Birth and Death Items From the "Oak Hill Herald" 1888-1889

Birth And Death Items From the "Oak Hill Herald" 1888-1889

The Oak Hill Herald came to life in September of 1888, a year after the Industry Herald folded because of low advertising revenue (due, in part, according to the editor, to the failure of the crops that year). I've extracted a few notices and obits below.


September 13, 1888

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeland (Whelan?) died this morning after a short illness. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

Born, Sept. 6th, to M/M Wesley Kress, a daughter weighing nine and one half pounds.

Mr. J. George Dieter was called to Junction City by a telegram announcing the death of his sister, Mrs. Killien (Kilian?). She was a lady well known and universally liked in this neighborhood, and her many friends received the news of her death with sorrow.


Sept. 27, 1888 Born, on Saturday, Oct. 22, to M/M M. C. Johnson, a ten pound boy.

Born, to M/M Homer Follet, now of Clay Center, but formerly of this township, on Monday, Sept. 24, an eight pound girl. all doing well.


Oct. 11, 1888

Married, on Thurday, Oct. 4, 1888, Mr. Jay Plant to Miss Clara Mall, both of this township. In the evening a dance was given in their honor at the resident of Mr. Spence Plant.

William James Pott, living in Athlelstane, who had heretofore benn a subject of Queen Victoria, was made a citizen of this great and glorious country on Tuesday.


Oct. 25, 1888

Born, to M/M William James, of Exeter Twp., on Friday, Oct. 19, 1888, a boy.

Born, on Monday, Oct. 22, 1888 to M/M George Noland, of this township, a boy. All doing well.


Nov. 1, 1888

Miss Ellen Kirkland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kirkland, died Oct. 27, 1888, aged 14 years, 11 months and 21 days. She was buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery on the 30th, at 2 o'clock, the funeral sermon being postponed for awhile to permit the arrival of relatives. Ellen was a sweet tempered child, loved and respected by all who knew her, and her death causes many hearts to ache. She was sick three weeks with typhoid fever. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.


November 8, 1888

Born to M/M David Taylor, a ten pound boy. Both doing well.


November 15, 1888

Born, on Monday, Nov. 12, 1888, to M/M William Smith, a nine pound boy.


November 22, 1888

Born, to M/M Jacob Yeany, on Monday, Nov. 12, a dish washer. Usual weight.

School report of Dist. No. 25 for the month ending Nov. 16, 1888. No. of pupils enrolled: males, 17; females, 15; average daily attendance, 28. Following are names of pupils not absent, with average standing of those having a written examination. A Grade: Nettie Wedd, 91; Mina Collins. 96; Della Collins, 81. B Grade: Mattie Collins, 78; Jennie Whelan, 81; Birdy McFadden, 63; Johnie Wedd, 84; Ernest Whelan, 83; Arthur Macy, 87. C Grade: Eliza Dolohery, Ada Bengree, Oliver Marty, Viola Marty; Freddie Marty, Sidney Malcolb, Stella Malcolm, Winifred Bottomly, Nellie McFadden. Hallie Hoyt, Teacher


December 20, 1888

We understand that a Mr. Dixon, living near clay Center, was gored to death by a bull last Saturday. We have not learned the particulars more than the fact as stated above, and that he was buried on Monday of this week.


December 27, 1888

Obituary--died, on Sunday, 23d inst., at the residence of Mrs. Crawford, four miles east of this place, Mr. W. H. H. Wright, in the 32d year of his age. We have seldom been called on record a death more saddening in all its details, than this. Mr. Wright came among us about a year ago, in the capacity of section boss on the railroad, which position he filled with satisfaction to his associates and the Company, until the time of his death. He was young and in the pride of his manhood, and seemingly a perfect gentleman in all respects. He was sick only seven days, taken on Sunday, 16th inst., and died the Sunday following, at 6 p.m. He was burning off the dry grass near the railroad track north of here on Saturday, the 15th, and as the day was so pleasant had gone off without his coat. One of those sudden changes in the weather so common in Kansas at this season of the year, came on while he was warm with his work, and as he was without his coat, caught a severe cold, which on the day following developed into pneumonia from which he died on one week to the day from the time he was taken sick. He understand he has no relatives, only a sister living in Wyandotte, his father's family all being in Ohio, where he was born. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. and also the A. F. & A. M., whose members took him in hand when sick, and buried him in Rose Meron Cemetery, with the rites of the I.O.O.F. on Christmas eve.


January 3, 1889

Married, December 26, 1888, at the residence of Mr. A. L. Clark, father of the groom, Mr. James E. Clark, to Miss Mattie Brown of Ottawa County Kansas. The bride's attendants were the Misses Katie Curran and Carrie Brown, while Messrs Oscar Fleming and Johnny Bouldin performed similar offices for the groom. The ceremony was performed by Squire H. C. Stewart of this place.

Married, December 26, 1888, at the home of the bride's parents, at Fairbanks Indiana, Mr. L. S. Drake, Station agent at this place to Miss Flora Fisher. Rev. Mr. Fusion, of the Baptist church officiated.


January 10, 1889

Married, on Wednesday, January 9, 1889, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. William Gasswint to Miss Sarah Schiffman. The ceremony was performed by J. J. Marty, J. P.


January 17, 1889

Born, to Hiram Carrington and wife on January 8th, a girl. Mother and child both doing well, and it is thought that with proper care, Hiram will pull through all right.


Feb. 7, 1889

Married, on Thursday, January 31, 1889, Mr. Len Haden to Mrs. Mayer, both of this township. We extend congratulations.


February 14, 1889

Uncle Jim Frazell, of Garrison, Kas., one of the pioneers of Clay Center, died from heart disease. He body was removed to Clay Center, and buried in the cemetery at that place last Sunday.

Born, on Friday, February 8th, 1889, to M/M M. Blake, a boy. All doing well.


February 28, 1889

Born, on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1889 to M/M H. C. Stewart, of this township, a boy. Mother and child doing well; while Henry is exceedingly happy.

Married, on last Thursday afternoon 21st inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Velton A. Stewart to Miss Maggie Hammerli. It was a very quiet wedding, only a few of the select friends of the contracting parties being present. The Rev. Mr. J. D. Perring of the Presbyterian church performed the ceremony. The happy couple have a host of well wishers among their friends, and are starting out on life's rugged journey under very auspicious circumstances. Mr. Stewart has rented a farm near Morganville, where he will remove in a few days.


March 7, 1889

Died, on Monday, March 4, 1889, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George Noland. The family have the sympathy of the entire community. Funeral services were held on Tuesday.

Born, on March 4, to M/M Alexander Davis, a girl. Usual size and regulation weight, and good-looking, of course, for it looks just like its papa.

Chapman-Born to M/M Jim Bottomly, on the second, inst., a boy, usual weight, usual rejoicing.

Chapman-Since out last issue, death has entered in our midst and suddenly taken from us one of our brightest buds. Little Ray Macy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Macy, age 8 years, died Saturday March 2, 1889, of measles, being only sick a short time. The family have the sincere sympathy of all.

Married, at the South Exeter M. E. parsonage Thursday, Feb. 28, 1889, by Rev. Webb, Mr. Wade Smith to Miss Ella Cleveland. Also at the same hour Mr. William Avery to Miss Mary Cox.


March 14, 1889

A brother of Mr. James Farrell died at Solomon City, Feb. 24th.

Born, on Monday, March 4, 1889, to M/M Alfred Emerson, a girl and it tips the beam at 9 1/2 pounds. Mother and baby doing well, while the father is having a severe attack of the measles.


March 21, 1889

Married, at 6 o'clock on the evening of March 7, 1889, at the residence of Mr. Peter VanScoyoc, Mrs. Eliza Crawford to Mr. Arthur Adair.


March 28, 1889

Married, on Sunday, March 24, 1889, Mr. Jacob Palmateer, of this township, to Miss Lotta Lee, of Clay Center. Accept our congratulations, Jacob.

Died, on Tuesday, March 23, 1889, Mrs. Ella McFadden, wife of Willis McFadden and oldest daughter of Benjamin Schiffman of this township. She came down from her home near Miltonvale, to visit her mother, who was suffering from the measles, some time ago, and contracted that disease. She never recovered from the effects of the disease, and having caught a cold, it resulted in her death. The bereaved family have the sympathy of everyone in their sad affliction.


April 4, 1889

Died, at her home in West Branch, in Chapman township, March 29, 1889, Mrs. Sallie W. Bouldin, wife of William H. Bouldin, aged 69 years. Mrs. Bouldin was born in Halifax county, Virginia, and at the age of fifteen removed with her parents to Chambers county, Alabama, and at twenty was married to William H. Bouldin. From Alabama they returned to Virginia and lived there for many years. From Virginia they came to Kansas in the winter of '67. We cannot speak in terms high enough to express what is due to our dead friend and neighbor. Truly she did obey the Master, for she indeed "fed the hungry and clothed the naked" as many a poor family in the state of Virginia--yes, and in Kansas too--can testify. She was a Christian woman. An earnest Christian doing good in secret, and we feel sure that He who doest all things well has rewarded her openly. "Her children arise up and call her blessed, her husband also and he praiseth her."


April 11, 1889

Mr. and Mrs. Durr were blessed wtih a young daughter last Tuesday.


April 18, 1889

Miss Ella Akerman and Mr. John Wood of Solomon, were married on the 8th, at the residence of the bride's parents, in this neighborhood. The happy couple have gone to housekeeping in Solomon city, and our best wishes go with them.

Died, last Thursday the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George Gasswint.


May 2, 1889

Melville-Born to M/M M. E. Randall, April 22, a girl.

Married, at the residence of the bride's parents in Exeter township, April 23, by Rev. Honstedt, Mr. Leslie S. Hill and Miss Lillie M. Keen.


May 9, 1889

Born to M/M B. M. Lyne on Wednesday, May 8th, 1889, a girl of the usual weight. Bring around the cigars, Ben.


June 27, 1889

Born on Friday, June 21, 1889, to M/M Peter Coen, a bouncing baby boy.


July 11, 1889

Born on Friday, July 5th, 1889, to M/M Jay Plant, a boy of the usual size and weight.


July 18, 1889

Born to M/M C. Wolf last Friday, a girl.


July 26, 1889

Died on Friday July 19, 1889, at home about five miles north of the city, of malarial fever, Mrs. Tom Tousland. She was buried Saturday in the Trudell cemetery.

Our local editor was much pained last week to receive notice of the death of his grandfather, Mr. Thomas Davies, of Grant township, at the age of 80 years, and owing to the failure of a telegram to reach here in time, was unable to attend the funeral. Mr. Davies, or as he was more generally known, Squire Davies, has been a resident of this county for the past sixteen years, and had held the office of Justice of the Peace in Grant township for many years. He was a prominent and influential citizen of the township and was loved and honored by all those acquainted with him. His many friends all over the county will mourn with his relatives at his demise. He leaves three children: Mr. S. H. Davies, of Grant township, Mrs. R. W. Jones, of Clay Center, and Mrs. Dr. D. J. Vedder, of Utica, N.Y. The funeral took place at 2 o'clock on Wednesday from the Presbyterian church in Bala. The Rev. Jones of Bala preached the funeral sermon.


August 1, 1889

Born to M/M Eli First, a girl on Friday last.


August 8, 1889

Born on Friday, August 2, 1889, to M/M W. R. Bouldin of West Branch, a daughter. All parties concerned are doing finely, especially William.

born to M/M Giner, August 2, a boy of the usual weight and looks just like its dad.

Died on Monday morning, Aug. 5th, at 4 o'clock, Flossy, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. P. VanScoyoc, age 13 months. The child had been sick about a week with cholera infantum. Funeral services were held on Monday afternoon and the remains were buried in the Pleasant Valley cemetery. A large number of sympathizing friends attended the funeral.


August 15, 1889

Died on Friday, August 9th of malaria fever, Homer, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Warner. The funeral services were held on the same day and were conducted by Rev. G. H. Stewart of this city. The afflicted parents have the sympathy of all in their sad affliction.


August 22, 1889

Died, at his residence 4 miles west of this city, on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1889, Mr. Ignatz Schinold, age 75 years. Mr. Schinold is an old and well respected member of the community, and his many friends sympathize with the family. He will be buried in the Mulberry Cemetery.


August 29, 1889

Born on Monday, August 19, 1889, to Prof. J. J. Marty our worthy pedagogue, a fine baby girl. Everybody doing well and the smile on Jakes's face is larger than ever.


September 5, 1889

By dad, it's a girl, says Harvey Hill. Born August 27th.


September 19, 1889

Ed Rice, one of the editors of the Miltonvale Review, was married last week to Miss Nellie Jennings, of Broughton. Please accept congratulations.

AT REST--Died, at his residence near Oak Hill, Clay county, on Sept. 14, '89, Thomas Allen in the 70th year of his age; after two weeks sickness of typhoid fever. He leaves a wife, one son and two grandchildren and also a brother and sister (George Allen and Mrs. Carrington), to mourn his loss. All of whom were present except for his granddaughter, who resides in Denver, Colo. Uncle Thomas was born in Montgomery Co., KY, January 10, 1820; was married to Cassina Hathaway in 1843, and moved to Putnam Co., IN, six miles north of Greencastle. He moved to Greencastle about 1857, where he resided for about 10 years, and then moved to Kansas. He joined the Christian Church when quite young and lived a consistent Christian life until death called him to a better world. None knew but to respect him.


September 26, 1889

Born, on Sunday, September 22, 1889, to M/M John Goheen, of Pleasant Valley, a boy of the usual size and weight. All parties doing well, under Dr. Wade's attendance.


October 3, 1889

Married-Samuel Gasswint and Sylvania B. Ferguson were united in Holy Matrimony last Sunday at the residence of M. H. Price, at Industry. The following Monday night a crowd of boys assembled at Mr. Dunham's store, all of whom were well supplied with shotguns, plow shares, mouldboards, and tin pans. They then marched down the road to the residence of the newly married couple and proceeded to give them an old fashioned charivari. After about an hours hard work the boy succeeded in getting the bride and groom to make their appearance, after which the boys freely indulged in smoking a well-filled havana, but failed to get the "keg of nails" rolled at them as many of them were anticipating.


October 10, 1889

Born, on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1889, to M/M Chas. Noren, of Pleasant Valley, a fine baby boy. Everybody doing nicely.


November 14, 1889

Born, on Saturday, Nov. 10, 1889, to M/M S. Marty, of Chapman Twp., a boy. Everyone getting along nicely.

Died, at his home in Warwick, Kans., on Thursday, Nov. 7, William the son of Robert Bracken and wife of that city. Deceased was formerly a resident of this city and was a favorite with all. His parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad affliction.


December 5, 1889

Married, on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1889, by the Probate Judge at Clay Center, Mrs. S. A. Odell to David Dalrymple. We wish the happy couple much joy.

The December 19th issue was the last "Oak Hill Herald" to be published. Hard times forced them out of business.

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