Gravestone of C.C. Pepperd Christopher C. Pepperd, Founder of the city of Wilmore, Kansas.
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The Gravestone and Burial of


The grave marker of "Capt. C.C. Peppered, 1839-1921"
Lot 9, Space 2, Section 12-E, Greenwood Memorial Park, Fort Worth, Texas.
Measurements: 21" wide x 29" high x 8.5" thick.
The marker is made of granite, presumably Georgia Gray granite.
Photo courtesy of Chase Bridges, Assistant Cemetery Registrar, Greenwood Memorial Park.

Thu, 5 Aug 2004

Mrs. Brier,

Good morning! I am in receipt of your request for information about C.C. Pepperd. I researched the file, and found that he is buried here, in Lot 9, space 2, in section 12-E. He was buried on August 30, 1921. The two spaces on either side of him are not used, and I did not find Annie or Richard Pepperd buried here, or at our other cemetery, Mount Olivet.

It appears that at one time, Mr. Pepperd had an upright monument marking his grave, but over time, it became separated from the base, and due to the dangerous condition, it was set flush with the ground on October 24, 1952. The letter in the file stating that the monument had been set flush, lists his name as Captain C.C. Pepperd.

Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of his obituary due to the burial being so long ago. However, since you have the dates, you may be able to check with the Fort Worth Public Library and obtain one, if one was published.

I got 3 photographs of his marker for you. The spelling of his name is different on the marker, it reads Capt. C.C. Peppered 1839-1921. I've noticed several different spellings of his name throughout the records, so I'm not certain what the correct one should be.

I am also making you a copy of the page from the 1921 burial register book showing his information. It shows the Undertaker as being Fort Worth Undertaking Company. I don't think they are in business any longer. Mr. Pepperd was the 3,587th burial here at Greenwood, according to the register.

I checked the records, and I did not find an Ed Patterson buried here. However, I did find an E.R. Patterson buried on March 13, 1929. If you think of his daughterís name, Iíll search for her too, and see if there is a connection to the E.R. Patterson we have here. Have you run across the name Guy J. Price, Jr. in your research? In the burial register book, his name is listed as the person who did the arrangements for Mr. Pepperdís burial. I checked to see if he happened to be buried here too, but his name did not come up in my search. That is very sad like you said about him being wealthy at one time, and ending up opposite, and he is buried there with no one on either side of him, those spaces remain unused. I clicked on several of the links in the story you sent ... canít wait to read more tomorrow too!

If you have any other information on Mr. Pepperd and would like for me to add it to his file, I would be glad to do so. I always try to update records if possible when people contact me for genealogy research.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Chase Bridges
Assistant Cemetery Registrar
Greenwood Memorial Park
(817) 336-0584 ext. 229

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Confederate Civil War Veteran, Cowboy, Bronc Buster, Trail Driver & early (1874) Comanche County rancher. Founder of the city of Wilmore, Kansas. He lost his fortune in the 1887-1888 Coal Mining Fever in the county. Also see: A Chronology of the Life & Times of Christopher Carson Pepperd, State of Kansas vs. C.C. Pepperd, 1876, Testimony of C.C. Pepperd: State of Kansas vs. William Thompson, The Death Certificate of C.C. Pepperd and The Gravestone & Burial of C.C. Pepperd.

Special thanks to Shirley Brier for her research into the life and times of C.C. Pepperd and to Ms. Chase Bridges for her generous permission to quote her informative message and publish the above photograph of C.C. Pepperd's gravestone on this web page!

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