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The Western Star, August 7, 1925.

Mr. and Mrs. Hodgetts Write from England

The Western Star is in receipt of the following letter from Mr. and Mrs. John Hodgetts, who live in England. Mrs. Hodgetts is well known in this county having lived here for a number of years. Before her marriage she was Miss Kate Barlow. She is a sister of Arthur E. Barlow and Marshall Barlow of this city and of Miss Amy Barlow and Marion Barlow-Ericsson of Miami, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Hodgetts visited in this county and also in Florida about five years ago. They write:

Stourbridge, England, July 22, 1925.

Editors, Western Star: the memory of our visit to your state in 1920, and the many acquaintances then made, often recurs to us. Probably many of your readers would like to have tidings of our whereabouts, etc. So, we will write a few lines.

The present summer has so far been very hot and dry here. The hay and clover cropping has been shocked in good condition. The grain cropping generally is good, also the potatoes and other root cropping. Yesterday, July 21st, I traveled through Worchester and Herefordshire, the centers of fruit and hop growing, and the home of the famous Whiteface cattle, which are well-known to most of you out West.

The hops are looking well, but they have had continuous attacks of blight and have kept growers busy powdering which is now preferred to washing.

To those of you who have never visited our favorite isles, the luxuriant growth of the foliage, and small enclosures, separated by hawthorn hedges, with the herds of cattle and flocks of sheep peacefully resting or browsing, form a delightful picture and a pleasing contrast to your extensive areas.

Recently, sugar beets are being planted here, their culture advocated and factories erected for the manufacture of sugar. Agriculture in this country just now is far from the prosperous condition it should occupy for the prosperity of any country. There is great industrial unrest, and the Dole for the unemployment is being abused, and the young people of our country are losing their muscular powers and energies. Oh, that they would realize their duty to "earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow." and no Dole.

How much we should all remember the Biblical injunction. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." and "whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might."

Mr. and Mrs. Ericsson (nee Miss Marion Barlow) and family are touring Sweden. They visited the "land of the midnight sun." They will spend some time in England with us. Miss Amy Barlow is living in the magic city, Miami, Fla., the land of sunshine and flowers.

In conclusion, we end our greetings and cheer to all our friends "out west."

"You will only pass through this world once. Any good thing, therefore, you can do, or any kindness you can show to any human being, do it now; do not defer it or neglect it; you will not pass this way again."

Yours faithfully,


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