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The Western Star, August 3, 1923.


What a Quarter of a Century Has Brought About in Comanche-co.

Article No. 5.

Some of the changes which a quarter of a century have brought about in Comanche-co. have already been pointed out in these articles. The rapid growth of the towns and the country, also the coming of new improvements along all lines, have been mentioned, but in no particular have the changes of 25 years been more marked than in the population - the people who have been, and still are, the real factors in the county's history. During these 25 years many of the pioneer settlers in the county, the men and women who helped to build the towns and improve the farms, have passed away, and, in many cases their work is being carried on by their children or by others who were quite young when the county was settled 39 years ago, or who have been born since then. It may be of interest to give a list of the pioneers who have died during the quarter of a century ending July 31, 1923. The list given includes only those who lived in the county prior to 1898, and is as follows:

During the Last Half of 1898.
Uncle Abe Vanwey, September 15.

H. R. Burnett, February 16.
Mrs. Emily Pyle, March 31.
Joe Jarnagin, April 14.
Emil (Joe) Bowers, May 9.
Ada Webber-Monticue, June 9.
R. H. Estill, July 12.
Mrs. John H. Behler, November 11.

Jack Allen, January 25.
Chas. B. Sunderland Sr., February 26.
Joseph L. Sombart, March 2.
Wm. G. Clark, March 27.
C. M. Bean, April 27.
Wm. F. Haelsig, May 10.
Earl M. Powell, May 12.
Mrs. David Inman, formerly Mrs. Norman Drew, July 3.
Mrs. D. W. Hind, July 11.
Wm. N. Harbaugh, August 14.
Mrs. D. W. Ellington, August 17.
Capt. Henry Fretz, November 11.
S. F. Murray, December 21.

Capt. B. M. Veatch, January 20.
Mrs. J. S. Halliday, May 18.
Isaac Botts, April 27.
C. T. Avery, July 3.
J. D. Beck, August 8.
E. R. Harper, September 25.
Mike Schaub Sr., October 6.
Parham Callaway, December 1.

James Schellenbarger, May 16.
David Kirk, May 19.
Eli Crites, June 22.
O. S. Frazier, July 13.
Miss Marie Schaub, December 21.

Mrs. Marie Schaub, April 9.
A. M. Haydock, November 27.
S. M. Jackson, December 2.
Harrison Wright, December 5.

Peter C. Wuchter, January 15.
Jefferson Phillips, February 19.
Mrs. Johanna Deppink, February 19.
Miss Adela Veatch, February 19.
Bradford Hull, March 12.
Isaac Jenkins, March 23.
Mrs. C. H. Volkman, May 28.
Mrs. C. E. Williams, July 16.
J. L. King, August 3.
Mrs. S. F. Murray, August 14.
W. H. McLaughlin, November 23.
Mrs. Mary Hutchins-Hunter, December 24.

Mrs. A. M. Haydock, January 18.
Pony Shimer, February 5.
Daniel Tobias, July 16.
Mrs. Fred Schwader, August 25.
Mrs. W. B. Newman, December 24.

Henry Clark, April 13.
John Q. Williams, June 15.
Mrs. Z. T. Powell, June 18.
Mrs. Alex Moore, July 6.
Mrs. W. A. Clark, July 15.
F. M. Howell, July 27.
Mrs. Jacob Kehl, August 19.
Mrs. Mary Wagner, October 11.
Wm. H. Sickler, November 8.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kellogg, February 21.
Mrs. Alley Alexander, March 9.
D. W. Hind, March 13.
Mrs. Albert Heflin, March 30.
Mrs. Evaline Alley, April 25.
Mrs. T. W. Osman, April 24.
Mrs. Elizabeth Holt, April 30.
Mrs. Mary Crites, April 20.
J. M. Campbell, June 19.
Mrs. J. H. Heaton, June 30.
Hugh W. Vance, July 1.
Wm. Marley, August 3.
John G. Holland, November 13.

Mrs. John Stokes, January 26.
Mrs. Ina Newlin-Williams, May 11.
James W. Ezell, May 22.
W. J. Downing, June 8.
Dr. J. E. Sombart, July 2.
Mrs. Sarah A. Ward, August 4.
J. R. Williams, September 3.
Mrs. Agnes L. Doig, October 7.
Mrs. R. A. Strain, November 5.
Samuel Booth Sr., December 10.

John Stokes, January 24.
J. W. Sever, February 22.
S. L. Smith, February 22.
Mrs. Susannah McCay, February 26.
Carrie Stark-Bunyard, March 15.
John Frank Spilman, March 15.
Mrs. H. I. Burr, April 12.
Mrs. James Talley, April 13.
Mrs. John Schenk, June 14.
Chauncey Palmer Wells, July 14.
Mrs. H. O. Holderby, September 22.
Mrs. Lillie Burrill, November 18.

Mrs. Bertha K. Hadley, January 29.
Miss Ruth Shellenbarger, March 3.
C. H. Sunderland, April 4.
W. E. McCune, May 16.
John R. Morton Sr., June 8.
Edward C. Fleming, June 12.
A. Darroch, July 26.
Mrs. Cliffie Smith, September 21.
Mrs. W. T. Falkner, October 15.
Mrs. Chas. Logan, November 19.
W. T. Falkner, December 2.

Mrs. Jos. Guizlo, January 30.
H. I. Burr, March 30.
Mortimer R. Platt, May 2.
William Barlow, May 9.
William Hixon, June 5.
Mrs. Ruth Newlin, July 26.
Mrs. J. T. Sebring, August 16.
Mrs. O. J. Mark, August 21.
W. P. Gibson, September 26. (Winfield)
Ben Zane, October 23.
Mrs. Margaret H. Kirk, December 6.
J. T. Sebring, December 6.
John W. Rodgers, December 22. (Manhattan)
W. J. Jackson, December 27. (Norman)

Mrs. J. T. Maris, January 19.
Mrs. L. M. Rich, January 22.
Henry Pieratt, March 19.
Bob Williams, May 8.
Rev. J. J. Bagsley, August 22.
Frank McLaughlin, October 26.
J. P. Thomas, October 26.

Mrs. Curtis B. Merrihew, January 21.
Clint Wuchter, January 23.
Mrs. W. H. Sickler, January 25.
Mrs. Isaac Botts, February 20.
S. S. Smith, February 28.
Mrs. J. P. Shimer, March 30.
Mrs. D. F. Edmonds, April 3.
C. E. Maltby, April 5.
Mrs. E. A. Dickinson, April 24.
Mansel Barnes, May 9.
Mrs. Patrick Pepperd, July 3.
Mrs. P. M. Williams, July 23.
Mrs. L. E. Shay, August 25.
Dr. M. Avrill, September 26.
Mrs. John Darroch, October 5.
Mrs. H. H. Rich, October 17.
Mrs. U. G. Stephens, December 23.

Silas Mendenhall, January 4.
Geo. H. Means, January 5.
Jennie Willard-Johnson, January 22.
Mrs. S. W. Watson, February 4.
Miss Minnie Smith, February 12.
Mrs. G. W. Snell, March 5.
Mrs. C. T. Avery, March 11.
W. I. Brown, March 13.
Mrs. Wm. Reed, April 30. (Medford)
Mrs. Catherine McIntyre, May 19.
Volney Barber, June 10.
W. B. Ward, August 12.
Mrs. J. A. Pennington, October 30.
Mrs. Mary Farrell, NOvember 19.
Mrs. Lee Elzea, December 6.
D. F. Parcel, December 17.

Geo. S. Thomas, January 4. (Oklahoma)
Mrs. T. J. Curran, January 27.
Mrs. Hannah Schwader, February 20.
Mrs. Mansel Barnes, March 23.
Howard Tennison, April 22.
J. W. York, June 17.
Stephen Knecht, June 17.
Frank King, July 4.
Mrs. Lee Crites, July 6.
T. W. Osman, July 15.
John Janson, August 18.
O. P. Snare, October 9.
Mrs. D. B. Denney, October 17.
D. G. Merrihew, November 22. (Michigan)

Mrs. Frank Campbell, January 6. (Arkansas)
Oliver Guss, April 21.
Mrs. Elizabeth Zerby, May 26. (Illinois)
Chas. L. Holt, June 12.
Dick Phillips, June (Chicago) day omitted.
T. J. Brown, July 16.
Mrs. Lucinda Price, July 18. (Missouri)
E. Leiberman, September 6. (Ohio)
J. T. Dale, September 21. (Kansas City)
J. H. Allderdice, October 6.

Mrs. Myrtle Morton, January 2.
Mrs. Philip Lenertz, January 18.
Buel B. Wright, February 16.
Mrs. Belle McDonold-Hunter, March 19. (Colorado)
Mrs. W. E. Fisher, March 30.
Mrs. H. S. Bennett, April 18. (Williamsburg, Kans.)
Ira D. Powell, May 16.
H. J. Williamson, June 4.
Thos. Wilmore, July 7. (Colorado)
T. C. Heaton, June 12. (Alva, Oklahoma)
Mrs. Andrew Janett (nee Fleming), September 9.
Mrs. C. E. Marthy, October 9.
Mrs. H. C. McWherter, October 9. (Illinois)
Mrs. L. L. Stubbs, December 15.
Wm. M. Taylor, December 30.

Miss Lottie Hollenback, January 3. (Fort Riley)
Mrs. S. A. Ellsworth, March 15. (Colorado)
Sol. Hearldson, April 19.
Z. T. Powell, June 10.
Mrs. James Briggs, June 13.
J. A. Jarnagin, July 4.
Owen Connaughton, July 23.
A. H. Baker, August 7.
Burge Harris, August 23. (Alva, Oklahoma)
T. B. Duncan, September 23.
Mrs. S. J. (Idress) Gilchrist, October 17.
Mrs. James Hadley, October 23.
John Fulton, November 14. (Chicago)
Ira Hadley, November 15.
Mrs. R. E. Burkhall, November 6.
Mrs. May Avery-Gilbert, November 21.
H. H. Rich, December 15.

Mrs. J. E. Wright, April 24.
J. H. Hudson, June 30.
Mrs. Julia Fretz-Connaughton, July 7.
Wm. Maines, August 8.
Mrs. J. W. Stark, October 8.
Joseph Guizlo, November 8.
Virgil Platt, November 22. (Kansas City)
Wm. E. Fisher, December 29.

Wash Mussett, January 4. (Texas)
Geo. E. Edmonds, January 29.
Abe Vanwey, March 7.
R. Huffmaster, March 23 (Bolivar, La.)
S. S. Lease, March 29.
Mike Schaub Jr., April 3.
Mrs. J. R. Stafford, April 16. (Oklahoma City)
Geo. J. Bain, April 25.
Mrs. S. S. Lease, July 11.
Mrs. Henry Knecht, July 11.
John W. Platt, August 1.
Mrs. Wm. Barlow, August 18.
Mrs. J. H. Hudson, November 14.
W. J. Kimes, November 21.
J. M. Jones, November 25.
Mrs. Ira Hadley, December 15.
C. A. Fridley, December 21.

Dan Hase, January 8.
W. L. Dale, January 23.
Walter H. Meers, March 4.
Oscar Webb, March 21.
Mrs. Elias Willard, April 10.
Elias Willard, April 29.
Mrs. S. S. Smith, April 30.
Wm. H. Barlow, May 8.
Thomas Jackson, May 13.
Mrs. T. C. Heaton, July 12.
Loren Ferrin, September 7.
James S. Blount, November 10. (Anthony)
J. H. Polley, December 19. (Sharon)

Mrs. L. F. Griffith, January 26.
E. G. Phelps, February 3. (Oklahoma City)
G. W. Snell, February 16.
A. C. McDonold, March 17.
Mrs. Roy McLaughlin, March 19.
A. H. Murray, March 24.
Al Merryman, June 16. (Kinsley)
Ed Chandler, July (Los Angeles) day omitted.
Ed T. Bidwell, August 27. (Kinsley)
Mrs. E. B. Coles, December 17.
Mrs. W. E. McCune, December 19.

Mrs. C. Garten, January 11.
Mrs. Jane Fish, March 16.
C. C. Towner, April 30.
Jacob Kehl, July 19.

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