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Coldwater Rodeo, October 1923

Coldwater Rodeo, 1923, Comanche County, Kansas.

Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.
Coldwater Rodeo, October 1923
Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.

H.R. Burnette, Coldwater Rodeo, 1923, Comanche County, Kansas.

Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.
H.R. Burnette, Coldwater Rodeo, Oct. 1923
He was the son of H.R. Burnett and the father of Lt. Howard Reason Burnett, USNR, the decorated WWII fighter pilot.
Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.

Curley Sissons, bulldogging steer, time: 10 sec., Coldwater Rodeo, Oct. 1923, Comanche County, Kansas.

Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.
Curley Sissons, bulldogging steer, time: 10 sec., Coldwater Rodeo, October 1923
Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.

Coldwater Rodeo, 1923, Comanche County, Kansas.

Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.
Senator Capper at Coldwater Rodeo, 1923
Photo by Homer Venters, courtesy of Mike Venters.

The Western Star, October 12, 1923.


The eighth annual Comanche-co fair will open at the fair grounds just east of this city on next Wednesday, October 17, and close on Saturday evening. The indications are that the exhibits in the various departments will be quite good and unusually complete. The amusement program will not be neglected. The Rodeo will comprise of interesting races and contests.

Wednesday will be Educational Day. On that day it is expected that the pupils of the schools of the county will put on the attractions. During the afternoon, there will be a school parade, a number of school stunts and a football game between Coldwater and Protection. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons the Rodeo programs will be presented, constituting the "Second Annual Outbreak of the Comanches." Each day a full program of interesting stunts, contests and games will be put on. The program will include bronco riding, steer roping, saddle races, wild cow milking and many other attractions.

Friday will be Protection and Capper Day. Senator Capper is expected to be present and make an address during the afternoon at the fair grounds. His address will deal principally with the agricultural outlook. Plan to hear him.

There will be at the fair some carnival attractions and plenty of amusements for all. Take a few days off and attend the fair. Don't fail to see the exhibits in all the departments and to avail yourself of the information and inspiration which a careful study of the exhibits will give.

The Western Star, October 19, 1923.


The Eighth Annual Comanche-co Fair opened at the fair grounds near this city on Wednesday of this week with a good attendance and will continue for the remainder of the week. So far, weather conditions have been favorable, although the roads still show the effects of the late heavy rains. If fair weather continues, the attendance at the fair will be quite good.

Wednesday was Educational Day, and the program was a credit to those who had charge. A number of schools were represented in the parade and all made a fine showing. Following the parade the Coldwater and Protection football teams played a lively game, which resulted in a score of 23 to 0 in favor of Protection.

Beginning with Thursday, the principal attraction, outside of the usual concessions, will be the "Second Annual Outbreak of the Comanches," a series of contests in riding, roping, etc., all under the auspices of the Rodeo Association. Some lively and interesting stunts are on the program for each day.

Friday has been designated as Capper and Protection Day. It is expected that this will be the red-letter day at the fair. Plan to be at the fair grounds on that day and hear Senator Capper.

The exhibits in some departments are not quite as numerous as at some previous fairs, but, everything considering, a very creditable showing is made, not only of livestock and poultry, but also in the educational, fine arts and agricultural departments. Next week the Star will give a more extended report of the fair.

The Western Star, October 26, 1923.


The 8th annual Comanche-co Fair, which closed in this city on last Saturday evening, again demonstrated the fact that the people of the county, and many from adjoining counties, are still interested in the holding of a county fair, while various exhibits of the products of the ranch, farm, orchard, garden, and kitchen, as well as exhibits by the schools and Sunday schools and in the fine arts departments, may be shown. The attendance throughout the fair was all that had been expected. Friday - Capper Day - was the record day as far as attendance was concerned. It was estimated that over 2000 people were on the grounds on that day. The address by Senator Capper was well received by all who were able to hear him. He made a strong plea for diversified farming, co-operative marketing among farmers and stockmen and for a reduction in freight rates and other measures which will help to bring about a more equitable system of profits among all classes. He declared himself as favoring rigid immigration laws, a strict enforcement of all laws and the enactment of measures which will bring greater relief to the agricultural interest of the country. The senator complimented our county on the splendid showing at the fair. He wore a cowboy outfit while making his address.

The exhibits in the various departments were quite good this year, although in a few cases, not quite as numerous as usual. In the livestock department, a very fine showing of cattle made Mark Brown and Rev. Ellis with their Herefords, Ben Bird, Wm. Carter, E. S. Dale, and C. L. White with their shorthorns, L. E. Baker, Roy German and Elvin Herd with their Holsteins, C. E. Baker with his Jerseys and R. L. Lees with his Ayrshires, being the principal exhibitors.

The following persons had exhibits of hogs: Fred Robinson, Black Poland Chinas; Spotted Poland Chinas, T. R. Guyer and C. L. White; Duroc Jerseys, O. J. Mark and Inez German.

The poultry exhibits were especially complete, there being between 80 and 90 pens. This department was one of the best patronized at the fair and shows the increasing interest in this county in purebred poultry raising.

In the horticultural, agricultural antique and educational departments the exhibits were quite creditable and all elicited much favorable comment. The following persons had exhibits of wheat: R. R. Kessee, Charley Lenertz, Walter James and Otto Shoemaker; the exhibitors of samples of oats were C. H. Jackson and Charley Lenertz; the exhibitors of samples of corn were Steve McCourt, T. R. Guyer, Mrs. Fred Creigh, Frank A. Kimple, C. H. Goos, C. M. Guyer, and E. F. Harper. In addition to these, some very creditable exhibits of all classes of sorghums were made. We hope soon to have for publication a complete list of exhibits who received premiums, also the winners in the rodeo contests.

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