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Longford Leader Items, 1917

JANUARY 4, 1917

Mrs. Anna E. Campbell and George W. Schreiner were married Dec. 29th at his new bungalow in Abilene in the presence of only immediate relatives. Rev. H. E. Bower officiated. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Schopp and Mrs. Campbell's two daughters. Mrs. Schreiner only recently moved from Longford to Abilene.

JANUARY 11, 1917

R. H. Gamber has turned over the newspaper to G. F. Wilson.

Rudy Dale has quit High School at Clay Center.

JANUARY 18, 1917

Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Neaderhiser last Thursday, a girl.

JANUARY 25, 1917

W. A. Gregory of Solomon came up to visit his nephew, W. F. Johndrow and sister, Mrs. Bickford.

Miss Elsie Barkley and her brother, Earl, spent Saturday night and Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Fred Hugg.

FEBRUARY 1, 1917

Roy Bram passed through town Tuesday, with several loads of household goods. He is moving to a farm two miles south of Vine.

MARCH 8, 1917

On Thursday of last week occurred the marriage of Mr. Sam Gibbs and Miss Amelia Elsasser. We will them success in their new life.

A large number of relatives and friends gathered at the home of Jess Rush's on Sunday, March 4th, and helped them celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary, as well as Mrs. Rush's 43rd birthday and Miss Stella's 16th birthday. About 50 relatives and friends gathered at the home, and the couple received many useful and beautiful presents, as well as a large lunch brought by the guests.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. M. Brady on Tuesday. Both mother and child are doing nicely.

MARCH 22, 1917

Miss Avah Lyne was united in marriage to Mr. Otho Wells at the Commercial Hotel in Clay Center on March 14. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lyne, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wells. Both she and Mr. Wells have a wide circle of friends in and about Oak Hill and Miltonvale, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. They are excellent young people and well respected by all who know them. The will take up a new residence on a homestead near Watauga, S. Dakota. The wedding was celebrated on the 23rd anniversary of the bride's parents.

A fine baby arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Anthony (nee Melcena Emrich) last Thursday.

Goldie Bowen spent Monday night with her sister, Mrs. Alfred Green.

APRIL 5, 1917

The Longford city election was held last Monday at the city hal, and J. W. Hamilton was again elected mayor, defeating L. O. Overton by eight votes. J. F. Brown was elected police judge and the following councilmen were elected: A. B. Baringer, E. R. Bane, A. F. Hoffman, Ralph Cowan and Guy Ferguson.

APRIL 26, 1917

Mrs. Grover Davidson and children and Mr. Ray Durbin spent Tuesday with their mother, Mrs. B. Slacker.

Calvin Dornberger's had the misfortune to have their house burn down on Saturday evening --nothing was saved except a chair and a couple of bed quilts. It was particularly unfortunate because one of the children had the measles.

Miss Delta Darner spent last week visiting her cousin, Claire Kinnamon.

MAY 3, 1917

Mrs. Wilber Adkinson was called to Detroit, Kansas, by the illness of her sister, Mrs. Bert Stroade.

Mrs. D. F. Honstedt left for Hiawatha, Kansas, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. James T. Margrave.

MAY 10, 1917

Charley Veit, from California, is here visiting his sister, Mrs. Lizzie Hoffman, who has been sick. She is much improved today.

Mr. Ed Runnalls came in today and ordered the paper to be sent to his daughter, Mrs. Florence Burr, in Fairview, Montana.

Mrs. Bowen of Abilene spent a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Green, who is sick.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gilbert came down from Minneapolis to see the new granddaughter at E. C. Johnsons.

George Emrich was visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Emrich. His children returned with him to their future home in Quinlan, Okla., Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Albert Macy is visiting her brother, C. H. Brooks, near Beloit.

MAY 17, 1917

Mrs. Anna Ferguson is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Howard Blake.

Leslie Loader is wearing a broad smile these days. A baby girl arrived at their house last week.

MAY 24, 1917

Miss Daisy May Vogt expects to leave soon for Pierre, S. Dakota, where she will spend the summer with her father.

Miss Netta Davis, of Concordia, is visiting her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Wilson.

The lady friends of Mrs. West, who is leaving soon for her new home in Oklahoma, met at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malcolm, to bid her farewell. Music and light refreshments were featured.

Mrs. Everett and children returned Wednesday from a weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. Hartman, of Abilene.

MAY 31, 1917

Lottie Lilley is home from Abilene High School. She was one of 15 honor graduates out of a class of fifty three.

George Reeds' attended the graduation exercises in Clay Center, Friday evening. Their son, Frank, was one of the graduates. Governor Capper was the speaker.

JUNE 7, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Gasswint are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramey have quit the restaurant business and will move to Delphos, where Mr. Ramey has bought the dray line.

John Stanley has resigned his position as station agent at this place. He went to Salina one day last week and joined the U.S. navy. Good luck to John!

Mrs. E. W. Thompson of Concordia visited Thursday evening with her niece, Jessie Macy.

Vera Fouse spent several days with her sister, Mrs. Herman Snyder.

JUNE 15, 1917

J. M. Tudor was called to Lindsborg Monday by the illness of his brother, Ike, who was hurt in an auto accident at Salina on Sunday.

JUNE 21, 1917

Mrs. Kobetich of Wakefield visited her daughter, Mrs. B. Hamilton on Sunday.

Rose Abbott, of Butte, Montana, arrived from Clay Center, Tuesday morning, to visit her folks, C. Dulohery and relatives.

Zetta Beitzel has resigned her position as clerk at the Fox Merchantile store. Lucile Smith has taken her place.

JUNE 28, 1917

George Robinson's aunt, Mrs. Porter, is visiting at the Robinson home for a couple of weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Martin of Blue Springs, Nebraska, visited a few days at the Harry Martin home. Harry is a brother to Roy Martin.

JULY 5, 1917

Miss Lucile Cramer of Kansas City was visitng her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Foye and other relatives this last week.

Mrs. Mary Durham, better known as "Mother Durham" has come back to Kansas after a three years' stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A family reunion was given Sunday at the Isaac Durham home. The following who were present were: John Durham and family of Minneapolis, Joe Alderson and family of Wells, Bass Marty and wife, G. Ware and family, Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Cowan of Longford, A. M. Morely of Wakefield, and Mrs. Panton, of Miltonvale. Mrs. Mary Durham was about the oldest resident in Longford, and it will be remembered that she had the first store in this town.

JULY 12, 1917

Mr. William Kidd, youngest son of Mrs. Susan Kidd and Miss Laura Gasswint, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Gasswint, both of Longford, were united in marriage by Rev. Young July 4 at the Exeter parsonage. There were attended by the bride's sister, Miss Mary, and Rudolph Fisher. After a motor honeymoon by the way of Wakefield, Manhattan, Junction City and Fort Riley, they returned home and announced the news to a much surprised family. On Sunday July 8th a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents whee a host of friends and relatives gathered to wish them a happily wedded life.

Harvey Johns of Curtis, Oklahoma, is visiting his uncle, Abel Anthony and family this week.

The Macy family hald their family reunion July the fourth in the picnic grounds on the old home place. Those present besides the 44 Macys, were Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis and Lucile, Mr. Metz of Longford, Rev. and Mrs. DeWitt and family, Alice Reed, Miss Bowen, of Industry, and May and Hazel Carkuff of Delphos. A general good time was held by all.

Miss Elsie Barkley and brothers Carl and Harvey visited Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Fred Hugg.

Mrs. Ethel Davidson is visiting her mother, Mrs. C. A. Wilbur.

Anna Lilley is home again after two weeks spent in helping care for the new boy at Roy Lilleys.

JULY 19, 1917

Four boys of Longford, Dewey Cain, Willie Palmateer, Guy Ferguson and Dodson Brooks are stationed in Honolulu.

Mrs. Eyster, of Solomon, is visiting her brother, Byron Baringer and family.

Mrs. Lydia Coulson is quite sick with an attack of appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Patrick, of Denmark, Kansas, will open a hotel in the building recently vacated by Mrs. Ramey, on or about Friday. First class meals and accommodations will be their aim. The hotel will also handle ice cream and cold drinks, candies, etc.

John Jevons, near Wakefield, had his barn struck by lightening last Friday night. The barn burned to the ground.

J. J. Curry visited his daughter, Mrs. Roy Bram, at Vine, Sunday.

Mrs. George Frost and son, of Mason City, iowa, are visiting at the George Lewis home. Mrs. Frost is a sister to Mrs. Lewis.

Robert Meade, who has his leg broken three weeks ago, is getting along nicely.

JULY 26, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cain are the proud parents of a baby girl born Friday morning. Both mother and child are doing quite nicely.

Harvey Johns is visiting his cousin Will Habedel this week.

Dr. Conklin and Lewis operated on Tommy Mills on Monday morning for appendicitis. It is hoped that he will get along alright and soon be well again.

Ray Durbin, who was operated on for appendicitis last week is getting along nicely. Ray is under a care of a nurse, Mrs. Kitchner.

Fred Darmstatter is very much improved after many weeks illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Wolf accompanied by their son in law, M. Swartwood, motored to Manchester on Tuesday to visit their daughter at that place.

Mrs. Isabel Horning and son, Richard, and her mother Mrs. Wimsat, all of Elmo, were visitng Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kissling, Wednesday. Mrs. Horning is a sister in law of Mrs. R. Kissling.

AUGUST 2, 1917

Rose George spent several days with her sister, Mrs. George Davis last week.

Mrs. A. J. Kersenbrock and children returned to Concordia after a few day's visit with her sister, Mrs. G. F. Wilson.

Mrs. Aubrey Hoffman helped her sister, Mrs. Roy James cook for for threshers last week.

AUGUST 9, 1917

The wedding of Miss Sara Marty to Lieut. Harold Bixby, 7th Inf. U. S. Army took place at 415 N. 10th, Manhattan, on Sunday morning. The ceremony was read by Dr. McClelland of the First M. E. church, Manhattan. Vocal music was provided by Miss Myrtle Broberg, while the bride's sister, Mrs. R. J. Taylor, played the wedding march. The bride wore a gown of white taffeta and a white tulle veil, and held a bouquet of tea roses and lily of the valley. She was attended by her sister, Miss Almeda Marty. Lieut. Bixby and his best man, Lieut. L. A. Willis, wore white uniforms. Marjorie Curtiss, neice of the groom, carried the ring. Miss Marty graduated from K.S.A.C. in 1916. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. The groom belongs to Sigma Nu and the national military fraternity Scabbard and Blade. He left college in the spring term of his senior year to join the officers reserve corps at Fort Riley and recieved his commission in the regular army in June. Out of town guests were Miss Isabel Marty, Mr. Oliver Marty, Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Fox and son and Mrs. Annie Brenninghouse of Longford; Mrs. Fay Hibler and son of La Junta, Colorado; Mrs. R. J. Taylor, Misses Alice and Almeda Marty and Chlotilde Peterson of Kansas City, Miss Ruth Connor of El Paso, Texas and Lieut. Russell of Ft. Riley. At the close of officers training camp Lieut. and Mrs. Bixby will leave for Washington, D. C., for a short visit with relatives, after which Lieut. Bixby will join his regiment at Gettysburg, Penns., where he and Mrs. Bixby will reside temporarily.

LONGFORD RED CROSS AUXILLIARY, 1917 Rev. D. F. Honstedt, Mrs. Honstedt, Mrs. John H. Brunns, Mrs. J. W. Hamilton, Mrs. J. F. Brown, Mrs. William Hauserman, Mrs. Lizzie Simpson, Mrs. Hugh Malcolm, Mrs. J. W. Kramer, Mrs. William Kail, Mrs. Viola Jameson, Mrs. Harry Martin, Isabella Marty, J. W. Karmer, S. Marty, J. L. Warner, Oliver Marty, Dr. Moore, Mrs. Susan Kidd, George, Lewis, Mrs. E. D. Runnalls, Mrs. Ernest Emrich, Mrs. Rudolph Kissling.

Harry Wolf, who has been sick with typhoid fever the past week, is a little little improved at this writing.

Miss Clara Fowler of Oak Hill came in Tuesday to accept a position with the Longford Leader.

Mr. Hugh Malcolm was taken seriously ill early Wednesday morning. Dr. Moore was summoned and found Mr. Malcolm suffering from ptomaine poisoning which was caused by eating some canned tomatoes.

Mary Gibbs of Des Moines, Iowa, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gibbs.

Ruby Wingard visited over Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Bessie Gibbs.

Roy Peterson has returned to his home after a visit with his cousin, Kenneth Hamilton.

AUGUST 16, 1917

Lafe Trickle's little girl was snake bitten, last Sunday afternoon. Dr. Moore attended and reported that the little girl is getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Latimer were visiting with their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kissling, last Sunday.

Mrs. Mina Shepard returned to her home in Concordia, after visiting her daughter, Mrs. Roy VanFleet.

Mrs. Art Stroade accompanied her mother, Mrs. H. A. Lake, and her sister, Mrs. Bert Coulson, left Friday fo a visit with her sister, Mrs. J. Blatchford at Strong City.

Many from this neighborhood attended the Homer Davis sale Wednesday of last week.

Albert Anthony is spending the week with his aunt, Mrs. Julia Halbedel, near Idana.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Perry and Nadine have gone to Twin Falls, Idaho, to visit Mr. Perry's parents and other relatives.

AUGUST 23, 1917

Frank Lilley, who had enlisted in the navy sometime ago, recieved orders to report at the recruiting office in Kansas City, so he left on Sunday for that place and expects to go from thee to the Great Lakes training camp.

A reception was given Saturday afternoon at the Albert Macy home for Rev. DeWitt and family who leaves here this week. Brother DeWitt leaves soon to take up his work in the army service.

Alice Reed visited Saturday and Sunday with her sisters, Mrs. Arthur Morley and Mrs. Frank Tiers.

AUGUST 30, 1917

Wesley and Irvin Evans drove to Clay Center, Friday, where Irvin appeared before the draft board for examination. But he did not pass.

Jim Tudor is back from Western Kansas preparing to remove his family to Abilene, in order that the children can go to high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kidd took Sunday dinner with his sister, Mrs. Abel Anthony,

Sunday was Rev. Chappell's last Sunday here as far as is now known. Our best wishes go with him to his work in Winfield.

Freda Hoffman visited last Tuesday until Sunday at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Roy Lilley.

Rumors say that Mr. Bilger has sold his farm to Mr. Ford

Mrs. Stella Wetlel and children returned home Tuesday night after a week's visit with her aunt, Mrs. Frazier.

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