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The Western Star, January 28, 1927.

Comanche-co.'s Nine District Clerks

Nine persons have served Comanche-co. as clerk of the district court during the past 42 years. Of that number, five were elected as republicans, three as democrats and one on the fusion ticket. Two each served one term, four two terms, one served three terms and one eight terms. The present official - J. A. Murray - recently entered upon his second term in that office. We give below a few facts regarding the various candidates for that office at the elections since the county was organized.

At the first election held in this county, on April 21, 1885, E. B. Peel, republican, was elected to the office of clerk of the district court, defeating W. F. Creudson, democrat, by a vote of 1034 to 577. Mr. Peel was a candidate for the same office at the November, 1885, election, but he was defeated by Frank Meyer, democrat, the vote standing - Meyer, 528; Peel, 524; G. T. Graves, Greenbacker, 393.

As stated, Frank Meyer was the successful candidate at the general election in 1885. At the general election held on November 2, 1886, Mr. Meyer was re-elected, defeating M. D. Ryan republican, the vote being Meyer, 632; Ryan, 420. Mr. Meyer joined the crowds who went to El Reno, Okla., during the early 90s, and he has since lived in that city. Mr. Ryan moved form Coldwater about the same time.

Rebel E. Goddard.

Photo courtesy of Faeylyn Wylder. R. E. GODDARD
There were two candidates for district clerk at the general election in this county in 1888 - R. E. Goddard, democrat, and Jos. E. Tincher, republican. Goddard won by a vote of 489 to 456. Mr. Goddard served just one term, and, during the early 90s, returned to Kentucky, his native state, where he still makes his home. Mr. Tincher moved from this county about the same time.

At the general election in 1890, there were three candidates for district clerk. They were: R. W. Doig, republican, who received 237 votes, Dick H. Rich, democrat, who received 205 votes and L. L. Zerby, Alliance, who received 141 votes. Mr. Doig was re-elected two years later without opposition. He moved from this city to California about 30 years ago, and still resides in that state.

Chas. M. Myers was the successful candidate at the general election in 1894, defeating D. H. Rich by a vote of 167 to 136. Two years later, Mr. Myers was re-elected, there being no opposing candidate. About 25 years ago, Mr. Myers moved to Lawton, Okla., where he continued the practice of law until the time of his death, which occurred about 12 years ago. Mr. Rich is still a resident of this city.

R. A. Strain, the Fusion candidate, was elected in 1898, defeating H. I. Burr, the republican candidate, by a vote of 187 to 155. In 1900, Mr. Strain was re-elected, defeating H. W. Chapman, democrat, by a vote of 204 to 178, and at the general election in 1902, he was again elected, defeating H. K. Durkee, the republican candidate by the very close margin of 202 to 201. Mr. Strain died in July, 1910, and Mr. Chapman passed away about three years ago. Mr. Durkee died in Coats about 10 years ago.

There were two candidate at the election in 1904 - W. C. Monticue, republican, and J. P. Taylor, democrat. Monticue won by a vote of 257 to 161. Two years later, Mr. Monticue was re-elected without opposition. He is now a resident of Protection, to which city he returned soon after his last term in office expired.

At the 1908 election, Mr. Taylor successful, defeating Geo. Meers, republican, by a vote of 403 to 253. Mr. Taylor was re-elected in 1910, 1912, 1914, 1916, 1918, 1920, and in 1922, thus serving, in all sixteen years, or eight terms. He had not opposition in 1910. In 1912, Mr. Meers was again the republican candidate, and W. P. Bayless the socialist candidate. The vote that years was: Taylor, 602; Meers, 455, and Bayless, 71. Again in 1914 there were three candidates - J. P. Taylor, J. W. Garten and W. P. Bayless. The vote stood, Taylor 853; Garten, 537, and Bayless, 95. Two years later, there were again three candidates - Taylor, Garten and E. L. Hite, the latter being the social candidate. The vote that year stood; Taylor, 1087; Garten, 674; and Hite, 96. In 1918, Mr. Taylor had no opposition, but in 1920 there were two candidates. Henry Knecht was the republican candidate. The vote stood; Taylor, 954; Knecht, 766. In 1922, Mr. Taylor was re-elected without opposition.

John A. Murray, republican, was the successful candidate for district clerk at the election in 1924. J. P. Taylor was again a candidate, but he was defeated, the vote being, Murray, 908; Taylor, 826. At the election in 1926, Mr. Murray was re-elected without opposition.

Mr. Taylor is still a resident of this city, being engaged in the land, loan and abstracting business. As will be seen, he holds the record for length of service as clerk of the District Court in this county.

Comanche County Officers, 1885 - 2007

Thanks to Shirley Brier for finding, transcribing and contributing the above news article to this web site! Thanks to Faeylyn Wylder for the photograph of R.E. Goddard.

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