State of Kansas vs. C.C. Pepperd, 1876 Christopher C. Pepperd, Founder of the city of Wilmore, Kansas.
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A Chronology of the Life & Times of Christopher Carson Pepperd

March and June, 1876

State of Kansas vs. C.C. Pepperd

March and June 1876:
Dodge City Court, Ford County, Kansas: (Page) 28

Criminal Appearance Docket A
No. 23
Title of Cause
State of Kansas
C.C. Pepperd
Mar. 187615To Transcript and papers filed1.95
Entry on Appearances Docket.25
Entry on Trial .25
Entry of Index .25
June 1876   17thPrecipe filed for subpoena Subpoenas issued.10
for Chas. E. Bassett, Henry Garris, A. J. Peacock  
Frank Alley (Reno Co) In behalf of State.
June 187617thPrecipe filed for subpoenas.10
Subpoenas issued for Thos. Kinkade,
Thos. Summerfield, Mast Berry
Hamilton Bell, Dave Morrow
Elsworth ____ on behalf of defendant
Filing (?) Information.25
Journal Entry1.00
Co. Atty12.50

Source: Ford County district court cases (1874 - 1910), criminal appearance, Docket A, case no. 23, manuscript division, mss. box 808, Kansas State Historical Society.

C. Robert Haywood, in "Comanche County Cowboy: A Case Study of a Kansas Rancher", notes: "Apparently while Pepperd was still a trail hand, he and his boss, remembered only as Allen, 'fell out'. The quarrel came to climax in the Saratoga Saloon in Dodge City when C.C. Pepperd grabbed a shot gun loaded with buck shot and unloaded it in the general direction of Allen. Fortunately, the boss was agile enough to duck behind and ice chest which took the full force of the blast. The scars remained in the chest and the counter of the bar for some time, serving as a pleasant conversation piece for many on old-timer explaining the West to a greenhorn. The affair may have resulted in C.C. being tried before the district court. He was a defendant in one case but little is known of the particulars, except that he had a cross section of famous Dodge citizens testifying for him including Hamilton 'Ham' Bell and 'Prairie Dog' Dave Morrow. F.B. Streeter did indicate that C.C. was in a criminal case. The cause might well have been the Saratoga shooting."

Streeter reference: F.B. Streeter to W.S. Campbell, February 13, 1951, "Walter Stanley Campbell Collection", manuscripts division, University of Oklahoma, Norman. (Microfilm copy at Kansas State Historical Society).

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Christopher Carson "Cap" PEPPERD
Confederate Civil War Veteran, Cowboy, Bronc Buster, Trail Driver & early (1874) Comanche County rancher. Founder of the city of Wilmore, Kansas. He lost his fortune in the 1887-1888 Coal Mining Fever in the county. Also see: A Chronology of the Life & Times of Christopher Carson Pepperd, State of Kansas vs. C.C. Pepperd, 1876, Testimony of C.C. Pepperd: State of Kansas vs. William Thompson, The Death Certificate of C.C. Pepperd. and The Gravestone & Burial of C.C. Pepperd.

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