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The Western Star, October 16, 1969.


To the C.H.S. Alumni

As a service to its subscribers and as a salute to the alumni of Coldwater High School, the Western Star is pleased to present herewith a complete list of the graduates of Coldwater High School. This covers a span of 78 years -- from 1892 to 1969, inclusive.

To prepare this list of names and recheck them, as well as set them in type, has been a monumental project but a rewarding one. Thanks to all who assisted in any way.

Save this list and add to it each year the list of graduates which hereafter will be published in the Star at graduation time.

If you know of an error in the list, please notify the Star so that a correction may be made.

Class of 1892:
Edward Halliday
Ella McCune
Donna McCool

Class of 1893:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1894:
Jay T. Botts

Class of 1895:
William B. Myers
Andrew H. Doig
James C. Jackson
Frank C. Wilkins
Nellie Botts
Evah L. Halliday
Inez A. Webber

Class of 1896:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1897:
Elmer Snare
Mary Avery

Class of 1898:
Daniel Von Schriltz
John Botts

Class of 1899:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1900:
Thomas N. Botts

Class of 1901:
Omer Todd

Class of 1902:
Charles Allderdice
Charley Leonard
Nellie Watson
Guy Von Schriltz

Class of 1903:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1904:
Gaylen Pyle
Hugh Webber
Albert Moore
Ethel Smith

Class of 1905:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1906:
Thomas Williams
Burrel Von Schriltz
J.T. McIntire
Gaylord Wells
Bernard Stark
Pearl Moore
Beryl Wells

Class of 1907:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1908:
Lillian Rich
Elsie Torrey

Class of 1909:
No Graduating Class

Class of 1910:
Mayme Herbert
Idress Curran

Class of 1911:
Frank Webb
Hazel Jackson
Flossie Stubbs
Mary Nielsen

Class of 1912:
George Griffith
Martha Farmer
Romola Ham
James Herbert
Amy Duncan
Mabel Younker
Maude Marley

Class of 1913:
Charles Burt
Etna Johnston
Butler Hadley
Winnie Meers
Walter Maris
Hannah Herbert

Class of 1914:
Fern Lease
Clara Hase
Helen Willard
Grace Neilson
Gladys Vermillion
Floy Hadley

Class of 1915:
James Crawford
Hazel Ferrin
Mabel Drake
Alma Herbert
Frank Burch
Lucille Blake
Ward Butcher
Mayme Harbaugh
Lloyd Robbins
Maudie Overocker
Eula Hulsy
Mabel Nielsen
Rich Leonard
Beatrice Myers
Lester Hankins
Guy Chadwick
Edward Crawford
Marie Griffith
Bessie Small
Faye Carthrae

Class of 1916:
Agnes Stephens
Donna Pounds
Cecil Berry
Lois Craig
Jessie Harold
Willis Ray
Pearl Craig
Hueston Cline
Madeline Berrey
Bernice Schrock
Horace Rich
James McCay

Class of 1917:
Jay Pounds
Orville Smith
Alva Swarner
Earl Johnson
Charles Sitler
Everett Masten
Glenn Mitchell
Edna Smith
Helen Williams
Agnes Hartley
Florence Lindstrom
Mildred Hadley
Ida Shearer
Lucile Butcher
Edith Waugh

Class of 1918:
John Crawford   (WWI Casualty)
Lynn Beeley
Scott Stewart
Ruth Marley
Victor Butcher
Charles Guyer
Ada McMoran
Laura Dykes
Gloyd Hadley
Mildred Neumann
Clair Scroggy
Chester Sitler
John Baessler

Class of 1919:
Lewis Griffith
John Hills
Harold Hunt
Loyal Hunt
John Kimple
Dale Mark
Frank Masemore
Gleason McIntyre
John McMoran
Clair Parcel
Claude Replogle
Harold Wagner
Victor Young
Mabel Markham
Helen Markham

Class of 1920:
Corella Wilkinson
Kathryn Korff
Thelma Pounds
Kathryn Frederick
Irene Emerson
Vivian Replogle
Audrey Smith
Effie McCay
Glenn Gossett
Robert Korff
Millard McIntyre
Bryce Osbourn
Orita Cowan

Class of 1921:
Mildred Betzer
Francis Chapman
Edith Johnston
May Wolf
Horton Goss
May Buchanan
Pearl Gerhart
Lewis Nielsen
Minnie McMoran
Hazel Meers
Alma Nehrt
Irene Barnes
Lee German
Leliah Griffith
Eingver Jarnagin
Alpha Perkins
Evar Lindstrom
Vertis Swarner
Ruth Stewart

Class of 1922:
Arthur E. Barlow
Duward Carleton
Robert Clark
Clyde Henderson
George Cooper
Denver Flowers
Raymond Lohrding
Earl McWherter
Claude Myers
Arnold Nehrt
Maurice Pepperd
Thomas Pounds
Wayne Replogle
Clyde Taylor
Milton Nokes
Elsie Baker
Flora Barlow
Lois Buchanan
Iva Dellinger
Anna Hadley
Iva Heft
Ruth Heft
Marjorie Mull
Anna Nielsen
Dorothy Perkins
Thelma Swift
Geneva White
Hazel Hakes

Class of 1923:
Agnes Clark
Mildred Cole
Pauline Haydock
Louise Korff
Wilma Weimert
Gladys Swaim
Edith Sunderland
Jean Smith
Marie Robbins
Norma McIntyre
Irene Morton
Grace Nokes
Iona Parker
James Doig, Jr.
Frank Kimple, Jr.
Vernon McMoran
Ivor Pounds
Wade Marley
Harold Lewis
Hunter Overstreet

Class of 1924:
Myrl Dellinger
Percy Dale
John Barlow
Maurice Baugh
Kenneth Cline
Alvin Garten
Richard Jarnagin
Richard Taylor
John Thompson
Clyde Stewart
Dorothy Dale
Alyce Crowe
Alma Helton
Thelma James
Irene Baker
Ruth Botts
Caroline Thompson
Ada Price
Mildred Haydock
Gertrude Nokes
Marie McNeill
Nadine McElhaney
Florence Baker

Class of 1925:
Verna Pepperd
Huron Atteberry
Marcella Fields
Glenn Replogle
Juanita Emerson
Walter McMoran
Mary Korff
Emma Mae Bibb
Donna Tinker
Allen Williams
Alberta Dale
Hazel Thompson
Melvin Taylor
Georgiana McNeill
Elma Jane Mullins
Icle Sunderland
L.B. Williams
Oscar Carter

Class of 1926:
Alice Boshell
Roy Burkhall
Bertha Chester
Virginia Crawford
Richard Dunn
Geneva Fleming
Effie Frederick
Thelma Garten
Muriel Gregg
Helen Haas
Arthur Hall
Alice Heft
Helen Homes
Bertha James
Glenn McCulla
Kathryn Myers
Fred Nokes
Vella Parks
Verda Parks
Helen Pieratt
Paul Shelley
Clarence Stewart
Neill Studer
Martin Swisher
Richard Swisher
Dennis Vonachen
Winnie Williams
Cecil Wilson
Hazel Wood
Owen Wall

Class of 1927:
Alyn Hall
Helene Holmes
Richard Parsons
Tom Holcomb
Josephine Bibb
Ray Burditt
Beulah Ellis
Regina Carleton
Frankie Emerson
Lucile Foree
Ruth Frazier
Rosa Frederick
Rachel Gregg
Vivian Janson
Alice Mathias
Edith McCauley
Maurice McIntyre
Herman McIntyre
Elizabeth Pepperd
Ruth Shelley
Frances Todd
Orland Vermillion
Harmon Myers
Dorothy Stewart

Class of 1928:
Carl Flowers
Alzina Burditt
Blanche McMoran
Josephine Korff
Charles Allderdice
Myrtle Burditt
Hallie Cole
Mary Crites
Belle Crowe
Laura Deewall
Harold Ellis
Mary Lou Hall
Elza Holmes
Agnes James
Genevieve Kimple
Clarine Morton
Eugene Neas
Roy Mudd
Russell E. Osbourn
Bennington Ross
Grace Shelley
Floyd Shelton
Eureath White
Whit Williams
Cleo Wilson

Class of 1929:
Ada Avery
Ruth Beeley
Frances Cline
Hattie Griffith
Naoma McKinney
Frances Replogle
Thelma Schultz
Renous Allen
Thomas Avery
Jay Pepperd
Harry Wall
Maris White
Thelma Todd
Bernice Todd

Class of 1930:
Blanche Basnett
Margaret Boshell
Mary Cooper
Virginia Gilchrist
Roberta Korff
Frank Myers
Dorothy Landess
Helen McCauley
Edith Neas
Agnes Seeley
Adeline Sweeney
Elsie Sweeney
Mildred Williams
Otto Bain
Wayne Beitler
Clyde Blackard
Elizabeth Allderdice
Catherine Cummings
Paul Botts
Gertrude Frederick
Harold Boyd
Walter Carleton
Richard Dale
Howard Edwards
Virgil Hall
Morrow Hecht
Donald Holcomb
Bertha Scholle
Ross Nokes
Martin Schank
Merlin Taylor
Phillip Taylor

Class of 1931:
Bennie Bain
Harbaugh Beeley
Claude Bramlett
George Dale
Douglas Dale
Stanley Dilley
Kenneth Hackney
Doyle Heft
Fred Jacks
Charles Korff
Alton Metzker
John Pepperd
Hubert Robinson
Jack Shelley
Eugene Stober
Keith Tucker
Jessie Williams
Wallace White
Corlan Williams
Charles Pieratt
Lucille Atteberry
Myrtle Atteberry
Vivian Booth
Mary Budig
Janette Dale
Lee Foree
Mildred Gregg
Leona Herd
Ellen Hadley
Alberta Hiner
Elizabeth Holmes
Ethel May Kurz
Luella Nokes
Ruth Osbourn
Inez Weimert

Class of 1932:
Woodrow Beeley
LeRoy Cline
Orville Deewall
Tom Duncan
Ralph Griffith
Rex Gossett
Merril Harper
Rich Lyon
William Martin
William Parsons
Glenn Small
John Tinker
Floyd Thompson
Hobart Thompson   (WWII Casualty)
James Tandy
Lon V. Herd
Roscoe Williams
Thuralene Harbaugh
Henry Williams
Marjorie Allderdice
Georgianna Avery
Lois Blackard
Minnie Ellis
Patricia Gilchrist
Laura Kurz
Marjorie Lindstrom
Marie Mathias
Jessie Morton
Virginia Robbins
Calla Squires
Lola Tucker
Edith Todd
Dorothy Shultz
Bernice Waugh
James Williams

Class of 1933:
Theo Eaton
Darleen Shelley
Ansel Dickinson
Oscar Blount
Juanita Jeffries
Madeline Carleton
Elaine Maris
George Jabara
Lorene Todd
David Cary
Maxine England
Joe Kehl
Loletha Jeffries
Dorothea Waugh
Earl Six
Irma York
Maxine Heide
Dorothy Six
Norman Hall
Rosa Hackney
Eric Sims   (WWII Casualty)
Clare Cummings
Joe McMillen
Dewitt Nicholas
Harlan Day
Roy Bean
Frank Hadley
Bill Griffith   (WWII Casualty)
Bob Finney
Charles Gregg
Raymond Cline

Class of 1934:
George Burditt
H.R. Burnett   (WWII Casualty)
Clifford Blount
Clyde Bibb
Delsie Bain
Marjorie Crosser
Ruby Carrick
Junior Cline
Verda Mae Dale
John Deewall
Luane Dickinson
Darleen Harding
Iris Hill
Lynn Haas
LaVera Hecht
Bessie Hadley
Richard Hosman
Lola Kropf
Edith Lytle
Charles Lyon
Fred Lohrding
Susie Stewart
Raymond Brown
Lester Lenertz
Lowell Lytle
Betty May Lytle
Martha Maris
Dorothy Martin
Russell McKinney
Ernest Parker
John Platt
Donald Robinson
William Robbins   (WWII paratrooper, prisoner of the Germans)
Mary Ella Seyfrit
Alice Shultz
Charles Sweeney
Calvert Sims
Darrel Smith
Harold Hucklebridge
Paul Davis
Lena Rader
Clyda Wheeler
Herbert Seyfrit   (Aviation Cadet, died in training, WWII)
Gordon Taylor
Waunita Tucker
Norman Todd
Doris Tinker
John White

Class of 1935:
Jack Allderdice
Charles Bain
Bernice Bauer
Newell Beeley
Lottie Bibb
Lamont Boshell
Harland Cary
Dwight Copple
Vida Dale
Junior Darroch
Ralph Deewall
Beulah Fleming
Viola Fleming
William Giles
Jim Guseman
Vera Hackney
Ivan Hadley
Gorman Hecht
Vernon Huck
Nyle Janson
Nadean Heft
Dwight Link
Vernon Lytle
Dorothy Mason
Junior Myers
Floy McKinney
Marie Scholle
Rosemary Sims
Eileen Smith
Robert Stewart
George Sundgren
Henrietta Wegand

Class of 1936:
Virginia Beeley
Marjorie Betzer
Charles Boshell
Georganna Campbell
Mary Carleton
J.D. Chilcote
Billy Cozad
Leroy Deewall
Fayette Dickinson
Lonnie Emerson
Elsie Foree
Alta Goodale
Rex Guseman
Jim Haas
Clifford Hecht
Fahryn Hecht
Clifford Henderson
Marie Henderson
Nina Isaac
Neill Jackson
Eloise Kehl
Celesta Misenhelter
Victor McIntyre
Irene Overocker
Bob Phebus
Charles Renard
Merle Richardson
Raymond Schultz
Gerald Sooter
Vera May Vance
Tom Willard
Esther Goodale

Class of 1937:
Max Eaton
Richard Guizlo
Billy Hough
Raymond James
Ernest Murray
Lewis McKinney
Clarence Oller   (WWII Casualty)
Dan Parcel
John Patten
Herman Seyfrit
Elwin Smith   (WWII Casualty)
Victor Stark
Cecil Sweeney
Edward Waller
Donald White   (WWII Casualty)
Victor Willard
Dorsie Barnes
Marjorie Beitler
Phyllis Betzer
Ruby Keesee
Mary Botts
Dorothy Brown
Jessie Cline
Fay Anna Dale
Opal Doran
Fern Dykes
Phyllis Gossett
Betty Hadley
Betty Harbaugh
Malee Harding
Lou Ellen Herd
Olive Jeffries
Ruth Korpf
Mabel Murray
Dessie Parks
Mildred Proctor
Dorothy Robbins
Dolly Shank
Marie Shelley
Evelyn Smith
Frances Snow
Jane Stewart
Marjorie Todd

Class of 1938:
Ellen Arnold
Freda Butcher
Helen Allderdice
Margaret Zoe Rich
Barbara Wolf
Monroe Huck
John Hecht
Anna Lou Thompson
Lucille Hackney
Clair Parcel
Betty Herd
Virginia Cary
Alma White
Philip Nicholson
Francis James
Clifford Case
Frances England
Ted Smith
Gail Hecht
Mary Lou Carter
Don Wood
Frank Metzger
Herbert King
Ralph Sooter   (WWII Casualty)
Virginia Herd
Margaret Kimple
Maxine Parcel
Kenneth Henderson
Mildred Guizlo
Frank Jabara
Jack White
Donita Darroch
Ruth Giles
Pauline Deewall
Philip Betiler [Beitler]
Robert Schank
Maxine McLaughlin
Louise Dykes
Virgil McIntyre
Wilbur Lytle   (Awarded Silver Star, WWII)
Alta Kahler
Bill Avery

Class of 1939:
Myra Boisseau
Lyle Cummings
Donald Betzer   (WWII Pilot Instructor)
Jack Vance
Addie Burnett
Donald Nicholas
Bonnie Tomes
Madeline Richardson
Merle McKinney
George Wolf
June Blount
Veneda White
Betty Morris
Betty L. Jeffries
Mel Jenkins
Nadine Heide
Bill Smith
Roger Pepperd
Bill Chambers
Lester Kelly
Jim Wolf
Jay Overocker
Jack Heft
Maxine McKinney
Dale Waller
Harold Emerson
Harry Canfield
Gwyndene Gard
Ralph Hanson
Charlotte Johnston
Chet Dale
Bertha LaFever
Mildred Sankpill
Juanita Oller
Virginia Thompson
Vaughn Huck
Myrace Duncan
Frank Doran
Ruth Cole
Mickey McIntyre
Mark Isaac

Class of 1940:
Irene Smith
Lloyd Waller
Phyllis White
James Thompson
Mildred Wallace
June Hall
Eleanor Thompson
Virgil Robbins
Bette White
Thorine McLaughlin
Frank Tarr
Alvin Hecht
Geraldine Morton
Norman Butcher
Clara LaFever
Charles E. Kopke
Ivan Keesee   (WWII Casualty)
Mary Lee Stewart
J.K. Smith
Bill Robbins
Margaret Jackson
Alva Swarner
Doyle Coles
Coila Fleming
Curtis Hadley
Tom Carleton
Charles Burt, Jr.
Bennette Barnes
Delmar Huck
Margaret Poer
Bob Gilchrist
George Smith
Marjorie Beeney
Calvin Arnold
Russell Boshell
Myra Carlisle

Class of 1941:
Karl Ehrlich
Louise Parcel
Jean Hadley
J.P. Scholle
Jeanne Dale
Wade Mark
Margaret Boisseau
Genevieve Canfield
Harold Rubendall
Marjorie Dykes
Jean Herd
Neva King
Helen Heft
Junior Butcher
Wilana Anspaugh
Twyla Faye Gilchrist
Harold McKinney
Christine Heide
Marjorie Thompson
Donald Sattler
Eldean Unruh
Bob Poltera
Dean Jarnagin
Bertram Nimmo
Alwilla Finney
Zoe Smith
Lem Herd
Merle Kropf
Irene Gillet
Elwood Carlisle
Donald Bratcher
Warren Dykes
Claude Sherman
Carl Robinson

Class of 1942:
Kenneth Reasons
Ada Kopke
Dorothy Betzer
Walter Crowe
Jack Sattler
Mildred Deyoe
Marjorie Ward
Ed Young
Phyllis Lytle
Phyllis Boshell
Edith Smith
Bette Patterson
Virginia Lytle
Phyllis Ward
Virginia Vance
Park Pennington
Karl Seyfrit
Marjorie Gates
Josephine Parker
Clinton Sherman
Mildred Richardson
Clarence Smith
Lee Hecht   (WWII Casualty)
Wayne White
Jim Thompson
Scotte Hecht
Bob Hadley
Vera McKinney
Clayton Sherman
Norman Hadley
Don Dale
John Wallace
Paul Kropf
Betty Sooter
Junior Howland
John Overocker
Fred Jackson

Class of 1943:
Maxine Beeley
Burke Burnette
Elva Carlisle
Bud Cullins
Ruth Deewall
Betty Dykes
Calvin Emerson
Roberta Ferrin
Emma Friend
Francis Gillet
Eual Harrow
Bob Harp
Marion Henderson
Eugene Herd
Darlene Howland
Norman Huck
Ernest Lawrence
Jack Lewis
Lynn Metzger
Nadine Morton
Bill Murray
Myron McCay
Dorothy McKinney
Wilana Orr
Rex Parks
Carl Robbins
Billee Roberts
Norma Scholle
Marie Six
Forest Smith
Clair Thompson
Clyde Thompson
Geneva Thompson
Charles Timmons
Jean Tinker
Thelma Unruh
Bob Wallace
Leona Young

Class of 1944:
Glen Carlisle
Lucille Crowe
Bob Whelpley
Helendene Gard
Betty Betzer
Ross Beeley
Rich Deyoe
June Fish
Lee Reasons
Bill Herd
Jean Harris
Juanita Fleming
Bob Daniels
Phyllis Rafler
Leon Richardson
Jerry McCay
Lola Smith
Lynn Denney
Shirley Thompson
Jayne Ogden
Don Pepperd
Fred Cossman
Dena Waddell
Bob White
Ted Wallace
Fern Boshell
June Sherman
Robert Tucker

Class of 1945:
Jerry Guss
Jess Hazen
Glenda Weir
Darrol Miller
Tom Mahan
Wanda Thompson
Dan Murray
Winona Swarner
Frances Robinson
Simmie George
Robert McKinney
Wanda Lou Oller
Syble Riggs
Myra Richardson
Phyllis Parker
Patricia Lewis
Leila Kelley
Norma Jean Hartwell
Alice Harkleroad
Byron Jarnagin
Bob Chambers
Wilma Betzer
Ronald Cullins
Marcia Jo Anderson
Dona Darroch
Nada Darlene White

Class of 1946:
Opel Keesee
Catharine White
Jean Reasons
Connie Uhl
Bill Hoofer
Charles Wilson
Naomi Metzger
Gene Uhl
Betty Howland
Billy Hilt
Gwenn Daniels
Doyle Hoffman
Lois Gilchrist
Naomi Herd
Raymond McVey
Harold Seyfrit
Fred Schenk
Charles Zielke
Richard Cline
Ronald Lousch
Wayne McLaughlin
Jude Goodale
Ramona Crawford
Russell Harness
Harold Shelite
Carl Smith

Class of 1947:
Jackie DeJareld
Walter Riggs
Imogene Oller
Bob Whitzel
Wanda Orr
Wayne Thompson
Stephanie Stewart
Roy Purcell
Benny Young
Patricia McNeill
Jerrold Ogden
Marianne Crowe
Myrel Meadows
Glenda McCulla
Allen Hoffman
Dorothy Cline
Ralph Hoofer
Joanne Herd
Glen Mark
Mary Betzer
Dorothy Huck
Edwin Carleton
Joyce Hough
Glenn Harkleroad
Paul Guizlo
Margaret Land
Earl Kopke
Charlene Jackson
Don McMillin

Class of 1948:
Victor Thompson
Elvin Thompson
LeRoy Zielke
Wayne Nimmo
Dale LaVerne Hecht
Carrol L. Heide
Theron Lees
Gene Gates
Gale Haun
James Burt
Jerry Allen
Wayne Burkhall
Albert Hawkins
Jack Young
Robert Clevenger
Roberta Tinker
Marilyn Miller
Wanda Sooter
Anna Marie Schenk
Mary Jane Anderson
Betty Hilt
Marjory Kindsvater
Darlene McLaughlin
Carol Ann Denney
Roberta Bliss
Velma Crowe
Joan Maxine Poltera
Alice Robbins
Norma Jean Cullins
Carol Huck
Marilyn Harvey

Class of 1949:
Bertha Scholle
Norman Sherman
Norene Thompson
Robert Jenkins
Betty Metzger
Dovie Vanderhule
Ivan Elliot
Jerry Hadley
Barbara Gregg
Jackie Martin
Jack Herd
Donald Whelpley
Virgil Hazen
Ray Purcell
Jerry Marley
Donna Lohrding
Stanley Deewall
James Ward
Hubert Deyoe
Marcella Geisbrecht
DeLee Chambers
Enos Hadley

Class of 1950:
Mona Anderson
Stanley Caywood
June Cook
Leon Fleming
Elaine Harness
Violet Hazen
Bonnie Herd
Richard Hilt
Bob Hoffman
Donald Huck   (Korean War Casualty)
Alvin Kindsvater
Curtis Lohrding
Loma Lousch
Bob Metzger
Phyllis McCulla
Mansel Nicholas
Richard Nicholas
Russell Nokes
Nadine Pounds
Helen Purcell
Elizabeth Schmidt
Frank Scholle
Dorothy Sooter
Phyllis Schultz
Eva Mae Wolf

Class of 1951:
Jack Allen
Loneta Atteberry
Jacquelyn Canfield
Jody Clinesmith
Charles Deyoe
Carol Oller
Dwayne Gorman
Gene Hewett
Leroy Hiner
Bonita Hoofer
Eleanor Jackson
Don Kittell
Kay Klepinger
Kathryn Lohrding
Shirley Melia
Helen Morris
Willetta Murphey
John McKinney
Kathleen McMillen
Carolyn Peterson
Bob Proctor
Mary Lou Sanders
Jim Swisher
Marjorie Timmons
Larry Waller
Erma Wilson

Class of 1952:
Rex Schenk
Bill Deyoe
Merrianne Smith
Wayne Kindsvater
Fred Eastman
Charles Peterson
Valerie Boley
Gayle Nokes
Richard Lousch
Darrell Hecht
Paula McCay
Margaret Pepperd
George Thompson
Ralph Purcell
Lois Vanerhule
Jim White
Ronald Harness
Ferreldean Herd
Patricia Fleming
Carl Burkhall
Richard Hiner
Donna Little

Class of 1953:
Margo Anderson
Donald Bain
Ralph Barnhart
Donna Blackard
Bonnie Burkhall
Harriet Burt
Shirley Crowe
Bob Currier
Frank Dale
Sue Frazier
Nadine Hadley
Gary Haun
Ivan Hilt
Roger Hoffman
Violet McVey
Sharon Oller
Anita Rathbun
Bob Wasinger
Belva Wolf
Wanda Zielke

Class of 1954:
Barbara Kittell
Jerry Smith
Bonnie Tucker
Bonnie Smith
Charles Weber
Roger Bean
Fatsy Scholle
Sharon Brewer
Carolyn Heintz
Tom Luse
Johnita Pepperd
Jim Lewis
Dorothy Keesee
Ellen Purcell
Evelyn Burkhall
Bobbie Jean McDowell
Gary Northern
Hugh Frazier
Ivan Scholle
Kenneth Chilcote
Delbert Wallace

Class of 1955:
Frances Morris
Pat Cary
David Gillham
Shelvay Frost
Jerry Melia
Donald Alexander
Patty Pepperd
Buddy Bardot
Donald Parcel
Roberta Young
Kermit McMillen
Iva Lee Uselman
Charles Crouse
Jerry Stotts
Eileen Wasinger
Luane Huck
Barbara Steadman
Elsie Bennett
Claude Hanson
Raymond Fleming
Kenneth Sizemore
Raymond Cox
George Deimer
Pat Beitler
Roberta Bain
Kenneth Peterson
Ann Young
Jerry Young
Larry Herd
Leonard Jacobs
Margaret Frazier
Louise Young
Joe Allen

Class of 1956:
Darrel Bilyeu
Jerry Heft
Myrna Pepperd
Dick Herd
Gary Cline
Marion Palmer
Patricia Bransom
Alice Bennett
Richard Bain
Carol Lousch
Leon Smith
Danny Burkhall
Alan Weber
Marie Whiteley
Shirley Scholle
Wayne Dale
Gary Bole
Richard Bean
Bill Proctor, Jr.
Connie Lemon
Lue Rita Bailey
Karen Palmer
Jimmie Dye
Inez Young
Barbara Blackard

Class of 1957:
Marlene Nicholas
Sharon Smith
Dana MIlls
Ronnie Blackard
Earl McVey
Eleanor Gregg
George Uselman
Peggy Huck
Sandra Phophet
Clay Morris
John Swisher
Anita White
Max McIntyre
Roberta Lenertz
Patricia Trummel
Larry Meyers
Ronald White
Donald Williams
Dewayne Dunbar
Roger Lousch
Dayle Heft
Annie Deimer
Larry Ellis
Max Taylor
Joe Diemer

Class of 1958:
Carol McMillen
Karla White
J.D. Reynolds
Wanda Barnes
Karen Bean
Martin Jolly
Gary Swarner
Jerry Cline
Ella Marie Lohrding
Ernest Bennett
Dennis Tucker
Heather Alder
Jim Copple
Mildred Bain
Vivian Anstine
Larry Lousch
Rochelle Deewall
Alfred Hobson
Terry Huck
Marlan White
Dick Young
Denton Nicholson
Larry Cox
Raelene Boley
J.L. Smith
Sharon Deewall

Class of 1959:
Lois Alexander
Joe Atteberry
Thelma Barnes
Judith Blount
A.G. Boley
Marcia Bramlett
Gwen Burditt
Bill Cox
Mabel Crouse
Clifford Clinesmith
Duane Deyoe
Darlene Emerson
James Fleming
Marilyn Gregg
Harold Haas
Linda Hilt
Larry Huck
Barbara Hadley
Judith Lenertz
Ron Lohrding
Ron Lytle
Garth McMillen
Viva Morgan
Vicki Stark
Jerry Thompson
David Uselman

Class of 1960:
Terry Amerine
Jean Bardot
Laveta Barnes
Jim Barnhart
Michael Barnhart
Clydean Bibb
Don Bowman
Ronald Bowman
Betty Bramlett
DeLoris Brandon
Jim Burton
Myrna Cline
Jerry Coles
Linda Cummings
Sondra Darroch
Ross Deewall
Sondra Deewall
Loretta Frazier
Pierre Hobson
Dennis Huck
Brenda Koehn
Vera Love
Michael McEnterfer
Penne Marley
Stanley Marley
Jim Moreno
Elizabeth Nicholson
Shirley Pepperd
Gene Pope
C.J. Smith
Dallas Smith
Bill Stewart
Max Trummel
Dolores White
Linnea White
Myrl Cobb
Carolyn Vierling

Class of 1961:
Jim Allen
Mary Bain
Richard Beeley
Wesley Bennett
Loretta Bliss
Donald Booth
Sandra Bransom
Joe Brown
Ralph Carthrae
Max Cary
Beth Cline
Joyce Colter
Linda Dale-Lytle
Benny Davis
Nina Diemer
Don Dodson
Judith Ellis
Harlie Haas
Larry Hatfield
Karen Huck
Dan Jackson
Louella Jones
Gary Lemon
Gaye Lemon
Doris Klingensmith
Jerry Lenertz
Helen Lohrding
Arlie Lohrding
Mardell Marley
Roger Meyers
Ruby Moore
Naomi Pope
Bill Ricker
Donna Rush
Nancy Thompson
Rita Tolan
Billy Wasinger

Class of 1962:
Lynn Allen
Marilyn Atteberry
Nancy Barnes
Alice Barnhart
Woody Beeley
Faren Swaim-Bennett
Jeanie Bird
Rodney Blount
Jim Bowman
Judith Brown
Steve Brass
Charles Copple
Danny Darroch
Virginia Deewall
Marie Diemer
Rodney Einsel
Victor Kropf
Betty Love
Gary Morgan
Jeff McIntyre
Dixie McVey
Bonnie Reed
Judith Peterson
Judith Stout
Carol Thompson
Jacqulyn Vance

Class of 1963:
Ronald L. Beeley
Robert Cooper
James Clayton
Jerry Alexander
Don Brown
Patricia Lytle
Larry Trummel
Gary Gregg
Ruth Lohrding
Kenneth Colter
Dennis Swayze
Doris Fry
Derek Rathbun
Henry Jones
Michael Daily
Nancy Einsel
Jim Haas
Pam Herd
Clair Carlisle
Dennis Frazier
Gloyd Hadley, Jr.
Morris Deewall
Cheryl Griffith
Dan Hilt
Jean Hodges
Jim Rafler
Bud Matthews
Bill Blake
Gena Weber

Class of 1964:
Travis Baker
Betty Beeley
Marilyn Neukirch
Doug Hadley
Vickie Buhl Bentley
Wayne Bliss
Sherryl Haas Downing
Madeline Colter
Bill Gregg
Harold Kropf
Jim Booth
Charles Bridges
Jennie Allen
Dorothy Barnhart
Charles Bain
Linda Lamb
Shelia [Sheila] McEnterfer
shirley Huck
Ray McMoran
Louise Lohrding
Juanita McKenzie
Verna White
Deanna Parcel
Linda Jackson
Mike Snyder
Melanie McCoy
Larry Ricker
Dennis Byram
Bob Huck
Ruth Smith

Class of 1965:
Linda White
Donald Lohrding
Linda Rathbun
Carla Rathbun
Terry Sue Huck
Terry Burnett
Mary Burt
Richard Blount
Janice Huck
Rita Frazier
Gary McIntyre
Suzanne Burt
Carol Stewart
Carolyn Banta
Eldon Boisseau
Ruth Wright
Frank Peterson
Anita Robinson
Trean Zeigler
Carolyn Brass
Marilyn Rafler
Chuck Brass
Darlene Smith
Rita Deyoe
Harold Harper
Carol Haas
Ron Crowe
Birdie Alexander
Steve Carrithers
Vickie White
Ron Smith
Sharon Hadley
Kenneth Timmer
Elizabeth Herrington
Bill Uselman
Rick Northern
Dixie Crowe
Russell Snyder
Faye Gilchrist
Sheryl Love
Dorothy Carter

Class of 1966:
Jene Allen
Gary Banta
Billy Bob Barlow
Glenn Bramlett
Juanita Bowman
Mike Brown
Duane Butcher
Bonnie Byram
Rose Marie Cagle
Philip Carlisle
Becky Cline
Ronnie Craig
Patricia Crowe
Judy Dellinger
Christine Einsel
Raymond Emerson
Katherine Frazier
Catherine Hackney
Hal Herd
Anita Huck
Eddie Jackson
Georgeanna Kirby
Jack Lemon
Terry Lousch
Linda McMoran
Shannon McDowell
Linda Malson
Nancy Metzger
Leo Oller
Patricia Schultz
Carolyn Smith
Linda Smith
Jack Snyder
Michael Steele
George Stewart
Guyneth Timmer
Cindy Thompson
Kenneth Thompson
Billie Thornton
John Unruh
Sharon Ward
Jane Weber
Tim Whitmore
Harold Wright
Fern Young
Kent Young
Kathryn Tucker
Terry Denney

Class of 1967:
Ellen Beeley
Betty Bird
Marilyn Brown
Cinda Cummings
Joe Coles
Chuck Burt
J.W. Colter
Nick Daily
Dean Gregg
Eric Ernst
Bill Griffith
Virginia Helm
Delbert Herd
LeRoy Jordan
Margaret Lohrding
Karen Malone
Jim McCay
Tom McMillen
Mary Jane Metzger
Roberta Pepperd
Claudia Peterson
John Ricker
Larry Smith
Terry Snyder
Bambi Stark
Curtis Swayze
Carol Timmons
Mike Unruh
Janice Vance
Jacklyn White
Theron White
Virgil White
Chris Williams
Norma York
Nina Zielke.

Class of 1968:
Deborah Atteberry
Mike Blackard
Philip Blount
Richard Bowman
Robert Bowman
Judy Brown
Carol Butcher
Steven Chance
Sharon Coles
Jeanne Dellinger
Judy Edwards
Darrell Frazier
Paula Gilchrist
Ken Goebel
Dale Hadley
Mac Herd
Terri Herd
Bryan Kile
David Kirby
Maureen Maier
Joe McCoy
Leslie McGinnis
Ron McGinnis
Barbara McKinney
Linda Oller
Chris Parcel
Lonnie Pope
Gary Robbins
Ron Scott
Diana Smith
Deanna Spence
Deidre Thompson
Ilene Thompson
Larry Wright
Karen Zielke

Class of 1969
Mark Barcelo
Robert Colter
Mike Crowe
Marleen Deewall
Randy Dickinson
LeRoy Fose
Jerrold Garten
Debra Hadley
Howard Hadley
Margaret Herrington
Mike Hubbard
Mary Huck
Tomi Huck
Bob Keesee
John Kirby
Connie Lamb
Randy McMurray
Beth Martens
Jerry Monroe
Saryl Purcell
Judy Robertson
Dorothy Ricker
Pam Schultz
Nancy Smith
Robert Smith
John Smith
Reva Stewart
Peggy Taylor
Sue Thompson
Donna White
Mike York
Karla Yost
Pat Young
Zearl Zeigler
Mary Huffman

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