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Clay County Obituaries/Death Record Abstracts, Clay Center Times

The abstracts below are from Clay Center Times obituaries and death notices from 1884.


Jan. 10, 1884

Kelley, Mrs. Emma, w/o H. D., died Jan. 9 in Five Creeks of apoplexy; burial CC cemetery

Sherwood, J. W. funeral on Jan. 13

Jan. 17, 1884

Capt. R. Owen died Dec. 25, 1883; born South Perry, Lake Co., Ohio Oct. 23, 1846; lived in Albany, Ill and LeClair, IA; married Miss E. Rambo; two daughters, Gertrude and Jenny; body removed to LeClair, IA for burial, accompanied by his son in law, J. N. Flack

Shaffner, Daniel, Sr. died Jan. 16 in Bloom Twp.; born Canton Aargau, Switzerland, July 11, 1802 and came to Kansas in 1871; leaves a son, Daniel, of Bloom Twp., two other sons and one daughter

Jan. 24, 1884

Lesem, Henry died Jan. 22 at his residence in CC of typhoid pneumonia, aged 49 years, 10 months;' born in Eschweiler, Bavaria; came to Quincy, Ill and then to CC five years ago; leaves wife and six daughters; body taken to Quincy, Ill for burial

Engert, Philip died Jan. 21; father in law of Jacob Engert (?); came here recently from Cleveland, OH

Walker, Miss Silver, died Jan. 18 at the residence of Harry Miller in CC; d/o William Walker of Five Creeks Twp., aged 17 years

Worland, Mrs. George died Jan. 19 at her home in Bloom Twp.

Feb. 7, 1884

Money, Alexander died Feb. 1 at the residence of Daniel Harden in Wakefield from injuries suffered in a runaway; lived on a farm two miles from Industry

Feb. 14, 1884

Carr, Mrs. John died Feb. 13; husband died recently

Clark, Mrs. Charles died Feb. 14; body shipped to Reading (what state?) for burial

Peterson, mother of Mrs. O. died "last Friday"(Feb. 1 or Feb. 8); buried in Swedish cemetery east of Silver

Quinn, "Father" died at his residence Feb. 14

March 20, 1884

Goodin, Mrs. Martha died March 20 at her home in CC of consumption

March 27, 1884

Brown, C. of Mulberry Twp. died Mar. 19 from eating a poisonous plant; batchelor

April 3, 1884

Chestnut, only son of Thomas Jr., died March 19

Vincent, Roy died March 30; son of M/M William Vincent; aged 8 months and 21 days

April 10, 1884

Hankin, Anna died April 8 died at the farm residence of John Van Hove in Highland Twp.; mother of Mrs. E. B. Behrend of CC Twp.; burial CC cemetery

Maple, John J. died April 4 in Green of Bright's Diesease; s/o Rezin Maple; aged 29 years

Turner, d/o M/M Turner of Oak Hill died April 1; aged 19 days

Warner, s/o M/M Warner of Oak Hill stillborn April 1

April 17, 1884

Fisk, Peter died April 15 at the county poor farm; young man with no known relatives

April 24, 1884

Warren, youngest child of M/M Thomas Warren died April 23

Worley, Mariah B. died April 12 in CC; born Wythe Co., VA on Sept. 1, 1827; married Abraham Worley Oct. 1, 1848 in Tennessee; he was born March 6, 1830 in Washington Co., VA and died Sept. 6, 1874 in Phillips Co., KS

May 1, 1884

Loop, Fredericke Johanne died April 23; born Oct. 8, 1836 in Germany; married J. C. Loop in 1858; came to US in 1869; to Kansas five years ago; preceded in death by four children; survived by husband, two sons and two daughters; inflammation of the bowels

Smith, Mrs. died April 26; mother of James and Robert Smith of Fancy Creek; body shipped "back east" for burial

May 15, 1884

Roe, Elmer died May 12 after being struck by lightening 8 miles southwest of CC

White, Mrs. D. E. died at her residence in Wakefield Monday night (May 5 or May 12)

May 29, 1884

Jones, s/o M. A. Jones, died May 20 at Tabor; funeral Pleasant View school house, burial Idana; aged 2 years and 3 months

Shivers, James died May 23 of drowning; s/o William Shivers

June 5, 1884

Reynolds, Boyd died June 12; s/o Dr. S. E. and Mrs. Hattie N. Reynolds; aged 19 months

June 26, 1884

Clouser, Mrs. died June 13 at her home in Chapman Twp.; survived by husband and child; buried in the cemetery near Oak Hill

Hemphill, Margery died June 20 at her home in Grant Twp.; married Henry Hemphill June 28, 1861 in Ireland; came to Kansas in 1874; burial CC cemetery

Reed, Andrew S. died June 23 at his residence of apoplexy; came to Clay County in 1869; survived by his wife and nine children: Andrew, John, Kenney, William, Cabbet and Steven Mrs. Todd, Mrs. W. P. Gates and Mrs. Joseph Pierson

July 17, 1884

Stanton, John died July 11 at his CC residence; came to Clay Co. in 1870 homesteading on Fancy Creek, sold out and bought real estate; aged 71 years

July 24, 1884

Gillespie, Joseph drowned at Air Line Ferry on July 21; aged 23 years; only relative in county was a cousin in Blaine Twp.

Anderson, Mrs. G. died July 21 at her home in Morganville

Stanton, infant of Frank Stanton and wife, died July 20; aged 8 months

Wilson, Mrs. Marcella died July 24 at her residence in CC of typhoid fever; born in Van Wert, OH in January 1850; married Allen Wilson in Blue Rapids, KS in Sept. 1870; survived by husband and two daughters

Aug. 7, 1884

Brown, Mrs. Mary A. died Aug. 7 in Blaine Twp. of consumption; w/o E. T. Brown, the couple came to CC two years ago from Jackson Co., Illl; aged 45 years old

Heckle, Mrs. M. died Aug. 2 at Green

August 14, 1884

Moore, infant of Tom died Aug. 12

Mosslander, Mr. died Aug. 11 after a long illness

Tripp, William died Aug. 12 in Chapman Twp.; aged 48 years, 9 months and 14 days

Aug. 21, 1884

Chestnut, Lizzie died Aug. 14 in Exeter Twp.; survived by husband and child

Heere, Jacob died Aug. 16 in Highland Twp. by suicide by hanging; leaves wife and five children

Watts, Mrs. S. B. died Aug. 14 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Way, in Blaine Twp.; aged 79 years; body removed to Illinois for burial

Aug. 28, 1884

Johns, John died Aug. 20 in Oakland Twp. of Bright's Disease; born in PA and came to Abilene ten years ago, later settling on a farm on section 14 in Oakland Twp.; survived by wife and ten children; burial in cemetery at Oak Hill

Sept. 11, 1884

Johnson, William died Sept. 8 at his residence in CC township age 75 years of paralysis; leaves a wife and five children

Lawrence, Mrs. P. of Peach Grove was buried Sept. 7

Ristine, Benjamin died Sept. 5 at his home in Grant Twp.; oldest son of M. H. Ristine, an early settler; lost arm in an accident but supported his family, his wife and one child

Myers, Mrs. Rachel Younkin died June 18, 1884 in Wakefield; born in Summerset Co., PA on May 18, 1847; married John Myers in 1866; survived by husband and four children

Sept. 25, 1884

Kiser, Mr. died Sept. 19 at his residence in Mulberry Twp.

Oct. 2, 1884

Mann, Lewis, infant son of J. L. and Addie Mann died Sept. 28 of Rosevale

Taylor, George died Sept. 27 at CC; born Aug. 15, 1808 at Buckhamster, CT; came to Kansas in 1868; preceded in death by his wife in 1873; survived by two sons and one daughter

Oct. 30, 1884

Eisele, William died Oct. 27 of accidental gunshot in Athelstane Twp.; burial in cemetery there

Wood, Elizabeth died Oct. 24; w/o T. E.; burial CC cemetery

Nov. 20, 1884

Chase, Mary died Nov. 14 at the home of her parents, M/M H. P. Chase; aged 17 years; burial CC cemetery

Dec. 4, 1884

Lynde, Flora died Nov. 27 at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Lynde in Vining

Dec. 11, 1884

Patterson, Miss Alice died Dec. 5 of consumption

Dec. 18, 1884

Luther Nocks died Dec. 12 from the effects of being kicked by a mule three weeks ago; burial in Ladysmith cemetery

Dec. 25, 1884

Gazin, Alfred infant son of M/M William Gazin died Dec. 23

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