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The Republican, January 27, 1887

(for the)

First Grade.

READING - Use object with word or sentence method. Make constant use of slate and black board. Complete work in first reader. Never use "the" "an" or "a" separately.

NUMBERS - First Term. Addition of all numbers less than ten. Gradually teach to count and write to 100; Roman numerals to XX; count to 50 by 2's; use objects.

SECOND TERM - Addition and subtraction, mental and on black board and slate, to 20; use objects; teach to write and read to 1,000; Roman numerals to L; county by 50 by adding 2, 3, 4 and 5 to one.

PHYSIOLOGY - A few simple facts in regard to alcohol and tobacco.

Second Grade.

READING - Second reader. Make much use of black board and slates; teach pupils to pronounce all words at sight before allowing them to attempt reciting a lesson.

NUMBERS - First term teach to add five columns of six figures each; give constant drill in reading numbers; Roman numerals to LXXV, count to 75 by 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's to 9; make all possible additions of numbers represented by single digits mentally; develop rapidity, accuracy and neatness.

SEC. TERM. - Multiplication; use objects; teach to multiply ordinary numbers by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, and to write and read Roman numerals to C.

PHYSIOLOGY - A few more facts about alcoholic liquors and tobacco, also something in regard to ventilation, sitting, standing and playing.

LANGUAGE - Descriptions of objects, animals and pictures; reproduction of short, simple stories.

GEOGRAPHY - Teach directions; names of principal streets and avenues, and locations of business houses.

Third Grade.

READING - Third reader. Be careful to teach naturalness of expression.

ARITHMETIC - To page 45 in elementary, during first term, and to page 68 during second term.

PHYSIOLOGY - More about stimulants and narcotics; whiskey, wine, beer, hard cider, tobacco, opium, etc.; laws of health, breathing, sitting, standing, walking, eating, drinking etc.

LANGUAGE - Develop meaning of noun, verb and sentence, using those terms.

GEOGRAPHY - Comanche county; Kansas; United States; drainage, natural features; products; exports and imports; meaning of terms equator, poles, hemisphere, island, isthmus, bay, peninsula, parallel, meridian, latitude, longitude, etc.; use globe and black board; teach systematic map drawing.

Fourth Grade.

READING - Half of the Fourth reader.

ARITHMETIC - First Term: To page 134, elementary, Second Term: complete.

LANGUAGE - Sentence making using certain selected nouns and verbs; develop meaning of terms adjective and adverb; exhaustive drill use of these in sentences.

GEOGRAPHY - Through study of Europe and North America; leaving out unimportant details; form of government elective, hereditary; adaptability.

Fifth Grade.

READING - First Term: Complete Fourth reader. Second Term: half of Fifth reader.

ARITHMETIC - First Term; To page 117, of practical. Second Term: to page 167 of practical.

LANGUAGE - Complete parts of speech; thorough drill in sentence making; composition work and letter writing.

PHYSIOLOGY - Second Term: To chapter X in the eclectic.

Sixth Grade.

READING - Complete Fifth reader.

ARITHMETIC - First Term: To page 218. Second Term: to page 276.

LANGUAGE - First Term: To page 63 in Harvey's English; Second Term, to page 135 of same.

PHYSIOLOGY - Complete eclectic physiology during first term.

GEOGRAPHY - Second Term: Africa and Australia, with principal islands.

Seventh Grade.

ARITHMETIC - First Term: Complete Ray's practical. Second Term, review and fix important points.

LANGUAGE - First Term: To page 178; Second Term: to page 231.

GEOGRAPHY - First Term: General review of all principal points; stories of imaginative voyages, and journeys by land; letters from distant places describing people, manners customs, etc.

READING - Second Term; various selections; elocutionary drill; voice culture, etc.

Eighth Grade.

DRAWING - First Term: Free hand; Second Term: Perspective.

ARITHMETIC - First Term: higher to page 128; Second Term: the same to page 256.

LANGUAGE - First Term: Complete.

PHYSIOLOGY - Second term: Names of all the bones of the human body, joints, kinds, action; muscles, names and description of 25 of the principal; action, insertion, etc. Make much use of dissections; write essays on effect of stimulants.

Ninth Grade.

First Term: Algebra, history, book keeping. Second Term: Algebra, physical geography, civil government and U. S. history.

Tenth Grade.

First Term: Arithmetic; complete higher, Latin, Natural Philosophy. Second Term: Algebra, Latin, Botany.

Eleventh Grade.

First Term: Geometry plane and solid, Latin, geology. Second Term: Algebra, complete, ancient and General history, etc.

Twelfth Grade.

First Term: Latin, German or Greek, chemistry. Second Term: Latin, German or Greek, Political Economy or English literature.

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