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The Wilmore News , June 28, 1917.

Red Cross Fund Oversubscribed

The United States is closing a very successful campaign wherein the goal was to raise $100,000,000 for the Red Cross Society. This is an eminently worthy cause and the people all over the country have oversubscribed the amounts proportioned and indications are that the amount subscribed will be $125,000,000 instead of the $100,000,000 the mark first set.

Wilmore has kept pace with the patriotic procession and over-subscribed her allotment. At the time of this writing the amount raised is $1491.75 and there is a few more cards to be returned.

The county committee that has charge of raising the $15,000 allotted to Comanche county, ask Wilmore to raise $1000 and New Eden to raise $400. In as much as there is no boundary line between the two places all joined in to raise the $400. At a Red Cross Rally held in the Wilmore Baptist church Monday evening almost $400 was raised and a soliciting committee volunteered.

This committee went to work Tuesday morning and made a house to house canvas and had raised the apportionment in full by Wednesday evening. This is a record our people may well be proud of. Eastern Comanche county as a whole took the lead in the county in raising this Red Cross fund. The Duckworth and Shimer neighborhoods had their apportionment over subscribed Monday. Wilmore, New Eden and Ridge Summit had raised their apportionment Wednesday evening and as stated above the amount is still growing.

At the Red Cross rally in Wilmore Monday evening Oliver Larimer, S. A. DeLair and J. T. Botts made stirring appeals for money for this worthy cause. The Coldwater band was there and added in the cause with patriotic music.

Herewith we publish a list of the names of the persons giving and the amounts subscribed.

E. S. Allen 5.00
H. P. Baker 5.00
F. L. Barber 1.00
W. H. Barlow 50.00
Lewis H. Bates 10.00
S. D. Behler 2.00
E. E. Behler 2.00
N. M. Bean 15.00
J. D. Bell 10.00
Lawson Bird 4.00
Henry Booth 2.00
Busy Bee Society of New Eden 16.50
J. W. Burnette 5.00
A. R. Burnett 5.00
H. R. Clark 5.00
H. C. Clary 2.50
Maude and Mildred Cobb 5.00
C. W. Cummings 5.00
W. H. Edmonds 2.00
C. L. England 10.00
Lee Elzea 2.00
Loren Ferrin 50.00
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ferrin 50.00
Ernest L. Ferrin 25.00
Walter Ferrin 5.00
Nellie Ferrin 10.00
Earl Ferrin 20.00
Thos. J. Foree 10.00
C. A. Gaines 5.00
Mrs. L. B. Graham 10.00
T. A. Griffin 25.00
T. C. Gillet 15.00
R. H. Hall 25.00
Howard S. Hall 25.00
L. D. Helbert 25.00
E. F. Hinkle 5.00
Mrs. Myrtle Howard 2.00
Ralph Howard .25
David Holliman 5.00
E. W. Hubbard 20.00
E. D. Hubbard 20.00
G. J. Isenbart 10.00
W. H. Kennedy 10.00
J. L. Kluttz 20.00
C. E. Killillay 1.00
W. S. Lytle 8.00
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McCay 50.00
E. P. Marshall 1.00
C. O. Masterson 1.00
J. C. Neal 5.00
R. O. Nevens 20.00
Nielson Bros. 25.00
J. M. Payne 20.00
W. J. Pepperd 50.00
G. E. Preston 1.00
B. H. Pyle 5.00
H. T. Pyle 5.00
Arthur Ray 5.00
W. J. Ray 50.00
W. C. Ray 12.00
Chas. G. Ray 100.00
Ridge Summit Sunday School 10.00
H. S. Schrock 20.00
C. H. Shearer 25.00
Glenn Shearer 5.00
Mr. Dan Septer 2.00
Mrs. O. P. Snare 10.00
J. T. Testerman 25.00
Ord Trummel 25.00
Perry Wall 40.00
Roy Whitley 10.00
T. E. Williams 2.00
J. E. Williams 1.00
J. E. Wright 10.00
F. R. Wright 5.00
Majel Wright 2.00
Mrs. J. W. York 25.00
C. E. Richardson 50.00
Geo. Schler 10.00
R. M. McCorkle 5.00
Beatrice Chambers 5.00
Bud Griffin 5.00
C. O. Easterson 10.00
Guyers Ford 5.00
A. L. Reece 5.00
J. Berry Ware 40.00
J. Ferguson 2.50
Paul Gossett 1.00
M. M. Hughes 10.00
W. M. McCrary 10.00
C. W. Martin 1.00
T. J. Taylor 10.00
Proctor Bros. 40.80
Mrs. W. B. Ward 10.00
Geo. E. Kennedy 20.00
Mark G. Brown 5.00
Mrs. Jack Grace 1.00
A. R. Elwell 14.00
Alvin Froetschner 10.00
Geo. T. Brown 20.00
F. J. Zelleken 10.00
Jay T. Smith 25.00
Urso Wofford 1.00
H. N. Laurant 25.00
R. C. Moore 4.00
L. E. Baker 5.00

Total $1491.75

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