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Nescatunga Enterprise, Volume 1, Number 1, March 20, 1886


Its surroundings, Advantages, Necessities and Business Enterprises.

Located as Nescatunga is between the west and middle fork of the Nescatunga creek; surrounded with a fertile region of country, she is favored with all the elements essential to build up and support a great city, hence her prospects can not be aught else but bright to be convinced of the above fact, any one skeptically inclined has only to take a ride over the rich agricultural region which stretches out in endless beauty in every direction. Leaving Nescatunga and going south, east, or west we gradually descend a gentle meline "covered with a luxuriant growth of grass," until we reach the low bottom lands of the Nescatunga, here we have spread out before us one of the prettiest - richest - valleys in the state, while meandering along its bosom may be seen the clear sparkling, swift flowing waters of the Nescatunga creek. Going north from Nescatunga we gradually "and almost unconsciously" ascend an eminence until we arrive at the summit of the bluffs of Mule creek; lying at our feet we see the low bottom lands of Mule creek, hemmed in by the everlasting hills, while to the south of us we have spread out before our eyes like a panorama the valley lands of the Nescatunga, and we see that this creek with its tributaries forms a perfect net work of water courses, thus making one of the finest watered regions in the west. A perfect paradise for those who desire to engage in raising stock and grain, nestled down in this grand section of country is the prosperous town of Nescatunga; is it any wonder that with such a grand country from which to draw its resources, Nescatunga can laugh at the efforts of rival towns. Among the many advantages Nescatunga has over rival towns is its

WATER SUPPLY in the respect Nescatunga has a great advantage over other towns in the west, as an inexhaustible supply of excellent water, pure clear, sparkling and soft as rain water, can be obtained at an average depth of twenty-five feet.

HEALTHFUL LOCATION, that this is a healthy section of country is a fixed fact; parties who have come here from the east, weak and broken down in health have regained their former health and vigor, and are today strong and robust as ever. Ague and bilious fevers are things unknown, the surface of the country is sufficiently rolling to drain off all surplus water, therefore there are no swamps or stagnant pools of water to fill the air with malarial poison.

CHURCHES. Two organizations have already been effected here, namely; Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren, the M. E. organization was effected sometime in April, 1885, and numbered at that time nine communicants; there has been quite an increase of membership since its organization. The United Brethren church numbers eleven communicants; this people own a church building 24 x 40 feet, 16 feet from floor to ceiling, with belfry and vestibule, which, when complete with furniture will cost $1,600. This is the first and thus far the only church in the county, it is but due the citizens of Nescatunga, to say that irrespective of creed all took a deep interest in this enterprise, and not only did they give words of encouragement, but right royally did they assist with their means to carry the building forward to completion.

SCHOOLS. Judging from the past the school privileges of Nescatunga will not be surpassed by any town in the county; its citizens built the first school house in the county, but owing to the rapid increase of population during the past summer the school house proved too small to accommodate the number of pupils in attendance, and school has been carried on this winter in the U. B. church, but during the coming summer a school building will be erected, which will be an ornament to the town, and large enough to accommodate not only the present attendance, but those which another season's immigration will bring within its borders.

THE NESCATUNGA INSTITUTE, is a night school organized for the benefit of the young ladies and gentlemen of the town and is sufficient evidence that our people are thoroughly aroused to the cause of education. Although organized for the benefit of the young folks it is largely attended by both old and young. It is ably presided over by B. F. Kocher, principal of the day school, assisted by an efficient corps of wide awake teachers.

Among the things we need is a BANK. We not only want but must have a bank, an institution of the kind would yield its proprietors enormous profits and be a source of great convenience to our citizens; at present our business men are forced to go nine miles to a neighboring town to attend to their banking business.

MILL. We want a mill located on the Nescatunga creek near town where the best water power in the county can be had. We want it built and ready by the time harvest is over to manufacture our wheat and corn into flour and meal; with us such an institution is a necessity, as our nearest flouring mill is distant some thirty miles. Here is an opportunity for some one to make a safe investment, which will yield large dividends and we would say to those who are thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity to secure a bonanza, you had best not delay, for he who comes first will secure the prize.

BUSINESS ENTERPRISES Nescatunga possesses as reliable and entering class of people as can be found any where. Below we give a list of those who are engaged in business in this place:

GROCERIES, under this head comes W. H. Sturman the pioneer grocery man who sold the first bill of groceries sold in the town is still at his old stand ever ready to accommodate both old and new customers.

HAND & FRIEDLEY carry a large stock of groceries and provisions, are honest and reliable in every respect, and receive their share of patronage.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE. The first to bring in a stock of general merchandise was H. N. CUMMINGHAM, starting with a small stock of goods, he has increased his stock from time to time as his increased trade demanded; always attentive and obliging he has built up a trade second to none.

STANDIFORD, YOUMANS & ELDRED. This is one of the strongest firms financially in the southwest. They have at their store the largest stock of general merchandise to be found out side a railroad town in southwest Kansas. Mr. Allen W. Smith, an experienced salesman is in charge, with genial Charley Carter as assistant. This firm has a large store at Medicine Lodge, where our people can find any thing they wish to purchase when at the railroad terminus.

C. M. BELCHER has been here but a short time, but is rapidly winning his way into public favor. He carries a full line of general merchandise, and every thing about his store is as neat and clean as a new pin.

The hardware is represented by YATES BROS. these gentlemen occupy a store room 25 x 60, filled to repletion with everything to be found in a first class hardware store. Mr. Fred Yates is in charge and is always ready to wait on customers. These gentlemen have a branch store at Protection with Mr. Meade Yates in charge.

DAN. I. DAVIS has opened up a new stock of hardware, one floor west of the Bell House. Dan. is a jolly old sailor, and whether spinning a yarn or selling a bill of goods, he is the same clever accommodating Dan. He also carries a stock of flour and feed.

DRUG STORES, of these there are two, first class in every respect.

J. E. TINCHER, the proprietor of the City Drug store enjoys the confidences of the people, keeps everything in his line of business, and receives the liberal patronage which he justly deserves.

SOUTHWORTH & CO. of Medicine Lodge have recently opened a drug store in this place with Mr. Wm. Steuart in charge, their stock of goods are fresh and Mr. Stewart is rapidly building up a lucrative business for the firm.

HOTELS. The Bell House is the oldest institution of the kind in town, its proprietress, Mrs. McWilliams is a model landlady, always pleasant and obliging to her guests, in order to meet the demands of her increasing business she is compelled to erect an additional building.

THE WILKINSON HOUSE derives its name from its proprietor. The house is well patronized and Mr. Wilkinson is consequently happy.

SEATON BROS. dealers in flour and feed are bright energetic young men, always up with the times. Place of business two doors west of Bell House.

WOODS & MCWILLIAMS, are dealers in furniture, and make repair work a specialty. If you want any thing in their line you will do well to call and get their prices, if they have not got what you want they will order it for you at once.

MRS. DAVE YATES will open up a stock of millinery goods in a short time. Mrs. Yates is well known in the town and vicinity and will doubtless make a success of her enterprise.

H. R. MILLER the meat market man can supply you with any thing you want in his line, from a steak up to a side of pork or quarter of beef, he also pays cash for hides and furs.

MRS. MUMMY keeps on hand at the City Bakery a supply of nice fresh bread, which she sells at reasonable rates.

CHARLES TRENFIELD, proprietor of the Star Livery, Feed and Sale Stable; has the largest and best equipped livery barn in the county, and is doing a good business. Charlie is one of those clever whole souled sort of fellows, with whom it is a pleasure to transact business.

JOHNNY PATTERSON has recently opened a pool room in the town and to all appearances is doing a good business.

MAHIN & SEATON the new barbers can give you a clean shave, cut your hair and make you look like a respectable man. Give them a call.

The legal profession is represented by J. W. MCWILLIAMS. Mac has had a wide experience in the legal profession, and will carefully attend to any business entrusted to his care, he also holds a notary public commission, takes filings, makes final proofs, etc.

S. P. DUNCAN has been admitted to the bar in Kansas and several other states, is a wide awake reliable gentleman, aside from his law practice he does a notary business, takes filings, makes final proofs and has the agency of some of the best insurance companies.

SEARCY & BRONSON notaries public, real estate and loan agents, are thorough going live energetic young men, and do not wait for something to turn up, but go to work with a vim, which assures success. They are agents for some of the most reliable insurance companies and are doing a good business. Mr. Searcy is also our worthy postmaster and fills that position in a very satisfactory manner.

BERRY & FUNK real estate and loan agents, buy and sell on commission, loan money on real estate and insure property in good reliable insurance companies, they are doing an extensive business. Mr. Berry popularly known as "Cad," holds a notary's commission and carefully attends to any business entrusted to him.

COOK & BREWER, is a law firm embarking in the real estate business. Mr. Cook holds the office of Justice Peace, and Mr. Brewer, has permission to annex N. P. after his cognomen, will take filings, make final proofs, etc., honest and upright they are sure to win, see their "ad" in another column.

W. K. DARLING, M. D. is an experienced physician and will attend to calls at all hours.

DR. TRUMBEL is a new acquisition, comes highly recommended and is delighted with his prospects for business.

WRAY & BLAKE do blacksmithing, repair wagons and farming implements. They are experts in their line of business.

W. F. PEVEHOUSE is again at his old stand ready to do blacksmithing of all kinds, he is an excellent workman and gets his share of patronage.

UNCLE JOHN SCOTT will open a boot and shoe shop in a short time and will make repair work a specialty. No person in this part of the county has more friends than Uncle John, he will get plenty to do.

CARPENTERS. Nescatunga has been fortunate in securing first class carpenters.

C. W. SPRAGUE hails from Michigan, is one of the first settlers in this part of the country, and built the first house in the town.

E. L. BERRY contractor and builder, has put up some of the best houses in town.

THOS. SCHLOSSER also hails from Michigan, gets plenty to do and gives good satisfaction.

W. A. MCWILLIAMS will take contracts or work by the day, does his work in a workmanlike manner.

J. A. FLATTERY also takes contracts and works by the day, does work well and guarantees satisfaction.

I. E. WOODS does house painting, in fact every thing pertaining to the trade, a sign which he painted and has in his shop proves that he is no "slouch."

AL. COLE the plasterer can plaster a house and build a flue in the best of style, he understands his business and warrants his work to give satisfaction.

Newspapers, of these Nescatunga can boost of two. THE WESTERN KANSAN, is a six column folio and advocates democratic principles, is ably edited by Dr. C. L. Dunn one of the leading men of the county; is the official paper of the county and has a good circulation.

THE NESCATUNGA ENTERPRISE with this issue we present you with No. 1 Vol. 1 of THE ENTERPRISE. Modesty forbids us saying any thing in its favor we can only hope it will be favorably received. To us it is a new enterprise we have pushed out into an open sea and are heading for some port we know not whether it be success or failure, but we shall strain every nerve and bend every energy in our effort to reach success.

June 19, 1886:
Destructive Wind, Hail and Rain storm.
Nescatunga Enterprise, June 19, 1886.

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