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Josiah P. and Eliza Shimer

The Western Star, February 10, 1905.


Another good citizen and old settler of Comanche-co. is gone! At 3:50 a.m. last Sunday J. P. Shimer ("Uncle Pony," as he was familiarly called) succumbed to the Messenger of Death, after a few weeks' struggle for a little longer lengthening out of his mortal life. The announcement of his death, though not unexpected, was received with profound regret by his neighbors and friends, the latter being found in all parts of the country, for there were not many people within a radius of 25 miles of Coldwater who had not become personally acquainted with "Uncle Pony" Shimer and who did not honor and respect him.

The sickness of Mr. Shimer dated back to nearly a year ago when he was stricken with an attack of paralysis. His wonderfully vigorous constitution withstood the attack remarkably well, but he was never in good health afterwards. Asthma and other complications set in and for several weeks before his death he suffered from that disease and from a general breaking down of the system, all of which induced dropsy. He bore his suffering patiently. Up to a few minutes before his death he was perfectly conscious and death came apparently without a struggle.

Josiah P. Shimer was born on July 25, 1829, in Chester-co., Ind. On November 1, 1829, he was married to Miss Eliza Thrumma, and three years later Mr. and Mrs. Shimer moved to Iowa where they lived until 1885, when they moved to Comanche-co., Kans., settling on a claim in Shimer-tp. where they continued to live. They thus became numbered among the pioneer settlers of this county. Mr. Shimer was a hard working man; few men ever lived a more active life than he. He was honorable in all his dealings and always lived the part of a good neighbor and citizen. His disposition was that of good cheer, even in times of adversity. Uncle Pony Shimer will therefore be greatly missed among all his relatives and associates.

Deceased is survived by a wife, 4 sons and 3 daughters. A son and a daughter died in infancy. The living children are: Mrs. Lada Sanders and Mrs. Nettie Kocher of Laporte, Iowa; Charles Shimer of Waynoka, Okla.; Mrs. Hannah Fitzgerald of Coats, Kans.; Benton and John Shimer and Mrs. Hattie Bain of this county. Only the last four named could be present at the funeral.

Funeral services were held at the family home at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday and were in charge of Rev. W. L. Roberts of the Presbyterian church. Interment was made in the Coldwater cemetery.

The Western Star, March 21, 1913.

Death of Mrs. J. P. Shimer.

Mrs. J. P. Shimer, died at 11 a.m. yesterday, March 20, 1913, at her home in Shimer tp., this county. She had been on poor health for some time and death came as a result of a gradual decline in strength and vitality.

Mrs. Shimer was born on September 4, 1833, in Carlisle, Cumberland county, Penn. Hence, at the time of her death she was 78 years, 6 months and 16 days. From Pennsylvania, Mrs. Shimer, who was Miss Eliza Chumms, moved to Madison county, Indiana, and in 1870 she went to Benton county, Iowa. She was married on November 1, 1857, to J. P. Shimer, while a resident of Indiana. In March, 1885, Mr. and Mrs. Shimer moved from Iowa to this county, settling in Shimer tp. Mr. Shimer died on February 5, 1905. The surviving children are; Chas. Shimer of Waynoka, Okla., Mrs. A. M. Fitzgerald of Coats, Kansas, Mrs. C. T. Sanders and Mrs. B. F. Kocher of Benton county, Iowa, and Benton C. and John Shimer and Mrs. George W. Bain of this county, all of whom were present at the mother's death.

Mrs. Shimer was a quiet and very home like woman, true and faithful to every duty as wife and mother. Funeral services were held this morning at the home, after which interment was made in the Coldwater cemetery.

Gravestone for Josiah P. 'Uncle Pony' Shimer,

Crown Hill Cemetery, Comanche County, Kansas.

Photo by Bobbi (Hackney) Huck.
Gravestone for Josiah P. "Uncle Pony" Shimer
Crown Hill Cemetery, Comanche County, Kansas.
Photo by Bobbi (Hackney) Huck.

Gravestone for Elizabeth (Chumms or Thrumma) Shimer,

Crown Hill Cemetery, Comanche County, Kansas.

Photo by Bobbi (Hackney) Huck.
Gravestone for Elizabeth (Chumms or Thrumma) Shimer
Crown Hill Cemetery, Comanche County, Kansas.
Photo by Bobbi (Hackney) Huck.

Note that Josiah's obituary gives Eliza's maiden name as Thrumma, while her obituary gives it as Chumms. She was still living when his obituary was written, so, unless there was a typographical error in his obituary, Thrumma is probably correct.

Thanks to Shirley Brier for finding, transcribing and contributing the above news article to this web site!

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