Clay Co., KS AHGP--WW Dead Page 3

Clay County Veterans of the World War
"Our Heroic Dead"
Page 3

HENRY KREBS. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Krebs, of Clay Center, Kans. Born November 29, 1897. Enlisted in the U. S. Army, May 10, 1917 and stationed at Ft. Logan, Colo., until his death which occured June 22, 1917, from result of plurisy and pneumonia.

Henry Krebs was one of the first to enlist from Clay County, in the services of his country and the first Kansas boy to die in the World War. Governor Capper, said, "I have learned what he did for his country in incouraging enlistment. I know of his efforts to promote the organization of a company of Cavalry in Clay County and I am sure he must have been actuated by the highest Ideals and the Loftiest patriotism."

WALTER MAGGS. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Maggs of Clay Center, Kans. He was born and reared in Clay County, enlisted in the U. S. Army July 22, 1918 and was sent almost immediately to France where he died October 10, 1918 with bronchial pneumonia. Walter was buried in France.

JOHN NORMAN MARSHALL. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Marshall of Wakefield, Kans. Enlisted at Ft. Logan, Colo., Jan. 5, 1918 and arrived in France July 1918. Served as Sergent, Battery A. 15th Field Artillery 2nd Division, John died at Neuwied, Germany, February 25, 1919 and buried at St. Martin's Church, Engrs. Military Cemetery. When last heard from he was in charge of Recreation Hdqs. Battery A. 3rd Army C. R. C. John Norman Marshall also served in the Spanish American war.

OSCAR L. MORELAND. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Moreland of Wakefield, Kans. He enlisted in the service August 26, 1918 at Ft. Riley, Kans. Later transferred to Prescott, Arizona and assigned to the Ambulance Co. in which he served until illness which later resulted in his death, November 6, 1918 at Base Hospital No. 26. He was sent back and buried at Wakefield, Kans., November 12, 1918. Cause of death, pneumonia. Oscar was 22 years, 1 month and 5 days old at death.