

Little, Harold LaVoe

Lohrding, Christopher

Maris, Donald D.

Maris, Merle W.

McGee, Eugene

McGee, Garth D.

McGee, James D.

McKnight, Steven

McLaughlin, Wayne Bruce

McMoran, Vernon George

McVicker, Jim

Miller, Jerry Elbert

Miller, Tom O.

Moore, Jimmy Allen

Moore, Warren Lee

Myers, Walter G.

Newton, Ronald Merle

Norton, Billy J.

Norton, Don

Offield, Tom

Park, Gilbert N.

Parkinson, Delores J.

Pepperd, Gary

Percifield, Paul W.

Percifield, Wade Lewis

Pfeiffer, Alvin Junior

Pfeiffer, Glenn C.

Pritt, Raelene Affeldt

Purcell, Ralph

Reed, Lewis L.

Rhodes, Darold

Rich, Danny C.

Richardson, Stanton B.

Riner, Richard

Riner, Theodore R.

Ring, Andrew

Sanders, Patricia J.

Sangster, Dennis

Schmidt, Marvin T.

Schultz, Roy

Sharp, Larry D.

Shaw, Allen Paul

Shelit, Harold Dean

Sibbitt, Myron Charles

Smalley, Milo

Smith, Carl Leon

Sunderland, Jason L.

Teter, John R.

Thomas, Cecil Roger

Thomas, Gerald Lee

Thompson, Charles Henry

Todd, Donald M.

Trummel, Clarence

Trummel, James F.

Trummel, Richard L.

Tucker, Dennis Keith

Tucker, E. Alva

Uselman, Everett George

VanDorn, Everett R. Jr.

VanDorn, Wallace Eugene

Ward, Russell Eugene   Died in a helicopter crash at sea.

Webb, Fred E. Jr.

Wilkins, Arnold P.

Williams, Howard Dexter

Williams, Jimmy G.

Williams, Mike K.

Wimmer, Rex

York, Richard Laverne

Young, Francis Leroy

Young, James Alva

Young, Jerry D.

Zane, Kenneth K.

Zimmerman, Alfred E.

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