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The Kansas Prairie Dog, Lake City, Kansas, March 18, 1886.


The news of the death of Pat Gallager at his residence in Gallager, Comanche county, at 11:30 today, Friday was received in this city with no little surprise this evening, although it had been announced a few hours earlier that his recovery had been despaired of. His death resulted from tonsillitis swolen (sic) throat and glands which first appeared nine days ago, he used various treatments with no good results. Dr. Hutcheson of this city was called Wednesday night in consultation with Dr. Darling of Nescutunga, but all efforts seemed of no avail. This morning he called his wife and children to his bedside, gave each a kiss, spoke of his business intelligently and asked that he be let die easy, if possible. Tracheotomy was performed which relieved his breathing and he soon fell asleep and died without a struggle three hours after the operation. Deceased is a native of Ireland, and located upon the townsight (sic) of the now flourishing little town that bears his name in the neighborhood of twelve years ago. By his persisting efforts and energy he succeeded in building up a pleasant little town and accumulated considerable property, was universally well liked and made friends everywhere. He leaves a wife, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Feltner of this city, and four children. Deceased was thirty years of age and comparatively strong and robust in health. The funeral will take place in this city tomorrow at 4 o’clock under the direction of the I.O.O.F Lodge of this city.

Out of respect to the memory of Pat Gallager, deceased, we would suggest to the business men the propriety of closing business during the funeral hour 4 o’clock tomorrow.

The Kansas Prairie Dog, Lake City, Kansas, March 25, 1886.

In the ears of every individual present and almost every house in Comanche and Barber counties, have heard the name and fame of Pat Gallager. His voice when heard sent a thrill of cheer to his comrades, a smile to the face of the most sanguine, the bright beam of joy to the jovial and inspired every man woman and child who knew him with hope and happiness.

He was born in Ireland, came to this country about 12 years ago, was now 30 years of eager and leaves a wife and four children. His person was strong, frank and honest, his habits were free, communicate and energetic, he was above the average man of his neighborhood in physical, mental and moral conditions. In finance his word was good as gold and his note paid any debt. To look at him you seen a man but in the midst of life, in a day when prosperity, peace and home comforts surrounded him, he was called away.

He was confined to his bed but a few days, though he had been suffering with chronic throat troubles for some time. I was called to see him first Thursday morning, found his tonsils inflamed and swollen, and owing to the immense size his tongue had reached could not be treated. Later his breath grew so uncertain that it was necessary to set up artificial breathing by introducing a tube into the windpipe, he expressed his satisfaction that he could at least die easy. He called for his wife and children, bid each farewell and spoke intelligently of his business, such partings are always sad, and from their remembrance we refuse to be divorced for they make us feel that we should live truer, nobler, better, purer, men and woman. At half past eleven Friday he passed away, and house was left without its former head a young and happy wife the day before was left a sad and lonely widow, four hopeful, happy and prosperous children were left without a father . . . Let us not judge a providence, for there are more unhappy events that befall mankind than death, but show our kindness and good thought by actions. Owing to the energetic frugality of the deceased in this case it is not necessary to give money, but well may we weep with those who weep, that when our day of trouble comes we may have sympathy in return . . . To the spectators present we may learn a lesson, that though we may be strong today, the strongest man must die. We may be happy and confident without a shadow in our path, but our best and dearest friend and helper may pass away in an unexpected hour. Let us then have our business straight, our manhood true, a conscience clear.

The Western Star, March 27, 1886.


Pat Gallagher breathed his last at his residence in Gallagher, Comanche county, on Friday of last week. He had been ill only about 10 days. His death resulted from tonsillitis, swollen throat and glands. Deceased was a native of Ireland, and located on the town site that bears his name about 12 years ago. He had accumulated considerable property, having been principally engaged in the cattle business, since he came to the county. He leaves a wife, the daughter of Mr. A. Feltner, of Lake City, and four children. Deceased was 30 years of age and apparently in good health until his last illness. His funeral took place last Saturday under the auspices of the I. O. O. F. lodge of Lake City, of which he was a member. Peace to his ashes.

At left:

Gravestone of Patrick Gallagher

Lake City Cemetery, Lake City, Barber County, Kansas.

Photo by Kim Fowles.


News Items from The Kansas Prairie Dog, Lake City, Kansas.

24 Sept 1885 - Pat Gallager was in town Saturday. The boys say Pat is getting aristocratic and is contributing toward a bay window. Ireland has secured a post office. It has been named after the jolly Pat Gallager. Pat will hereafter write p.m. after his name.

31 Dec 1885 - Pat Gallager has taken up board in this city. Jack Bell and Pat Gallager attended the Masonic ball at Medicine Lodge.

21 Jan 1886 - A sleighing party consisting of F.L. Gordon, Miss Minnie Andrew, John Decker, Miss Cinda Winters, T.O. Williams, Miss Madge Andrew, B.P. Mitchell, Miss Ellen Feltner, F. Bennet, Miss Maud Andrews, Ed Buck and Mike Cavanaugh went up to Sun City Tuesday night and from all accounts were given a brilliant reception. The doors of the Commercial were thrown open and a pleasant little dance and supper was tendered them by the hospitable citizens of Sun City. The parties claim it was a complete surprise to them and all express themselves well pleased with the treatment received from the management of the Commercial and the hospitality of the citizens of Sun City.

4 Feb 1886 - Col. Pat Gallager of Ireland, was among the noted arrivals Saturday.

11 Feb 1886 - Miss Ellen Feltner left yesterday for the east.

9 Sept 1886 - Quite a sad accident occured here last Thursday at 2 o’clock p.m. at the residence of A. Feltner’s. Charley Matthews, a little two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Matthews, of near Aetna, in some way got a small bottle of carbolic acid off of a stand table, which had been placed there by some one while cleaning the house, and drank part of it and in less than ten minutes after drinking it he was perfectly paralyzed. Drs. Hutcheson and Hovious were sent for but they could not do the little fellow any good. He lived until 4o’lock p.m. Friday and was buried at the Lake City cemetery Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews have the entire sympathy of this community in their sad bereavement.

6 May 1886 - Frank Feltner has taken up his abode at Gallager where he has charge of the estate of Pat Gallager deceased.

27 May 1886 - Frank Feltner and Steph Roach has purchased the Gallager stock of goods at Gallager and will continue business at that point. 24 June 1886 - Mrs. Pat Gallager will build a comfortable residence in this city shortly.

16 Sept 1886 - Mrs. Gallagers house is about completed.

23 Sept 1886 - Mrs. A. Feltner has been seriously ill for the last week.

2 Dec 1886 - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Feltner on Monday night, a ten pound boy. Dr. R.C. Hutcheson officiating. Frank says he thinks with good training the boy will be able to knock John L. Sullivan out in the first round.

"Pat Gallagher laid out the first road from Mule Creek to Coldwater, going north of Nescatunga. Mr. Gallagher, a good old Irish soul, took a mowing machine and cut a "swath" of grass, put up a sign at Mule Creek which read, "The best and eight mile shortest road to Coldwater." Pat was one of the first among the old timers to solve the mystery of death." -- Memories of Early Days by C.M. Cade, The Western Star, March 17, 1922.

A brief history of the town of Gallagher, Comanche County, Kansas, by Dave Webb, was published on page 27 of Comanche County History, Volume 1.

Thanks to Shirley Brier for finding, transcribing and contributing the above news article from The Western Star to this web site! She noted that his name was spelled Galligher in the obituary. Comanche County History, Vol. 1, gives the spelling of the town named after him as Gallagher.

Thanks to Kim Fowles for for finding, transcribing and contributing the above news articles from The Kansas Prairie Dog to this web site along with the photo of Patrick Gallagher's gravestone! (His surname was spelled Gallager in the Kansas Prairie Dog news articles.)

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