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Ernest L. Ferrin passed away May 13, 1974. Funeral services were held at the Hatfield Funeral Home in Coldwater, Kansas, on Thursday, May 16, 1974. Rev. Ralph Barcelo was in charge of the services. Mrs. Gertrude Cobb sang "Shadows", accompanied by Mrs. Hazel McMurry, organist. Pallbearers were Weldon Trummel, Lester Fry, Jr., Carl Snyder, Jr., Bob Hackney, Charles Booth, and Muriel Gregg. Honorary pallbearers were Howard Brass, Fay Smith, Valtos Richardson, Lawrence York, Jr., Fay Moberly, and Lester Fry, Sr.

Interment was in the Wilmore cemetery, Wilmore, Ks.


Ernest Ferrin was born in Greenwood County, Kansas, on February 8, 1886, and came to Comanche County, Ks, at the age of three months. He lived his entire life in this county. He married Nellie Barnett in 1921.

He passed away on May 13, 1974, (in the car on the way to) Medicine Lodge Hospital. Ernest was a member of the Coldwater Christian Church and the Wilmore Masonic Lodge.

Those who mourn his passing include his widow, Nellie, of the home; a daughter, Helen Flory, Mesa, Az; two sons, Delmer Ferrin, Wilmore, Ks, and Wendel Ferrin, Tucson, Az; a sister, Nellie Ely of Houston, Tx; a brother, Walter Ferrin, Coldwater, Ks; 12 grandchildren, one great grandchild, cousins, nieces and nephews, and many friends.

(From The Western Star, published __ May 1974 at Coldwater, Kansas.)

Gravestone of Ernest Leroy and Nellie Mae (Barnett) Ferrin,

Wilmore Cemetery, Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas. 

Photo by John Edward (Ed) Schrock, 
used with permission of Janet Schrock Hubbard.
Gravestone of Ernest Leroy and Nellie Mae (Barnett) Ferrin
Lot #122, Powell Township Cemetery, Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas.
Photo by John Edward (Ed) Schrock.

FERRIN, Nellie M.: January 8, 1893 - October 20, 1987 : Order of the Eastern Star
Note by J.F.: Wife of Ernest Leroy Ferrin. Nellie May Barnett was the 2nd of two daughters born to Milton and Anna Aurelia (Allender) Barnett. She is the author of the Report of the Wilmore Church of Christ, August 23, 1953. She loved poetry and had a gift for reciting a poem or gospel verse at just the right moment to make her point, which was something especially notable about her to Alzina Baker. The poem, Walking in the Heartland, was written in honor of her: dearly beloved "Grandma Nellie".
Comanche County History, p. 374.
Comanche County in Pictures, pp. 34, 38, 40, 47, 50, 51, 61, 62, 63, 67
Lot #122, Powell Township Cemetery, Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas.

FERRIN, Ernest L. 'POPPY' : February 8, 1886 - May 13, 1974 : Mason
Note by J.F.: Ernest Leroy Ferrin was the husband of Nellie May Barnett and the son of Loren & Alcana (Wagner) Ferrin. His grandparents were Reuben & Hannah Philura (Murch) Ferrin and Daniel & Mary A. (Horner) Wagner. He was generally known as "Ernie" Ferrin. He was called "Poppy" by his grandchildren and by most of the children in the Wilmore Community. He was fond of having "watermelon feeds" and "weinie roast" picnics for his grandchildren on their birthdays and would go to the Wilmore School to pick up his grandchildren and their classmates for a ride on a tractor-drawn hay wagon out to a picnic ground he maintained beside Spring Creek on his farm. He was fond of practical jokes. The poem, Poppy & the Zoo, was written in honor of him. Incidentally, the death date I have recorded for him is 10 May 1974.
Comanche County History, p. 374
Comanche County in Pictures, pp. 38, 40, 47, 51, 56, 59, 62, 63, 67
Lot #122, Powell Township Cemetery, Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas.

The Wilmore News, February 18, 1915

Ridge Summit News

Ernest Ferrin butchered hogs Wednesday of last week.

Monday afternoon, while Walter Ferrin was plowing, a bolt came out of the doubletree letting it fall and hit the horses which frightened them and caused them to run. One horse was pushed into the fence and received some severe cuts which, besides the tearing up of the harness, was all the damage done.

(News article contributed by Shirley Brier.)

The Wilmore News, February 8, 1917.

Ernest Ferrin was in Coldwater Monday afternoon. He went over to take Faye Smith and cousin back to school. Lewis Smith started with them but didn't get very far.

Lewis Smith, Ernest Ferrin, Maude Cobb, and daughter Mildred spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Graham.

(News article contributed by Shirley Brier.)

The Wilmore News, November 11, 1932.


Sunday, November 6, being the birthday of Mrs. Loren Ferrin, her children gathered in to help her celebrate with a big dinner. Each of the families brought well filled baskets and as they all filed in at dinner time Mrs. Ferrin was happily surprised. They all enjoyed the good dinner together.

The birthday cake was decorated with candy flowers and a candle for each ten years that has passed. Mrs. Ferrin is now 72 years of age and is enjoying reasonably good health.

Those present were Ernest Ferrin and family, Esther Bigbee and family, Walter Ferrin and family and Nelly Ely and family. This is all of the children except Maude, who now lives in Ohio.

Mrs. Clara Ridge, Mrs. R. E. Terry and Mrs. Geo. Brown spent Monday evening quilting at the home of Mrs. Barnett and Geneva. Mrs. C. B. Austin also spent the evening at the Barnett home. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Baker, Geneva Barnett and E. L. Ferrin spent Saturday in Medicine Lodge. Mr. Baker and Miss Geneva took the civil service examination for the post master. -- The Wilmore News, December 13, 1935.

"Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ferrin and family, Mrs. Barnett and Geneva made a trip to Sealing, Okla., last Thursday and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Moreton and family. Mr. Ferrin traded for a new Chevrolet car while there." -- (excerpt from) Wilmore News, The Wilmore News, October 18, 1936.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ferrin and Mrs. L. Ferrin were in Coldwater Monday. Mrs. L. Ferrin called on Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Griffith, also on Mrs. A. Ferrin who is at the Shelley hospital. -- The Wilmore News, January 21, 1938.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Ferrin and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bigbee and family visited Mrs. Loren Ferrin and Maude Sunday. -- The Wilmore News, July 15, 1938.

"Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Flory of Medicine Lodge and Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Ferrin returned from a trip last Thursday from a ten days' trip to Arizona and Mexico. They visited the Grant Wrights in Phoenix and, at Ajo, Arizona, went through the copper mines. On Christmas Eve they were in Tucson where they visited a cousin of Mr. Flory's and went through the old mission (Mission San Xavier del Bac) there and also went to the mountains. Mrs. Maude Watkins accompanied them as far as Phoenix, then went on the bus to Norfolk, Calif., to see her grand-daughter, Mrs. R.J. Conger, and family." -- The Western Star, 6 Jan 1950.

Ernest and Nellie (Barnett) Ferrin with their children: from left: Wendel Gene Ferrin, Helen Aurelia Ferrin, Delmer Lee Ferrin.Ernest and Nellie (Barnett) Ferrin with their children: from left: Wendel Gene Ferrin, Helen Aurelia Ferrin, Delmer Lee Ferrin. 1945.

Loren & Alcana (Wagner) Ferrin with their children: from left, Nellie, Maude and Ernest. Loren holds Walter. West Powell Township, Comanche County, Ks, circa 1890.

At left: Loren & Alcana (Wagner) Ferrin with their children: from left, Nellie, Maude and Ernest. Loren holds Walter. West Powell Township, Comanche County, Ks, circa 1890.


WWI Draft Registration card for Ernest Leroy Ferrin of Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas.
Draft Registration card: Ernest Leroy Ferrin of Wilmore, Comanche County, Kansas.

United States, Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M1509, 4,582 rolls.

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Practical Jokes & Backfired Actions: A few stories about Ernie Ferrin

Children of Loren & Alcana (Wagner) Ferrin:
Maude Mae (Ferrin) Watkins   (19 Sept 1884 - 9 Dec 1961)
Ernest Leroy Ferrin   (8 Feb 1886 - 13 May 1974)
Nellie Mabel (Ferrin) Ely   (17 Nov 1888 - 13 Feb 1975)
Walter William Ferrin (6 Dec 1895 - 26 August 1975)
Esther Irene (Ferrin) Bigbee   (30 Dec 1903 - 14 Nov 1942)

Alcana Ferrin   Mother of Ernest L. Ferrin.

Arthur & Alice (Eyerly) Ferrin   Uncle and Aunt of Ernest L. Ferrin.

Reuben & Hannah Philura (Murch) Ferrin   Grandfather of Ernest L. Ferrin.

How Loren & Arthur Ferrin Came to Comanche County, Kansas

Anna Aurelia (Allender) Barnett   Mother-In-Law of Ernest L. Ferrin.

Obituary: Esther Irene (Ferrin) Bigbee   Sister of Ernest L. Ferrin

Mary A. (Horner) Wagner   Maternal Grandmother of Ernest L. Ferrin.

Loren David Ferrin   Grandson of Ernest L. Ferrin.

A Brief History of Newton, New Hampshire (A New Chronology of the Life & Times of Jonathan Farren)
Ernest Leroy Ferrin was an 7th generation descendant of Capt. Jonathan Farren of Amesbury, MA, & Newton, NH, as follows: Ernest Leroy Ferrin 7, Loren Ferrin 6, Reuben Ferrin 5, Zebulon Ferrin 4, Zebulon Ferrin 3, Zebulon Farren 2, Jonathan Farren 1.

Ferrin Gravestones in the North Jay Cemetery, Essex County, New York.

Poppy & the Zoo
A poem in memory of Ernest Leroy Ferrin and some land called The Zoo he owned located just north of Wilmore. It was inspired by an interview with Wendel Ferrin, 13 April 1989, prior to a archealogical excavation at The Zoo, about Indian skulls, arrowheads and artifacts found in the area, and about two men associated with the land, Ira Schultz and "Doll-Slam-It" Baldwin.

Red Cross Fund Oversubscribed, The Wilmore News, 28 June 1917.

The 1924 Pocket Directory of Wilmore, Kansas

Comanche Steal - The Fraudulent Organization of Comanche County, Kansas by Thomas Allen McNeal from When Kansas Was Young, pages 61 - 65.

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