Birth, Death and Marriage Items From the "Wakefield Advertiser" 1888-1889

Birth, Death and Marriage Items
From the "Wakefield Advertiser" 1888-1889


January 7, 1888

Married, on Thursday morning, Jan. 5, at the residence of J. B. Quinby, Esq., by Rev. F. Hoyes, Mr. Marvin M. Hobson, of Licking, MO, to Miss Avilla M. Quinby of Eskridge, Kansas.

Married, on Monday evening, Jan. 2, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. F. Hoyes, Mr. Martin V. Burch to Miss Lizzie Beal. The many friends of the contracting parties wish them life of happoness and prosperity.

Married, on Thursday Jan. 5, at the residence of the bride's parents, by R. T. Batchelor, J. P., Mr. Peter Sonenberg to Miss Jennie Harrison. A large number of invited guests witnessed the ceremony.

Married on Wednesday, Jan. 4, by Rev. A. W. Schenberger, Mr. William Younkin to Mrs. Alida Sheppard.


Jan. 14, 1888

Died, on Jan. 4, 1888 near Miltonvale, of consumption, Mr. Milton M. Miller. The deceased was a former resident of this vicinity and was highly esteemed by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. He was a young man of excellent traits and many regret his early demise.

Mrs. Butzbach received the sad news from Michigan of her brother's death. He was accidently shot while hunting.

Mr. Max Sanders, of Springfield, was married to Mrs. S. Barnes, of Clay Center, last Wednesday. The contracting parties have many friends here, who extend congratulations.


Jan. 28, 1888

Died--On Friday, Jan. 20, 1888 of pneumonia at the residence of his parents, five miles east of Milford; Frederick, son of Hermann and Sarah Pfeil, age 4 years, 6 month and 17 days. Funeral services were conducted by P. J. Strack, assisted by Jacob Randolph. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community, as it was their only child. The remains were interred in the cemetery near their place


Feb. 4, 1888

Born-- On Thursday, Feb. 2, to M/M G. W. Herd, a girl


Feb. 11, 1888

Mrs. Hoxie, mother of Mrs. W. c. Bumstead, of Clay Center, died last Friday and was buried Sunday.

From Myersdale--The saddest news that ever was announced in vicinity, was the death of Mr. Solomon Enfield, last Wednesday. He had only been sick a few days, and leaves a wife and seven children, six girls and one, the youngest, a boy. Mr. Enfield was an industrious farmer, a good neighbor, and a kind husband and father. Age, 35 years 11 months. This community truly mourns with Mrs. Enfield and family. The funeral was held at the Timber Creek school house, and was conducted by Rev. A. W. Schenberger. A little less of the digging up of the buried hatchet at Myersdale, would have been more proper for a sermon.


Feb. 25, 1888

Born--On Sunday, Feb. 19, 1888, to M/M F. A. McDonald, a boy

Born--On Thursday of last week, to M/M F. Chaplin, a daughter.

Grant Twp.--Married on Feb. 18, 1888, by Rev. A. W. Schenberger, Mr. Charles Pierce to Miss Elmira Kemph. Our best wishes go with them.


March 3, 1888

Born to M/M W. A. Hemphill, of Union Twp., a girl.


March 10, 1888

Married, on Feb. 22, Mr. Chas. Macenter to Miss Carrie Sharp. Many guest were present to witness the happy event. On account of the sickness of the father Sharp, the boys postponed the serenade for the evening, although Charley was ready for them.

Born, Saturday, March 3, 1888, to M/M C. H. Kemph, a son.

Married, March 7, 1888, by Rev. Frank Hoyes, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. James H. Alsop to Miss Effie M. Dunn.


March 24, 1888

N. H. Fee, a former resident of this community, calmly passed to the land beyond last Saturday evening at 10:30 o'clock. He was 45 years of age and leaves a wife and six children. For more than a year, Mr. Fee has been totally disabled from performing labor. A disease contracted while in the army never left him. Last November he tried the California climate for his health but it was of no avail, and returned to his home near Bala City. Judging from the kindness shown him by his neighbors during his sickness, he was much respected. The funeral was held at the Timber Creek school house, and conducted by A. W. Schenberger.

Married--Gurner-Jones--At St. George's Chapel, Monday evening, March 19, 1888, by Rev. I. T. Bagnall, Mr. W. E. L. Gurner to Miss Jennie Jones, both of this city.


Died--March 17, 1888, Mr. Nathan H. Fee. He was buried in the Younkin cemetery, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. Schenberger. Mr. Fee was born in Athens, Ohio Oct. 16, 1841, and was 46 years and five months old. He enlisted in the army Dec. 29, 1863, in Co. I. 12th Indiana Cav. and was discharged Nov. 10, 1865. Came to Kansas in 1879, and settled on the farm where his family now reside in 1882. Mr. Fee was a patient sufferer for many months, retaining consciousness to the last; even speaking words of consolation and cheer to his wife in his last moments. He was a quiet, peaceful citizen, a kind and affectionate husband and father, and a generous, warm-hearted neighbor and friend. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.


April 7, 1888

Born, on Friday, April 6th, to M/M R. Fowles, of Union Twp., a son.

Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, March 21, 1888, Mr. Frank Hanison, of Riley, and Miss Hattie Baxter, of Clay county, by Rev. Vincent assisted by Rev. J. T. Mayor of Clay Center.

Died, on Wednesday, March 21, 1888, Mrs. Sarah Crouch, age 43, wife of Rev. W. S. Crouch, of Maple Hill. The funeral services were held on Friday. Rev. Crouch was once pastor of the Congregational church of this place, and his many friends will sympathy with him in his great great loss.

Mr. S. M. Rutan received the sad intelligence Monday that James, his eldest son, died suddenly at eight o'clock that morning. The deceased intended to start the morning of his death for this city to accompany his father to the mountains. Mr. Rutan has the sympathy of his many friends in his great affliction.


April 14, 1888

Grant Twp.--Died, April 8, 1888, Frank, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Younkin. Age seven years and eight months.


April 21, 1888

Born, on Friday, April 13, to M/M George Pocock, a fine daughter. A broad smile has adorned our City Marshal's countenance since the arrival of his young daughter and heiress.

Married, on Wednesday morning, April 18, 1888, by Rev. I. T. Bagnall, at St. George's Chapel, Wakefield; Amy J., daughter of Mr. R. T. Batchelor, of this city, to Fred, son of Mr. J. S. Dodson, of Fairmont, Leavenworth County.


April 28, 1888

Died-- On Monday, April 26, 1888, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Guy. Services were conducted by Rev. R. Kerr on Friday afternoon. The afflicted parents have the sympathy of all in their sad hour of trial.


May 5, 1888

Born, on April 29, 1888, to M/M J. F. Swezey, a bouncing daughter. All doing well.

Born, on Sunday, April 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Koerner, twins. One of the children died, and was buried Monday.


May 12, 1888

Gill Twp.--Born to M/M Charles Loader, a boy. To M/M George Sutter, a boy.

Born on May 10, to M/M J. J. Reed, twins--both boys.


May 19, 1888

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Bower was christened by Rev. I. T. Bagnall last Sunday evening at St. George's Chapel.


May 26, 1888

Married at Enterprise on Sunday, April 29, Miss Nora Hudson, of Minneapolis, this state, aged 22, to James Batham, Esq., of New Chillicothe, Dickinson Co., aged 79. We wonder what his 80 descendants from his first wife (children and grandchildren) expect to follow this last move in Mr. B's programme.

Married, at the home of the bride, near Springfield, this county, Wednesday, May 23, 1888, by the Rev. Schnake, John Coleman, of St. Louis, and Jessie C. Smith of Clay County.

Born, on May 20, 1888, to M/M William Pocock, a daughter.


June 6, 1888

Passed to Rest--On May 30, 1888, of scarlet fever, Jay, son of Mr and Mrs. Thomas Keller, of Junction City. He was born Sept. 28th, 1879. Death claimed its victim after a very short but severe illness. The remains were interred at Madura, Thursday. Rev. F. Hoyes, of the city, officiated. Little Jay was a general favorite, and his sudden departure casts a gloom over his former associates. The afflicted family have the sympathy of their many friends.


June 13, 1888

Born, on June 5, 1888, to M/M F. Lewin, of Union Twp., a daughter.


June 27, 1888

Died, of measles and pneumonia on Wednesday of last week, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffey of Gill, aged 5 years. The funeral services were held Thursday, Rev. F. Hoyes of this city, officiating.

Born, on June 25, to Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Coleman, twins, both boys. Charley says that inasmuch as Kansas has hitherto been strongly Republican, he hopes to see change at an early date. The young couple ought to be named Cleveland and Thurman.

Born, on Thursday, June 21, to M/M Joseph Meyers, a daughter. All doing well.

Born to M/M Walter Avery, of Grant Twp., a boy. All doing nicely.


July 17, 1888

Died, July 3, 1888, of measles, Laura Myrtle, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Shivers, aged 15 months. The remains were interred in Zion cemetery on July 4th, Rev. Conrad officiating. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

Married, at Clay Center, July 1, Walter Gilbert to Miss Stella May Trowbridge both of this township. Their many friends wish them a long and happy voyage down life's transient river.

Born, July 6, 1888, to M/M W. H. Surridge, a nine pound boy. All doing well.

Born, on July 6, 1888, to M/M C. J. Wadley, of Gill twp., a daughter, all doing well.


July 24, 1888

An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hubbard, of Union Twp., died Saturday, of summer complaint. The funeral was held Sunday.

Died, in this city on Wednesday, July 18, 1888, at the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Ellenwood, of cerebro spinal meningitis; Carl Lindner Ellenwood, aged 4 years 4 months. The funeral was held Thursday afternoon. The remains were interred in Madura cemetery, Rev. A. Barnes, of Junction City, officiated. Little Carl bore his suffering patiently, not a murmur escaped his lips. Anxiously did his fond parents watch over him trusting that he might be spared them. The pet of the household has been removed, and his childish sayings will always be remembered by those who are called to mourn the departure of their loved one. The afflicted family have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

In the August 8, 1888 issue the "Advertiser" announced that it was shutting down. It was back in publication in December.


December 12, 1888

Died--on Dec. 10, of croup, Dannie, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George Sonenberg, of Gill Twp. The remains were interred at St. John's cemetery, Rev. Father Meili, of Clay Center, officiating. The sorrow stricken parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

Passed to Rest--It becomes our sad and painful duty to chronicle the death of Mrs. R. M. Irvine of consumption on Friday, Nov. 30, after a long and painful illness. The remains were interred at Madura Saturday, and were followed to their resting place by a large number of friends and relative. Rev. F. Hoyes officiated. The rereaved husband has the sympathy of the entire community in his sad hour of affliction. The deceased was born in Washington county, Ohio, June 17th, 1851. she came with her husband to Kansas in 1883 and has resided in this vicinity ever since. The deceased was highly respected. Her true christian ways endeared her to all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. Love reigned in her home. Her disposal was as the sunshine. "For those who wander, they know not where, Are full of trouble and full of care; tp stay at home is best" was a quotation she frequently uttered and one observed by her, so great was her love for home. To live so that when the summons came for her to leavce the scenes of this life she might join the happy throng above, was her ain and when Death came she was truly prepared to meet her God.


December 19, 1888

Born, in this city on Dec. 17, to M/M M. V. Birch, a girl.


December 26, 1888

To my mother: Agnes Haldane Kerr, who died at Kilmarnock, Scotland, Oct. 12, 1888, aged 90. We parted last in our old home, Sept. 22nd, 1887--Rev. Robert Kerr, Wakefield Kansas (read the lovely poem that followed on this page).

Born, on Dec. 16, to M/M Charles Pierce of Grant Twp., a daughter. All doing well.

Born, on Monday, Dec. 7th, 1889, to M/M Fred Ford, a daughter.


January 2, 1889

Died, last Friday morning, at 2 o'clock, Alfred Streeter, aged 35 years. Mr. Streeter was highly and truly respected, and morally there were few better than he. Mr. Streeter's father was called from the scenes of this life only a few months ago [transcriber's note: he died in August of 1888] and now death has taken therefrom one whose loss will be keenly felt in this vicinity. The deceased left an aged mother, a sorrow stricken wife, two brothers and a sister to mourn his untimely departure. The remains were interred at Milford last Sabbath, Rev. Sandford, of Milford officiating.

New Years Gifts--One of the happiest men in Dickinson county, we believe to be Chet Fenton. who loudly proclaims to the workd the advent of twins to grace his household and comfort his declining years. A boy and a girl will hereafter call him pa.

Aaron De Young is rejoicing greatly over the arrival of a daughter of the usual weight at his home yesterday. All doing well.


Jan. 9, 1889

Died--Only last week we announced the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Aaron DeYoung, and now it is our sad duty to chronicle the death of the innocent babe which occurred Thursday morning. The remains were interred in Madura cemetery. The afflicted parents have the sympathy of the community in their sad hour of sorrow.


Jan. 16, 1889

Mr. and Mrs. James Alsop are rejoicing over the arrival of a son.

Died, on Friday, Jan. 11, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Coleman. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon, Rev. R. Kerr, officiating. The remains were interred in the Avery cemetery./p> Died--The sad intelligence was received here this morning at the death of Mr. W. Gaston, at his daughter's residence near Junction City, on Jan. 15, 1889. Born in County down, Ireland in 1809, and after his marriage emigrated to the United States in 1834, settling at Cannonsburg, Pa. He was widely known and had many friends who regreet his departure. The deceased was nearly 80 years of age. He leaves a wife with whom he had shared life's portion for fifty seven years, three sons and one daughter. Burial was in Madura cemetery on the 17th. The sympathy of the community is with the afflicted ones.

From "Gill Items"--Hurd as Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Clark was a lafin fit ter split their side cos they hed a gurl baby cum to there house, Dec. the 28th, 1888, an all is wel.


Jan. 23, 1889

Married--On Thursday morning at nine o'clock at St. George's Chapel, by Rev. I. T. Bagnall, Mr. Fred W. Guy, to Miss Agnes S. Jones of this city.

Died-- At Orwell, Bradford county, PA on Jan. 13, 1889 of consumption, Miss Myra Ella Mitchell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. H. Mitchell of this city. About three years ago Miss Mitchell left here to attend the State Normal School at Boston, Mass., and made rapid progress in her studies. She would have graduated last fall with high honors, but consumption had gained control, and shw was compelled to lay aside her school work. Since August she had been a great sufferer, and death was to her a true relief. She was well known here having resided in this vicinity many years. Her kind affectionate ways made her popular with here associates and brightened the home of her parents, who are now called to mourn her demise. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends.


Feb. 6, 1889

Married, at the residence of the bride's parents on Jan. 31, 1889, Mr. Orrin Webb to Miss Mary Nicols, both of this city.

Obituary--Died in this city, of heart trouble, on Jan. 29, 1889, Mrs. Myra E. Jones, wife of Richard A. Jones, age 41 years, 1 month and 14 days. The deceased had been in poor health for some time, but was able to attend her household duties until the Friday before her death. She was born in Cedar county, Mo., and resided there for several years. Shortly after her marriage to Mr. Foster she removed to Vernon county, Mo. where she resided until her husband's death in 1883. She was united in marriage to Mr. R. A. Jones in 1886. In early life she united with the Baptist church near her home and was a faithful member. After her removal to Vernon county, there being no Baptist society in the vicinity, she united with the M.E. church, and held connection with that society until her death. The funeral took place on Wednesday at 9 o'clock for the M.E. church, Rev. Hoyes officiated. A grief stricken husband and six motherless children mourn the sudden departure of a loved one. Four of the children, Mattie, Emma, Earl and Clara, were present at the funeral. Mrs. Gordia Withro, of Las Vegas, N. M., and Mrs. H. S. Esmay of Sabula, Ia., the remaining children, were unable to be present. The sorrowing ones have the sympathy of the community.


Feb. 13, 1889

Obituary--Died at Lamar, Colo., Herbert H. Starling of lung fever, on Jan. 28, 1889. The deceased was born at Edmondton, London, England, Oct. 27, 1866 and came with his parents to Kansas in the spring of 1870. He soon left motherless after his arrival here, his mother died Sept. 24, 1871 and was the first to be married at Madura. Herbert resided in this community until the 1st of last October when he went west and located a claim in Greeley county, this state. Having complied with the homestead laws, he sought work and left for Lamar, Colo., where on the 23rd of January he was taken sick with lung fever and expired on the 28th. The funeral took place here Friday morning. The deceased was interred by the side of his mother in Madura. The sorely afflicted father and sister have the sympathy of all in this their hour of grief.


Feb. 20, 1880

Died--In this city on Sunday, Feb. 17, Lora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sharkey, age 17 months. The funeral took place yesterday, Rev. F. Hoyes officiating.


March 16, 1889

It becomes our sad duty to chronicle the death of Mrs. Newton Male, which occurred last evening. On Thursday of this week, while shopping at W. Guy's, she was taken ill. She was invited to go to Mr. Guy's home to rest until her son, Richard, arrived. She accepted the invitation, but gradually grew worse, and desired to be taken home. Her request was complied with. Dr. Hewitt was called, and pronounced the attack as fatal.


March 23, 1889

Called Home--The startling information was received in the city this morning that Mrs. I. B. Smith, so well and favorably known, had died early this morning of heart disease. From Mr. Smith we learn that on retiring last evening, the deceased stated that she felt better than she had for some time. About two o'clock Mr. Smith was awakened by a noise made by his wife. He spoke, but there was no reply. He then shook her gently to arouse her if possible, but failed to do so. He arose and bathed her face, supposing she had fainted. She did not rally, and he called his two little boys and sent them to the neighbors to summon aid. Dr. Hewitt was called but life had been extinct nearly three hours before his arrival. The deceased age was 31 years, 11 month and 19 days. She leaves a heart-broken husband and four small children. The sympathy of all is with the bereaved in their hour of sorrow.

Born on March 9, to M/M S. Engle, a daughter.

Born on March 9, to M/M H. Yelpman, a daughter.

Born on March 14, to M/M John Lammey, a daughter.

Uria Myers is happy all the time. He has a pair of 'em now, its a daughter.


April 13, 1889 Born to M/M William Dibben, on March 27, a daughter. All doing well.(In another part of the paper it said the baby was born on the 25th)

Mother Hocket died Monday afternoon. The deceased was a good Christian lady, and was with true Christian patience ready to take the journey to the land whose bourne no traveler can return. The funeral services were held from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. T. Miller. The remains were conveyed to Rooks county, the former home of the deceased, and were accompanied by Mrs. T. Miller, Mrs. S. Miller and Mrs. Macy, daughters of the deceased.

Married at the home of the bride in this city (Clay Center), Wednesday, April 10, 1889, by Rev. Collins of the M.E. Church, George L. Hinds of near Broughton and Miss Lucinda Reed.(Clay Center Democrat)

Athelstane had a sly wedding on the 1st. Mr. Barnet and Miss Alice Green were the happy ones. May they prosper is the wish of their many friends.

Born to M/M H. Dunn, Saturday, April 6, a son.

Mr. Echert's child died Thursday, April 11, of diphtheria.

Married on March 30, 1889, Mr. Hugh Evans and Miss Georgie Warnock.


April 27, 1889

Born to M/M J. Starky (Starkey) on April 20, a daughter.

died at the residence of his parents in Union Twp., on April 19, of diphtheria, Fred, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bills. The remains were interred in the Uniondale cemetery. The services were conducted by Mr. G. Randall. Mr. Bills and eldest daughter are very low with diphtheria. Their many friends sincerely hope that their recovery will soon take place.


May 4, 1889

Married--On May 1, by Rev. F. Lippem Mr. Arthur Streeter and Miss Kate Parish at the residence of the bride's parents. Success to you, Arthur.

John Debenham, of New Chillicothe, and Miss Mary Milner, of Brooklyn, N.Y., were pronounced man and wife recently.

At the residence of the bride's parents in Exeter township, April 23, by Rev. D. F. Honstedt, Mr. Leslie S. Hill and Miss Lillie M. Keen. At 10 o'clock the invited guests began to arrive and fill the well arranged parlors. After the ceremony all surrounded a table loaded with the luxuries of the season. (What follows is a list of the wedding gifts the couple received including two cows, twelve hogs and one set of household furniture from the bride's father, sets of china and silver from her mother, and a milk cow from her uncle.)

Miss Minnie Bills died Thursday of last week. The remains were interred in the Uniondale cemetery Thursday. She was followed in a few days by a brother, both having fallen victim to the dread disease diphtheria. Truly Mr. and Mrs. Bills are drinking deeply of the cup of sorrow, losing their dear ones within the past few days. The sympathies of all are with the sorrowing parents.

Died--In this city May 1, 1889, Willie, son of W. H. Beal, aged 14 years. The remains were taken to Riley Center, where services were conducted by Rev. Bolton, of Riley. Willie had been sick only a few days and expressed a desire to go to that better land above. being fully conscious that he must soon meet his God. Mr. Beal has the sympathy of the community in this his sad hour of affliction. It has only been a short time since he was called to mourn the loss of his chosen companion and the death of his son so soon after is a hard blow to him.

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