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Clay County Military
1894 G.A.R. Rosters

I did not transcribe the rosters for Clay Center, Oak Hill and Industry; those can be found on the Clay Co. Kansas USGenWeb page--I try not to duplicate the work of others. I did transcribe the list for the Fact post as the one on the GenWeb page was incomplete.

M. E. BACON POST NO. 402, Fact Jacob A. Glace, Com'dr.; Charles Odle, Adj't.
Bacon, B. B. ~ IL Inf. Capt. I, 41 Lemar, H. ~ TN Inf. Pvt. D, 1
Boughen, Ambros ~ IL Cav. Pvt. G, 9 Moon, E. ~ KS Cav. Pvt. D, 11
Baker, S. T. ~ VT Inf. Pvt. L.A. 2 Odle, Chas. ~ IL Inf. Sgt. G, 20
Chase, J. B. ~ MN Reg. Pvt. I, 13 Ransley, Thomas ~ U.S. Cav. Pvt. B, 5
Glace, J. A. ~ IN Inf. Pvt. I, 13; PA Cav. M, 21 Rouch, J. C. ~ OH Inf. Pvt. F, 195
Honey, B. H. ~ IL Inf. Corp. K, 36 Randolph, W. J. ~ PA Inf. Pvt. F, 100
Hugunin, William H. ~ IL Inf. Pvt. B, 147 Sanders, H. ~ PA Inf. Pvt. A, 140
Jones, William H. ~ IN Inf. Pvt. A, 47 Terwilliger, A. B. ~ WI Hy. Art. Pvt. A, 13
Kulp, D. H. ~ IN Cav. Corp. E, 12 Wilson, T. A. ~ IA Inf. Pvt. A, 17
Kendall, William H. ~ IL Cav. Pvt. I, 2 Walker, J. H. ~ IA Inf. Pvt. F, 30
Lemar, Dav. ~ TN Inf. Pvt. D, 1 Wilcox, J. W. ~ OH Inf. Pvt. A, 95
G. J. STANNARD POST NO. 429, Wakefield A. Burt, Jr., Com'dr.
Avery, H. ~ KS Cav. Pvt. L, 11 Kemp, C. ~ IL Inf. Pvt. F, 39
Burt, A., Jr. ~ NY Inf. Maj. 139 Myers, J. ~ PA Inf. Pvt. C, 54
Burnett, J. H. ~ NY Inf. Pvt. B, 44 Muson, D. F. ~ Navy, Pvt.
Campbell, E. ~ IL Inf. Pvt. A, 141 Nevins, W. G. ~ PA Inf. Pvt. E, 126
Elkins, K. A. ~ VT Inf. Pvt. C, 8 Neimuller, H. ~ IN Inf. Pvt. 125
Fairman, A. ~ CT Inf. Pvt. B, 12 Petit, A. ~ OH Inf. Pvt. H, 151
Fitzgerald, --- ~ OH Inf. Pvt. B, 18 Reed, J. J. ~ CO Inf. Pvt. E, 3
Frahart, G. ~ IL Inf. Sgt. K, 24 Ronald, S. R. ~ IL Inf. Pvt. I, 100
Gaston, D. ~ Cav. Corp. C, 7 Shivers, R. ~ OH Inf. Pvt. I, 51
Gates, W. P. ~ VT Inf. Bugl'r 5 Simmons, J.
Gregoire, P. ~ OH Cav. Pvt. Wiseman, D. ~ MO Inf. Pvt. E, 2
Humbert, J. W. Wilmer, R. ~ IL Inf. Pvt. K, 24
Jevons, B. F. ~ NY Inf. Pvt. I, 65 Winslow, J.
DICK KENDALL POST NO. 388,Broughton. E. F. Hinds, Com'dr.; Jesse Dever, Adj't.
Buruell, S. P. ~ ME Inf. Pvt. F, 16 Patterson, R. L. ~ WV Inf. K, 14
Clark, L. D. ~ KS Inf. Pvt. D, 17 Scheinkoeing, Frank ~ NY Hy. Art. Pvt. I, 4
Dever, Jesse ~ IN Bat. Art. A, 13 Sanders, Thomas ~ KS Cav. Pvt. L, 11
Hinds, E. F. ~ IL Inf. Pvt. H, 56 Schooley, John ~ OH Inf. Pvt. C
Ingersoll, Theo ~ KS Inf. Pvt. E, 8 Sanders, Henry ~ KS Cav. Pvt. I, 9
Phillips, Jacobs ~ IL Inf. Pvt. C, 104 Verner, J. H. ~ OH Inf. Pvt. A, 64

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