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The Western Star, February 11, 1927.

Comanche-co.'s Twelve Registers of Deeds

Comanche-co has had a total of twelve registers of deeds during the 42 years of the county's history. Of that number, all but four have served two terms, and one - the present register of deeds - was elected last fall for the fourth successive time. Of the twelve registers of deeds in this county, eight were elected as republicans and four democrats.

We give below a few facts concerning each general election and the various candidates for register of deeds:

At the first election held in the county, there were two candidates for the office of register of deeds - J. A. Pennington, republican, and P. O. Davis democrat. Pennington won by a vote of 1060 to 551. Mr. Pennington served the short term, or during the remainder of the year 1885. Both Mr. Pennington and Mr. Davis moved from the county during the early 90s.

At the November, 1885, election, there were three candidates for register of deeds - J. M. McClain, democrat, B. M. Veatch, republican, and J. W. Jacks, greenbacker. The vote stood - McClain, 586; Veatch, 480; Jacks, 384. Two years later Mr. McClain was a candidate for re-election, but was defeated by John I. Denniston. The vote at that time was - Denniston, 657; McClain, 537. Mr. Veatch died in January, 1901. Mr. McClain moved to Seattle, Wash., about 30 years ago and has since died there.

As stated, John I. Denniston, republican, was the successful candidate for register of deeds at the November 1887, election. Mr. Denniston was a candidate for re-election in 1889, but was not successful. The election was very close, however, the vote being Frank Meyer, democrat, 345; Denniston, republican, 337. Mr. Denniston moved from this county to Kingfisher, Okla., a few years later.

Mr. Meyer served just one term. He moved from this county to Oklahoma during the early 90s.

There were three candidates for register of deeds in 1891 - Chas. W. Sherman, republican, who served 212 votes to 198 votes for D. L. Cline, and 154 for C. C. Hart, alliance. Mr. Sherman was re-elected in 1893, defeating, A. J. Allen, democrat, by a vote of 226 to 107. Mr. Sherman is still a resident of Protection-tp., this county. Mr. Allen died in January, 1900.

At the election in 1895, there were three candidates for register of deeds - Park H. Thornton, republican, O. T. Leachman, democrat and K. W. Underwood, peoples party. The vote stood - Thornton, 147; Leachman, 93; Underwood, 71. Mr. Thornton served two terms, having been re-elected in 1897, defeating Owen Connaughton, socialist, by a vote of 236 to 102. Mr. Thornton still makes this city his home, but spends his winters in California.

At the November, 1899, general election, the candidates for register of deeds were - Frank A. Kimple, republican, and James S. Hudson, fusion. The vote stood - Kimple, 218; Hudson, 204. Mr. Kimple was re-elected three years later, defeating Wm. Rein, democrat, by a vote of 206 to 198. There was no election in 1901, hence Mr. Kimple served in all five years as register of deeds. He is still a resident of this city. Mr. Rein now lives in Tillamook, Ore. Mr. Hudson is now a resident of Clark-co., this state.

At the general election in 1904, there were two candidates in this county for register of deeds - Lawrence Bratcher, republican, and Wm. Rein, democrat. Bratcher won by a vote of 244 to 185. Mr. Bratcher was re-elected in 1906, having no opposition at that time. He is still a resident of Protection-tp., this county.

Mike Schaub, democrat, was the successful candidate for register of deeds in 1908. He defeated Floyd R. Campbell, republican, by a vote of 335 to 318. Two years later, Mr. Schaub was re-elected without opposition. He died on April 3, 1920.

There were two candidates for register of deeds at the election in 1912 - Floyd R. Campbell, republican, and Wm. Rein, socialist. Campbell won by a vote of 642 to 202. Mr. Campbell was the candidate for re-election in 1914, and was again successful, defeating J. B. Eaton, socialist, by a vote of 1070 to 286. He was a candidate again in 1916, but was defeated by Geo. Hearldson. Mr. Campbell has been a resident of Kansas City the past year or so. Mr. Eaton moved from this city to Guernsey, Wyo., several years ago, and still lives on his farm and ranch near that city.

There were three candidates for register of deeds in 1916, Geo. Hearldson, democrat, Floyd Campbell, republican, and Mrs. W. P. Bayless socialist. The vote stood - Hearldson, 857; Campbell, 844; Bayless, 152. Mr. Hearldson was re-elected in 1918, defeating Miss Ida Sitler, republican, by the close vote of 771 to 767. Mr. Hearldson is still a resident of this city. Miss Sitler, now Mrs. Warren P. Morton, lives two miles southwest of this city.

In the 1920 general election, Miss Nellie Botts, republican, was the only candidate, for register of deeds. At the 1922 and 1924, elections she had no opposition for re-election. In 1926, she was opposed by Nick Pepperd, democrat, winning by a vote of 893 to 611. Miss Botts, therefore, is now serving her fourth term as register of deeds.

The Western Star, February 18, 1927

An Omission

In the list of registers of deeds for Comanche-co., which was printed in the Star last week, the names of D. L. Cline was inadvertently omitted. Mr. Cline was elected at the general election in November, 1890, and served one term. He was the democratic candidate and C. L. Clayton the republican candidate. Mr. Cline won by a vote of 233 to 221. He was a candidate for re-election at the election of 1892, but was defeated by Chas. W. Sherman. About 32 years ago, Mr. Cline moved to Medford, Okla., and is still a resident of that city. He was an early day settler in Coldwater, and, at one time, was postmaster in this city.

Comanche County Officers, 1885 - 2007

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