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Clay County Obituaries/Death Record Abstracts, Clay Center Times

The abstracts below are from Clay Center Times obituaries and death notices from 1898.


Jan. 8, 1898

Boughton, infant of W. C. died Jan. 3; burial Greenwood cemetery

Caley, Mrs. Charles died Jan. 2 at her home near Alert of inflammation of the brain

Jan. 13, 1898

John Chestnut died Jan. 6 in a runaway accident; leaves a wife and three children; burial Hebron cemetery

Goodwin/Godwin, Mrs. M. died Jan. 8; born in KY Sept. 3, 1822; married Festus Goodwin Oct. 25, 1843; moved to Trumbull Co., OH then to Riley Co.; leaves husband and eight children; burial Lasita cemetery

Morton, Valjean died Jan. 8 at his home near Green of inflammation of the brain; burial Green cemetery

Nichols. Grandma died last week; burial Athelstane cemetery

Weller, San died Jan. 9; burial Peach Grove

Jan. 20, 1898

Grinnell/Grimmel, Eldra died Jan. 20; d/o M/M Peter Grimmell of Garfield Twp.' aged 6 months

Jan. 27, 1898

Broughton, W. S. died Jan. 25 from the effects of a railroad wreck on Jan. 23; born in Middlevale, Herkimer Co., NY on Oct. 4, 1850; married Anna M. Nicolis at Jordan NY on Nov. 18, 1875; came to Idana 20 years ago, then to CC; town of Broughton named for him

Griffiths, W. H. died Jan. 23 in a train accident at CC; burial at Greenleaf

Williams, Zoa died Jan. 17 in CC; d/o M/M George T. Williams; buried in Mankato; age 10 years

Feb. 3, 1898

Ingersoll, George died Jan. 8 in San Francisco, CA; s/o Rev. Ingersoll

Woodbury, "Uncle Bill" died Jan. 31; burial at Milford; aged 69 years

Feb. 10, 1898

Brainard, J. H. died at the home of his nephew, R. C. Herrick on Feb. 3 of Bright's disease; recently came here from Michigan survived by his niece, Mrs. Herrick and a sister, Mrs. Stryker of this county; 70 years of age

Smith, Jennie Tuft died Feb. 8 at CC, after a long illness; born Oct. 31, 1874 in Garfield Twp.

Feb. 17, 1898

Wade, Dr. Joseph died Feb. 14; survived by wife, daughter and two sons; burial at Oak Hill

Feb. 24, 1898

Mossburg, Christian died Feb. 18 at his home near Broughton; survived by six children burial in Concordia next to wife, who died 18 (20?) years ago to the day

Mar. 3, 1898

Cochran, David died Feb. 28 of Bright's disease; burial Fancy Creek cemetery

Mar. 10, 1898

Dix, Pete died March 2 of heart trouble at his home on Fancy Creek; one of the oldest settlers in the township

Schoch, Barbara died March 6 at her home in Highland Twp. of consumption; aged 65 years

March 17, 1898

Cook, Mrs. David died March 13 at her home of catarrh of the stomach; burial in Hebron cemetery

Swenson, Hans E. died March 10 of liver problems at his farm three miles east of Morganville; lived in Clay Co. 29 years; first wife died in Sweden; of that marriage a son, Eric H. Swenson and two daughters, Mrs. Victor Anderson and Mrs. H. S. Kalin remain; also survived by his widow, three sons and two daughters; burial Pleasant Hill cemetery

March 24, 1898

Linquist, G. E. died March 19 of pneumonia in Garfield Twp.; s/o G. A. Linquist; burial Swedesburg cemetery

Need, Lester J. died Mar. 19; left on Need's doorstep a few months previous and adopted by family; aged 8 months; burial Greenwood cemetery

Rundle, Frances Ida died March 21 at the family residence near Clifton; d/o Henry and M. E. Rundle; born July 24, 1880 in Clifton; burial Sherman cemetery

March 31, 1898

Mall, Henrietta nee Wiese died March 26 at her home in Grant Twp.; w/o Samuel Mall; born in Prussia, Germany Aug. 6, 1845; burial Broughton cemetery; married Samuel Mall at Belle Plaine, IA on Sept. 22, 1865; came to Kansas in 1868; survived by husband and five children--Emma C. Ahl of JC, Albert W., Samuel G., Viola and Edwin

Newbury, Prentis died March 25 in CC; born in Almont, LaPeer Co., MI on Nov. 11, 1836; at age 21 married Mary Lathrop and they came to Clay Co. in 1885; preceded in death by a daughter, Grace; survived by his wife, and two children, Mrs. M. A. Dobkins and Edwin O. Newbury.

Rook, Thomas remains disenterred from his burial place in Oakland Twp. and burial in Greenwood cemetery; died 18 or 20 years ago; served in an Illinois regiment during Civil war; brother, A. Rook lives in this county

April 7, 1898

Barker, William G. buried April 6 in Greenwood cemetery; brother in law of R. Iams; age 19 years

Miles, Edson died March 24 at his home near Green of heart trouble; ill for 20 years; s/o Frank and Sarah Miles; burial Fancy Creek cemetery

Murphy, Mrs. Mary J. died April 6 of consumption at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Goodlander; also survived by children G. I. Murphy, Mrs. Tom Johnston and O. P. Kimble; aged 68 years; burial Greenwood cemetery

April 21, 1898

Dodson, Mrs. James died April 7 at Fairmount, KS of Bright's disease; former resident of CC and Wakefield; burial at Wakefield

McCully, infant of Frank McCully, died April 17; burial Fragrant Hill cemetery

Moon, Mary died April 18; w/o Elihu Moon; burial May Day cemetery

April 28, 1898

Homer, twin boy of Romeo Homer died April 25; boys were born the 24th

Kistler, child of A. A. Kistler died April 24 at Morganville

Strawn, Mrs. J. M. buried April 29 in Greenwood cemetery; d/o M/M J. B. Parker of CC

May 5, 1898

Baker, Robert died April 29 at his home in Broughton of abcess of the brain; leaves a wife and child; burial Idana cemetery

Hedwell/Hedwall, Emma died April (May?) 3 at the home of her sister, Mrs. Sjoblom in CC; survived by two brothers and two sisters; 23 years of age; buruial Swedish Lutheran cemetery

May 12, 1898

Canasty, G. S. died May 7 at the Comstock Hotel here; a Union Pacific brakeman who was injured last week; burial in Belleville

Myers, J. Don, two year old son of John Myers of near Wakefield died May 7 after falling into a cistern

June 9, 1898

Coleman, Annie M. died June 7 of consumptionin CC; born Dec. 16, 1826 near Burlington, KY; her mother died when she was 11 years old; six years later her father died; sister Mary died five years ago; burial Greenwood cemetery

Johnson, John D. died June 6 (?); born near Colcord, Franklin Co., PA on April 3, 1819; married Elizbeth Miller of Spring Run, PA on Oct. 26, 1843; moved to Illinois in 1853 and to Kansas in 1873; survived by wife, five daughters and two sons

Wallace, infant of M/M Frank Wallace of Bloom Twp. died June 5

Wasner/Wasmer, Albert,13 year old son of M/M John Wasner died June 6 of appendicitis; burial Schaubel cemetery

June 16, 1898

Malin, Willie died June 2; s/o John Malin

June 23, 1898

Allison, Aaron H. died June 11 in Abilene of Bright's disease; born Nov. 28, 1855 in Perry Co., PA to Rev. and Mrs. John Allison; former resident of Clay Co.; survived by his sister, Mrs. C. M. Johnson of Abilene, and two brothers, Samuel Allison of CC and James Allison of Hiawatha

Fischel, Oscar six months old son of Sam Fischel died June 16 in CC; burial in Broughton cemetery

June 30, 1898

Tolin, Grandma died June 23 at Vining

July 7, 1898

Bryson, William Arthur. three year old son of George and Grace Bryson died July 1 of cholera infantum at his home in Broughton; born Oct. 20, 1896; grandosn of Jesse Dever and wife; burial Broughton cemetery

Cox, Forrest three year old son of Ross and Sarah Cox died July 1 at the home of his parents' in CC; burial Green cemetery

Downs, Mrs. Emma C. died July 3 of appendicitis at her home in CC; w/o J. O. Downs; survived by husband and three young children; burial Swedesburg cemetery

Newman, Armond Adam died June 30 of apolexy in CC; born New York City on Feb. 2, 1832; resided in Buffalo, Cleveland, Hillsboro, Ill., Marshall, MO (where he married Florence Allen in 1869) and to Clay Co. in 1885; survived by wife and sons--Allen of Emporia, Walter of the Klondike and Rufus of the home; a brother Charles of Marshall, MO and two sisters, Mrs. Will McCormick of Sumner Co. and Mrs. J.T. Wetteck of Coffeyville; burial Greenwood Cemetery

July 14, 1898

Dawes, Julia A. Maxwell. died at her home near Miltondale July 12; born March 19, 1824; married Elder Isaac B. Dawes on Feb. 11, 1850; preceded in death by two children; survived by husband and five children: E. B. Dawes of Leavenworth, Samuel Dawes and Ella Dawes of Miltonvale; Mrs. Lizzie King of Idana and Mrs. Ina Mock of Choctaw, OK; burial Miltonvale cemetery

Noyes, Pearl died July 7 at the family residence in Olathe; d/o M/M W. W. Noyes; former resident of CC

July 21, 1898

Boutwell, Lillian E. died July 14 in Denver, CO; d/o Lester T. and Susie Boutwell former residents of Wakefield; aged six years, nine months and eleven days

Carpenter, May died July 14 of cholera infantum at the home of her parents on the old Weir road; d/o J. R. Carpenter; burial Greenwood cemetery

Cool, Mary Frances died July 19 at her home near Morganville; d/o H. A. Cool and wife

Kennedy, Howard died July 14 in Gill Twp. of a stroke of paralysis; born Rush Twp., Tuscarawas Co., OH Nov. 9, 1842; enlisted in the Civil war at age 19; married Annie E. Erwin on Oct. 4, 1866; came to Kansas in Sept. 1878; preceded in death by son; survived by wife, son, daughter, brother and sister

Tucker, Mrs. J. died July 19 of paralysis at her home near Fact

July 28, 1898

Carpenter, Lura died July 9 at the home of her parents in Leavenworth; d/o R. Carpenter and wife formerly of Morganville; aged 4 years and 1 day

Catlin, Levi died July 28 after being hit by a train; lived in Clay County for many years and was deaf; body sent to Rockford, IL for burial

Clinesmith, Henry died July 22 of old age at the home of his daughter, Mrs. G. W. Downs; born June 8, 1814 in Westmoreland Co., Pa; married Mary Gribbs in Richland Co., OH on March 12, 1842; came to Clay Co. in 1888; preceded in death by two children; survived by his wife and children--Mrs. Cordelia Helwig of Helmar IN, Mrs. Julia C. Downs of Clay Center; Jacob Clinesmith died in Texas; Andrew Clinesmith of Butte MT; Frank Clinesmith of Prescott AZ, Mrs. Jane Miser of Waterloo IN and George Clinesmith of Lincoln Center; burial at Lasita

Peak, H. C. died July 25 in Topeka following an operation; aged 55 years; burial Greenwood cemetery

Oppenlander, Willie A. died July 26 of summer complaint in CC; s/o William Oppenlander; aged one year, six months; burial Idana cemetery

Vincent, Elizabeth Warren Freeman died July 22 in CC; born March 14, 1825 in NC; married William J. Vincent on May 9, 1843; preceded in death by her husband who died Feb. 12, 1875 and by her son, Rufus E. Vincent; survived by children--Mrs. Frances Stepp, Mrs. Martha A. Pinkerton, Mrs. Ella McCormick, John M. Vincent, William D. Vincent, Emmerson Vincent and Wallace Vincent; burial Greenwood cemetery

Aug. 4, 1898

Coulter, Bennie died July 27 of erysipelas of the head

Schorer, Sarah G. died Aug. 2 at her parents' home south of Vining of typhoid fever; graduated with the CCHS class of 1895; burial in Clifton I.O.O.F. cemetery

Aug. 11, 1898

Hall, Robert J. died Aug. 5 at the home of his son James; born Westmoreland Co., PA on July 23, 1819; married Martha Dunlap on Dec. 29, 1842; enlisted Co. C, 168th PA during Civil war; came to Clay Co. in 1880; preceded in death by his wife in 1893; survived by his children--J. D. Hall of Burlingame, J. M Hall and R. C. Hall of Idana, Mrs. A. Crawford of Hope; Mrs. E. Hargis and Mrs. Maggie Dodds of Lawrence

Shields, Mrs. Sarah died Aug. 4 died at her home three miles southwest of Idana; burial Shields cemetery

Clark, Mrs. Em. died Aug. 6 of a complication of diseases; w/o Thomas Clark

Aug. 18, 1898

Lykins, Ida died Aug. 13 of malarial fever at her home on the south side of CC; born in Mississippi in 1821; mother of 15 children, four of whom survive, including Mrs. Paul Jones of CC; preceded in death by her husband last spring; burial in Greenwood cemetery

Reed, infant daughter of S. K. Reed died Aug. 15 in Union Twp.

Thompson, Lucinda died Aug. 15 of dropsy at her home in Sherman Twp.; w/o J. W. Thompson; aged 54 years; burial Sherman cemetery

August 25, 1898

Barclay, Harold James died Aug. 23 at the home of his parents, M/M James Barclay; burial Greenwood cemetery

Foster, Lucinda died at her home in CC on August 20 of a paralytic stroke; preceded in death by her husband and seven children; survived by William of Ogden, KS; Hiram of Lowell, MA; R. B. of CC; burial Greenwood cemetery

Sept. 1, 1898

Crum, infant of S. H. Crum died Aug. 28 in Gill Twp.; burial Greenwood cemetery

Foster, Frank W. died Aug. 30 of typhoid malaria at his home five miles south of Vining; eldest son of A. B. Foster; born Jan. 9, 1874 in Mulberry Twp. aged 23 years; studying law at K.U.; burial Clifton cemetery

Habluetzel, John died Aug. 30; survived by wife and several small children; burial Ebenezer cemetery

Limbrey, J. F. died Aug. 21 of malarial fever; preceded in death by five sisters and one brother; survived by his parents, a brother and a sister; burial Vining cemetery

Sept. 8, 1898

Anderson, five month old infant of R. A. Anderson died Sept. 1 of cholera infantum; burial Clifton I.O.O.F. cemetery

Niles, Charley Ray died Sept. 3 of typhoid fever in El Reno, OK; s/o former resident W. E. Niles

Parks, infant son of F. G. Parks died Sept. 3; burial Clifton I.O.O.F. cemetery

Perkins, child of E. G. Perkins died Sept. 3; burial Clifton I.O.O.F. cemetery

Rivard, Leonard C. died Sept. 2 after being hit by a train near Broughton; born in Clay Co. on Sept. 14, 1879; raised by M/M Gentry after his mother died when he was two years old; his father died in 1893; burial at Greenwood

Sept. 15, 1898

Small, Mrs. C. E. died Sept. 10 in CC; born at Saratoga, NY in 1844 to Abraham and Elizabeth Rood; at a young age moved to Bristol, Sun Prairie, Dane Co., WI and on March 24, 1867 married Horace L. Small of Burke Twp., Dane Co.; came to Clay Co. in 1870; survived by husband and children--Henry O. of Laurel, IA; B. F. of Neodesha; George, John, Howard and Mary

Terwilliger, Albert W. died Sept. 1 at Camp Wikoff, NY; arrived from Cuba just three days before death; born Whitewater, WI in March 1873; s/o Amos Terwilliger; regular Troop C, 2nd U.S. Calvary; dispatch bearer during Battle of Santiago; burial Greenwood cemetery

Trautwein, F. C. died Sept. 7 at his home north of Green of consumption; burial Schaubel cemetery

Sept. 22, 1898

Deetjen, Herrmann died Aug. 31 of consumption at Celle, Hanover, Germany; brother of C. F. N. Deetjen of CC; aged 37 years

Sept. 29, 1898

Keener, Mrs. J. W. died Sept. 27 at her home in CC of blood poisoning; came to Clay Co. in 1889; moved to CC four years ago from Athelstane Twp.; born March 9, 1839 in PA; preceded in death by her husband and two brothers; survived by four sons, two daughters; also four sisters in Pennsylvania

Moore, C. A. died Sept. 3 in Abilene at the home of a family member; merchant at Tabor

Morris, infant of Rev. Morris died Sept. 23; burial Clifton I.O.O.F. cemetery '

Paronto, A. Narcisse died Sept. 21 at his farm six miles southwest of Clifton; born in Canada in January 1827; from there to Kankakee, IL and in 1874 to Bloom Twp.; wife preceded him in death a little over two years ago; survived by his children--Mrs. C. D. Lewis, Mrs. Charles Wingrove, A. N., Jim, George, Henry, John, Nelson and Fred; burial Riverdale cemetery

Worth, Mrs. Anna died Sept, 20 in Iowa City, IA; sister of Mrs. E. H. Williams of Clifton; burial Clifton I.O.O.F. cemetery

Oct. 13, 1898

Smith, A. died Oct. 6; aged about 80 years; surived by wife, five sons and three daughters

Oct. 20, 1898

Meyer, Theodore died Oct. 16; s/o Rev. H. C. Meyer and wife; aged one year and eight months; burial Greenwood cemetery

Oct. 28, 1898

Kinkennon, Mrs. Nathan died Sept. at her home near Enid, O.T. from blood poisoning; formerly lived at Clifton; survived by husband and children

Nov. 3, 1898

Charpie, Ed died Nov. 1 in Kansas City; former businessman in CC; brother in law of Peter Hedburg; funeral in Kansas City

Jellum, Andrew died Nov. 1 after being attacked by a bull; burial Norwegian Lutheran cemetery in Garfield Twp.

Nov. 10, 1898

Fowler, Henry died Nov. 7 at his home in CC; moved to CC from Concordia about a year ago; aged 78 years

Johnson, John A. died Nov. 6 in Hayes Twp. of typhoid fever; burial in the Swede Methodist cemetery

Row, William died (Oct. 27 or Nov. 3) of malarial fever complicated by pneumonia; born 35 years ago in Germany; came to Clay Co. eight years ago; leaves a wife and two small children; funeral from M. E. church in Wakefield

Thompson, John S. died Nov. 3 in Bateham, Gill Twp.; had only lived there a few months; aged 79 years; burial in his former home of Fairmont, NE

Ward, Jennie died Nov. 7 at her home in Morganville of consumption; w/o W. H. Ward; also survived by a son and daughter; aged 37 years; burial in Sherman cemetery

Nov. 17, 1898

Brown, William died Nov. 15 of general debility at the county poor house; aged 67 years; funeral at Wakefield

Cool, Jessie died Nov. 13 at her home in Morganville of consumption; w/o Hugh Cool; aged 28 years; burial in Sherman cemetery

Hulin, Mary died Nov. 5 at her home; survived by husband and two sons; aged 72 years; burial Fancy Creek cemetery

Larmer, Katie died Nov. 9 of burns at her home three miles west of Oak Hill; d/o Sam Larmer ; aged 4 years; burial Mellville cemetery (Miltonvale cemetery??)

Nov. 24, 1898

Tubbs, Samuel N. died Nov. 10 at Long Island, KS; one of the first settlers of Exeter Twp.; aged 66 years, 4 months and 15 days

Dec. 1, 1898

Brown, Margery Gillespie died Nov. 3 near Carrolton, OH; married Simon Brown Sept. 15, 1892 in Manhattan, KS; sister of Mrs. Rezin Maple of CC

McGinnis, Nelson and wife; both died in Denver Co., he on Nov. 20 and she on the 21st; former residents of Clay Co.

Dec. 8, 1898

Dawes, Raymond died Nov. 22 in Honolulu, only son of F. B. Dawes of CC; enlisted with the reluctant consent of parents in the 20th Kansas; survived by parents and sisters; burial National cemetery at Honolulu (later removed to CC)

Lewis, Hayes died Dec. 3 at his residence in the Park Hotel in CC; born Franklin Co., PA; aged 81 year, 2 months and 10 days; survived by two sons by his first marriage, his wife and their two sons, R. O. and T. L. both of CC

Dec. 15, 1898

Clevenger, Joseph F. died Dec. 12 of heart disease at his home south of Vining

Harris, John died Dec. 10 at the home of his parents near Bateham in Gill Twp.; blood poisoning caused by an infection of the ear; aged 19 years; burial Greenridge cemetery

Jevons, Elizabeth died Dec. 13 at her home near Wakefield of paralysis

Dec. 22, 1898

Browner/Brawner, Bennie died Dec. 18 of an accidental shooting; s/o L. F. Browner of Bala

Loofbourrow, P. S. died Dec. 16 at his home in Missouri; father of Mrs. Sam Simpson; lived here and at Leonardville several years ago; funeral Willow Springs

Spurrier, R. P. died Dec. 18 at his home in this city following an operation; burial May Day cemetery

Starkweather, William L. died Dec. 18 in Zanesville OH; born in Manhattan KS 34 years ago and educated in CC; burial in Greenwood cemetery

Tomlinson, Joseph A. died Dec. 17 after falling from a wagon; born Feb. 29, 1828 in Green Co., OH; married Eliza A. Stratton on May 31, 1855; enlisted Co. G 33rd WI during the war; survived by widow, and two children, A. A. and Mary; burial Republican City cemetery

Towle, Bert died Dec. 15; survived by wife Alice

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