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Nescatunga Enterprise, June 5, 1886

District Court

The following are the cases on docket to be tried at the present term, which convenes next Tuesday, June 8th:


State vs Al Spence, burglary.

State vs Josia Clevenger, L. A. Clevenger and J. A. Hines, assault with intent to kill.

City of Coldwater vs E. D. Aldridge, misdemeanor.

State vs Oliver Rayl, assualt.

State vs Joseph Artis et al peace bond.

State vs. Geo. Tyler, charged with murdering E. E. Doak, of Greenburg, Edwards county.

City of Coldwater vs Wm. Wilkinson, misdemeanor.

City of Coldwater vs Chas. Fullington, misdemeanor.


M. C. Carpenter vs W. T. Willis et al, on note.

W. Ferguson vs John Rutman, replevin.

Robt. Crossman vs J. E. Sombart, on account.

John Rutman vs W. T. Ferguson, false imprisonment.

G. M. Martin vs W. H. Sturman, on note.

Robt. Carr vs Wm. Courtney, trespassing of cattle.

C. D. Bickford vs S. W. McClure, for money.

G. W. Hungerford vs Al. Heflin, replevin and damages.

H. A. Smith vs Frank Descent et al, for foreclosure.

F. Breeson vs Orange Purdy, on account.

H. C. McManigle vs P. C. Jay, on note.

Benj. Howarth vs Osage Cattle Co., on account.

Frick & Co. vs A. D. Lee, on account.

Wm. Gordan vs C. H. Curgess et al for appointment of receiver etc.

Kiowa Cattle Co. vs W. R. Gordan and Emil Bowers, injuction.

John N. Whipple vs Addle M. Whipple, divorce.

D. B. Sturman and Mattie Bates vs James Doty, on note.

J. J. McBride vs James Cox and A. S. Russell, replevin and damages.

J. A. L. Williams vs Comanche county on account.

Dan. Ellington vs John Drummond, on account.

J. G. Gordan vs Chas. Bennett, on account.

Milton Mendenhall vs D. Eades, on account.

Edwards Co. Bank vs Osage Cattle Co., on note.

Lafoon Bros. vs Niles Johnson, for foreclosure of mechanics lien.

Isaac E. Woods vs Emma E. Woods, divorce.

Lafoon Bros. vs Wm. Becker, for foreclosure of mechanics lien.

R. T. Seltzer vs L. Jackson, on note.

John Wilson vs Jasper McCool, replevin.

Geo. Lafoon vs M. L. Lafoon, divorce.

Lewis Jackson vs R. T. Seltzer, breach of warrantee.

Martin Weaver vs James Wray, replevin.

N. Moore vs Jack Davidson, on account.

J. E. Tincher vs W. R. Taylor, foreclosure of real estate.

Filbert DeClerq vs Osage Cattle Co., appointment of receiver.

G. K. Rumsey vs B. M. Veatch and J. M. Curran, on account.

Lafoon Bros. vs W. B. Gregory, foreclosure of mechanics lien.

Kiowa Cattle Co. vs Comanche county, enjoining collection of taxes for 1885.

B. M. Veatch and Fred Veatch vs P. L. Maloney, attachment of real estate.

Replevin, sometimes known as "claim and delivery", is an old-fashioned legal remedy in which a court requires a defendant to return specific goods to the plaintiff at the outset of the action. Although rarely used, replevin can be a very powerful weapon in a case where somebody is wrongly holding your property, because it deprives the defendant of the use of your property while the case is awaiting trial, which increases the likelihood of a quick settlement.

Thanks to Shirley Brier for finding, transcribing and contributing the above news article and definition of replevin to this web site!

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