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After 13 years, I have finally added a "What's New" page to this website. I hope this will help you (and me) to keep up with new data that is added. As of March 2017, there are 770 pages of information on this site.

MARCH 2017

Under "Deaths"--Affidavits of Death, 1896-1897


Under "History"--Farm Registry, 1913
Under "Obituaries"--Obits and death notices, 1881 Clay Center Times


Under "Obituaries"--Obits and death notices, 1880 Clay Center Times

JUNE 2016

Under "Wills and Probate"--Wills for Charles Limbrey and Othello Church
Under "Family Files"--Sterling family page added
Under "Deaths"--Affidavits of Death, 1892-1893

MAY 2016

Under "Will and Probate"--Decrees of Adoption, 1870-1882
Under "Deaths"--Deaths Abstracted From Probate Files, 1877-1900
Under "Obituaries"--Obits and Death Notices, Clay Center Times, Jan.-Jun. 1890
Under "Wills and Probate"--Wills for August Sauvain (1877) and Sarah Malcolm (1915)

APRIL 2016

Under "Directories"--R. L. Polk's Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1894, Clay Co. entries.
Under "Deaths"--Affidavits of Death, 1890-1891
Under "Census"--1944 "City" censuses for Clifton, Green and Longford


Under "Deaths"--1888 (con't) and 1889 "Affidavits of Death."
Under "History"--Bloom Twp., Chapman Twp., Clay Center Twp., Exeter Twp. and Five Creeks Twp. histories, from a series in the Clay Center Times, 1899.
Under "Wills and Probate"--Wills added for James Marcus Brooks, William Bonsor, Mary Downing, Anna Kipp, Emma Bengree Nixon, Joseph P. Ryan and William S. Wilson
Under "Cemeteries"--added Parallel Cemetery (Clay/Washington counties line), a "Virtual Cemetery Project"
Under "Schools"--Clay Center High School graduates, 1896
Under "History"--Clay County Fair results
Under "Schools"--1909 High School Entrance Examinations
Under "History"--Goshen Twp., Grant Twp., Hayes Twp., and Highland Twp. histories, from a series in the Clay Center Times, 1899.


Under "Deaths"--1894-1895 "Affidavits of Death" from probate files.
Under "Obituaries"--1882 Obituaries and Death Notices, Clay Center Times.
Under "History"--Athelstane Twp. and Blaine Twp. histories, from a series in the Clay Center Times, 1899.
Under "Schools"--1892-1893 Lincoln School class rolls, Clay Center.
Under "History"--1906 Township Officers
Under "Schools"--1892 list of county teachers, by district.

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